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                                           HOCKEY LEAGUE
                                            NEWSLETTER                                                                                       >> ISSUE 02 <<
                                                                                                                                             APRIL 22, 2008

   Welcome to the second edition of the Champions Hockey League Newsletter. Throughout the following pages, we
   highlight the clubs that have qualified for the inaugural season of the Champions Hockey League. Eisbaren Berlin
   won the German Championship as we were going to press and we will profile them in the May newsletter. Many
   congratulations to all the qualifying clubs. The founding teams qualified for the first season of the Champions Hockey
   League are all helping to create a hockey legacy which will endure for many seasons to come. This special season
   will end with a night in January 2009 when the European Champion will raise – for the first time in history – the
   Champions Hockey League trophy.
     RUSSIA                        Salavat Yulayev Ufa page 12                                Metallurg Magnitogorsk page 12
     FINLAND                       Karpat Oulu page 5                                         Espoo Blues page 5
      Czech Republic
     CZECH REPUBLIC                Slavia Prague page 1                                       Mountfield Ceske Budejovice page 1
                                   HV71 Jonkoping page 4                                      Linkopings HC page 4
     SLOVAKIA                      Slovan Bratislava page 3                                   HC Kosice* page 8
     SWITZERLAND                   ZSC Lions, Zurich page 8                                   SC Bern* page 9
     GERMANY                       Eisbaren Berlin                                            SIT Ice Tigers, Nurnberg* page 9
     * Qualified for single-round robin qualifying tournament on September 12th,13th, and 14th. The winner will advance to the Champions Hockey League Group Stage.

     CZECH REPUBLIC Czech Extraliga

   Slavia Prague
    SWEDEN                                                                            Mountfield Ceske Budejovice

   LOCATION          City: Prague. Capital and largest city in the                    LOCATION          City: Ceske Budejovice. Largest City in South
                     Czech Republic. Population: 1,212,097                                              Bohemian Region. The city is known for the
     SWITZERLAND                                                                                        beer produced here since the 13th century.
   LEAGUE            Czech Extraliga
   CHL QUALIFICATION Czech National Champion                                          LEAGUE            Czech Extraliga
     GERMANY                                                                          CHL QUALIFICATION Regular Season Winner
   NATIONAL          2 Time National Champion:
   CHAMPIONSHIPS     2002/2003 and 2007/2008                                          NATIONAL          None in Czech league (see below)
   REGULAR SEASON 2004/2005: 4 2005/2006: 2                                           CHAMPIONSHIPS
   STANDINGS         2006/2007: 6 2007/2008: 2                                        REGULAR SEASON 2004/2005: not in top league
   COACH             Vladimir Ruzicka: coach since 2002/2003                          STANDINGS         2005/2006: 8 2006/2007: 3 2007/2008: 1
                     when Slavia won the Czech Champion-                              COACH             Ernest Bokros – Coached: Zlin and
                     ships. Also Assist. Coach of Czech National                                        Vitkovice. Played with Dukla Trencin and
                     Team. Five seasons in the NHL: Edmonton                                            Kaufbeuren ESV. Replaced Josef Jandac
                     Oilers (1990 Stanley Cup ring), Boston                                             after the 2007/2008-season
                     Bruins and Ottawa Senators.                                      PLAYERS TO        #19 Tomas Kurka (F)
   PLAYERS TO        #21 Jaroslav Bednar (F)                                          WATCH             #26 Viktor Hubl (F)
   WATCH             #44 David Hruska (F)                                                               #22 Jiri Simanek (F)
                     #19 Josef Beranek (F)                                                              #7 Milan Toman (D)
                     #10 Roman Cervenka (F)                                           FOREIGN PLAYERS None
   FOREIGN PLAYERS None                                                               FORMER PLAYERS Roman Turek (Dallas Stars, Calgary
   FORMER/CURRENT Jaroslav Bednar (LA Kings)                                          WHO BECAME NHL Flames, St. Louis Blues)
   PLAYERS WHO       David Volek (NY Islanders)                                       STARS
   BECAME NHL STARS                                                                   OTHER             – 1951 Czechoslovakian Champion
   OTHER             – Promoted to Extraliga in 1993/1994                             INTERESTING       – 2006/2007 set a new Czech record
   INTERESTING       – Intense rivalry with Sparta Prague                             FACTS               selling out 5 consecutive home games
   FACTS             – One of the oldest existing ice hockey                                            – Was promoted to Czech Extraliga in 2005
                       clubs in the world                                             FOUNDED           1928
   FOUNDED           1900 as SK Slavia                                                ARENA             Budvar Arena. Capacity: 6421. Built: 2002
   ARENA             Sazska Stadion. Capacity: 18,000. Built: 2004                    WEBSITE 

CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                                                                                   >> ISSUE 02 <<
                                                                                                                           APRIL 22, 2008

   CHaMpioNS HoCKEY lEagUE: THE FiRST DRaW                         >> The draw will commence with the National
   The first Champions Hockey League Draw will take                      Champions from nations ranked 1-4* being drawn
   place on Friday, April 25th at IIHF headquarters in Zurich,           into the four groups.
   Switzerland. Conducted by President René Fasel, the             >> National Champions from nations ranked 5-7* and
   draw will determine the make-up of the Group Stage of                 the winner of the qualifying tournament will be
   the inaugural Champions Hockey League, which debuts                   drawn into the four groups.
   in October. Representatives of all clubs as well as their       >> The second clubs from nations ranked 1-4* will be
   National Associations, Leagues and media will be invited.             drawn into the four groups.
   Draw objective and organization                                 If, during the third stage of the draw, a club is drawn into
                                                                   a group already containing another club from the same
   The draw’s objective is to divide the 12 teams into four
                                                                   National Association:
   groups of three. In order to balance the groups, the 12
   clubs will be divided into 3 different pots, organized as       >> The club will be placed into the next available group
   follows:                                                              to the right (if A, then to B, if B, then to C, if C, then
                                                                         to D, if D, then to A)
   >> Four National Champions from Nations Ranked
        1-4*: Russia, Finland, Czech Republic and Sweden           Scheduling
   >> Three National Champions from Nations Ranked                 For scheduling purposes, the clubs from the first pot will
        5-7*: Slovakia, Switzerland and Germany and one            be assigned position 1 in their groups, the clubs from the
        winner of the CHL qualifying tournament between            second pot will be assigned position 2 in their groups,
        the second entrants from these nations                     and the clubs from the third pot will be assigned position
   >> Four second qualifying clubs from National                   3 in their groups, with one exception. The winner of the
        Associations Ranked 1-4*: Russia, Finland, Czech           qualifying tournament will be assigned position 3 in its
        Republic and Sweden                                        group, and the club drawn from the third pot in the same
   Ultimately, each Champions Hockey League Group (A,              group will be assigned position 2.
   B, C, and D) will contain one team from each pot. No            This positioning within the groups fairly reflects the
   two clubs from the same national association may be             relative achievements of the clubs in qualifying for the
   drawn into the same group.                                      Champions Hockey League and ensures that no two
                                                                   teams from the same National Association will play at
   Draw procedure                                                  home on the same game day.
   The draw will consist of three phases – each consisting         * IIHF 2008 Club Rankings
   of the four teams from one pot being drawn into Groups          ** The single round-robin Champions Hockey League Qualifying Tournament
                                                                      will take place on September 12th, 13th and 14th. Schedule and venue to be
   A, B, C, and D. The order will be as follows:                      determined.

                  POT 1                                    POT 2                                              POT 3

      Salavat            Slavia                Slovan             Eisbaren                    Metallurg               Mountfield

                                                                              Winner of
                Karpat            HV71                   Zurich               Qualifying                    Espoo                  Linkoping

          GROUP A                        GROUP B                        GROUP C                                 GROUP D

       ? ? ?                          ? ? ?                          ? ? ?                                   ? ? ?

CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                                                                                      >> PAGE 2 <<
CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                            RUSSIA                                          >> ISSUE 02 <<
                                                                                                                    APRIL 22, 2008

                                                                   CZECH REPUBLIC


                                                                   SLOVAKIA Slovak Extraliga

   WoRKSHop                                                        SWITZERLAND
                                                                  Slovan Bratislava
   On June 4th, representatives of all teams participating
   in the Champions Hockey League will be invited to the           GERMANY
   first Champions Hockey League Club Workshop. The               LOCATION              Bratislava, the capital, is located in
   workshop will provide the teams with a full overview                                 Southern Slovakia.
   of what to expect as a CHL qualifier, providing all the                              Population: 426,000
   organizational information necessary for successful            LEAGUE                Slovak Extraliga
   participation. Clubs will have ample opportunity to            CHL QUALIFICATION National Champion
   exchange logistical information regarding games they           NATIONAL              7 Time Slovakian National Champion:
   will play against one another. In addition, the workshops      CHAMPIONSHIPS         1998/1999, 1999/2000, 2001/2002,
                                                                                        2002/2003, 2005/2006, 2006/2007,
   will lay the foundation for strong relationships, which will                         2007/2008
   continue to develop between the IIHF, the Clubs and
                                                                  REGULAR SEASON        2004/2005: 2 2005/2006: 7
   Ovation Sports.                                                STANDINGS             2006/2007: 3 2007/2008: 1
                                                                  COACH                 Zdeno Ciger: 2nd season. Played for NHL’s
   SiTE ViSiTS                                                                          NJ Devils, Edmonton Oilers, NY Rangers
   Shortly following the draw, an official delegation from                              and Tampa Bay Lightning.
   the IIHF and Ovation Sports will conduct a two-day             PLAYERS TO            #9 Martin Kulha (F)
   site visit to each qualifying club. Logistics for staging a    WATCH                 #1 Sasu Hovi (g)
                                                                                        #59 Robert Dme (F)
   Champions Hockey League game at the club’s arena will                                #18 Richard Kapus (F)
   be determined together with the club in accordance with        FOREIGN PLAYERS       #1 Sasu Hovi – FiN (g)
   Champions Hockey League Regulations. There will be             ON TEAM               #69 petr pavlas – CZE (F)
   an exchange of information between the clubs, the IIHF                               #7 Jan Srdinko – CZE (F)
   and Ovation Sports and all organizational aspects will         FORMER PLAYERS        lubomir Visnovsky (LA Kings)
   be discussed and confirmed in great detail. Among the          WHO BECAME NHL        peter Stastny (Quebec Nordiques,
                                                                  STARS                 NJ Devils, St. Louis Blues)
   issues to be addressed are camera positions, sponsor                                 anton Stastny (Quebec Nordiques)
   seats, ice rink access, accreditation systems, ice                                   Marian Stastny (Quebec Nordiques,
   branding, media facilities, parking areas, arena lighting,                           Toronto Maple Leafs)
   exclusive zone and security. A site visit report will be                             Zdeno Ciger (NJ Devils, Edmonton Oilers,
                                                                                        Tampa Bay Lightning)
   issued by Ovation Sports after the visit and distributed                             Dusan pasek (Minnesota North Stars)
   to all attending parties.                                      OTHER                 – Champion of Czechoslovakian league
                                                                  INTERESTING             (1979), Continental Cup winner (2004),
   FaN TRaVEl                                                     FACTS:                  3 Time winner Spengler Cup,
   Fan travel is essential to supporting the teams on the                                 2 Time winner of ECC
                                                                                        – Vladimir Dzurilla, the best Slovkian
   road. Clubs are encouraged to take a pro-active lead
                                                                                          hockey player of the 20th Century, played
   with their fan groups to organize travel and provide low-                              for the club from 1957–1973
   cost options. The Champions Hockey League will assist          FOUNDED               1921 (formerly csSK Bratislava)
   in this effort.                                                ARENA                 Samsung Arena
                                                                                        Capacity: 8025
   BRaNDiNg                                                                             Built: 1940, new arena under construction
   Top advertising agencies from Sweden, Switzerland,                                   (capacity 12,000)
   Germany and the United Kingdom were invited to                 WEBSITE     
   participate in the tender for the new Champions Hockey
   League and Victoria Cup logos. The four finalist agencies
   will present their concepts later this month. In addition
   to designing the new event logos, the agencies will                     QUOTES on the Champions Hockey League

   also focus on the underlying communications concept               The IIHF has worked hard to make this league a top league for
   as well as the music and respective trophy design for           European ice-hockey. We should remember that also in football
   each event. By early summer, the complete brand kit            the Champions League started with a small amount of teams and
                                                                  small economic inputs, but in the course of time it has developed
   including full on-air and event design packages will be        and has grown into a massive and popular league. I hope that the

   complete.                                                          Champions Hockey League will reach the same status.
                                                                             Juha Junno, General Manager, Karpat Oulu

CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                                                                               >> PAGE  <<
CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                                                                                     >> ISSUE 02 <<
                                                                                                                             APRIL 22, 2008



     SWEDEN Elitserien

    SLOVAKIA                                                                    QUOTES on the Champions Hockey League
   HV71 Jonkoping
     SWITZERLAND                                                       “  This is a very big thrill for our club as this is the first time we get
                                                                       the chance to play against European teams other than the Finnish
                                                                       who we play in the Nordic Trophy. It is a great thing since we are a
   LOCATION               Jonkoping, SWEDEN.                           fairly new club at the elite level and is confirmation of the fact that
     GERMANY              Region: Smaland, South Central Sweden
                          Population: 84,423 – 9th largest city in
                                                                          we are one of the really top clubs in Sweden and Europe!
                                                                                 Anders Maki, Vice Club Director, Linkopings HC           ”
   LEAGUE                 Elitserien
   CHL QUALIFICATION      2007/2008 Swedish Champion
   NATIONAL               3 Time Swedish Champion:
   CHAMPIONSHIPS          1994/1995, 2003/2004 and 2007/2008
   REGULAR SEASON         2004/2005: 10 2005/2006: 1
   STANDINGS              2006/2007: 2 2007/2008: 1
   COACH                  2007/2008: Kent Johansson – 1st year. As
                          a player won two Swedish Championships
                          with Djurgardens IF 1982/83 and 1989/90      Linkopings HC
                          and three gold (1983–89) with Lugano
                          (SUI). Coached Bolzano (ITA) 1998/99.
   STAR PLAYERS           #76 Johan Davidsson (captain) (F)            LOCATION                  Ostergotland County – Mid-Southern
                          #39 Jukka Voutilainen (F)                                              SWEDEN Population: 100,000
                          #10 Martin Thornberg (F)
                                                                       LEAGUE                    Elitserien
   FOREIGN PLAYERS        #5 Mikko luoma – FiN (D)
                                                                       CHL QUALIFICATION         Regular Season Runner Up
                          #21 pasi puistola – FiN (D)
                                                                       NATIONAL                  None. 2007/2008 second time in the finals.
   FORMER PLAYERS         Ulf Dahlen (NY Rangers)
   WHO BECAME NHL         Kari Eloranta (Calgary Flames and
   STARS                  St. Louis Blues)                             REGULAR SEASON            2004/2005: 2 2005/2006: 3
                          Esa Keskinen (Calgary Flames)                STANDINGS                 2006/2007: 4 2007/2008: 2
                          Kari Takko (Minnesota North Stars and        COACH                     2007/2008: Janne Karlsson – 2nd year.
                          Edmonton Oilers)                                                       Also coached Frolunda. Played in HV 71,
   OTHER             HV71 has 23 consecutive seasons in the                                      Frolunda, Morrum
   INTERESTING FACTS Swedish Elitserien starting in 1979/80.                                     2008/2009: Slavomir lener – Coached
                                                                                                 Sparta Prague (CZE), DEG Metro Stars
   FOUNDED                1971: two local clubs Husqvarna IF and
                                                                                                 (GER) and Lulea HC (SWE). Assistant
                          Vatterstad IF fused together
                                                                                                 Coach: NHL Calgary Flames, Florida
   ARENA                  Kinnarps Arena                                                         Panthers
                          Capacity: 7038
                                                                       STAR PLAYERS              #9 Tony Martensson (F)
                          Built: 2000
                                                                                                 #80 Mattias Weinhandl (F)
   WEBSITE                                                           #17 ivan Majesky (D)
                                                                                                 #43 Tomas Surovy (F)
                                                                       FOREIGN PLAYERS           #31 Rastislav Stana – Slo (g)
                                                                                                 #17 ivan Majesky – Slo (D)
                                                                                                 #11 Josef Melichar – CZE (D)
                                                                                                 #43 Tomas Surovy – Slo (F)
                                                                                                 #29 Kim Staal – DEN (F)
                                                                                                 #28 Ville Vahalahti – FiN (F)
                                                                                                 #35 Martin laumann-Ylven – NoR (F)
                                                                       FORMER PLAYERS            Kristian Huselius (Calgary Flames)
                                                                       NOW PLAYING IN            Henrik Tallinder (Buffalo Sabres)
                                                                       THE NHL                   Brendan Morrison (Vancouver Canucks)
            QUOTES on the Champions Hockey League                                                Mike Knuble (Philadelphia Flyers)
                                                                       OTHER                     – Has played 8 seasons in Elitserien

