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									    Quality Management Framework
  Improving the Quality of Accommodation, Advocacy
    Recreation and Disability Professional Services
QMF Newsletter #1                                                                      March 2008

How it all started

During 2005 – 2006, KPMG was asked by            One of the greatest advantages of the existing
the Disability Services Commission to            standards monitoring system is that it has helped to
review the Disability Services Commission‟s      embed a strong culture of quality assurance and
existing Quality Assurance and Standards         monitoring in the disability services sector.
Monitoring processes for government and
non-government disability services providers
in WA and to design a better process.

The aim of this newsletter is to provide an
update on the development of the new
quality management system called the
Quality Management Framework and to let
people know the next steps.

KPMG consultants spoke with people with
disabilities, their families, carers and
government and non–government service
providers about the existing standards
monitoring processes and identified the gaps
and benefits.

                                                 At the moment, there are two main ways
                                                 that the Commission measures service
                                                 providers for service quality.

                                                    1. Self Assessment: This involves an annual
                                                       survey which asks service providers to rate the
                                                       services they provide against the Disability
                                                       Services Standards.

        KPMG Consultants Liz Forsyth and Kerry      2. Independent Standards Monitoring (ISM):
                                                       This is when an independent monitor is
It found that the current quality assurance            contracted by the Commission to measure all
and standards monitoring process had                   service providers against the Disability Services
been a valuable tool for the Commission                Standards every three years. The monitors talk
assess service provider performance against            with individuals, families, carers and service
the Disability Services Standards.                     provider staff. Sometimes the monitors
                                                       measure the service against all of the
                                                       Standards but most of the time they measure a
  For information on the nine Disability               service provider against two or three
  Services Standards please see this link:             Standards.

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The KPMG review, found that there was           It‟s also important to note that the outcomes for each
strong support by the sector for the            program area are „aspirational‟ and therefore service
continued use of external and independent       providers will need to continuously work towards their
monitoring. So the Commission is keen to        attainment.
keep this going as part of the new Quality
Management Framework.

However the sector identified a number of
areas in the current standards monitoring
system that need improving.

KPMG found that there was a need to:
  “Strengthen and enhance the
   participation of people with disabilities
   and their families and carers in all key
   processes within the quality
   management framework, in particular
   the independent monitoring process.                Photography by Andrew Jamieson
  Establish more effective methods and         Why measure outcomes?
   techniques for communicating and
   engaging with people with disabilities       By moving to a focus that measures outcomes, it is
   who have high support needs or are           expected that the following would be achieved:
   from cultural and linguistically diverse        A greater focus on the benefits or effectiveness
   backgrounds.                                      of services and less focus on process and „how
  Revise the self assessment process to             to‟.
   enable greater alignment with the               Improved tailoring of responses to better match
   independent monitoring and                        individual goals and objectives consistent with
   organisational planning processes.                person centred approaches that underpin
  Improve the application of the                    contemporary disability support provision.
   independent monitoring process                  Ensures the focus of support is on those matters
   through a revised assessment process              of greatest importance for the person with a
   that can be applied to the full breadth of        disability.
   support services.                               Provides a system–wide view of the
  Revise the tools and processes that               effectiveness of the program in meeting its
   support [both] the self assessment and            objectives.
   independent monitoring activity to assist       Measuring outcomes will show if programs are
   the assessment process.                           really making a difference in the lives of people
  Revise the training program for                   with disabilities. It also allows greater
   independent monitors to ensure it                 accountability and helps programs to improve
   reflects contemporary practice and                services by showing service providers how well
   approaches to disability support                  they are doing and what areas need to adapt,
   provision.                                        improve and become more effective.
  Develop systems, structures and
   mechanisms to undertake systemic
   analysis of performance across the
   disability sector and the subsequent
   reporting of trends.” (KPMG 2006 p. 20)

KPMG is in the process of developing the
new Quality Management Framework which
focuses on consumer or individual level
outcomes. The outcomes are about what the
person with disability can expect to gain (ie
the benefits) from the service they receive.
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                                                                 Photography by Andrew Jamieson

What’s been happening?

In September and October 2007 KPMG held
a series of full-day workshops with service
providers to:
      Develop the outcomes to be achieved by
       the four programs of:
           o Disability Professional Services;
           o Accommodation;
           o Advocacy; and
           o Recreation.

