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					Crack The Magic Rock Is the God that I adore I worship at its Pyrex altar And sacrifice to it my Love I place no gods before it I seek no others‟ grace When I worship through The Pyrex tube I meet my God face to face When I go to Christian ceremonies I give the biblically demanded tenth But when I kneel be fore Crack The Magic Rock I give up food, clothes, and rent This God is all-consuming This God won‟t be denied Its‟ taken away my wife and child Now its‟ taking away my pride I‟ve stood on corners begging I‟ve corrupted both body and soul I‟ve worshipped through the Pyrex tube And gotten „caught up‟ in the smoke I‟d steal to make an offering Would I rob? Maybe even kill? I‟ve sacrifice my life to Crack And its‟ robbed me of my will Will I ever be able to reject this God? Can I ever be free again? Its‟ taken away everything important to me First my Joy, and then my Pain Crack, The Magic Rock Has made me live my life in vain So I‟m giving up this false “Rock God” And I‟m taking back my pain

Virgil L. Killebrew
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