"Our Father" by veeveegee


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									If you never knew your father And could create one in your mind Would he be someone you hated? Or who’s Love you hoped to find? Would he be tall, short or heavy? Would he be dark? Would he be fair? Would he have straight, coarse or kinky; Curley or nappy or dreaded hair? Would he look somewhat like you do? Like the same things you like, too? Or some cold and ruthless stranger Who conceived and abandoned you? Would the father you’ve created To replace the one “unknown” Be someone you could respect And be proud to be called “His Own” Would your father be a disciplinarian With stern rules and regulations? Or would he be a humanitarian With the gift of inspiration? Would you be certain Your father loved you And approved of all you did, Or would you wonder If he wondered If you really were his kid? If you’ve never known your father And would create one in your mind Know that you are The cherished offspring Of the Father of all Mankind!

Virgil L. Killebrew
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