(Please note that Alternatives to Employment
outcomes have already been developed. There      In December 2007, the Commission sought the views
are also plans to develop outcomes for Local     of individuals, their families and carers through focus
Area Coordination and Family Support.)           groups, with the help of Kalparrin, Ethnic Disability
                                                 Advocacy Care (EDAC), Carers WA and Pilbara
      Develop a series of performance           Kimberley Care, to ensure the wording of the
       indicators and measures by which these    outcomes was relevant and meaningful.
       outcomes can be assessed.
      Develop „Response Chains‟ which are the   What’s next?
       steps or sequence of activities that a    In mid 2008, KPMG will send out a survey to service
       service would need to undertake to        providers that will assess their performance against
       achieve a desired outcome.                the new outcomes. The data from the survey will
      Develop the evidence and the tools to     provide a performance baseline to help the
       assess performance against each of the    Commission and the sector understand where
       agreed performance indicators.
                                                 services sit against the proposed outcomes for each
When this work is complete, the sector will
have a more robust way of measuring their
                                                 KPMG will also administer a similar survey to
performance against a clear set of outcomes
                                                 individuals and/or their families and carers to collect
for each program.
                                                 more baseline data about their services. All the data
                                                 collected through both surveys will give an overall
From this, there will be much clearer
                                                 picture of how service providers are performing
evidence of where services are doing very
                                                 against the outcomes.
well and where services need to improve.

The new process will continue to have
independent monitoring as a way of
                                                    It is important to note that information that
checking that service providers continue
                                                    identifies the individuals, families and carers
to meet the Disability Services Standards.
                                                    who complete the survey will not be released.

                                                 The survey data can be broken down to show how
                                                 each service provider is performing against the
                                                 outcomes. It will also show how the sector is
                                                 performing as a whole and trends in the data can be
                                                 more easily examined. The survey will be repeated in
                                                 coming years to indicate areas where services have
                                                 improved or need improving.

                                                 The data will help the Commission develop strategies
                                                 to enhance the capacity of individual service

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providers, or the sector as a whole, to deliver          respond to issues in a more targeted and
better outcomes for people with disabilities.            strategic manner. (KPMG 2006)

As the Commission and the sector are very
                                                  Quality Management Framework Advisory Group
keen to continue with external monitoring,
KPMG will revise the Commission‟s existing
                                                  An Advisory Group has been established to advise on
quality assurance and standards monitoring
                                                  implementation and communication strategies for the
processes to make sure it aligns with the
                                                  Quality Management Framework. The Advisory
new Quality Management Framework. The
                                                  Group members are:
benefits of implementing the new Quality
                                                        Frances Buchanan: Director, Client Services Rocky
Management Framework will be:                            Bay.
    A stronger emphasis on people with a               Scott Fraser: Manager Operational Support and
       disability and the processes and                  Development, DSC Metropolitan Services Co-
       approaches that deliver positive                  ordination.
       outcomes for the individual.                     Amanda Hunt: Chief Executive Officer, Recreation
    A more comprehensive and integrated                 and Sport Network.
       approach to quality that is in line with         Bethlyn Jarvis: Consumer Representative.
       best practice approaches.                        Margaret Muntinga: General Manager
    A balanced focus on assurance, risk                 Accommodation, Activ Foundation.
       management, continuous                           Rosalie Taylor: Consumer Representative.
       improvement and capacity building.               Russell Thomas: Manager Employment and
                                                         Community Options, Autism Association of WA.
                                                        Melissa Young: Manager Systems and Business
                                                         Development, Perth Home Care Services.
                                                        Suzi Vincent: Chief Executive Officer, Pilbara and
                                                         Kimberley Care Inc.
                                                        Annette Wallman: Chair and Manager Service
                                                         Development and Monitoring, DSC.
                                                        Louise Cefalo: Strategic Service Development
                                                         Officer, Service Development and Monitoring, DSC.

                                                  If you have any queries about the Quality
                                                  Management Framework or the information contained
                                                  in this newsletter, please contact Annette Wallman,
                                                  Manager of Service Development and Monitoring, on
                                                  9426 9382 or via email:

                                                  MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE QMF
                                                        You can read the KPMG report “Review of
                                                         Quality Assurance and Standards Monitoring
                                                         Processes” (2006)
      Greater clarity with regard to the roles         See Quality Frameworks on Disability WA
       and responsibilities of the                       website
       Commission and the sector in                     For more information on the progress of the
       implementing and delivering quality               Quality Management Framework for
       support provision and improved                    Alternatives to Employment please contact
       feedback loops between                            Geoff Holden, Manager of Sector Development
       stakeholders.                                     on 9426 9703 or via email:
      The capacity, over time, to undertake             Geoff.Holden@dsc.wa.gov.au
       thematic analyses of common trends
       relating to the nature of service
       provision and to subsequently

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