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VOLUME II, ISSUE IV                                                                 Month of the Military Child-April 2006

                            Child and Youth Program Update
                                                                 Following the Boston Symposium, several activities have
By Dr. Kathy Goedde
                                                                 enabled states to move forward with their child and youth
Program Manager, Child and Youth Program, NGB-J1-FP
                                                                 programs. The first State Youth Coordinator Training was
The National Guard Child and Youth Program was estab-            held in Puerto Rico 31 January-3 February 2006. The draft
lished in 2005 as part of a Department of Defense (DoD)          State Youth Coordinator Manual, state assessment, and
initiative to address the unique challenges of National          budget worksheet were shared. Youth specific courses in-
Guard children and youth. Through a coordinated effort,          cluding Empowering Youth, Counseling vs. Coordinating,
the Program Manager and seven regional coordinators as-          and Diversity were provided. A partnership that will enable
sist each state’s Family Program maximize the effectiveness      State Youth Programs to expand into community-based child
of their child and youth programs.                                                 and youth programs was introduced. Fi-
Understanding that the accomplish-                                                 nally, the new youth online community web
ment of a mission requires; vision,                                                site was unveiled to great acclaim.
affirmation, passion, accountability,
                                                                                   Regional Youth Coordinators continue to
and training; the National Guard
                                                                                   support their states by holding region meet-
Child and Youth Program applies
                                                                                   ings, providing resources, and supporting
all of the above to the accomplish-
                                                                                   state events with their attendance and par-
ment of its mission: to support the
                                                                                   ticipation. Because of these efforts, the
social, emotional, and academic needs of National Guard
                                                                 National Program now boasts 47 states with paid Youth Co-
children and youth.
                                                                 ordinators with the remainder in the process of hiring for
This is achieved by the structure of a strategic plan that       those positions. The goal is 54.
includes 17 areas of focus: Awards and Recognition, Child
                                                                 Thirty-three states are involved in Operation Military Kid
Care, Command Support, Curriculum, CYS Initiatives,
                                                                 programs which are providing a variety of activities and re-
Educational Support, Faith-based initiatives, Marketing,
                                                                 sources in the geographic areas in which these children live.
Partnerships, Research, Resources, Retention, Service
                                                                 These include deployment/reunion activities, leadership
Learning, State Support, Technology, Training, and Youth
                                                                 training opportunities, continued on page 2; Child

              New State Family Program Director Training
By Mr. Michael Conner, Sr.          plicants meeting the prerequi-
Family Services Coordinator, NGB-   site are accepted any remain-
J1-FP                               ing seats are open on a first
                                    come first serve basis.
The second State Family Pro-
gram Director Initial Training      The course introduces the new
Course was held at the National     SFPD to the duties and re-
Guard Bureau Jefferson Plaza 1      sponsibilities of a State Family
building in Arlington, Virginia     Program Director. It outlines
from March 13-17, 2006. The         the components of the Na-
twelve students that partici-       tional Guard Family Program
pated in this class included a      and the various programs that
Deputy J1, a Family Program         support those components. It
Manager and ten State Family        identifies and defines the poli-
Program Directors. The course is    cies that regulate those pro-
primarily for newly appointed       grams. It provides the guid-
State Family Program Directors      ance to implement those              Colonel Baker addresses the new State Family Program
(SFPDs), however, after all ap-     continues on page 4-SFPD                      Directors at NGB on March 15, 2006.
 V O L U ME I I , IS S U E I V                              T HE PR OGR A M                                                   PAGE 2

        Division                          gram Manager. Taking care of our mili-
                                          tary children is a vital part of taking care
                                                                                         Page 3 provides further information on
                                                                                         the Soldier Family Life Consultants that
                                          of our families.                               are instrumental in our ability to
 Chief ’s Corner                          Congratulations goes out to the partici-
                                                                                         strengthen our families and retain our
                                                                                         soldiers. This is a resource to use in any
                                          pants in both sessions of the Guard Fam-       stage of the deployment cycle.
                                          ily Management System Training held in
This newsletter is full of valuable
                                          Little Rock, AR at the beginning of the        On page 4, in honor of Volunteer Appre-
information. On the front page, we
                                          month. As you will read on this page,          ciation Week, we celebrate Brian Joli-
pay tribute to “Month of the Mili-
                                          many participants left with positive im-       coeur of Rhode Island who developed a
tary Child,” with an article about
                                          pressions! I hope this is just the beginning   wonderful project to benefit children of a
the constantly improving and evolv-
                                          of a more effective way of keeping track of    local Family Readiness Group. We con-
ing Child and Youth Program,
                                          vital information.                             gratulate and thank him for his efforts!
headed by Dr. Kathy Goedde, Pro-

