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April 2007

Hi all,

This is the 8th in a series of occasional (2-4 times a year) newsletters about real food, traditional foods such
as kefir or kombucha, gluten free cooking, EFT and other aspects of wellness.

The previous newsletters are online at:

Topics in this newsletter:
   • Details on Sally Fallon tour
   • Reviews of snack bars
   • Gluten free beers in NZ
   • Availability of other traditional or therapeutic foods, including High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil and Coconut
   • Recipe – Coconut Kumara soup

Sally Fallon tour

Sally Fallon, author of the best-selling cookbook Nourishing Traditions, will be in NZ for a short time in May,
and will be giving some public talks. Many of you have already booked your tickets. But we’re now less than
a month away from the talks, tickets are selling steadily, and those of you who haven’t got round to it need to
book soon or risk missing out!

Other speakers about natural foods are speaking in NZ regularly now, but Sally won’t be coming back in the
foreseeable future. And the important health information Sally talks about won’t be heard in any of these
other talks. This tour could change your life and your health, especially if you’re new to Sally’s work.

It's a unique opportunity to find out about the amazing health benefits of traditional foods from the expert.
Sally explains these concepts in a clear, easily understandable manner and even if you’re already familiar
with this information, you’ll come away with some new insights and ways to explain them better to your
family, friends and clients. She will be covering topics such as:
     o The pioneering work of Dr. Weston A. Price
     o The vital role of animal fats in human nutrition *
     o The dangers of modern vegetable oils
     o The safety and health benefits of raw milk *
     o The dark side of modern soy foods, and which ones are safe *
     o How to prepare grains for optimal assimilation and digestion
     o The health benefits of enzyme-rich lacto-fermented foods
     o Why delicious sauces can be good for you
     o Practical steps to change your diet for the better
* While all of these topics are important for everybody, these three topics are especially valuable in helping
vegetarians achieve a balanced diet.

Copies of ''Nourishing Traditions'' and limited copies of other books will be available for sale or order at each
event. You’ll have an opportunity to meet other like minded people, and find out where to network and find
traditional foods in your area. Here’s how to get your tickets:
Sat, May 5th, 1pm to 5pm, Workingmens Club,
Tickets on sale in Invercargill at: ~ Yaks and Yetis ~ Salus Health shop ~ Tall Poppy Books ~ The Organic
shop, up the alley by the Holiday Shoppe in Windsor
Tickets on sale in Gore at: ~ Health 2000
For more info, see or email Sherry:

Tue, May 8th, 7 to 9.30pm, Christchurch Girls High School Auditorium, 10 Matai East St. (cnr of Deans Ave
& Matai East), Riccarton,
Tickets on sale at: ~ Inspirations, cnr High & Lichfield ~ Nature’s Organics, 152 Somerfield St. ~ Naturia,
Guthreys Centre, Cashel St.
For more info, email Kieran: or phone 03 3519 733 or 021 253 5333

Thu, May 10th, 7 to 10.30pm (Doors open 6.30), Wesley Church Hall, 75 Taranaki St
To buy tickets, download order form from, and send it back by
email or post. Any other enquiries, email Deb: or phone 04 934 6366.

Sat, May 12th, 1 to 5.30pm (Doors open 12.30), Waikato University Management School, Gate 10,
Silverdale Rd, Hillcrest
To buy tickets, download order form from, and send it back by
email or post. Any other enquiries, email Ray on

Snack Bars

The review of snack bars I mentioned last newsletter is now online at so you can see how your favourite bar measures up.
They have been ranked by a combination of quality of ingredients, and macronutrient ratios.

If you plan ahead, you can carry healthier snacks like crispy nuts, cheese or homemade bars when you’re
away from home. But on those occasions where you need a snack in a hurry, these ones are probably the
     o Overall pick – No-No Sesahoneyme and Cashhoneyew have natural ingredients, and are not too
         high in sugars
     o Best in supermarket – Nice & Natural Apricot Natural Nut bar (if you’re OK on peanuts) or Natural
         Goodness Cashew & Coconut or Macadamia and Apricot bite sized bars
     o If you tolerate a higher levels of carbs, or will eat part of a bar with something higher in fat – other
         No-No bars, Truelife bars, Megaburn Body Boost bar and Freedom Foods Omega bars may meet
         your needs.

Gluten Free Beers in NZ

One of the hardest things for some people about going gluten free is not being able to have beer. So for
those of you struggling with this, there is good news.

The Twisted Hop in Christchurch has gluten free beer available to drink on the premises (and you can get a
GF pizza), and they ship anywhere in NZ. They are at 6 Poplar Street, Lichfield Lanes, Christchurch. Ph. (03)
962 3688. The website is

Let me know if you come across any other GF beers that are available here.

Ideally, a gluten free beer would also be unpasteurised. If gluten is not an issue and you can choose an
unpasteurised beer, do so. Otherwise, it being gluten free is more important, if you have to choose.
Availability of traditional foods

YOUR HELP WANTED - Chapter leaders are now handling enquiries for cultures, raw milk and other
traditional foods. If you are actively using any of these, are able to share and are happy for me to pass your
email address on to the nearest chapter leader, please let me know. Also if you have info on any other
sources of these foods.

