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									                                                                                          Bronco Express

                                     Volume 3, Issue 3                                                                        Thursday , April 1, 2010
  Areas of
Inside Story Interest
                   2                 Moving Forward at Barrington Place Elementary
                                    May 18—PTA, Choir            June 1- - Field Day 3rd –                     President -
BPE Events                  1                Program                   5th
Letter from P.T.A.          1       May 19—5th Grade                   Awards Ceremonies                   Vice President -
                                                                       1st – 8:30 a.m.
                                    Reading TAKS Re-Takes
  Fort Bend ISD

Rookie TOY                  1                                          K – 9:30 a.m.                       Secretary -
                                    May 19—LAT Reading                 PK – 1:30 p.m.
                                             Day 2
Pre-K                       2                                                                              Treasurer-
                                    May 20—VIPS Tea              June 2—Awards Ceremo-
                                    May 24—Memorial Day                 nies
Kindergarten                2                                           3rd - 8:15 a.m.
                                                                                                           2010-2011 Available Board positions consist
                                       No School
                                                                        2nd – 9:15 a.m.                    of the following:
Technology                  2       May 26—Career Day
                                                                        PK – 10:15 a.m.
                                    May 28 Field Day – PK,       June 3—Awards Ceremo-                     Membership –
First Grade                 2       K, 1, 2, ABC, Life Skills,          nies
                                    PPCD                         5th Grade – 8:30 a.m.
                                                                                                           Fundraising -
Second Grade                3                                    4 Grade – 9:30 a.m.
                                                                                                           Party Coordinator – Norma Dardon
Third Grade                 3
                                                                                                           Hospitality – Isabel Ibarra
Fourth Grade                4       Spring is in the air and students at Barrington
                                    Place Elementary are very busy! 3rd, 4th, and                          Yearbook/Historian – Christine Ashcraft
Fifth Grade                 4       5th grade students are preparing for their
                                                                                                           VIPS Coordinator – Pilarr Cunningham
                                    TAKS tests. Parents, please make sure your
ESL                         4
                                    children have a good breakfast and get a good                          Also, check our website at http://
Clinic News                 4       night’s sleep. Students will be keeping healthy              
Important Dates                     by walking in the Walk-A-Thon and participat-
                                                                                                           We still have an exciting few months left to
                                    ing in Field Day activities. We will honor the
April 6— 5 Grade Math TAKS
                  th                                                                                       go this year. We have choir concerts, the
                                    students for all of their hard work on Award                           garage sale, the Spring Carnival, Teacher
April 7—5th Grade Reading TAKS
                                    Ceremony days. Parents, if you are interested                          Appreciation Week, field day and much
April 8— Kindergarten Field Trip
April 13—Kindergarten Registra-     in sharing your careers with our students,                             more. Keep a look out for PTA memos to
         tion                       please contact your child’s teacher. Thank you                         see how you can be an integral part of your
         6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.     parents, for all of you continued partnerships                         student’s elementary school experience.
April 14—Kindergarten Registra-
                                    and support.                                                           YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO VOLUNTEER
         tion                                                                                              FOR YOU STUDENTS’ SCHOOL IS JUST A
         8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.                                                                            PHONE CALL OR AN E-MAIL AWAY.
April 15—Kindergarten Registra-       Letter from your PTA President….
         8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.                  Michelle Kobrin                                           _        Rookie Teacher of The Year
April 20—PTA - 2nd Grade           It’s hard to believe this year is coming to the
Program                            last 9 weeks. We have had a great year so
April 26—3rd, 4th Math LAT         far and we have a few more things up our
April 27—3rd, 4th Grade Math       sleeve before it is all over.
April 27— LAT Reading Day 1        We still have several open chair positions we
April 28—3r, 4th Reading TAKS      need filled prior to the end of this school year.
April 29—5th Grade Science TAKS    If you are interested in joining the BPE PTA
April 30 - LAT 5th Grade Science   Board, please come by the front office and
May 5 - Pre-K Registration 8:00    pick up an application. Should you have any
                                   questions or need further explanation of the                            Congratulations to our Rookie Teacher of
May 14—Walk-A-Thon
May 17— 5th Grade                  positions, please don’t hesitate to contact us                          the Year, Ms. Ellen Johnson! She is a
   Math LAT               It is a very reward-
                                                                                                           fourth grade math, science, and social
May 18— 5th Grade TAKS             ing job. You won’t be disappointed!
   Math Re-Takes                                                                                           studies teacher. We are so proud of her!
May 18—5th Grade Lat                2010-2011 Available Executive Board posi-
   Reading, Day 1                  tions consist of the following:
Page 2                                                                                                                       Bronco Express

Progressing Along In Pre-K!
We are so excited to see so much learning going on in and out of our classroom. Pre-k students learned about dental hygiene during
Dental Health week through a puppet presentation and were excited about receiving new toothbrushes. They also got to enjoy a lion
dance performance for the Lunar New Year and had lots of fun at our Valentine’s Day Party. We are continuing to master the skills
necessary for our students to be successful in kindergarten: letter sounds, blending, beginning and ending sounds, sight words, as
well as foundational math and number sense skills.

