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'It Keeps Love In Your Heart'


Internationally Unknown Poets This archive is a forum to display the works of the writers and a resource for publishers producers entertainers and others who may be in need of inspiring and insightful words If you are a poet you will want to sign up to write poetry on request for people who have specific wants and needs

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									Politicking is tricky business Easy to get „caught-up‟ in it Spinning wheels, making deals; Personal Power, Sex Appeal! Appointed by the hand of God Bow down to me, I Am „G-Rod!‟ This is my personal kingdom No need to wait till „Kingdom Comes‟ I can make you rich with one word Or make you poor with another one I can order Commutations, Pardons And Gubernatorial Appeals Declare „Eminent Domain‟ Let you see how that feels! Do you want your own Senate Seat . . .? It doesn‟t come easy or cheap It has a thousand strings attached That all leads right back to me “Who wants to be a millionaire . . .?” You better get your bids in The name of the game is called “Pay-to-Play” And you can‟t win it if you ain‟t in it These (bleep)ing editorial writers With their (bleep)ing Editorial Boards (Bleep)ing up my (bleep)ing plans With all their negative (bleep)ing words Taking pot-shots at my wife And her legitimate business deals Turning truth into lies For their own „FrontPage‟ deals With the media storm rising And impeachment imminent I go jogging every morning In weather that‟s clear or inclement Every one should have an outlet When life starts tearing you apart It may not solve your problems but “It keeps Love in your Heart!”

Virgil L. Killebrew
VirgilArtVerbal Graphics

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©12.24.2008 Virgil L. Killebrew All Rights Reserved Graphic:

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