October 2007 Newsletter by tqr19314


									                         October 2007 Newsletter
                  Gwynedd Monthly Meeting
                 P.O. Box 142, Gwynedd, PA 19436 (215-699-3055)
               Newsletter Editor: Ranvir Bakshi (rkbakshi@comcast.net)

                    Queries for the Month: Stewardship of the Environment

Is the Meeting concerned that the human interaction with nature be responsible, guided by a
reverence for life and a sense of the splendor of God’s continuing creation?

Are the decisions of the Meeting and its committees relating to the uses of property, goods,
services, and energy made with sensitivity toward the environmental impact of those choices?

How does our Meeting learn about environmental concerns and then act in the community on
its concerns?


How am I helping to develop a social, economic, and political system which will nurture an
environment which sustains and enriches life for all?

Am I aware of the place of water, air, and soil in my life? Do I consider with care the necessity
of purchasing substances hazardous to the environment? Do I act as a faithful steward of the
environment in the use and disposal of such hazardous substances?

Do I choose with care the use of technology and devices that truly simplify and add quality to
my life without adding an undue burden to essential resources?


The August newsletter contained minutes from the July Monthly Meeting for Business, in
which it was incorrectly stated that Leonard and Grace Blumberg, and Kate Carson, had
transferred their membership from Abington Monthly Meeting. In fact, the transfer was from
Cheltenham Monthly Meeting. I apologize for the error. Gary Lapreziosa, Recording Clerk

Queries for 10/7 Budget Threshing Session

1. Each year we pay over $100,000 for care of our property, including $22,650 for Janitorial
services, $11,000 for lawn care and $2500 for snow removal. Are there alternatives to paying
others for these services?
2. We pay almost $45,000 to Abington Quarterly Meeting and PYM each year. Is this something
we can and should continue to do, and if so, at what level?
3. This year we budgeted $18,500 for salaries for our bookkeeping, office services, youth
coordinator and baby-sitting services on First Day. Do we need these services?
Gwynedd Monthly Meeting News                                                        October 2007

4. Each year we budget $4,000 for contributions to Friends’ organizations selected by the Clerks
Committee. Is this something the Meeting should be doing on behalf of all members of
Gwynedd or is there another way we can be instrumental as a Meeting in making sure these
organizations are supported by our members?
5. We have approximately 265 households on the list we use for soliciting funds each year. This
works out to about $750 per household. In fact, several members contribute considerably more
than this and many contribute nothing at all. Assuming there are those who do not contribute
who are financially able, what can we do to increase the sense of financial responsibility in those
who do not contribute?

Fall Workday is November 10

Fall is here! Mark your calendars with this date! Gwynedd Meeting’s Fall Workday is Saturday,
November 10th, 8 AM until Noon - RAIN OR SHINE. All are needed to help with indoor &
outdoor jobs to keep our buildings and grounds looking good and working well! All ages are
welcomed. There will be refreshments, fun, fellowship, and a job just right for you. We all
benefit from our wonderful buildings and grounds; let’s show our appreciation by helping with
upkeep activities. See you at Fall Work Day!

Spiritual Growth Programs at Gwynedd Meeting

The Gathering Garden at Gwynedd Meeting announces two fall programs. Contact Connie
Lezenby 267-664-3721, lezenby@aol.com, for further information.

"Taming the Dragons: How to Master the Influences of Stressful Situations and
Difficult Emotions" -- Saturday, November 3, 2007; 1:00-4:00 p.m. Seijaku Roshi, an American
Zen Master, offers a unique, sensible perspective on bringing more peace, contentment and
fulfillment to the Western way of living, through practical application of Zen insights and
teachings. Please register by October 29, 2007. Suggested donation: $20

Retreat with Connie Lezenby -- Saturday, December 8, 2007, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm Please register by
December 6, 2007. Suggested donation: $15.

Monthly Book Discussion

The Gathering Garden book discussion group would like readers to know the following:

―We agreed to discuss:

September: The Essential Rumi, edited by Coleman Barks
October: Truth of the Heart, edited by Rex Ambler (the writings of George Fox)
November: Praying Naked: The Spirituality of Anthony De Mello, by Francis Stroud

We decided to choose several books at once, then we will choose the next group of selections
sometime in the fall, for those who want to be prepared in advance.‖

Gwynedd Monthly Meeting News                                                       October 2007

HARP Bulletin Board

Your attention is called to the artwork and photos of the 2007 Peace Camp displayed on the
HARP Bulletin Board (by the door to the kitchen) during October. If you, your committee or
working group have a special cause that you or they wish to draw attention to, this bulletin
board will be available by mid November. Please advise Helene Huber at 610-287-7305 of your
desire, along with the title of or heading for your cause or sharing.

