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Outfitters 2009 newsletter by tqr19314


									                                                                                                                February 2009
    Bill Ritter, Jr.
         Governor                OFFICE OF OUTFITTERS REGISTRATION
    D. Rico Munn
          Director                             New Program Director
Rosemary McCool
          Division               On June 16, 2008, Ofelia Duran was appointed to be the Program Director
    Ofelia Duran
                                 for the Colorado Office of Outfitters Registration. Ms. Duran has worked
         Program                 for the Division of Registrations for twelve years in various roles. In her
          Director               most recent capacity, she was the Assistant Director for the Office of
                                 Expedited Settlement.

  MEMBERS                                       Registration Numbers
  Bill de Vergie                 As you may know, in 2000, the rule requiring registration numbers on
                                 advertisements was repealed. Despite the repeal, the Division Director
  Marie Haskett                  and the Advisory Committee members encourage the use of registration
  David “Jake” Powell            numbers on any promotional material you use. This is a good way for
                                 consumers to know that you are indeed registered.
  Richard Ray
                                                                                                                   Get Involved!
                                                                                                               Did you know that the
                                           Outfitter Complaint Trends                                                Advisory
                                                                                                                 Committee holds
  Jodi Denny,                                                                                                        quarterly
  Administrative Assistant                                                                                           meetings?
                                 Have you ever wondered what type of complaints we receive? Well, we
  John J. Roberts,               have actually gathered data from complaints filed in 2008 and found that      Here are the dates and
  Assistant Attorney General     the highest volume of complaints the Office has dealt with are contract             locations:
                                 violations. In most cases, the outfitter did not comply with the specific
                                 contract requirements as required by statute. There is a webpage                 March 10, 2009—
                                 dedicated to providing you with information on specific requirements of a        1560 Broadway,
                                 contract and it can be found on the following link:                                  Denver
                                                   July 21, 2009–
                                                                                                                    Location to be
                                        Registrations Online Services                                            December 14, 2009—
                                 The Division of Registrations continues to encourage usage of the                 1560 Broadway,
  Contact us:
                                 Registrations Online Services.                                                        Denver
  Colorado Office of                    After a simple registration process, you can:
  Outfitters Registration               • Renew your registration using a credit card as soon as your
  1560 Broadway, Suite 1350               registration becomes eligible for renewal.
  Denver, Colorado 80202               • Update your mailing address and contact information
  Tel.: 303-894-7800
                                 The Registrations Online Services makes it easier for all registered
  Email:                         professionals to renew and update their contact information. Check it out    at For detailed instructions on how to use the
                                 online system go to
  Website:                       Each time an applicant applies for original registration or renewal, the   applicant must verify lawful presence in the United States based on the
  outfitters                     passage of House Bill 06S-1009.

                                 This newsletter was created to improve communications between
                                                the Office and Colorado Outfitters.
                                          DORA OFFICE OF OUTFITTERS REGISTRATION NEWSLETTER

                                                                  DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS
                                              Below is the list of individuals disciplined by the Office of Outfitters
                                               Registration from December 1, 2007 through December 31, 2008.
                                            FINAL ACTION                                       RESPONDENT NAME

           Have                                 Stipulation                                       Butcher, David M.

           You                                  Stipulation                           Coffeepot High Country Outfitters, Inc.
          Moved                           Letter of Admonition                          Colorado Mountain Adventures, Inc.
          Lately?                         Voluntary Surrender                                      Dilley, Valerie A.
                                                Stipulation                                        Faddis, Kevin R.
  It is imperative that all regis-
     trants keep their mailing            Cease & Desist Order                                       Gleason, Bob
    address updated with the                    Stipulation                                           Hayes, Rex
                                               Revocation                                             Jett, Ken H.
Pursuant to Rule B.7, an outfitter
 shall notify the Division, within        Letter of Admonition                             Loco Mountain Outfitters, LLC.
 30 days of any change of your
  mailing address (business or                  Stipulation                                        Lyons, Kyle Paul
                                          Cease & Desist Order                                    McCaslin, Brian D.
    It’s easy to update your                   Revocation                                           Michaud, James
     address, simply go to:
https:/           Cease & Desist Order                                      Miller, Jr., Mark

                                                Stipulation                                         Sears, Kevin L.
                                          Cease & Desist Order                                        Smith, Tom

 Responsibility to Renew                       Revocation                                Solomon, Aaron Bradley
                                       If you are interested in viewing the disciplinary action documents, please visit Registrations
Each Outfitter registration expires                                  Online Documents (ROD), found at
March 31st of each year and must
be renewed to continue practicing
        as an Outfitter.            This is the information that is available:                         •    Any document Revoking or agree-
                                                                                                            ing to a Voluntary Relinquish-
The Office of Outfitters Registra-              1.    If a licensee had been disciplined                    ment/Surrender of a registration,
tion mails renewal notices during                     or formally accused of wrongdo-                       Cease and Desist Orders and Let-
the month of February in renewal                      ing by the Director.                                  ters of Admonition from January
years to registrants at the last ad-            2. If the Director has taken some                           1, 1999 to the present.
 dress furnished to the Division.                     other non-disciplinary action                    •    All Injunctions.
                                                      against the licensee that restricts or
 Failure to receive such a notice                                                                      •    All Notice of Charges or Formal
                                                      limits the individual’s license.
 does not relieve the registrant of                                                                         Complaints, if the information is a
                                       This is a list of documents available:
 the obligation to timely pay the                                                                           public record, for cases that were
renewal fee and submit appropri-                •    All Stipulations, Final Agency                         pending hearing as of February
 ate documentation in support of                     Orders, and Suspensions that                           2000.
     the renewal application.                        were in effect in February 2000           Documents not listed above may be obtained by
                                                     plus any that became effective            contacting the Office of Outfitters Registration.
  Violation of any final rule or                     since that date. Child support sus-
 regulation, promulgated by the                                                                For step-by-step instructions, visit our website
                                                     pensions are not available online         at
  Director, is a violation of the                    but may be obtained by contacting
          Practice Act                                                                         You may view documents by last name, licens-
                                                     the appropriate Board/Program.            ing board or other search options such as date


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