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"This Must Be. . ."


Internationally Unknown Poets This archive is a forum to display the works of the writers and a resource for publishers producers entertainers and others who may be in need of inspiring and insightful words If you are a poet you will want to sign up to write poetry on request for people who have specific wants and needs

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									This is that Quickening throb of insight That Brilliant flash of inspiration A Piercing Comprehension Which exceeds mere education This is that Sacred Knowledge God has engraved upon our hearts And as His thoughts are Higher than ours Even so, This Must Be Love This Must Be the Answer To deep questions never asked The reason we can know That even this, too, soon shall pass This must be the wisdom Of a Loving Deity And as Love castheth out Fear Even so, Even so, This Must Be Light This Must Be the Way Of a Life that’s filled with grace Of knowing God is real And of trusting Him by faith This Must Be the Cause Of the Hope inside of me And as Joy sometimes brings Pain Even so, this Must Be Peace This Must Be the Mystery Which has troubled all mankind The proof of Ancient Prophecies Being revealed in modern times This Must Be the Power Of God’s Grace and Majesty And as His Word is Life Eternal Even so, This Must Be Truth This Quickening throb of insight, This Brilliant flash of inspiration; This Piercing comprehension Which exceeds mere education; This Sacred, Holy knowledge God has engraved upon our hearts, This Must Be How the Holy Spirit Teaches us the love of God!

Virgil L. Killebrew
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