      Guard Family Management System Training Roll-out
By Ms. Edelina Villavicencio,                                                             has been a challenge to track requests
Marketing & Communications Specialist,                                                    and make those requests accessible to
NGB-J1-FP                                                                                 various employees within the same cen-
                                                                                          ter. Participants were happy to hear
Family Assistant Center employees
                                                                                          about this new tool and couldn’t wait to
and Wing Family Program Coordina-
                                                                                          get it started in their own states. Some
tors (WFPC) headed to the Profes-
                                                                                          of the comments on evaluations were, “A
sional Education Center (PEC) on the
                                                                                          worthwhile application, thank you for
week of March 6th to learn all about
                                                                                          giving FACs this new tool.” Another
the new Guard Family Management
                                                                                          commented, “I love the program, it was
System (GFMS), set to roll out in July
                                                                                          nice to be able to add personal input and
of 2006.
                                                                                          suggestions.” Lourdes Gonzalez,156th
This new tool for the Family Program                                                      AW, Puerto Rico said, “I’m excited about
will assist Family Assistance Centers                                                     this new system.” The system is set to
(FACs) throughout the United Sates                                                        begin in the FACs in July.
                                            Ms. Pattie Reynolds (WFPC-Maine) checking
to be able to more effectively track        out the GFMS program
requests from service members and                                                         For more information on the Guard Family
their families. Family Assistance Cen-                                                    Management system, please contact Mr.
ters act as the primary entry point for     ily may require during all the phases of
                                                                                          Michael Conner at 703-607-5410 or at
all services and assistance that a fam-     deployment and beyond. In the past, it

 continued from page 1-Child and            Many states provide deployment and           character treasures that will be made
 communication/networking initia-           reunion briefings, mock soldier readi-       available as a resource to support com-
 tives through the provision of mobile      ness processes (SRP’s) for children, grief   munity-based unit/armory child and
 technology labs.                           programs, Youth Leadership Training          youth programs. A curriculum to train
                                            weekends, Youth Financial Training           unit/armory child and youth volunteers
 Several states have received grants        Workshops, Survival Training, Service        will be demonstrated. In addition to the
 to host National Guard Operation           Learning opportunities (Statewide            training opportunities, local Philadelphia
 Purple Camps designed for children         Easter Egg Hunts, Operation Warm             community resources will be utilized to
 of all military branches who are ex-       Hug, Build-A-Bear), Character Counts         demonstrate the impact of community
 periencing the deployment of a par-        Training, Train the Educator Training,       support on National Guard children and
 ent. Children who attend learn how         as well as numerous other activities. All    youth. Each state and territory will
 to cope with the challenges deploy-        efforts reinforce that they are not alone    choose two youth leaders to attend repre-
 ment creates. For more information         and that there are many advocating on        senting both the Army and the Air. The
 about Operation Purple Camps, click        their behalf.                                event will culminate with a presentation
 on the picture below.                                                                   by the youth representatives.
                                            The annual Youth Symposium which
                                            will be held in Philadelphia 23-27 July
                                                                                         For more information on the Child and
                                            will begin the next phase of child and
                                                                                         Youth Program, please contact Dr. Kathy
                                            youth programming. Themed ‘National
                                                                                         Goedde at 703-607-5416 or via e-mail at
                                            Treasure’, State Youth Coordinators will
                                            train sample curriculums highlighting
V O L U ME I I , IS S U E I V                             T HE PR OGR A M                                                      PAGE 3