The ECO committee is collecting gently used cloth napkins to be used at Gwynedd Meeting
events when refreshments or meals are served. If you have any that you wish to donate, please
place them in a basket that is in the Library for that purpose.

New Photo Directory

It’s time for a new Photo Directory for Gwynedd Meeting. The ad-hoc Directory Committee
includes Ginny Bergey, Marty Wilcockson, Steve Kerr, Jamie Walcroft and Carl Yacono. We
will be using Life Touch again and have reserved these dates for photo sittings :
   Wed.-Fri. 11/7,8,9, 3-9 PM
   Sat. 11/10, noon to 6 PM
   Fri. 11/23, 3-9 PM
   Sat. 11/24, 10 AM-4 PM
Please note that the last two dates are near Thanksgiving so that if our out-of-town members are
here they can schedule appointments. Perhaps your children who are members will come home
for turkey day? This year there will be on-line as well as paper sign-ups for appointments. We
will need helpers on the dates above. If you have any candid photos of Gwynedd activities in
the last 4 years that you'd like us to consider for the ―Activity pages,‖ please leave them in the
Care and Counsel mail box by October 28th. If you’re an out of town member and wish to have
a photo in our directory, please feel free to submit one to the attention of Care & Counsel
Committee-Photo Directory. Please direct any questions to Ginny Bergey at 215-641-9739 or
Vbergey@msn.com .

Youth Corner

It’s been a long summer of gardening, and the high school class and I would like to extend a
warm ―thank you‖ to the parents who helped water and tend the garden over the summer.
Also, thank you to the Preschool Camp and Peace Camp for watering. We are glad that Peace
Camp could use the garden as an educational tool. Wales Exchange, thank you for using our
veggies to cook for the interfaith families. And further, thank you Gwynedd for supporting our
efforts and leaving donations for produce that you purchased in September. We raised $200.
The high school class will carefully consider how to use the money and will let you know what
we decide. Also, a special ―thank you‖ to Arnold Trueblood for making it possible to irrigate
our garden, without which there would be no garden. Check out the photos on the bulletin
boards, outside Room B and at the top of the stairs. Pauline

Gwynedd Monthly Meeting News                                                          October 2007

First Day School Goings On

First Day School is off to a great start with our first focus being ―Spirituality.‖

Kindergarten – Second Grade

We talked about "belonging,‖ and that one of the groups we belong to is Quaker meeting. We
talked about why we gather with others, and how the first Quakers goathered because they
were seeking direct experiences of God. The theme for this Fall will relate to the Golden Rule
(Do unto others as you would have them do unto you) as well as the prayer by St. Francis of
Assisi "Lord, let me be an instrument of thy peace." The children were very interested in the
word "instrument" and what that meant. Deb Faulkner

Third/Fourth Grade

We began the year with excellent enrollment. Due to changes in the grouping of our First Day
School, the children are not strangers to one another. They were all in the same class last year.
Goals for the year include quiet time, beginning with the experience of full-body relaxation. An
on-going service project will be "Random Acts of Kindness," which we hope will establish a life-
long awareness of how one can spread their inner light each day. We, the teachers and helpers,
anticipate an enjoyable and fruitful year. Beth Roberts

Middle School

We will spend the first part of the year assembling a newsletter for the Gwynedd community
and to send to our friends in a village in Rwanda. We discussed content and identified four
primary areas we want to communicate, which includes exploring ourselves as individuals; our
faith; our community; and the various activities we are involved in, like the canoe trip and
maintenance of the Rainbow Trail. We did a couple of exercises to reflect on our individuality.
Through meditation, illustration, photography and discussion, we explored who we are and
shared those revelations with the class. We also visited the Adult First Day School, where we
had an opportunity to interact with some of the adults in our community in an intimate setting,
sharing stories and getting to know the larger community at Gwynedd.

High School

We hope to have class outdoors whenever possible and we are getting to know our new friends.
I asked that each person bring in one thing that "moved" them. It was very interesting what we
got. Everyone shared what the item(s) meant to him or her and why they felt the need to share.
The idea was to begin searching for things in our lives that personally move us and guide us
toward our decisions and choices. Mark Manta

Interest in holding a Blood Drive?

