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March 19, 2009 NYSTAR e-Newsletter by tqr19314


									March 19, 2009                                                                             Sci Tech
                                                                                           News Bytes
                                Dear Friends,
                                       The State Senate’s stimulus forums provide an important opportunity for the public to
                                participate in the discussions of how to invest these federal funds for maximum impact. As always,
                                feel free to contact us with your thoughts and suggestions. Write to:
                                                                                   —Ed Reinfurt, Executive Director of NYSTAR

                                 Senate Holds Town Hall Meetings on Stimulus
                                 The NYS Senate is holding a        age, what projects are eligible   The following funding sources
Inside this issue:               series of town hall forums to      for funding, and what they        were identified:
Senate Talks Stimulus            provide information on the         need to know to obtain that
                                 federal stimulus plan. Meet-       funding.                          The National Institutes of
NYS Health IT Strategy           ings have already been held in                                       Health received $10.4 billion
                                 Queens, Long Island, and Al-     The American Recovery and           in funding from the ARRA.
Spotlight on Facilities                                           Reinvestment Act includes
                                 bany. There are meetings                                             The National Science Founda-
Funding Opportunities            scheduled for Syracuse, Buf-     more than $24 billion for New
                                                                  York State, much of which will      tion received $3 billion in
                                 falo and other cities.                                               funding from the ARRA.
Postdoc Fellowships                                               be available for infrastructure
                                 At the meeting in Albany, State projects and other programs in       These funds can be broken
NYSTAR HPC Program                                                                                    down as follows:
                                 Senate Majority Leader Mal-      local communities.
Upcoming Events                  colm Smith said, “If you do not                                      $2.5 billion to research related
                                 take advantage of this in a      NYSTAR Executive Director,          activities including $300 mil-
nySTARS                          short period of time, we will    Ed Reinfurt, presented infor-       lion for the purchase of re-
                                 have a big problem on our        mation on how the American          search instrumentation and
Young Innovators
                                 hands because we will have to Recovery and Reinvestment              $200 million academic re-
                                 give this money back.”           Act (ARRA) can help technol-        search facility modernization;
                                                                  ogy investments in New York         $100 million for education and
                                 Representatives from Governor State.                                 human resources; and
                                 Paterson’s office and many                                           $400 million for major re-
                                 state agencies including the     Specfically, Reinfurt spoke
                                                                                                      search equipment and facility
                                 State Department of Transpor- about stimulus funding through         construction.
                                 tation, Environmental Facilities the National Institutes of
                                 Corporation, Department of       Health, the National Science        For Reinfurt’s presentation:
                                 Environmental Conservation,      Foundation and the Department
                                 Department of State and          of Energy. Funding from these       9/0903sp.pdf
                                 NYSERDA have been on hand agencies will help improve and             For stimulus information:
 NYSTAR’s internationally        to discuss how local communi- expand university assets and 
                                 ties and programs can benefit    benefit plans for smart grid
 recognized programs spur                                                                             ulus.htm
 the development, design         from the federal stimulus pack- implementation.
 and manufacture of new
 technologies in a wide                NYS Health IT Strategy May Be Model for the Nation
 range of areas, including
 nanotechnology, electron-       Science Daily                      "Programs such as these could     If implemented correctly, in-
 ics, life sciences, informa-    Health information technology      transform the way health care     formation technology (IT)
 tion technology, materials      programs implemented in NY         is delivered nationally and lo-   systems -- including electronic
 processing, and many            state are active and functioning   cally," says senior author Dr.    health records -- have the po-
 others.                         a full two years after being       Rainu Kaushal, chief of the       tential to improve quality of
                                 established, and could serve as    Division of Quality and Clini-    care, increase efficiency and          models for new federal initia-     cal Informatics and associate     cost savings, reduce medical
                                 tives, according to a study by     professor of pediatrics, public   errors, and enhance continuity
                                 investigators at Weill Cornell     health and medicine at Weill      of care.
                                 Medical College.                   Cornell Medical College.
                                                                                                                                  Page 2

