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                 § Silence to Sounds Newsletter
                                 A publication of the Cochlear Implant Club of the Ozarks
             Volume 5 Number 1                         Editor: Sue Dunn                   Fourth Quarter 2007

Dr. Mamie Tally, Au.D., CCC-A, was our speaker at the Sept 18, 2007 meeting.

Dr. Tally is an audiologist at St. John’s Clinic ENT.         She does the audiology work on our cochlear implant

Dr. Tally is 35 years old and single (but looking)  . She has two poodles that keep her company.               She is
very active in her church -- Abundant Life Covenant Church.

Dr. Tally received a Deaf Education degree in 1994 at MSU and a Masters in Audiology in 1996, a Doctorial
in Audiology in 2006. She has been an audiologist for 11 years. She worked for Cox for 10 years and has
now been at St. John’s Clinic for 1 year.

Dr. Tally went over some the basics for care of our processors and offered suggestions as to how to obtain
improvement to our hearing with the cochlear implant processors.

Her suggestions for improvement were:

1: Wear your implant all day everyday to prevent debris (calcium) build up on your electrodes. Not
wearing your processor may cause you to have a buildup of calcium on your electrodes inside your cochlea
and that can decrease how well the implant works.

2. Clean your processor parts daily with an aid brush and alcohol on a cotton swab to prevent dust and
skin particles from collecting on your microphone, battery connectors and headpiece.

 3. Switch equipment parts if you are having problems to see if a part has gone bad -- such as a cable, or

4. Keep a journal of your difficulties to show Dr. Tally next time you go in for an appointment.
Journal entries should contain the following:
   A. What were you doing when the problem started?
   B. How did it sound? Pitch, volume, length.
   C. How long did it last?
   D. Did other people hear it?
   E. What did you eat in the last 24 hours? Chemical levels change daily in your body. Sodium,
potassium, and calcium are critical for transmitting electrical current in the body. Changes in any of
these components can effect how well the electricity flows from the implant through your cochlea into your
brain therefore its effects how well you’re hearing with your cochlear implant.
My suggestion would be to: Decrease your sodium. Increase potassium (bananas and vitamins) Get the
recommended daily amount of calcium.

5. Check your blood pressure.
High Blood pressure restricts blood flow to the nerve that goes to your brain. It becomes constricted so
the electrical signal is not going to go through that nerve as well as it should.

6. Keep your processor in a dry pack at night.         Like all electronic devices, humidity can affect the way
it sounds.

7. When you get a cold, it changes the pressure of the fluid around the electrode and it can also change
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the chemicals (sodium, potassium, calcium) of the fluid around the electrodes. Being sick can drain your
potassium or sodium levels thus changes your hearing.

One of the last issues Dr. Tally addressed was Auditory Fatigue. The nerve can actually get too much
stimulus and kind of shut down for a while. You might wear your implant in the morning and it sounds
really good; then in the afternoon you’re just not hearing as well. It could be because your auditory
nerve is just tired! 

             Silence to Sounds printing and mailing costs are provided by St. John’s Clinic
             Ear, Nose & Throat
             Thank You St. John’s

          A. J. F.
          Memo From the President’s Desk . . . . .
             It was one of those nights where I was clicking the remote through 180 channels
             and wondering why we pay for Dish TV when there was nothing worth watching. In
             hopes of finding something interesting I clicked on “Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
             Making the Team”. It’s a show about how 1,000 girls tried out this year to make
             the 2007 squad and have the coveted name of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. What
             actually caught my attention with the program was that Christina Murphy one of
             the girls trying out is hard of hearing. It’s amazing what these girls go
             through to make the squad. They have to be strong physically and mentally. They
             must be able to dance, keep fit, keep the weight down, and represent the team
             as a role model.
             During one of the segments part of the try out was to dance in front of Kitty
             Carter a former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and the owner of Kitty Carter Dance
             Factor a well known dance studio in Dallas. When Christina Murphy performed her
             dance in front of Ms. Carter, the dance choreographer began to cry. Ms. Carter
             said, “I’m sorry but I cry when I see perfect dancing. I was just floored
             myself to watch a deaf person perform dance so beautifully. It was just
             amazing! Eventually Christina Murphy makes the 2007 squad and she is the second
             hearing impaired person in the DCC history to make the squad.
             For me it became another one of those moments that reminded me that we can do
             anything that we put our heart and minds to. The world of deafness or hearing
             impairment should no longer be limited. Especially for those of us blessed with
             a CI. Our implant opened the door to the world of achievement. If you only
             stand at the door and never walk the road of achievement you will never reach
             your full god given abilities and talents. It won’t always be an easy road to
             walk, but it is worth to try. It’s at those times that you need family,
             friends, and faith. The purpose of CICO is to help each individually and
             together to live a prosperous and successful life.
             I would like to encourage each of you to come to our Winter Party on Saturday,
             December 8 and next year’s
             Con’t on the next page
             meetings. Your attendance is important not only for your gain but others who
             are walking the road of achievement. I can say personally that each of your
             lives have blessed me, amazed me, and encouraged me. I can tell you that 4 ½
             years ago I would never have dreamed I would have achieve the things I have
             this year. So let’s all be like a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and make the team
             of success.
             Angela Freeman, President CICO

