St Agnes $crip Newsletter January 2010 Everyday Shopping Made by tqr19314


									     St Agnes $crip Newsletter
                                   January 2010
           Everyday Shopping Made Easy
                             The Scrip program can make your dollars go further, as it offers
Current Specials:            “one stop shopping,” while helping your family earn Tuition credit
                             at the same time. If you’re in need of some ideas for using Scrip this
J. Jill 11%                  season, read on.
Shopko 3%                     With Scrip, you can shop, help the school, and not use a drop of gas!
                             It’s an especially good time to order Scrip, because many merchants
Best Buy 4%                  have special bonus percentages for a limited time. (Check out the
Shell 2.5%                   lists in the left-hand column.)
** For a short time only!
Local Participants:                       To thank a friend, relative, or teacher
                             why not pick up some Scrip for Starbuck’s or their favorite restaurant
Hy-Vee                       like Chae’s or R-Pizza.
Jones                                               For Business Owners
Freedom                      Scrip is a perfect way to shop for your business needs; Sam’s Club,
Pump n Pak                   Staples, and Best Buy.
Chaes                                                  Planning a Trip?
R-Pizza                      There are several airlines and hotels that are Scrip vendors. Before
Little Italys                making your arrangements, check out the list on the Scrip website:
Cherry Street Grill                                     Winter Sports:
Taco Johns                    Need a quick meal before practice or the big game? Pick up Burger
Uppercase Living             King, Pizza Hut or Subway. Need new shoes or equipment for your
                             athlete? Check out the winter bargains at Scheels, Cabela’s, Finish
                             Line, or Footlocker.
   New Additions:                                        Gas Stations:
Arm Candy Purses             Your favorite gas stations participate: BP, Shell, Freedom, and Pump N
Monthly Incentives:                                    Grocery Stores:
Win a $50 Hyvee Card         Hy-Vee, Jones , and Wal-Mart Scrip cards are available in various
Every order you place
online Jan 11- Feb 1 will      Order Online saving you Time with
get your name in the
drawing                                         For more information please call:
                                     •Nicole Mockler: 624-3877 Tammi Granaas: 712-490-8430
                                                    • School Office: 624-4144

                 For a complete list of retailers:

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