    “  We are looking forward to participating in the new Champions
    Hockey League with our league and all our clubs. We are highly
   convinced that the CHL will strengthen not only the German league
                                                                                                 – In 2007/2008 had a huge budget increase
                                                                                                   from 1.8 to 15 million euros per year
     but also the whole hockey scene in Europe. That is why there is   FOUNDED                   1976 (from BK Kenty)
    a great incentive for the remaining German teams playing in the    ARENA                     Cloetta Center

         semis right now to battle for a spot in the CHL this fall.
                       Gernot Tripcke, CEO, DEL
               Translation, Berlin/Duisburg, 9, April 2008             WEBSITE
                                                                                                 Capacity: 8500
                                                                                                 Built: 2004

CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                                                                                        >> PAGE  <<
CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                                                                               >> ISSUE 02 <<
                                                                                                                       APRIL 22, 2008


     FINLAND SM-Liiga

                                                                             QUOTES on the Champions Hockey League
    CZECH Oulu
   Karpat REPUBLIC
     SWEDEN                                                          “    The Champions Hockey League is a great thing for European
                                                                    ice-hockey. The fact that it includes both regular season winners as
                                                                     well as the national champion makes this league a real champions
   LOCATION      Oulu, FINLAND                                          league. As a club we are excited about this new international
     SLOVAKIA    Region: Nothern Ostrobothnia                        opportunity. Also our supporters look forward to visiting European
                 Metropolitan Population: 210,000 – largest
     SWITZERLAND city in Northern Finland, 6th largest in Finland
                 Time Zone: (GMT+2)
                                                                                  arenas when Karpat is playing abroad.
                                                                               Juha Junno, General Manager, Karpat Oulu  ”
     GERMANY            SM-LIIGA
   CHL QUALIFICATION National Champion
   NATIONAL             5 Time Finnish Champion: 1980/1981,
   CHAMPIONSHIPS        2003/2004, 2004/2005, 2006/2007,
                                                                    Espoo Blues
   REGULAR SEASON       2004/2005: 1 2005/2006: 1
   STANDINGS            2006/2007: 1 2007/2008: 1
   COACH                2007/2008: Kari Jalonen – 4th and last
                        season. Former KARPAT player, helped them   LOCATION                Espoo, FINLAND
                        win the 1981 Finnish Championships. Also                            Region: Helsinki Metropolitan Area
                        played with the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers and                           Population: 235,000 – 2nd largest city in
                        Calgary Flames                                                      Finland
                                                                                            Time Zone: (GMT+2)
   PLAYERS TO           #20 Janne pesonen (F)
   WATCH                #8 Hannes Hyvonen (F)                       LEAGUE                  SM-LIIGA
                        #36 Michal Bros (F)                         CHL QUALIFICATION 2007/2008 Finnish Playoff Finalist
                        #17 Kristian Kuusela (F)                    NATIONAL                None. 2007/2008 is the first year they
   FOREIGN PLAYERS      #16 Jonas andersson – SWE (F)               CHAMPIONSHIPS           made it to the Finals (2nd)
   ON TEAM              #36 Michal Bros – CZE (F)                   REGULAR SEASON          2007/2008: 2 2006/2007: 5
                        #35 andy Chiodo – CaN (g)                   STANDINGS               2005/2006: 8 2004/2005: 11
                        #81 ondrej Kratena – CZE (F)
                                                                    COACH                   2007/2008: petri Matikainen – 1st season.
   FORMER PLAYERS       Reijo Ruotsalainen – NY Rangers,                                    Played in the SM Liiga in Tappara when
   WHO BECAME NHL       Edmonton Oilers (1990-Stanley Cup) and                              they were 1987/88 champion, as well as for
   STARS                NJ Devils, Niklas Backstrom (Minnesota                              former clubs JoKP and KalPa
                        Wild), Mikko leinonen (NY Rangers and
                                                                    PLAYERS TO              #25 Ryan Keller (F)
                        Washington Capitals), Hannu Jarvenpaa
                                                                    WATCH                   #41 Stefan ohman (F)
                        (Winnipeg Jets)
                                                                                            #39 Ville Viitaluoma (F)
   OTHER                – Goalie #32 Tuomas Tarkki was the best                             #42 arto laatikainen (D)
   INTERESTING            goalie of the SM Liiga’s regular season
                                                                    FOREIGN PLAYERS         #9 Dale Clark – CaN (D)
   FACTS                – 2007/2008: 56 games with 121 points,
                                                                    ON TEAM                 #25 Ryan Keller – CaN (F)
                          6 ahead of Espoo Blues
                                                                                            #44 Ben Eaves – USa (F)
                        – Only SM Liiga team in Northern Finland
                                                                    FORMER PLAYERS          Niklas Hagman (Dallas Stars,
   FOUNDED              1946
                                                                    WHO BECAME NHL          Florida Panthers)
   ARENA                Oulun Energia Areena                        STARS                   peter ahola (LA Kings, Calgary Flames,
                        Capacity: 6614                                                      San Jose Sharks)
                        Built: 1974, renovated 2004                                         Jere lehtinen (Dallas Stars)
   WEBSITE                       OTHER                   – oskar osala: In 2007/2008 season cre-
                                                                    INTERESTING               ated a new SM Liiga record for the most
                                                                    FACTS                     Playoff goals scored (7) by a rookie. He
                                                                                              also tied the record (1986/87) for most
                                                                                              Playoff Points (10)
                                                                                            – Former NHL players ilkka Sinisalo
                                                                                              (1997–99) and Christian Ruuttu (2003–
                                                                                              05) served as the club’s top executive
                                                                                              director and Raimo Summanen was the
                                                                                              2005/2006 sports director.
                                                                    FOUNDED                 1984 (formerly Keikko-Espoo)
                                                                    ARENA                   LansiAuto Areena
                                                                                            Capacity: 6820
                                                                                            Built: 1998

