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					With money in hand We run straight to the man To enrich a foreign nation Arabs and Indians; Orientals and Jews; Koreans, Chinese and Asians These foreign invaders Take the wealth of our labors Then sell us disposable trash But it seems we don’t mind We wait patiently in line To surrender our hard-earned cash We buy CDs and TVs Fly clothes and stereos Beauty supplies, wigs, and shoes We buy food we can’t name And miscellaneous things And some things we can’t even use We buy diamonds and gold And rent prime-time videos After working all week for a check Then we spend all our money So fast it ain’t funny But still we don’t get no respect If you’re shopping with others Who are not ‘Sistahs’ or ’Brothas’ Black people will never be free So, on your next ‘shopping spree’ Spend some money with me And build a strong ‘Black’ economy

Virgil L Killebrew
VirgilArt Verbal Graphics

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