Nutrition Profiling Guiding Consumer Choice

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					        Nutrition Profiling

      Guiding Consumer Choice

             Joanna Scott

Director Corporate & Government Affairs

       “Generation Excess II”
      BEUC/TACD Conference
  Brussels 1st & 2nd December 2005
Nutrition Profiling

Kraft Foods supports the principle of nutrition profiling as a means
of differentiating foods for the purposes of:

   Product development – consumer choice

   Signpost Labelling – “at a glance”

   Nutrition and health claims

   Advertising and marketing – responsible practices
    (children 6-11)
Nutrition Profiling Schemes
Many Schemes currently in place or proposed
Organization                   Name                   Purpose

American Heart                 Food Certification
Association                    Program                Product Choice, Consumer Info
Nat. Heart Foundation          Pick and Tick          Product Choice, Consumer Info

National Food Administration   Key Hole               Product Choice, Consumer Info
(SWE )

H & S Foundation (CAN)         Health Check           Product Choice, Consumer Info

Borden Center for              Snack Wise Nutrition   Guide for School Vending
Nutrition (US)
FSA (UK)                       Nutrition Profiling    Marketing to Children

Pepsi US                       Smart Spot             Product Choice, Consumer Info

Kraft Foods                    Sensible Solution      Product Choice, Consumer Info, Kids
Nutrition Profiling - Criteria
These Profiling Schemes use a selection of the “Nutrients of
Concern” and take Dietary Guidelines into account

   Too Much                                    Not Enough

   Energy                                     Fiber
   Fat                                        Whole grain
   Saturated Fat                              Fruit and vegetables
   Sugar                                      Ω3-fatty acids
   Salt / Sodium                              Calcium
   Cholesterol                                Iron
                                              Vitamin A
                                              Other vitamins
Nutrition Profiling Models
Food Standard Agency Scoring Model
Allocation of points to certain “Nutrients of Concern”
A points
        Points      0         1        2       3       4        5       6        7      8       9       10
Energy (kJ)        ≤ 335      >335     >670   >1005   >1340    >1675   >2010   >2345   >2680   >3015   >3350
Sat Fat (g)         ≤1         >1       >2      >3      >4       >5      >6      >7      >8      >9     >10
Total Sugars (g)   ≤ 4.5      >4.5      >9    >13.5    >18     >22.5    >27     >31     >36     >40     >45
Sodium (mg)         ≤ 90      >90      >180    >270    >360     >450    >540    >630    >720    >810    >900

Offset by points derived from “beneficial constituents”
C points
           Points      0             1        2         3          4           5
Protein (g)           ≤ 1.6          >1.6     >3.2      >4.8       >6.4        >8.0
NSP Fibre (g)         ≤ 0.7          >.7      >1.4      >2.1       >2.8        >3.5
Fruit & Veg (%)       ≤ 40           >40      >60        -          -          >80

Overall Score :            A points - C points

•A drink is classified “high in sat fat, salt or sugar” where it scores 1 point or more
•A food is classified “high in sat fat, salt or sugar” where it scores 4 points or more
Nutrient Profiling - Models

Threshold Model

To distinguish products from each other according to identified
upper limits for “Too Much” nutrients

Example : “Key Hole” - Processed Cheese - 100 g

 maximum fat content 10 g
 no added mono- and disaccharides produced in pure form
 sodium content not greater than 350 mg
Kraft Sensible Solution – Nutrition Profile

 Kraft has developed nutrition profile criteria based on the threshold
  model principles

 Sensible Solution nutrition criteria are calculated on a per serving
  basis for each different category of food and beverage

 A product can qualify in one of two ways:-
  •   By providing beneficial nutrients e.g. fiber, wholegrain, calcium etc. at
      meaningful levels, while staying within specific limits on calories, fat, sodium
      or sugar.
  •   By meeting specifications for “reduced”, “low” or “free” in calories, fat,
      saturated fat, sodium or sugar.
Sensible Solution Criteria – Cream Cheese
 Cream Cheese products can qualify in one of two ways (per serving):
 Contain no more than 100 calories
 Contain no more than 3g of fat and no more than 2g of saturated fat plus
  trans fat
 Contain no more than 20 mg of cholesterol and 290 mg of sodium
 Contain no more than 25% calories from added sugar
 Contain 10% or more of the Daily Value (DV) of: Vitamin A, C, E, calcium,
  magnesium, potassium, iron, protein or fiber or contain at least a half-
  serving of fruit or vegetable or has a functional nutrition benefit


 Must be free of or low in calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar or sodium, or must
  have 25% less of one of these in comparison to the base product or an
  appropriate reference product;
Kraft Sensible Solution Profiling - Product Assessment

       24% Fat                   11.5% Fat                    5% Fat
7.2g fat per 30g serving   3.5g fat per 30g serving   1.5g fat per 30g serving
FSA Scoring Profile Model - Product Assessment

      24% Fat         11.5% Fat            5% Fat

        14                 7                  2

  “Less Healthy”     “Less Healthy”    “Intermediate”
Kraft Sensible Solution Profiling – Product Assessment

        19% Fat                        7% Fat
FSA Scoring Profiling Model – Product Assessment

          19% Fat                     7% Fat

             18                          9

        “Less Healthy”             “Less Healthy”
Kraft Sensible Solution Profiling – Product Assessment

    14% Fat                          0.5% Fat
FSA Scoring Profiling Model – Product Assessment

          12                             11

       14% Fat                        0.5% Fat

     “Less Healthy”                 “Less Healthy”
Threshold v Scoring model – Key differences

Threshold - Sensible Solution     Scoring - FSA Model

 Category based – compares        Universal – compares all foods
  foods within food groups eg       equally – same scoring system
  cheese with cheese                applied to cheese and apples

 Profiles foods on per serving    Scores foods on per 100g
  basis – as consumed               basis, whereas most foods
                                    consumed in greater or lesser
Nutrition Profiling - Consumer & Manufacturer Incentive?

FSA Scoring Model applied across all foods results in entire food
groups (cheese, fats, oils) attracting “less healthy” score and no
distinction between standard and “better for you” products
Standard Products

                                                          “Less Healthy”

 “Better for You” Products

                                                          “Less Healthy”
Nutrition Profiling - Consumer and Manufacturer Incentive?

 Category Based Threshold Model (e.g. Sensible Solution and Keyhole)
 clearly distinguish “Better for You” products within different categories
 Standard Products

 “Better for You” Products
Which Model Guides Consumer Choice?
• Product Formulation     • Profiling should encourage and
  and Choice                promote new product development
                            and increased consumer choices

• Signpost    Labelling   • Profiling needs to signpost at a glance
                            – “better for you” products within
                            categories of foods

• Nutrition   Claims      • Profiling can help guide nutrition and
                            health claims within product

• Advertising             • Profiling can help guide responsible
                            marketing and advertising to children
                            and shift the balance towards “better
                            for you” choices within product
Guiding Consumer Choice – Sensible Solution

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