•   Cultures and raw milk - Contact your nearest WAPF chapter leader (details below) for availability of raw
    milk, kefir, kombucha, water kefir grains, viili (Caspian sea yoghurt) or other traditional foods. If they can’t
    help you, email me.
•   Cod Liver Oil – Up till now, the only brands of cod liver oil I’ve been able to find in NZ have been Melrose
    (recommended) and Healtheries (OK if Melrose not available). But now a Wellington Weston Price
    foundation member has arranged with Green Pastures to bring in their high quality oils, including the
    high vitamin oil that Sally and WAPF recommends. Subject to timing, we hope to have samples available
    at the Wellington talk for you to try.
•   Coconut oil – There are four main coconut oils available in NZ:
         o In the supermarket, you’ll probably only be able to find Kremelta. This has been refined, so is
             generally not recommended. However, it’s still going to be better than a processed vegetable oil,
             due to its inherent stability.
         o Ceres is the most commonly found in health food shops. This is OK for cooking with, but it has
             been deodorised, so is processed. I don’t recommend it for therapeutic purposes. The usual cost
             is around $8.
         o Kaiora is a good multi purpose oil, is virgin and organic, and the one I recommend. It’s affordable
             and suitable for cooking, baking, taking as a supplement, and using on your skin. This is usually
             around $10 for 400ml. If your health food shop can’t get it in for you, it’s available from
         o Lotus Magik stock what I’m told is an absolutely beautiful Virgin (cold pressed), organic oil. The
             superior quality has a price tag to match so may not be affordable for every use at $24 for the
             largest size, which appears to be 500ml. They also have a cheaper
             oil, which seems to be organic, but not virgin and is $10.60 for 500ml. I don't know anyone who’s
             tried this one.
•   Coconut flour - This isn’t strictly speaking a traditional food. But it is a valuable food for those who are
    gluten free, but want to maintain a whole food diet. Until now, the only way to get it was to order it from
    overseas. But there are negotiations underway to bring it into NZ, so stay posted and hopefully I’ll soon
    have more details on where, how much and what to use it for.

Recipe – Coconut Kumara soup

We’ve had a late summer here in Wellington, but it’s drawing to a close, the winter duvets have come out of
storage and we’ll soon be in the part of the year where thoughts turn to hot soup. This is one of my favourite
soup recipes, which combines the mineral density of homemade stock, the beneficial fats in coconut, and the
comfort and sweetness of kumara. It’s a combination of the delicious Coconut Chicken soup in Nourishing
Traditions and my old favourite kumara soup recipes, and is gluten, dairy, egg and nut free. You can whip
this soup up very quickly for lunch, after school or when you have unexpected visitors.

    •   2 cups chicken (or duck, or turkey) stock
    •   400ml can coconut cream
    •   2 large kumara, cut into chunks
    •   1-2 tsp finely chopped or grated fresh ginger
    •   Sea salt to taste

Bring stock to the boil in a large pan, and skim if needed. Add coconut cream, kumara and ginger and
simmer till the kumara is cooked. Puree the soup with the wand attachment of a hand held blender, or in a
food processor. Add sea salt to taste, if needed.

    • If you like a soup with more of a bite, add 1-3 dried chillis (depending on their size and your tastes)
        and remove them before blending.
    • Play with different ratios of stock to coconut cream, and liquid to kumara, to get the flavour and
        consistency that works best for you.
Health Coaching

Email me if you or anyone you know is interested in:

•   Individual nutritional coaching (whole foods, metabolic typing, food intolerances) – in person or by email
•   Emotional Freedom Techniques sessions
•   Kinesiology or Kinergetics
•   Reiki


Recommended Books:
• Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon
• Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, by Weston Price
• Cholesterol Myths, by Uffe Ravnskov
• The Schwarzbein Principle, by Diana Schwarzbein
• The Yoga of Eating, by Charles Eisenstein
• Dangerous Grains, by James Braly and Ron Hoggan – The many faces of gluten intolerance
• Breaking The Vicious Cycle, by Elaine Gottschall – The Specific Carbohydrate Diet, for those who need
   to go further and limit all complex carbs

Support these NZ websites:
• NZ Health Trust – Fighting for our right to choose our own health care:
• Fluoride Action Network (NZ):
• Real Milk:
• Soy Online Service - Uncovering the truth about soy:
• Good Fat Nutrition - Educating people about good fats, and fighting trans fats. Sign the online petition for
   improved labeling of hydrogenated fat content of foods:

Other resources:
Weston A Price Foundation:
To contact your nearest WAPF chapter leader:
• Auckland: Alison Ellett, (09) 420-8548,
• Lower North Island: Susan Galea (06) 356 5186, ,
• Christchurch: Dermot Kieran Whelan, (03) 3519733,
• Mosgiel (Otago): Jennifer Smith (03) 489 4321 (between 6-9 pm),
• Invercargill: Sherry Elton (03) 217- 0937,

Email me if you:

    •   Want to be added to, or taken off, the distribution list
    •   Emailled me about kefir, Kombucha or raw milk and still don’t have what you wanted
    •   Want to make contact with others in your area
    •   Have info on good places to shop in your area
    •   Have suggestions, questions or requests for the next newsletter, or any other feedback
    •   Are interested in the cooking course or any aspect of health coaching
    •   Or just want to tell me how things are going for you

To your continued good health, and until next time,

Phone 04 934 6366 ~ Email: ~
Websites: ~ ~

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