Occasionally I am contacted by the Red Cross to see if our Meeting would be willing to host a
Blood Drive. I would like to turn it over to the Meeting at large to see if there is interest.

Gwynedd Monthly Meeting News                                                       October 2007

From a September RC press release: “The American Red Cross Penn-Jersey Region is issuing
a blood supply alert for New Jersey and five counties in southeastern Pennsylvania… Brigid
O‟Neill-LaGier, Chief Executive Officer of the Penn-Jersey Region, is appealing to people in
the community to donate blood. „The blood supply is a community resource; a resource that
solely relies on volunteer donors in communities across the country. Locally, we are at risk
of not being able to provide enough blood of certain types needed to support patient care.‟”

Jessica Schindewolf of Red Cross told me what is required:

“To run a successful Blood Drive, you need:
   - 4-5 people to help with phone calls
  - a place to do face-to-face sign-ups
  - an open room about 1200 sq. ft in size (ac in the summer, heat in the winter)
  - the room will be occupied for about 7-8 hours on the day of the drive”

If your group or you as an individual are interested in helping to organize a Blood Drive, please
let me know. Most of the effort is in making the phone calls Gary Lapreziosa, Meeting Secretary

DVD player available for use The Peace Camp was given a DVD player over the summer by a
generous donor. It will be kept in the high school class to be used for FDS. However, it is
available to be used by all of Gwynedd. Anyone who wishes to use the DVD player must check
it out ahead of time with Pauline to ensure one of the FDS classes are not planning to use it.
Please contact me at cassandra.night@verizon.net. The DVD player may not leave the building.


Gwynedd Monthly Meeting Minutes (DRAFT), 16 September 2007

Gwynedd Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends meeting for worship with a
concern for business was held at 10:55 am on the 16th of September 2007 at the Meetinghouse in
Gwynedd, Pennsylvania. The 9th query on Ministry and Outreach was read by Ran Bakshi and
was considered by the Meeting.

The clerk reviewed the proposed agenda for current business.

Cheryl Zabinski and Grace Rose Blumberg volunteered to provide a report to the next Meeting
for Business regarding Quarterly Meeting, which will take place at Richland Monthly Meeting
on October 7.

Care and Counsel
Reba Mohan read a report of the wedding of Leland Evans and Ariel Baker, which took place
on September 15 in Dublin, PA. Our member Roger Buchanan signed the marriage license. The
report is bound with these minutes.

Ginny Bergey reported that photography sessions have been scheduled for the new Meeting
photo directory that the company LifeTouch will produce for us. These sessions will take place
in the Meetinghouse November 7, 8, 9, 10, 23, and 24. Watch for sign-up instructions to be
published soon.

Gwynedd Monthly Meeting News                                                      October 2007

Martin Trueblood urged members to let Care and Counsel know if there is someone who has a
personal need that the committee may not know about. There have been cases where someone
had a need, but the committee didn’t find out about it in a timely manner.

Anne Hill offered to be a support person for anyone who has cancer.

Nominating Committee
Sharon Frame reported the following recommendations for officers of the Meeting.

Recorder: June Hallowell
Treasurer: Karen Russell
Asst. Treasurer: Dan Ritting
Recording Clerk: Gary Lapreziosa
Historian: Jim Quinn

The Meeting approved the nominations. These terms are for one year, effective today.

Sharon, on behalf of the committee, asked for approval to defer the naming of a new Meeting
Clerk until January, and to have Lea Stabinski continue as Clerk until a new one is named and
begins serving. The Assistant Clerk position is still vacant, and the Committee has decided to
focus on naming the Clerk first, and then work on someone who would be a suitable
complement as Assistant Clerk. After some discussion, this request was approved; that is, we
will ―carry on with the current situation‖ regarding the Clerk and Assistant Clerk. Lea will
conduct the administrative duties and substitutes will conduct the monthly business meetings.

Rol Henderson requested that the Meeting hold a special meeting with a concern for the budget
on October 7, immediately after Meeting for Worship. The Meeting approved this idea. The
Stewardship Committee will write an email to be sent to members, and write an article for the
newsletter, that will contain queries for members to consider in anticipation of the meeting.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Trustees of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting, Inc., Sam
Swansen asked for approval of the following two changes: an amendment to the Articles of
Incorporation whereby the membership of the Trustees shall be determined according to the
Bylaws of the Corporation; and a change to said bylaws whereby the number of Gwynedd
Meeting Trustees is reduced from six to three and a provision is added that the trustees cannot
further amend the Bylaws without the written consent of the Monthly Meeting. The Meeting
approved the changes.