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      Up Coming Events
     Date: Dec 8, 2007
     Time: 1:30 - 4:00 p.m.
     Place: Mid-America Cancer Center
     2nd floor
     Address: 2055 S. Fremont, Springfield, MO (near the corner of Fremont and Cherokee)
     Please bring a covered dish, meat, snacks, finger food, or dessert. Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and Diet 7 Up will be
     furnished as well as paper products.

     Meetings scheduled in 2008

     Meeting: March 18, 2008
     Time: 630 - 8:30 pm

     Meeting: May 20, 2008
     Time 6:30 - 8:30 pm

     Ball Game in June (The exact day to be scheduled at a later date) Tickets must be paid for before the

     Meeting: Sept 16, 2008
     Time 6:30 - 8:30

     Winter Party Nov 22, 2008
     Time 1:30 - 4:00 pm

     2005 S. FREMONT

 JOKE! 
       
Two little boys saying their prayers while getting ready for bed.

2nd little boy: Why are you shouting, God isn‟t hard of hearing?
1st little boy: I know, but Grandma is.

     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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FYI                              
     Dr. Mamie Tally has agreed to be our new professional advisor. Thank you Dr. Tally.

     Dr. Lisa Geier will stay on as secretary, so she will still be a big part of our club.

     Setting at the reception desk at our meetings will be Kathy Avery. We welcome her with
    open arms.

 For Phones go to www . hellodirect. Com. I have not bought anything from this site but Jim Oliver, a
    visitor at our last meeting, recommends it. Mr. Jim Oliver is from Florida. He is president of his local
    club. The have 140 people on their mailing list.

 We will be sending surveys to members to get information about their interests and what they
  would like to get out of the club. Please, Please, Please return the survey as soon as possible to
  Angela Freeman. Your opinion is important.

    Treasury Report: Current balance $ 3,141.95

     We will be compiling a Cookbook consisting of recipes from CICO members. Since it was
    Nancy Brich„s idea, the cookbook will be inscribed in the front “In Memory of Nancy Birch.”
    Besides recipes, it will also contain CI stories of the children in the Springfield area that attend
    the meetings and or see Dr. Estrem at St. John‟s ENT. Please send your recipes and/ and or your
    child‟s story and photo to Angela Freeman, President.

     Please bring recipes of the dishes you bring to the CICO meetings so they can be included in
    the cookbook.

    To save on time, work, postage and paper, we will be emailing future
    newsletters. Please send your email address to Sue Dunn, shdunn2 and
    the next newsletter will be sent to you by email.
    Thank you.

     Midwest Ear Institute founder receives academy citation
    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Saint Luke’s neurotologist and Midwest Ear Institute
    founder Charles M. Luetje II, M.D., was a recipient of the Presidential
    Citation from the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck
    Surgery (AAO-HNS) Foundation, one of the nation’s oldest medical
    associations, at its 111th annual meeting Sept. 16-19 in Washington,

    The Presidential Citation was awarded for Dr. Luetje’s outstanding
    contributions to the academy by its president Richard Miyamoto, M.D.,
    at the meeting’s opening ceremonies.
    Copied From Midwest Ear Institute News

     This announcement is sent to you by the Missouri Commission for the
    Deaf and Hard of Hearing for your information.

    Mark your calendars and save the dates! The Missouri Commission for the
    Deaf and Hard of Hearing is pleased to announce the dates for two of
    its 2008 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Awareness events! Please join us and
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members of the deaf and hard of hearing community for two days of
information, fun in the sun and entertainment.
The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Awareness Day at Six Flags St. Louis will
be held on Saturday, June 7, 2008.
The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Awareness Day at Worlds of Fun in Kansas
City, Missouri will be held on Saturday, July 12, 2008.

More information, including ticket prices, will be distributed at a
later date.

All future messages from the Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard
of Hearing will be sent from rather than from You might want to put this new email address in your
address book to guard against Spam kicking it out.

