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					Get off the couch: things to do in Flagstaff Crazos,
Our list of after school activities no fake ID required
drop-in fee of $15. Sundays they offer $5 open dancing. Friday nights they have NAU open dance on scheduled dates; entrance is free for members. An important note: if you have a membership to either Vertical Relief or the Yoga Center, you have complete membership to both facilities because they are owned by the same person. Ice Skating For those in search of more active entertainment, ice skating is a great option. It’s not a wallet breaker and it is fun, if you don’t mind the embarrassment and sore bum that comes from falling occasionally. The rink is located in the Jay Lively Activity Center at 1850 N. Turquoise Dr. The large clean facility and friendly staff give the rink family feel. They have numerous open skating sessions throughout the week, although the night sessions are mostly on the weekends. Eight dollars covers a pass and skate rentals. It’s enjoyable to watch the kids running wild, although it is slightly hurtful to one’s pride that the majority of the 6-yearolds are better skaters. It has the potential to be a good date activity, so how about breaking away from dinner and a movie, guys? Swing Dancing The Galaxy Diner on Route 66 is adorable. Everything from the red neon lights and the old-fashioned booths
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Page 13 April 10 - 16, 2008

There is more to do in Flagstaff than many underage students might think. Being 21 is something to look forward to, but until then Flagstaff still offers up some really great options to last you until you reach your big birthday. These completely different activiteis have something for everyone. So try something new—see a local band, go rock climbing, go salsa dancing or try any of these other great activities. Vertical Relief Our No. 1 choice has to be Vertical Relief rock climbing. The sight of large, awkward walls with hand-holds jutting out every which way can be overwhelming, but the staff can help settle any apprehensiveness with encouragement and all-around knowledge of the sport. Chris Tatum, education director, believes climbing is a great way to socialize and exercise at the same time. Tatum teaches the NAU rock climbing classes. Their $29 day pass includes admission, lesson, shoes and a harness. For those hardcore climbers, they offer discounted student semester passes at $299. Salsa Dancing Salsa Dancing is offered on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Non-members pay a

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Rachael BlieveRnicht, 20, a junior nursing major attending Coconino Community College, climbs at Vertical Relief on Wednesday, April 3. She enjoys rock climbing in her spare time when not immersed in schoolwork.



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young and old

Hey, team, hey. So I was just holding counsel with my main gays, who basically shadow-write this column, and they informed me that the topic of the week is what Perez Hilton would call Mimoo vs. Madge, a.k.a. Mariah Carey vs. Madonna. The two long-reigning monarchs of the airwaves have returned with new singles that have been released almost simultaneously in late March, and best believe the competition is cutthroat. Mrs. Guy Ritchie, a former virgin, is 47 and sitting at No. 3 on iTunes with her new single “4 Minutes,” a collaboration with Justin Timberlake. Mariah, 36, released “Touch My Body” just a few days later, and is steadily climbing at No. 15. Both divas have made derisive comments about each other’s careers since Mimoo started getting big in the ‘90s. No one knows who will outlive the other (but we sure can guess and I’m guessing you, ageless crazo Madonna). In other news, Paris Hilton can’t sit still—much less with her legs crossed. What makes me so jealous of her is that when she’s bored,

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Format war is over for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD

Music and insight at last week’s Womyn’s Fest

This just in: the HighDefinition format wars are officially over, and HD-DVD is dead. In related news: the world still doesn’t care. The “Format War” is the name that is being perpetuated by Blu-Ray (Sony) and HD-DVD (Toshiba) to make it seem like their formats are actually battling over something important. This notion is interesting in the fact that people will throw down the word “war” on anything to make it seem more dramatic. Ladies and gentleman, people go to war. Countries go to war. High-definition movie players? Not so much. If you don’t know the details of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, the two formats trying to push the limits of high-definition… well, that’s pretty normal. Besides those commercials on TV that advertise these formats by showing “high definition” images that look identical to normal television, there has not been much of an effort to educate people about these new movie players. Basically, these two formats were competing with each other to establish themselves as the next home movie format. Much like how DVDs replaced video cassettes, these HD formats were trying to become the new standard. However, the reason that DVDs replaced video tapes is because they were technologically superior. The jump from video tapes to DVDs offered a streamlined

experience of home movie viewing: enhanced picture, easy scene selection, special features and no more rewinding. The jump from DVD to Blu-Ray and HD-DVD offers marginally better picture quality…and that’s pretty much it. It’s not really hard to see why these two platforms have not taken off. However, in this pseudo-epic showdown orchestrated to make consumers spend money on unnecessary things, Blu-Ray has finally emerged victorious. This victory really does not come as much of a surprise. Blu-Ray basically won the format war once the Playstation 3 was released. This video game system had a Blu-Ray player built into it, and was one of the incentives for purchasing the $600 system in the first place. Because HD-DVD was competing with not just the standalone Blu-Ray players, but also the Playstation 3 consoles built in Blu-Ray, HD-DVD sales began to decline. Major studios who had previously backed both formats decided to drop their support for HD-DVD. The final blow came when Warner Bros. pulled out of the HD-DVD camp, and instead decided to support Blu-Ray exclusively. This move caused a chain reaction, with many other studios following suit, and before long HD-DVD found its bandwagon completely empty. Individuals who paid hundreds of dollars for an HD-DVD player suddenly found themselves with an obsolete movie player that was now selling for only $50. Every
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Bitch, feminiSt mUSician and poet, headlined for Womyn’s Fest following the ASWI drag show on Sat., April 5.

Drag show raises funds, awareness
Kayla mUelleR
The Lumberjack

Each semester PRISM (People Respecting Individuals and Sexual Minorities) sponsors a drag show, and each year it proves to be an evening of gender-bending fun that will engage no matter what the viewer’s sexual orientation or gender identification may be. Steve Spivey, five-year PRISM member and current treasurer, said the Drag Show has been running for

two to three years. Each year the show becomes more popular not only on campus, but in the Flagstaff community as well. Ash Arp, a performer in this semester’s drag show and PRISM executive board member, said the drag show is not just about laughing with, or at, your friends. “It is an amazing event for everyone to enjoy. No matter how you identify or don’t identify, there is something for everyone,” Arp said. “There are men dressed up as women,

there are women dressed as men, there are (also) other combinations; it’s something everyone can enjoy.” Some may confuse drag shows with people who are transgendered, but Spivey says there is an important difference. “I’ve heard people confuse drag with transgendered and I think it’s important that people understand these days that drag is very different from transgendered,” Spivey said. “Drag is performance, meant to be for entertainment. Peo-

ple who are ‘trans’ don’t walk around in drag when starting their transition process; they simply adopt characteristics of their new gender that are comfortable to them.” Dana Morgan, also a performer and member of PRISM, is organizing the event with fellow members. This is the largest fundraiser of the semester for PRISM, and this time around a professional drag troupe is coming up from Phoenix.

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