    Family Programs partners with America Supports You
By Ms. Edelina Villavicencio, Marketing                                                   and the country’s men and women in
& Communications Specialist, NGB-J1-FP                                                    uniform.
The National Guard Family Program                                                         “What America Supports You has
office has partnered with America Sup-                                                    done is connect America’s passion for
ports You, a DoD program who’s mis-
                                                                                          the troops to the troops.” Allison Bar-
sion is to connect families and service
                                                                                          ber, Deputy Assistant Secretary of
members with military support organi-
                                                                                          Defense for Public Affairs.
zations. “They include traditional mili-
tary and government programs, but
                                                                                          The program has gained steady momen-
also corporate, grass roots, and individ-     cates, help for the wounded, letters        tum during the past year, expanding to
ual efforts to help meet the needs the        and messages, military family sup-          a vast network that includes 25 corpo-
Defense Department simply can’t,” said        port, scholarships for military chil-       rate and 188 grass roots organizations.
Allison Barber, Deputy Assistant Sec-         dren, service aid societies, training for   In next month’s issue of The Program
retary of Defense for Public Affairs.         Veterans, tragedy assistance, Veteran       look for a pull out section of resources
Barber, came up with the America Sup-         service organizations, and video con-       brought to you by America Supports
ports You program concept and over-           ferencing.                                  You.
sees its operations.
                                              Since it was created in November,
These organizations provide services                                                      For more information on America Sup-
                                              America Supports You has provided a
such as computer donation, a place for        direct link between America’s public
                                                                                          ports You, check out their website at
frequent flier mile donation, gift certifi-                                               www.americasupportsyou.mil

                            Soldier Family Life Consultant Initiative
By Maj. Zoilo Lopez                           requirements in accordance with (IAW)
                                                                                             issues such as: grief, loss of home
Readiness Officer, NGB-J1-FP                  AR 608-18, the Army Family Advocacy
                                                                                             and possessions, employment loss,
                                              Program (FAP).
The Office of the Secretary of Defense                                                       new life planning, financial losses,
(OSD) recognized an emerging need to                                                         creating a support network, chil-
                                              • the goal is to prevent family dis-
provide informal support to soldiers                                                         dren’s reactions, children changing
                                              tress by providing education and infor-
and families in addition to the resident                                                     schools
                                              mation on family dynamics, parent edu-
counseling services.                          cation, available support services, and        Consultants can provide counseling
The Soldier Family Life Consultants           the effects of stress and positive coping      in the follow areas: relationship
(SFLC) program is out and will be dedi-       mechanisms. The consultants aid in sup-        counseling, crisis intervention, stress
cated to providing seamless; in place         porting the Reunion and Reintegration          management, depression and grief
centralized support, for as long as it        Deployment Cycle. Consultants can pro-         after loss, occupational and family
may take, to make sure that service           vide a wide range of educational services      issues.
members and their families achieve the        to include information on the emotional
highest level of functioning and quality      impact caused by natural or man made
                                                                                             For more information, click here for
of life possible. SFLC will engage all        disasters, mobilizations, and or deploy-
                                                                                             the complete SFLC Standard Operat-
National Guard service members or the         ments. These consultants can be used
                                                                                             ing Procedures (SOP).
family member and help them under-            during the following events at the re-
stand what benefits are available.            quest of the State Family Program Direc-
                                              tor or chain of command at a very mini-
The components of the program are as          mum.
                                               Events where consultants might assist
•    utilizes licensed clinicians, with       are: Marriage Enrichment Seminars,
master’s degrees and at least five years      Reunion and Reintegration Training,
of experience in Social Work, Counsel-        Mental Health Screenings, Pre-
ing or a related clinical discipline. Con-    Deployment activities, Family Day Ac-
sultants are trained on military specific     tivities, Freedom Salute Ceremonies,
topics including a basic orientation to       Natural or man made disasters, and
the deployment cycle, military culture,       Post-Deployment Activities.
the chain of command, and reporting
                                              Consultants will assist in dealing with
    VOLUME I1: ISSUE IV                                    T HE PR OGR A M                                                      PAGE 4

