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					Being patient With your Lover’s Deepest pains, Heartaches and fears Listening to concerns With all your Heart As with your ears Taking time to comfort Hurts that linger And to wipe away the tears Knowing that this Love you share can Survive through all Your living years “. . . . This is Love!” Helping bear The heavy burdens Of the trials Along Life’s road When your soul mate Is not able then alone You bear the load Having hope that Joy and Peace will Make their home Your humble abode Keeping faith In one another Leaving doubt Beyond your door “. . . . This is Love!”

Being willing to Surrender your rights When you know You ware not wrong Accepting criticism With an open mind and heart And patience, long Forgiving all False accusations Thrown in anger Like a stone Never rising up in anger To avenge your honor Because you’re strong “. . . . This is Love!” Building Castles In the sand and Dreaming Mansions In the sky Holding hands on Starlit nights As other Lovers Pass you by Promise always to be Truthful when sometimes You want to lie Knowing if this Trust is broken Soon your Love Will surely die Virgil L Killebrew VirgilArt Verbal Graphics “. . . . This is Love!”
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