     Exciting Spring Events in Kindergarten
Wow! Time flies and it’s almost Spring! Where did the snow go? (We had snow!) We have had a very busy 3rd nine week period and
experienced so many neat things (like snow!).

We have been working on reading, blending, word endings and consonant digraphs. We have made a lot of progress in these areas;
you all are working so diligently at home, and all of your efforts are shining through. We have also been learning about the concepts
of more and fewer, equal to, and are delving into geometry with patterns, shapes and solid figures. Also, we have enjoyed all types of
celebrations: 100th Day, President’s Day, Valentine’s, Chinese New Year, and Black History Month, to name a few.
Parents, we are going to Dewberry Farm in April for our field trip! We are so excited to have the opportunity to visit DF and learn about
how we can contribute to our community through ecological awareness and global citizenship. You can check out Dewberry Farms at or call them at 281.934.3276. We would love for you to join us at Dewberry for our field trip! It will be a great
experience to enjoy with your child! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please Google ‘Fort Bend ISD home page’. Once it
comes up, look to the left side and click ‘Be a Volunteer’. Then, under the title ‘About’, please click ‘Criminal History Checks’. A blue
box with ‘Online Volunteer Registration’ will pop up – please click ‘Register here’. It can take several weeks for the form to process so
please visit this site soon and join us for our field trips always, thank you so much for your efforts and support – we couldn’t do all this
without you !

First Grade Experts
    Weather, weather everywhere! First graders have become experts about all kinds of weather. We researched tornadoes, hurri-
canes, thunderstorms, and blizzards and wrote non-fiction books about the different types of weather. We all agreed that we were
glad we didn’t live where they have blizzards.

   First grade children say a big thank you to the PTA for funding our field trip to the Children’s Museum of Houston. We had so much
fun exploring all the different exhibits. We appreciate all of the parents that accompanied us on our trip.

  Our cowboy hot dog lunch was a big success. We imagined ourselves at the campfire of a spring round up.

   The first grade students are becoming proficient at addition and subtraction through practice and problem solving. We are identify-
ing and counting money. We are also budding botanists! We have explored the parts of a plant and what they need to grow. It has
been interesting watching and recording the growth of seeds in our rooms.

Technology to Enhance Learning
Students at Barrington Place Elementary have been using technology to enhance their learning experiences in
many ways these past few months. Here are some wonderful examples:

Kindergarten-                                                                            Kindergarten-
Classified living and nonliving things using Kidspiration.                               Stamped out or drew pictures in Kid Pix
                                                                                         to illustrate a subtraction number sen-
Volume 3, Issue 3                                                                                 Page 3


3Kindergarten                                                        1st Grade-Ms. Kim, Mrs. Abarado/Mrs. Herod, and Mrs.
                                                                     Thom’s Classes
Created a hundreds chart using Microsoft Excel.
                                                                     Drew pictures of American symbols using Kid Pix. These
                                                                     pictures will be used to create a collaborative Google Earth
                                                                     virtual tour on American Symbols with another class in the
                                                                     school district.
         What’s Going On in Second Grade?
                                               important events. We have met Becan from
So, what have you thought about the            Ireland. He was the only one with a foot big
weather lately? Can you believe it             enough to fit in the mysterious boot left be-      4th Grade-Mrs. Cervantes’ Class
snowed this year on the playground? The        hind. Kongi had many helpful animal friends
wind has been pretty good, too – just right    in the Korean version. Although most of the        Wrote short cowboy stories, using
for flying kites and waving flags. It has      stories ended happily, the Turkey girl is still    Microsoft Word, highlighting their
been just a tad colder than we might nor-      hoping her turkeys will return even though
mally like, but we can tell that spring is                                                        spelling words in the context of the
                                               she broke her promise.
finally here. We have measured the                                                                story.
changes in temperature, recorded daily       We are all proud to be American citizens
weather observations, and become ex-         and we could tell you a thing or two about
perts on the water cycle!                    the great country that we live in. From the
                                             nation’s capitol to its bird we have learned        4th Grade-Mrs. Cervantes’ Class
Well, that’s not even the half of it! We     many facts about the United States and can
have also taken a trip around the world,     compare them to the facts that we have              Wrote short cowboy stories, using Micro-
Cinderella style. From Yeh-Shen to Cen- learned about the great state of Texas. We               soft Word, highlighting their spelling words
drillion, we have read and compared          hope you enjoyed our tribute to Texas at the        in the context of the story.
many versions of this classic fairy tale and second grade program! Stay tuned for more
with each story we learned how to identify          from second grade.
Hard Working Third Graders
          Our third graders are busy pre-
paring for the reading and math TAKS at
the end of April. Thank you to all the par-
ents who came to our Parent Night to
learn how to UNRAAVEL a passage and
use CUBES to solve a math problem. Our
students have been learning about fa-
mous black Americans and also why we
celebrate President’s Day. We are also
practicing our summarizing skills by read-
ing different fiction and nonfiction pas-