Religious Education
Doug Faulkner reported that he will be the new clerk of Religious Education.

Doug expressed thanks to Gail Moxey for her previous service in this position.

Gwynedd Monthly Meeting News                                                        October 2007

Youth Coordinator
Pauline Rosa-Martir-Scheppard reported on the start of First Day School last week; attendance
was very good. She and the teachers intend to more strongly encourage attendance this year.
She reported on the grade breakdown of the classes (K-2, 3-4, 5-8, and 9-12), and the general
curriculum themes for the year, as well as special presenters scheduled for this year.

Doug Faulner listed the topics for the next four weeks in adult First Day School.

Neil Trueblood announced that Work Day is Saturday, November 10. He also reported that the
present residents in the Hilltop property would like to stay in the house through at least 2008.
The committee continues to review the budget with regard to capital needs and the Property

Neil read two separate minutes of the Property Committee. These minutes express appreciation
for the many years of service of Bill Pye and Arnold Trueblood, respectively, in preserving and
improving the condition of the Meeting’s buildings and grounds. The Meeting gratefully
approved the minutes, which are bound with this report.

Arnold Trueblood reported that PennDOT’s construction work to widen Route 202 will
probably commence during 2008 for the segment of the road that affects our Meeting’s grounds.
The work to establish the compensatory financial value of trees that will be lost from our
property has been completed. We will be reimbursed for our expense of removing the trees, and
an additional amount to compensate for the loss.

The relocation of the stone wall along Sumneytown Pike will be carried out by PennDOT. We
will also be compensated for ground that is lost. The compensation package will include not
only an amount to cover the property area that has been taken, but funds for Gwynedd Meeting
to use in overseeing the re-landscaping of the remaining grounds. The Meeting will contract for
that work, without any involvement of PennDOT.

Gathering Garden
Connie Lezenby listed Gathering Garden activities for the remainder of 2007: a monthly Group
Spiritual Direction meeting (for 9 months), Yoga on Friday evenings, a study & discussion
group on Global Warming (4 Wednesday nights in October), a Saturday workshop on ―Taming
the Dragons‖ (how to deal with stress), a Saturday all-day silent retreat in December, and the
Book Discussion group (the last Sunday morning of each month).

Clerks’ Committee
Sharon Frame, on behalf of the Committee, asked for approval for the list and amounts of
donations that Gwynedd Meeting made during fiscal year 2006-7. This list was developed at the
April Clerks Committee meeting. The Meeting approved this list and amounts. One or two
recommendations still need to be decided upon by the Committee. (The current list accounts for
$3800 of the $4000 that the Meeting decided last year to allocate for donations.) The Meeting
approved the allocation of the $4000, the specific allocation of the $3800, and that the Committee

Gwynedd Monthly Meeting News                                                      October 2007

will discern the allocation of the other $200. The Clerks’ Committee report is bound with these

Welcoming Committee

Donna Swansen announced that the Welcoming Committee met after Meeting for Worship to
welcome Leonard and Grace Rose Blumberg, and their daughter Kate Carson, into our Meeting.
The committee’s report is bound with these minutes.
The business meeting adjourned at 12:10 PM with 38 people having been present.

Douglas Faulkner, Acting Clerk
Gary Lapreziosa, Recording Clerk


The Greening of Friends Center: Our Sustainable Witness. Since 1856 Quaker witness has
emanated from Friends Center, home to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, American Friends Service
Committee, Central Philadelphia Meeting, and a host of other Quaker and Quaker-related
groups. In the last 150 years the campus has been renewed and restored many times to meet
the emerging needs of each generation of Friends. Friends are now planning for the needs of
the coming generation, which will face the critical issues of the 21st century—environmental
degradation, global climate change, and wars over natural resources. Thus, Friends feel called
to use ―green‖ technology to make the building itself a living witness for sustainability. The
project models the Quaker values of peace, equality, simplicity and integrity, while maintaining
this historic campus for the next generation.

