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									CEHD Newsletter, September 19, 2007
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Faculty News
               Kimberly Sheridan (ksherida@gmu.edu) is one of four co-authors of the
               book titled Studio Thinking: The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education
               published by Teachers College Press. The book was featured in a recent
               New York Times article titled “Book Tackles Old Debate: Role of Art in
               Schools” by R. Pogrepin (August 4, 2007) pp. A15- A21.

              Bill Brozo (wbrozo@gmu.edu) was interviewed for and quoted in the
Mason Gazette September 4 article by Colleen Kearney Rich titled “Harry Potter
Phenomenon Provides Food for Scholarly Thought.”

Bill Brozo (wbrozo@gmu.edu) presented “Content Area Literacy for Today’s Youth” at
St. Bernard Parish in Chalmette, LA on August 9.

Bill Brozo (wbrozo@gmu.edu) presented “Building Reform
Communities in International Literacy Projects: Managing the Politics
of Reform” at the 15th European Conference on reading in Berlin on
August 6. He also presented “Engagement in Reading: Lessons from

Bill Brozo (wbrozo@gmu.edu) had an articled titled “Comprehending
Nonfiction Texts: Four Dimensions and Strategies” published in Thinking
Classroom/Peremena, 8, 47-48, (July 2007).

Elavie Ndura (endura@gmu.edu) presented two papers at the 13th World Congress of
Comparative Education Societies (WCCES) held in Sarajevo, September 4. The first
paper was titled “Teacher Professional Development in Post-Conflict Burundi: Needs,
Challenges, and Promises,” and her second and invited paper was titled “Educating for
Peace Post-Conflict Burundi: Educators’ and Students’ Perspectives.”

Elavie Ndura (endura@gmu.edu) spent two weeks in Belgium in August exploring and
establishing contacts to further her research on the acculturation and integration of
African immigrants in Western societies. She visited two immigrants’ integration centers
and established key contacts in Belgium, France, and Germany.

                    Margo Mastropieri (mmastrop@gmu.edu) and Tom Scruggs
                    (tscruggs@gmu.edu) published The Inclusive Classroom: Strategies
                    for Effective Instruction (3rd ed.), Columbus, OH, Prentice
Tom Scruggs (tscruggs@gmu.edu) and Margo Mastropieri (mmastrop@gmu.edu)
published “Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities: Vol. 20”
in International Perspectives, Oxford, UK: Elsevier.

K.A. McDuffie, Tom Scruggs (tscruggs@gmu.edu), and Margo Mastropieri
(mmastrop@gmu.edu) published “Co-Teaching in Inclusive Settings: Results of
Qualitative Research from the United States, Canada, and Australia” in T.E. Scruggs &
M.A. Mastropieri (Eds.) Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities: Vol. 20.
International Perspectives (pp. 307-345). Oxford, UK: Elsevier.

Margo Mastropieri (mmastrop@gmu.edu), Tom Scruggs (tscruggs@gmu.edu), and
S.L. Berkeley published “Peers Helping Peers” in Educational Leadership, 64(5), 54-58

Tom Scruggs (tscruggs@gmu.edu) and Margo Mastropieri
(mmastrop@gmu.edu) published “Science Learning in Special
Education: The Case for Constructed vs. Instructed Learning” in
Exceptionality, 15, 57-74 (2007)

Tom Scruggs (tscruggs@gmu.edu), Margo Mastropieri
(mmastrop@gmu.edu), and K.A. McDuffie published “Co-Teaching in Inclusive
Classrooms: A Meta-Synthesis of Qualitative Research” in Exceptional Children (73),
392-416 (2007).

Jim Kozlowski (jkozlows@gmu.edu) published an article titled
“Wheelchair Racer Unable to Earn Points” in Parks & Recreation, pp.
32-39, September 2007.

Shelley Wong (swong1@gmu.edu) President Elect of Teachers of
English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc. for 2007-2008 TESOL, Inc.
was the plenary speaker for “Integrating Learning and Doing: Dialogic
Approaches to TESOL” at the Panama TESOL 21st Annual Congress Language: An
Integrating Factor in Panama City September 14-16. She also conducted two workshops
titled “Learning by Doing.”

                           Alex Pieterse (apieters@gmu.edu), S.A. Evans, and R.T.
                          Carter presented “Ethnic Discrimination, Racial Climate and
                          Trauma-Related Symptoms in a College Population” at the
                          115th Annual Convention of the American Psychological
                          Association in San Francisco on August 17.

