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									“Come Together ”
Family Reunion
Fathers and Mothers Sisters and Brothers Uncles and Aunts and Kin It’s been far too long Since our last family gathering So it’s good to see you all Once again! We are bound by much more than skin bones and blood – our ties run deeper than distance or time We are bound by our Love And a common ancestry And a common family history

Life has taken us Life gives and takes away Down our own separate paths Leaves us changed in some way Different hopes, different Sometimes we might even Dreams different fates forget who we are Some us may live That is why once a year in the very same cities we all gather somewhere while others live in to reaffirm our Roots far distant places and our Love Sometimes when you’re alone So let us all come together and you think of “back home” and once again rediscover and the people Who we are, where we’re going who mean the most to you And where we’ve been Give them a call How good and pleasant it is You’ll be glad to hear them say When we break bread together ”I was just sitting here And our families are reunited thinking about you!” Once again!
Virgil L. Killebrew
©10.16.95 Virgil L. Killebrew All Rights Reserved VirgilArtGifts@Yahoo.com

Graphic: ItsaBlackThang.com

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