The greening of Friends Center follows Gandhi’s suggestion to ―be the change you wish to see
in the world.‖ Your meeting can learn more about these changes by visiting
www.friendscentercorp.org, and inviting a speaker to visit and explain how to be part of this
Quaker witness.

PYM News

Job Opening: Meeting Secretary, Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting seeks a full-time
secretary and office manager. Compensation is based on experience and commensurate with
similar positions and includes a complete benefit package. Submit resume and cover letter by
October 15 to: CPMM Search Committee, 1515 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102.

November 3 Gathering for Extended Worship. The fall gathering on Worship, Ministry, and
Eldering will be Saturday, November 3, from 9:30 am to 4 pm at Chester River Meeting (MD),
with the entire morning given to unprogrammed worship. For directions, go to:
www.pym.org\southern-qm\chester\index.html. For more information, contact: Marcelle Martin at
(610) 627-0390, FriendMarcelle@aol.com or Bob Denison at 410-778-2556, rcdenison@verizon.net .

Kennett's Quaker Fair is November 17 Kennett Meeting's Quaker Fair 2007 will be Saturday,
November 17, from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM at the Kennett Friends Meeting House on North
Union Street (Route 82) at 125 West Sickle Street, Kennett Square, PA. As always there will be a

Gwynedd Monthly Meeting News                                                     October 2007

Gift Shop, Hand Knits, Crafts, Plants, hundreds of used Books, Grandma's Attic, a Country
Bake shop, Pony Rides and other Children's Activities. Country Lunch is served between 11:30
and 1:30. All proceeds go to the American Friends Service Committee. More information at
www.KennettFriends.org or 610 361-8674.

AFSC Gathering, November 3. The American Friends Service Committee invites you to join us
in celebrating 90 years of Quaker service at 1:30 PM Saturday, November 3, at the Pennsylvania
Convention Center, 12th and Arch Streets, Philadelphia. The keynote address is by noted
Quaker educator Joan Countryman, the first African-American graduate of Germantown
Friends School, former head of the Lincoln School and, more recently, interim head of the
Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in South Africa. A reception follows at 3 PM. This event is
free and open to the public.

Celebrating 325 Years of William Penn's Vision. An Interfaith Service celebrating the ―Holy
Experiment‖ of William Penn and the religious freedom enjoyed in this country will happen at
3:00 p.m., Sunday, October 14, at Merion Meeting's Activities Building, 615 Montgomery
Avenue in Merion Station. Lower Merion Historical Society’s website lists additional events in
Merion & Narberth. http://www.lowermerionhistory.org/upcomingevents.html

                             October 2007 Calendar of Events

     Date             Time                    Event                          Location

Mon. Oct. 1st    7:00 PM            Care & Counsel               Library
                                    Worship & Ministry           Foulkeways (Jenkins)
Tue. 2nd         2:00 PM            Lutheran Community of        Worship Room
                                    Telford visit
                 7:30-9:00          Meditation                   Classroom D
Wed. 3           6:30-7:30 PM       ECO committee meeting        High school FDS room
                 7:00-8:00          Pray for Peace               Worship Room
                 7:30-8:45          Global Warming               High school FDS room
                                    discussion group
Thu. 4th         10-10:30 AM        Meeting for Worship          Foulkeways (Eliza Foulke Rm.)
Fri. 5th         5:30-6:30 PM       Yoga (Gathering Garden)      Community Room

Sun. Oct. 7th    8:00-9:30          Small Group Spiritual        2nd Floor Counseling Room
                 9:30-10:30         Meeting for Worship          Worship Room
                 10:45              First Day School             Various
                 11:45              Food & Fellowship            Community Room
                 6:30-8:30          Dream Group                  Library
Mon. 8th         9:30-11 AM         Worship Sharing              Home of Verna Tweddale
                 7:00 PM            Peace & Soc. Act. Cmte       Library
Tue. 9th         7:30 PM            Preschool Committee          Library
                 7:30-9:00          Meditation                   Classroom D
Wed. 10th        7:00-8:00 PM       Pray for Peace               Worship Room
                 7:30-8:45          Global Warming               High school FDS room
                                    Discussion Group
Thu. 11th        10-10:30 AM        Meeting for Worship          Foulkeways (Eliza Foulke Rm.)