continued from page 1-SFPD pro-                                                         Your new State Family Program Directors
grams and the procedures for de-                                                        are : Maj. Mary Jones – SFPD, MI; Maj.
livery of the services within each                                                      Patrick Osmond – SFPD, UT; Maj. Harvey
program. This course also pro-                                                          Fitzgerald - SFPD, SD; Maj. Robert
vides tools for day-to-day opera-                                                       Crisostomo – SFPD, GU; Capt. James
tions of the staff. The course is                                                       Hicks – SFPD, ID; 1st Lt. Gabriel Stokes –
divided into four parts; Plans and                                                      Acting SFPD, CO; 1st Lt. Dale Janice
Operations, Family Readiness,                                                           Cowan – SFPD, NC; Chief Warrant Officer
Family Assistance, and Program                                                          Jennifer Sadler – SFPD, PA; Master Sgt.
Services.                                                                               Kathryn Gilding – SFPD, MT; Master Sgt.
                                                                                        Jeannette Wittman – SFPD, MD. Also par-
We congratulate all of our partici-                                                     ticipating in the training were: Maj. Garry
pants and welcome them to the               March 2006 SFPD Training Graduates!         Porter – Dpty J1 NC; Maj. Dana Sanders-
Family Program family!                                                                  Udo – Family Program Manager, MA.

                                           Resource Information
By Mr. Ron Lacasse                      training (necessary to provide required          quarters) or 241655 (Wing) with PEC
Resource Manager, NGB-J1-FP             family support services) guard family            59220F for both RCCCs.
                                        member youth training support; Pro-
Invitational Travel Authorization: The gram personnel TDY and local travel               One restriction is that “ITAs may not be
Invitational Travel Authorization (ITA) costs; contract services for program             used to authorize travel and transporta-
contains many rules that govern con-    support; training, volunteer and family          tion for Government contrac-
ferences and travel orders. The follow- program support items; informational             tors/contractor employees.” Refer to
ing is included in the Air National     items and recognition events are                 JFTR/JTR, Appendix E, or the Federal
Guard Family Program. For the Na-       funded as prescribed in NGR 600-                 Acquisition Regulations (FAR) b 31.205-
tional Guard State Family Program,      12/ANGR 211-1; National, State, and              46.
invitational travel of selected Guard   local volunteer awards programs; pro-
Family Program volunteers to attend     gram approved volunteered reimburse-             For more resource information, please
command-approved family support         ment. The Responsibility Center Cost             contact Mr. Ron Lacasse at 703-607-5407
seminars, workshops, and meetings;      Center (RCCC) is 891655 (State Head-             or at Ron.Lacasse@ngb.ang.af.mil
paid and volunteer staff development