Join this class at any time. A new chapter is learned each week -- you
won't be behind if you start later in the year or if you miss some
New classes forming now every Wednesday,
12:30pm to 1:30 pm, at Lakes Country, 2626 W College
Call Lesia Hessee at 417-862-1753. Lesia will focus on American Sign

 DAG Christmas Baskets!
They are helping three families this year and they need your help! This
year there is a big need for clothing, toys and food.
They have a tag system in which you can pick a tag of a specific size
clothing needed for a child and purchase that specific item. This will
help us be sure every child gets some new clothes and a toy. Collection
sites will be set up at every Friday Night Deaf Chat at Cassils Coffee
Café and every other DAG event. Deadline will be Dec. 14, 2007.
For more info contact Linda Haffner at llhaffner@

Editor’s Corner
Hi Everyone,
This is our newsletter -- not just mine or the CICO board. I am asking
you to please send contributions for the next newsletter to me by email
or snail mail. My email is shdunn2@ and my snail mailing
address is 7337 N. State Hwy 125. Strafford, MO 65757.

We can have a good newsletter again if you all send in your suggestions
and articles such as   Jokes -- Your CI story is another thing folks
like to read about -- Or your experiences since you got your CI. So
all of you get out your pens and paper and send me something for the 1st
quarter newsletter for 2008.
I am repeating this in case you didn’t notice it in the FYI column: To
save on time, work, postage and paper, we will be emailing future newsletters.
Please send your email address to Sue Dunn, shdunn2 and the next
newsletter will be sent to you by email.
Thank you,

Sue Dunn, Editor
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   ClCO Board Members
           Contact Information

Vice President: SUE DUNN
Activities Chairman: MIKE RAINES
Secretary: Lisa Geier
Kids Representative: HAYLE WILSON
Professional Advisor: MAMIE TALLY

   If you have any questions about the club, please contact one of the above board members.

         IN MEMORY OF:
          SAM HEAGERTY

Ada Mae Huff's family donated all her equipment to St. John's to use as back up units.

Rowena Mynatt passed away in August of 2006. Her family donated her equipment to
the Cochlear Implant Program at St. John’s ENT. We miss her a lot. It seems like only
yesterday that she was in a meeting with us.

 A. J. Marlin passed away in 2007.
He was very financially generous to our club. He loved attending the meetings. We loved
having him and we miss him -- he was a great person.

Nancy Brich was a very sweet person and she had a great smile. She tired to never miss
a meeting. She attended some of the board meetings as well as the regular meetings and
it was her idea to make the cookbook we are working on now.
. . . . . “Nancy Brich's husband came in and donated all her equipment a few days after
her passing. I was quite touched by this.”
     Jaime R. Lanois, Au.D. CCC-A . . . .

Sam Heagerty attended meetings with his wife Anna a few times when he was well
enough. He passed away a few months ago. Anna you and your family have our deepest
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Adult & Pediatric
Cochlear Implant Program
at St. John’s Clinic Ear, Nose & Throat
TTY 417-820-3277
 Office: 417-820-5071
Fax Number: 417-820-3757

The Cochlear Implant Program
1229 East Seminole, Suite 520
Springfield, Missouri 65804

Dr. Scott A. Estrem, M.D.
Dr. Mamie Tally, Au.D. CCC-A
mamie. tally

From the Desk of Dr. Lisa
Last spring I was invited to a high school graduation party for a young man that received his
cochlear implant when he was 4 years old. He was graduating from high school with honors. He
had offers for full-ride scholarships to 3 prestigious universities. His mother told me that he had
achieved a perfect score on the “Verbal” portion of the SAT test. I was in awe.
He was the first pediatric patient I had ever worked with. I remember being terrified. I was so
thankful to the specialists at Cochlear Corporation for all their help. I was worried that if I did
something wrong that this child would never learn to speak or read. It took a collaborative effort
of a great surgeon, audiologists, cochlear implant company engineers and specialists, speech
language pathologists, educators of the hearing impaired and wonderful set of parents. It also took
the hard work of one adorable little boy. Now he is in college and doing well. It‟s a wonderful
thing being involved with cochlear implant patients. I am very lucky to have had the opportunity!

A few weeks ago, I ran into a young man at Pets mart. He was wearing a cochlear implant. I
stopped him and introduced myself. He said he was a student at Missouri State University. I told
him about our Cochlear Implant Club of the Ozarks and of the St. John‟s Cochlear Implant
Center. He seemed sort of shy so I didn‟t want to bother him. We talked briefly and then we both
went our separate ways. Later on, I thought that I should have written down the CICO website
and perhaps a few contact numbers for him. I have vowed that next time I run into someone with
a cochlear implant, I will make sure I write down everything for them. I have even thought of
keeping one of our CICO brochures in my wallet to hand out if the occasion arises. How about
you? Can you reach out to a CI user and tell them about our club?
Dr. Lisa
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           TO ALL OF YOU,