              Spotlight on NY’s Facilities
The Biomedical Imaging Laboratory at Columbia University                                    NY  STARS
supports the processing and analysis and evaluation of a diver-         NYSTAR congratulates Dr.         excellent education and the
sity of medical imaging modalities, including PET, CT, MRI,             Lara Estroff on receiving a      integration of education and
ultrasound and digital radiographs in DICOM and “raw” file                         2009 Early Career     research within the context of
formats. Servers include: IBM xSeries Server, dual AMD 64-                         Development           the mission of their organiza-
bit Opteron Processors, 8 GBs of ram; IBM xSeries Server, dual                     Award from the        tion," according to the NSF.
AMD 64-bit Opteron Processors, 10 GBs of ram; and others.                          National Science
                                                                                   Foundation. Dr.       Estroff, assistant professor of
For assistance in using this facility contact:                                                           materials science and engi-
                                                                        Estroff is a 2006 NYSTAR
Jason Doling at NYSTAR at 518-292-5700.                                                                  neering, was awarded
                                                                        James D. Watson Investiga-
                                                                        tor Program Awards winner.       $465,000 over five years to
NYSTAR's Funding Opportunity Newsletter (FON) is now                    She received the Watson          study how polymer networks
part of the weekly e-Newsletter. The FON provides information           award to develop new syn-        become incorporated into mac-
on funding opportunities for high-technology academic research          thetic pathways to create bio-   roscopic, single crystals. Es-
and economic development in NYS. To see the newsletter:                 materials for bone and tooth     troff hopes this work could                           restoration.                     lead to a new class of compos-
                                                                                                         ite materials with potential
To visit the research equipment and facilities database:                Cornell Chronicle Online         applications ranging from new                             The Faculty Early Career De-     formulations of pharmaceuti-
                                                                        velopment Program rewards        cal drugs to materials for en-
    Entrepreneur Postdoctoral Fellowships                               junior faculty who "exemplify    ergy and storage. —Anne Ju
                                                                        the role of teacher-scholars
The Kauffman Entrepreneur Postdoctoral Fellows program pro-
                                                                        through outstanding research,    es/March09/careerAwards.html
vides an opportunity for postdocs in science and technology to
launch their research from lab to market. Deadline 5/1/09.                        YOUNG INNOVATORS
                                                                                    Students Launch Water Sensors
      NYSTAR’s HPC Program Highlighted                                  Tech Valley High School News     integrated network of sensors,
                                                                        Tech Valley High School          robotics and computational
             At the recent        HPC assets to business chal-          freshmen launched their home-    technology distributed through-
             Center for Elec-     lenges, innovative ways to col-       made water sensors in the        out the 315-mile river to moni-
             tronic Imaging       laborate, and how to get time         frigid waters of the Hudson      tor the health of the river, in
             Systems Technol-     and assistance at the supercom-       River.                           partnership with Clarkson Uni-
ogy Showcase at University of     puting sites across NY.                                                versity and IBM.
                                                                        With news crews watching
Rochester, NYSTAR and oth-        For more about the NYSTAR             and recording, the approxi-    SENSE IT brings REON tech-
ers presented information on      supercomputing program:               mately 35 students sunk their  nology into the classroom with
NY’s High Performance Com-        http://   sensors in the waters of the   professional development and
puting consortium. Discus-        About_HPC_Computing_Program.          Hudson River to collect water  curricula modules for teachers
sions included: how to apply      html                                  temperature data.              to implement with their stu-
                     Upcoming Events                                    The work is part a partnership dents in constructing prototype
                                                                        Tech Valley High School has water sensors, with the ultimate
April 1-2, 2009 - New York City                                         launched with the Beacon In- goal of engaging students in
Wall Street Green Trading Summit                                        stitute for Rivers and Estuar- science, engineering and tech-
                                                                        ies, through which TVHS is     nology career paths.
April 2-3, 2009 - Albany, NY                                            piloting the SENSE IT, a       The students recorded the data
Advanced Materials for Greenhouse Gas Reduction                         unique and innovative envi-    and the information will be
Sponsored by Clarkson University and NYSERDA                            ronmental curriculum de-       shared with the Beacon Insti-                                 signed by Beacon Institute for tute researchers.
April 17, 2009 - New York City                                          Rivers and Estuaries. Beacon
Solar Professionals Seminar: Getting into the Business                  Institute is pioneering the    ws/3.1-                                                  River and Estuary Observatory 3.15.09/Sensers_Launched.htm
                                                                        Network (REON) – a real-time
April 17, 2009 - Cazenovia, NY
5th Annual Symposium on Energy in the 21st Century                  Ed Reinfurt
157&itemID=2010                                                                 Executive Director                 David Paterson
                                                                                    NYSTAR                           Governor

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