    Eagle Service Project benefits Guard children in Rhode Island
By Ms. Edelina Villavicencio                What Brian did was a remarkable
Marketing and Communications Specialist,    thing, there were many happy children
NGB-J1-FP                                   and parents at Christmas because of
                                            his efforts.” -Lt. Col Robert Behm,
Brian Jolicoeur wanted to do some-          State Family Program Director for
thing great for his community, he           Rhode Island
thought a good idea would be to collect
donated bicycles and restore them, buy       1139 from Slatersville, Rhode Island),
locks and helmets and present them to        what he knew about bicycles to help
children of National Guard service           these children. Brian and his troop
members in Rhode Island.                     worked on the bicycles from October
Brian’s first step involved calling State    to December of 2005.                        Brian Jolicoer and State Family Program Direc-
                                                                                         tor, Lt. Col. Robert Behm with bicycles Brian
Family Program Director for Rhode            Throughout the project, Brian was           repaired for his Eagle Scout project
Island, LTC Robert Behm to ask him if        careful to make sure all of the bicycles
he thought this project was a good idea.     were dismantled and reassembled             ject fulfilled his requirement for the Eagle
He then presented a thorough plan of         safely for those working on them and        Scout Service Project, the highest rank a
how he intended to carry this out.           those who would receive these items         Boy Scout Can attain before the age of 18).
First, he would need to collect the do-      as gifts. When asked what Brian
nated bicycles, coordinate bake sales        hoped at the completion of his project,     Brian has been quite busy this year! He
and collect cans to raise money for ma-      he said, “I just wanted to give some        also earned the National Leadership
terials, and teach his troop to assist       kids a great Christmas.”                    Award from Philmont Scout Ranch in New
him in repairing the bicycles. Brian’s                                                   Mexico. His future plans are to attend
interest in bicycles started by helping      In total, 23 bicycles were completed, 3     Norwich University in Vermont as a mem-
his father when he was younger, he           over the estimated 20 planned at the        ber of the Corps of Cadets.
was happy to teach his troop (Troop          beginning of the project. Brian’s pro-
  Military One Source                                Contact the NGB-J1-Family Program Office
  Operation Military                                 Col. Anthony E. Baker, Sr., Chief of Family Programs Division
       Child Care                                            Anthony.Baker@ngb.ang.af.mil / 703-607-5405
                                                         Lt. Col. Richard Flynn, Chief Family Readiness Branch
By Maj. Zoilo Lopez                                           Richard.Flynn@ngb.ang.af.mil / 703-607-1476
Readiness Officer, NGB-J1-FP                             Lt. Col. Cory Lyman, Chief Plans and Operations Branch
Operation Military Child Care is a Department                  Cory.Lyman@ngb.ang.af.mil / 703-607-5547
of Defense (DoD) initiative in partnership with                Maj. Zoilo J. Lopez, Family Readiness Officer
the National Association of Child Care Resource
and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA) to support                      Zoilo.Lopez@ngb.ang.af.mil / 703-607-5409
the child care needs of military parents who are            Mr. Michael Conner, Family Services Coordinator
activated/deployed in support of the Global War
                                                             Michael.Conner@ngb.ang.af.mil / 703-607-5410
on Terrorism. This initiative helps eligible mili-
tary families locate affordable child care options        Dr. Kathryn Goedde, Program Manager Child & Youth
in local communities. Military families who are                                Program
using licensed/legally operating community-                 Kathryn.Goedde@ngb.ang.af.mil / 703-399-1244
based child care programs and providers will
                                                                 Mr. Ron Lacasse, Resource Manager
pay reduced fees. Military families living near
installations will be referred to on-base child              Ron.Lacasse@ngb.ang.af.mil / 703-607-5407
care programs.                                              Mrs. Pam Hall, GFAP/GFTB Program Manager
Q. Who is eligible to participate?                                pshall@mpscrc.com / 571-451-9563
A. Families/child guardians of deployed Ac-                      Ms. Bobbie Krynicki, Senior Analyst
tive Duty Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines                  Bobbie.Krynicki@us.army.mil / 574-229-2326
and National Guard and Reserve members serv-                           Mr. Darren Taylor, Analyst
ing at geographically dispersed locations, in-
cluding AGR, technicians, temporary tour, and                 Darren.Taylor@ngb.ang.af.mil / 703-607-5415
other special duty orders who are unable to ac-          Ms. Edelina Villavicencio, Marketing & Communications
cess care on military installations are eligible                                Specialist
during the deployment period and for 30 days                 E.Villavicencio@ngb.ang.af.mil / 703-607-5526
after the return of the Military Parent.
                                                            Ms. Tamara Washington, Administrative Specialist
Note: The subsidy program is intended to help              Tamara.Washington@ngb.ang.af.mil / 703-607-5411
support military spouses' employment, educa-
tion, or special medical circumstances. Subsi-
dies will only be provided to single parent fami-     Was this information helpful? Would you like to submit an
lies, families with a working spouse, or one who
                                                        article of interest or be added to the distribution list?
is enrolled in school. It will also be provided to
                                                                       We want to hear from you!
families where the spouse is looking for work
for a period of 60 days. Military Child Care         E-mail your request/comments/submissions (no later than the
services are not an entitlement and are subject      20th of each month to be considered for the following month’s
to geographic availability of care and DoD and                               newsletter) to:
Military Service Funding.                                      familyprogramsnewsletter@ngb.ang.af.mil
Q. How do you apply for Operation: Military
Child Care reduced fee child care?                                       Features for May
A. A military member, spouse, or legal guard-        •   National Military Appreciation Month, pull out section devoted to
ian contacts Child Care Aware toll-free at 1-                      organizations helping service members from
800-424-2246 or via the web at                                                America Supports You
www.childcareaware.org or you can call Mili-
tary OneSource toll-free at 1-800-342-9647 and                  •   GFAP Mid-level Conference May 1-5, 2006
a consultant will assist you with in accessing
these services.
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                                                     views of, or endorsed by, the US Government, the Depart-
                                                     ment of Defense, or the National Guard. Any non-profit or
                                                      profit organization listed in this publication is listed for
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