   Club Karpat Oulu                                                 WEBSITE       

CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                                                                                  >> PAGE  <<
CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                                                              >> ISSUE 02 <<
                                                                                                     APRIL 22, 2008

                                       Victoria Cup 200:
                             Bern, Switzerland – PostFinance Arena
                                     Tuesday, September 30th: Warm Up Game

                                 SC Bern (SUI) vs. NY Rangers (NHL)

                                Wednesday, October 1st: Legends Exhibition Game

                                          Switzerland vs. Russia

                                    Wednesday, October 1st: Victoria Cup Game

                      Metallurg Magnitogorsk (RUS) vs. NY Rangers (NHL)

    VICTORIA CUP FIRSTS                                       FACTS & FIGURES
    >> The first Russia vs. NHL matchup in 17 years.          >> NY RANGERS: The New York Rangers were the
    >> The last time an NHL club played a team from              first-ever NHL club to play against a European
       Russia was on January 15th, 1991 when Dynamo              team when they met CSKA Moscow (USSR)
       Moscow defeated the Quebec Nordiques 4-1 in               on December 28, 1975 at the Madison Square
       Quebec City.                                              Garden in New York. CSKA Moscow won the
    >> The SC Bern - NY Rangers Game will mark the               game 7-3.
       first time a Swiss team has ever played an NHL         >> METALLURG MAGNITOGORSK: The club is the
       club.                                                     reigning Champion of the European Champions
    >> The cup is named after the Victoria Skating Rink          Cup, which was played for the last time in January
       in Montreal, Canada where the first organized             2008 in St. Petersburg.
       hockey game was played on March 3, 1875.               >> SC BERN: SC Bern holds Europe’s attendance
                                                                 record with a game average of 15,939 fans.

