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									                                                                              JANUARY 2010

                       Food Bank
                                    Paradise Valley Emergency Food Bank

                                            10862 North 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85028-3204

    The year 2009 produced a record number of clients in need of food assistance. How we were
                  able to meet this increased demand is a very uplifting story. Our community
                  responded in an amazing way. We were the beneficiaries of a record amount of
                  donations of dollars and foodstuffs. Our supporters represent the entirety of our
                  community: businesses, individuals, churches, adults, school children, and senior
                  citizens. The equation is a simple one – see a neighbor in need, address that
                  We appreciate every donation, no matter the size, as the accumulative effect is
                  that we have never had to turn away an eligible client for lack of food.
    Monetary donations came to a total of $104,000. We are privileged to recognize some special
                                       Grants and Fundraising:
    Greater PV Realty Executives       $14,500       Sundt Foundation                        $5,000
    Nina Mason Pulliam Foundation      $10,000       PVUSD Empty Bowls Dinner                $3,500
    Season for Sharing                  $5,000       Tax Credit Donations                   $12,000
                              Business Donations and Matching Funds:
    American Express                   $4,000         Creative Corner                         $1,000
    ING                                $3,500         Palm Aire                               $1,300
    Preco                              $1,500         White Chocolate Grill                    $500
    Carefree Home Care                 $1,500
                                        Individual Donations:
    Carol Wisner                       $2,800         Paull and Reba Hunter                   $1,000
    Stanley Family                     $1,000         Douglas McMullen                         $760
    George Panone                        $900         Martha Post                              $600
    Alice and David MacArthur          $2,200         Sharon del Duca France                  $1,200
                                     Religious Institutions Donations:
    Unity Church of Practical Christianity $1,750         La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church $1,500
    Oasis Community Church                 $1,400         Cross in the Desert               $1,800
    Mountain View Presbyterian Church $1,400

    Donated Foodstuffs
    The direct donations of foodstuffs totaled nearly 189,000 pounds. The school food drives in our
    district, under the wonderful direction of our school food drive coordinator, Jane Bernes, donated
    49,000 pounds. Religious organizations added 50,000 pounds. Civic organizations, such as
    scout troops, provided 15,000 pounds. Individuals, our friends and neighbors, contributed
    75,000 pounds. We would like to recognize:
                                          From our schools:
    Copper Canyon                         8,098      Aire Libre                                2,173
    North Canyon                          2,952      Larkspur                                  2,020
    Grayhawk                              2,585      Campobello                                2,010
1   Whispering Wind                       2,422      Echo Mountain                             2,000
         Paradise Valley Emergency Food Bank                                                        2
                                  From our churches and temples:
Temple Chai                           15,234        PV Baptist Church                              3,437
La Casa de Cristo                     12,817        Church of the Holy Spirit                      3,247
Temple Kol Ami                          4,075       Cross in the Desert                            1,347
LDS Church                              3,526       Temple Beth Ami/Palo Christi Church            1,856

Perishables – Market extras put to good use
Thanks to our volunteers who, every day, pick up perishable donations from local stores, we are
able to offer items such as dairy products, meats, breads and pastries to our clients. Remember,
they donate their time and their vehicles to this effort. We send our thanks to Abe Olanoff, Frank
Dolezal, Allan Stempski, Farouk Selim, Ken Allison, Carol Norman, Elenora and Dale Rea, Tom
Sneva, Terri Rogers, Jan Mehr, John Hoffman, Gladys Siegel, and Allan and Jane Babendure.
          The products transported total the amazing amount of 116,000 pounds:
Bashas’ Market                    20,000        Einstein’s Bakery                                  5,000
Whole Foods Market                50,000        Pizza Hut                                          1,000
Fry’s Markets                     20,000        Automatic Vending Services                         5,000
Paradise Bakery                   15,000

The world is sustained by the generous deeds of special individuals. We are privileged to have the
support of two wonderful men. To Gene Colvin, the Happy Hammer, whose life revolves around
service to others and to Christopher Gabriel, whose gentle kindness and concern for others
cannot be overstated, we offer our special thanks.

Carol Glor deserves a halo and wings for dealing with the testing job of data entry from the client
forms. Let’s make it easier for her: please write clearly. Nan Bruner and Sharon Feist have taken
on the not insubstantial job of acknowledging the contributions from our donors with thoughtful
thank you letters. We are talking hundreds of notes each year. We may not be the most technical
of organizations, but I’m sure we are the most personal and hands on group around. Another
unheralded volunteer, Jeri Motley, continues to recycle cans that are donated by various groups.
Her efforts put $277.60 in our coffers this year.

As every year closes we look back and are thankful for the blessings we receive. In the reality of
time and life, we also must say goodbye to dear friends. This year we lost a remarkable woman
and man. Esther Lewkowitz left us all too soon but with a brave spirit that will not come this way
again. Judge Paul Donaldson, half of the remarkable duo of Kathy and Paul, the guiding force
behind the Arizona Helping Hands organization, was taken in the full measure of time. May they
rest in peace.

The year 2009 was one of challenges and of rewards. 10,850 individuals in 4,100 families were
assisted. Of this total, 4,200 were children. No more needs to be said about the impact we all
have on the well-being of our community.
Any such year-end lists will never be all inclusive. A complete list of donors is available in the office.
Please take a moment to review the names of all those who contributed to the betterment of our

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