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					I’ve searched high and low For what I can’t find The truth of the matter Is hard to define I just know sometimes I get to feeling deep down Inside of me that “Something is missing” I can’t say what it is Or even what it could be I don’t even know why This feeling comes over me But one day, as I was just Sitting and listening A voice in my head told me “Something is Missing,” it said There should be Plenty And Peace in the Valley There should be Love And war nevermore There should be justice And true Righteous Judgment For there is One Coming Who will judge all mankind

All should be clothed And none should go homeless There should be food enough To feed all my sheep There should be Fountains Of Living Waters A Life-giving stream Welling up in every man There should be Oceans And Rivers of Love Every heart filled with Hope And with Hallelujahs There should be Happiness, Laughter, and Joy; Singing and Dancing and Praising the Lord If, One day, while you are just Sitting and Listening, A voice in your head tells you “Something is Missing” I pray you’ll remember And heed my advice, Believe when the Spirit says “What Missing is Christ!” Virgil L. Killebrew
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