                             Alex Pieterse (apieters@gmu.edu) and L.B. Mason presented
a paper titled “Social Justice and Multicultural Training: A Content Analysis of Course
Syllabi” at the 115th Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association in
San Francisco on August 20.
On Friday September 7, at the James Lee Senior Center in Falls Church, David
                                                 Anderson (danderso@gmu.edu),
                                                 Director of the Center for the
                                                 Advancement of Public Health
                                                 celebrated the graduation of the Peer
                                                 Companions. In collaboration with
                                                 Boat People SOS, Substance Abuse
                                                 and Mental Health Services
                                                 (SAMHSA), Fairfax-Falls Church
                                                 Community Services Board, and
                                                 George Mason University, the 1st class
                                                 of peer companions successfully
                                                 completed the nine-month program
                                                 developed from the Survivors of
                                                 Torture Empowerment Program
(STEP). He was a major contributor to the training and curriculum for the Peer
Companions. He serves as the principal evaluator for the STEP grant funded by
SAMHSA, which focuses on senior and trauma survivors in the Vietnamese population.

Carlos Cenzon (ccenzon@gmu.edu) presented his doctoral dissertation proposal titled
“Professional Development in Technology Integration: An Investigation of Variances in
Current Practices of the Integrating Technology in Schools (ITS) Graduates and Their
Experiences of Professional Development” on September 6. Committee members
included Priscilla Norton (pnorton@gmu.edu), chairperson, Anastasia Kitsantis
(akitsant@gmu.edu), and Kevin Clark (kclark6@gmu.edu).

Barbara Daniels (bdaniel1@gmu.edu) presented her doctoral dissertation proposal titled
“An Investigation of High School Students in Traditional and Online Classrooms: The
Role of Motivation and Learning Strategy Use by High and Low Achievers” on
September 4. Committee members included Priscilla Norton (pnorton@gmu.edu),
chairperson, Anastasia Kitsantis (akitsant@gmu.edu), and Kevin Clark

Mike Behrmann (mbehrman@gmu.edu) received a new award titled
“VADoED/USDoED/VAMC/NIMAS in the amount of $1,050,000.

Margo Mastropieri (mmastrop@gmu.edu) and Tom Scruggs (tscruggs@gmu.edu)
received an award titled “A Cohort Doctoral Program in Special Education” from the
U.S. Department of Education for $800,000.
Kevin Clark (kclark6@gmu.edu) and colleague Kim Sheridan (ksherida@gmu.edu)
have been awarded a 3-year grant from the National Science Foundation titled “Game
Design Through Mentoring And Collaboration” in the amount of $731,425. One year of
the grant was funded in the amount of $239,000 with the potential for two additional
years of funding. The grant is a partnership between George Mason University's
Instructional Technology Program and McKinley Technology High School (MTHS) in
Northeast Washington D.C. and has the primary goal to increase motivation,
achievement, and exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
(STEM) content of students from urban public schools where the vast majority of
students are Black and Hispanic by having them work with scientists and experts to
design and build educational games that can be utilized by other students and teachers.

Mike Behrmann (mbehrman@gmu.edu) submitted a proposal titled “The VI
Consortium Licensure Proposal” to the Virginia Department of Education.

Bill Brozo (wbrozo@gmu.edu) traveled to Bulgaria July 15-22 to conduct research into
the reasons for the poor performance of Bulgarian adolescents on the Program for
International Student Assessment (PISA). Bill and his co-researcher, Dr. Lydia
Dachkova, president of the Bulgarian Reading Association, interviewed Ministry of
Education officials, regional school supervisors, school directors, and teachers in Sofia
and Varna to explore the issue. They also analyzed relevant policy documents. Bill was
interviewed by a major Bulgarian newspaper, Now, and featured in an article about his
research. The findings of their research will be presented at the International Reading
Association’s annual convention in Atlanta next May. The research was funded by a
GMU summer grant.

Donna Sterling (dsterlin@gmu.edu) received a new award titled SCHEV/USDoED/Stars
and Splash” in the amount of $97,130.

Jeannine Tate (jtate1@gmu.edu) received a new award titled “Arlington County PDS
FYO8” in the amount of $19,967.

Jeannine Tate (jtate1@gmu.edu) received a new award titled “VADoED/Clinical
Faculty FY08” in the amount of $31,684.

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