"Powerless and Insane: The Addict's Lament"

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					The Addict’s Lament I can walk through raindrops And not get wet Dance on the edge of hell Without breaking a sweat I can fly like an eagle And soar like a plane With an addict‟s death Flowing through my veins I can peer into eternity To escape my heartache and pain But never could admit that I‟m Powerless and Insane I‟ve walked through Hurricanes, Blizzards and Snow Just to find my dealer For a „dime bag of blow‟ I‟ve destroyed my body My soul is corrupt Loved ones I‟ve harmed My children I‟ve given up Judges keep telling me, “Drugs are to blame” Well, let that be the reason But not Powerless and Insane Strange shadows seem to follow me Wherever I go Are they real or surreal? I can‟t say. I don‟t know I‟m living in a nightmare Seems I‟ll never be free Damn! Now my mind Is playing tricks on me The cops came to get me With a strait-jacket and chains And a little voice whispered to me You‟re Powerless and Insane One day I must admit That I‟m out of control Only then can a „higher power‟ Restore my soul I will surrender my will And take stock of my life Admit to God and another That my wrongs were not rights I will pray for redemption Simply and plain When I finally face the fact That I‟m. . . .
Virgil L. Killebrew
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