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"The Surface of Your Eyes"


Internationally Unknown Poets This archive is a forum to display the works of the writers and a resource for publishers producers entertainers and others who may be in need of inspiring and insightful words If you are a poet you will want to sign up to write poetry on request for people who have specific wants and needs

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									The Surface of Your Eyes
Life is filled With so many Hopes and hurts and pains and fears; It is also full of Laughter and of Joy and Love and Tears Each ticking of the clock marks off your life's experiences; Some are buried so deeply that in time you might forget them But a mark is made upon your soul which is hidden deep inside playing back all your life's experiences on the surface of your eyes

Virgil L. Killebrew
©1995 Virgil L. Killebrew All Rights Reserved Graphic: “Seeing Double”

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