   NY RaNgERS iN BERN FoR ViCToRia CUp                       Reconstruction includes interior renovations, which will
   pREpaRaTioNS                                              be complete by the end of August, construction of high
   At the end of March, officials from the IIHF, Ovation     quality VIP boxes, media facilities, catering areas and
   Sports and the NY Rangers met in Bern, Switzerland        other amenities. These improvements will make this
   to prepare for the upcoming Victoria Cup. The two-day     arena Switzerland’s best hockey-dedicated venue,
                                 visit included operations   thereby setting the standard for all Victoria Cups to
                                 meetings as well as a       come.
                                 site-inspection of the      “We are very impressed with the preparations thus
                                 city’s 16,789-capacity      far,” says the NY Rangers’ Mark piazza, Senior Vice
                                 arena where the two-day     President of Sports Team Operations. “We are confident
                                 event will be staged.       that the venue and the overall Victoria Cup will become
                                 The arena, which will       a very special event for our players and also the NY
                                 also host the 2009 IIHF     Rangers fans.”
                                 World Championships,        Piazza was accompanied on the site visit by Jason
                                 is currently undergoing a   Vogel, NY Rangers Vice President of Sports Team
                                 100 million CHF (Swiss      Operations.
                                 Francs) reconstruction      “With the Victoria Cup, the IIHF and NHL are further
                                 project and will be ready   raising international hockey to a new level,” says IIHF
                                 for hockey when the         Communications Director Szymon Szemberg. “For the
                                 Swiss league starts in      first time in hockey history, the Victoria Cup offers an

CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                                                                >> PAGE 6 <<
CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                                                                     >> ISSUE 02 <<
                                                                                                            APRIL 22, 2008

   international showcase for European clubs – a stage on          During the two-day Victoria Cup, a number of special
   which the best club in Europe can face a top team in            events and features are planned. These side-attractions
   the NHL.”                                                       will cater to the needs and interest of fans and the media
   The competition will serve as the annual season-opener          as well as distinguished guests and experts from the
   for the Champions Hockey League scheduled to start in           worldwide hockey and business communities.
   October 2008.                                                   Ticket sales information as well accreditation information
                                                                   for media will be announced soon.

   Q&a WiTH igoR MURaViEV,                                         And of course, many of hockey’s all-time greats have
   METallURg MagNiTogoRSK                                          been Rangers: Mark Messier, Phil Esposito, Wayne
               igor Muraviev, Metallurg Magnitgorsk’s              Gretzky.
               pR Manager, gave us his views of the
                                                                   Do your playing styles differ?
               club’s participation in the upcoming
               Victoria Cup.                                       Up until the last 2 or 3 seasons, we have had a similar
                                                                   playing style; we’re both adventurous. We both pay a lot
                                                                   of attention to offense and less to defense. But then the
                                                                   fans prefer 6-5 scores to 1-0!