Gwynedd Monthly Meeting News                                               October 2007

     Date            Time                 Event                        Location
                 7:00 PM         Fellowship & Outreach       HS FDS Room
Fri. 12th        5:30-6:30 PM    Yoga (Gathering Garden)     Community Room
                 7:00-9:00       Group Spiritual Direction   Various
Sat. 13th        10 AM-Noon      DAR visit/tour              Meetinghouse
                 8-10:00 PM      Coffeehouse                 Doors open at 7:30

Sun. Oct. 14th   9:30-10:30 AM   Meeting for Worship         Worship Room
VISITORS DAY     10:45           First Day School            Various
                 11:45           Food & Fellowship           Community Room
                 6:30 PM         Dream Group                 Library
Tue. 16th        7:30 PM         Property Committee          Library
                 7:30-9:00       Meditation                  Classroom D
Wed. 17th        7:00-8:00 PM    Pray for Peace              Library
                 7:30-8:45       Global Warming              High school FDS room
                                 Discussion Group
Thu. 18th        10-10:30 AM     Meeting for Worship         Foulkeways (Eliza Foulke Rm.)
Fri. 19th        5:30-6:30 PM    Yoga (Gathering Garden)     Community Room

Sun. Oct. 21st   8:00-9:30 AM    Gathering Garden Book       Adult FDS Room
                 9:30 AM         Meeting for Worship         Worship Room
                 10:45           Meeting for Business        Worship Room
                                 First Day School (Youth)    Various
                 6:30 PM         Dream Group                 Library
Mon. 22nd        9:30-11 AM      Worship Sharing             Home of Verna Tweddale
Tue. 23rd        7:30-9:00 PM    Meditation                  Classroom D
Wed. 24th        7:00-8:00 PM    Pray for Peace              Library
                 7:30-8:45       Global Warming              High school FDS room
                                 Discussion Group
Thu. 25th        10-10:30 AM     Meeting for Worship         Foulkeways (Eliza Foulke Rm.)
Fri. 26th        5:30-6:30 PM    Yoga                        Room TBA
Sat. 27th        9 AM-1 PM       AFSC Sale                   Community Room

Sun. Oct. 28th   8:00-9:15       Peace Camp committee        Ping pong room
                 8:00-9:15       Spiritual/mystical book     Adult FDS Room
                                 discussion group
                 9:30-10:30      Meeting for Worship         Worship Room
                 10:45-11:45     First Day School            Various
                 11:45           Fellowship                  Community Room
                 6:30 PM         Dream Group                 Library
Tues. 30th       7:30-9:00 PM    Meditation                  Classroom D
Wed. 31st        7:00 PM         Pray for Peace              Worship Room

Thu. Nov. 1st    10-10:30 AM     Meeting for Worship         Foulkeways (Eliza Foulke Rm.)
Fri. 2nd         5:30-6:30 PM    Yoga                        Community Room
Sat. 3rd         12:30-4:30      Zen Society Workshop        Community Room
                                 (Gathering Garden)

Sun. Nov. 4th    8:00-9:15       Small Grp. Spiritual        2nd Floor counseling room

Gwynedd Monthly Meeting News                                               October 2007

    Date             Time                  Event                       Location
                9:30-10:30 AM    Meeting for Worship        Worship Room
                10:45            First Day School           Various
                10:45            Fellowship                 Community Room
                6:30-8:30 PM     Dream Group                Library
Mon. 5th        9:30-11 AM       Worship Sharing            Home of ?
                7:00 PM          Care & Counsel             Library
                                 Worship & Ministry         Foulkeways (Jenkins)
Tue. 6th        7:30-9:00 PM     Meditation                 Classroom D
Wed. 7th        3:00-9:00 PM     Photography sessions       Adult FDS room

Other important dates

      Quarterly Meeting is Sun. Oct. 7 at Richland Monthly Meeting in Quakertown;
       sign-in and refreshments begin at 9 AM.
      Photo sessions for the new member directory and individual purchase are Nov.
       7,8,9, 3-9 PM, Nov. 10, 12-6 PM, Nov. 23, 3 to 9 PM, and Nov. 24, 10 AM-4 PM.
      Fall Workday is Sat., November 10 from 8 AM to 12 noon.

Adult First Day school topics


(Sep. 30th)   John & Karlene Ellsworth and any others report on Philadelphia Residential
              Yearly Meeting
Oct. 7th      Hosted by Trustees: Queries and threshing session on the budget
14th          Visitor‟s Day organized by Fellowship & Outreach
21st          Monthly Meeting for Business
28th          Peace & Social Action


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