In math our students are learning about
patterns and different kinds of shapes. In
Science our students are experts on facts
about the Solar System and will soon be
learning about the forces that shape the
land such as glaciers and earthquakes.
                                                                                                  3rd graders designed a solar sys-
We are looking forward to a successful                                                           tem map, including notes on each
spring in third grade, but we need the sup-                                                      planet, using Inspiration.
port of our family and friends to get there.
Fourth Grade Architects                We’ve all heard about the Alamo! Re-               varied angles and lines. Some exam-
                                       cently, we’ve been analyzing the                   ples of these awesome skyline designs
Fourth grade students took the Writing causes, major events, and effects of               may be seen in the 4th grade hallway!
TAKS after working all year to improve the Texas Revolution including the
skills such as organization and how to Battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto.
add vivid word choice. Now, we are     We are also learning about the suc-
reviewing for the upcoming Reading     cesses and the problems of the Re-
TAKS and Math TAKS.                    public of Texas.
Our Science projects turned out to be       In Math we utilized what we have
very stimulating. We were eager to          learned about geometry to work on a
share them with classmates and with         technology project called: You’re the
parents. The Science Fair winners in-       Architect! We all designed a trendy,
cluded the following; Alex Garcia—          modern, and attractive skyline. The           Fourth graders designed a fictitious city’s
first place, Brian Tran— second place,      skyline was made up of 2-dimensional          skyline comprised of different geometric
Amena Jangda and Abia Tufail— third         shapes, 3-dimensional shapes, and             shapes, lines, and angles using the
place.                                                                                    SMART Notebook software.

Stellar Fifth Graders                    Science classes completed their study on 7th and the Science TAKS on April 29th
                                         the sun, moon and stars and are focusing by reviewing key concepts and test tak-
The fifth graders at BPE worked so hard on forms of energy. Students are learning ing strategies.
throughout the 3rd nine weeks that their how to do conversions in Math, and are
Spring Break was well deserved! In Read- studying the Civil War in History. Of
ing, students read a biography of the    course, the fifth grade teachers are busily
iconic Martin Luther King, Jr. and       preparing the students to ace the Math
learned to write stellar summaries.      and Reading TAKS tests on April 6th and

ESL News
TELPAS Assessment for ESL Students          listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
                                            English Language Proficiency Standards        Fifth graders designed a database using Micro-
TELPAS: The Texas English Language          (ELPS), which are part of the Texas Essen-    soft Works to store information they collected for
Proficiency Assessment System assesses tial Knowledge and Skills. Student per-            their state research project. They will also sort
the English language proficiency of English formance is reported in four levels: begin-   and filter the database to help them compare
language learners (ELLs) in kindergarten    ning, intermediate, advance, and ad-          and contrast different state attributes, such as
through grade 12. TELPAS fulfills federal   vanced high. The TELPAS assessment            which states are least populated and which are
requirements for assessing ELLs annually. window runs from March 8 through April 9,       most populated.
The four language domains assessed are      2010.

Clinic News:           Karla Jacobs RN, Clinic Nurse,
                      Velma Escobar, Clinic Assistant
Immunization Requirements for Registration

 There have been some new requirements from the Departments of State Health Services regarding IMMUNIZA-
TIONS. Please go to the State Departments website @ to review
the latest changes. In Elementary school age children the requirements may affect your child if entering PRE-K, Kin-
dergarten and First grade. Please speak with your Pediatrician/Family Doctor to make sure your child (ren) has/have:

   A current Up-To-Date immunization (Shot) record

   All the required shots to enroll in school at the time of their registration

Your child’s registration will not be complete if their immunization records are not up-to-date. This could cause your
child to not be able to start school on time.

End of Year Procedures

Parents: Reminders will be sent to parents that will need to pick up medication at the end of this school year. NO
MEDICATON will be sent home with students. Any medication left in the clinic after the last day of school will be dis-

Thanks for trusting us with your children’s health and wellness.

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