                                                                   How are you preparing for the Victoria Cup?
   What does the Victoria Cup mean to Metallurg?                   The players are on vacation now and will be back for
   With the Victoria Cup, our dream has become a reality:          pre-season training camp on the 15th of July. We are
   Metallurg Magnitogorsk will play against the NHL. It is         not doing anything specific but the President of the Club
   a historic moment, for us as well as for all of Russian         – Mr. Victor Rushnikov – always aims for the top. He is a
   ice hockey. The closer we get to October 1st, the more          maximalist and demands professionalism from his crew
   excited we are.                                                 at all times and in all places.
   For us, the Victoria Cup is not just one game, it also
                                                                   Have you signed any new players?
   launches the first season of the new Champions Hockey
   League and gives us not just a new format but a new             For the moment, I can say we have two new players
   goal: win the Champions Hockey League and be back at            from the Czech Republic: Forward Tomas Roulinek
   the Victoria Cup in 2009 to play against the NHL.               (HC Pardubice) and Defenseman, Karel Pilar (AHL-
                                                                   Chicago Wolves). We also have a new head coach,
   What effect will it have on hockey worldwide?                   Valery Belousov (Avangard Omsk), who will lead the
   The Victoria Cup is an extremely good thing for                 team. He was a former player as well and was with us
   international hockey. I believe it will be the start of a new   for seven seasons during which we won two National
   era and maybe one day the Victoria Cup will be more             Championship titles and the European Hockey League
   than just one game, a series. For now, it’s a great start.      twice.
   I hope it will be widely publicized.
                                                                   Will Metallurg’s fans travel to Switzerland for the
   it has been 17 years since the last NHl-Russia                  Victoria Cup?
   match-up. Is this significant?                                  We are working directly with the fans and have organized
   The Victoria Cup is also a new step in NHL and                  two charter flights from Magnitogorsk to Zurich. We
   European ice hockey relations. A lot has changed in the         expect at least 200 and not just from our immediate
   17 years since a Russian club last played the NHL. The          area, but from around Russia.
   USSR does not exist anymore. After years of crisis and
                                                                   are the players and their families looking forward
   breakdowns, Russia has undergone immense socio-
                                                                   to coming to Bern?
   economic development and the country’s ice hockey
   facilities have benefited.                                      The players’ wives will definitely go, just as they do to
                                                                   all big tournaments. For me personally, I have been to
   How are the New York Rangers perceived in Russia?               Switzerland 11 or 12 times and have been to almost all
   The New York Rangers are a well-known and popular               the cities but Berne. I know I’ll like it.
   club in Russia and many Russians have played for them.

CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                                                                        >> PAGE 7 <<

      FINLAND                                                                                                         >> ISSUE 02 <<
                                                                                                                      APRIL 22, 2008



      SWITZERLAND National League A

   ZSC Lions, Zurich                                                 *As their nations’ regular season winners, the following
                                                                     three clubs will compete in a single-round robin
                                                                     qualifying tournament on September 12th, 13th and 14th.
   LOCATION               City: Zurich                                 FINLAND
                                                                     The winner will advance to the Champions Hockey
                          Population Metropolitan Area: 1,007,972    League Group Stage.
   LEAGUE                 National League A                            CZECH REPUBLIC
   CHL QUALIFICATION National Champion
   NATIONAL               6 Time Swiss Champion: 1935/1936,
   CHAMPIONSHIPS          1948/1949, 1960/1961, 1999/2000,
                          2000/2001, 2007/2008                        SLOVAKIA Slovak Extraliga
   REGULAR SEASON         2004/2005: 3 2005/2006: 10
   STANDINGS              2006/2007: 8 2007/2008: 6                   SWITZERLAND
                                                                     HC Kosice*
   COACH                  2008/2009: Sean Simpson (CaN).
                          Coached EV Zug where he won the              GERMANY
                          1997/1998 Swiss championship. Also
                          coached Munchen Barons (1999–2002,         LOCATION               Kosice, Eastern Slovakia, 2nd largest city.
                          DEL), Hamburg Freezers (2002–2003, DEL).                          Population: 235,000
                          Played for EHC Olten and AHL/OHA           LEAGUE                 Slovakian Extraliga
   PLAYERS TO             #5 Severin Blindenbacher (D)               CHL QUALIFICATION #2 in the Regular Season
   WATCH                  #13 peter Sejna (F)
                          #51 Ryan gardner (F)                       NATIONAL               3 Time Slovakian Champion:
                          #9 Domenico pittis (F)                     CHAMPIONSHIPS          1994/1995, 1995/1996, 1998/1999
   FOREIGN PLAYERS        #9 Domenico pittis – CaN/iTa (F)           REGULAR SEASON         2004/2005: 4 2005/2006: 2
   ON TEAM                #25 Radoslav Suchy – SVK (D)               STANDINGS              2007/2006: 1 2007/2008: 2
                          #31 ari Sulander – FiN (g)                 COACH                  2007/2008: Rostislav Cada
                          #13 peter Sejna – SVK (F)                  PLAYERS TO             #43 peter Bartos (F)
   FORMER PLAYERS         Mark Streit (Montreal Canadiens)           WATCH                  #44 gabriel Splar (F)
   WHO BECAME NHL                                                                           #91 Juraj Faith(F)
   STARS                                                             FOREIGN PLAYERS        #27 Miroslav Javín CZE (D)
   OTHER             – The Club has the biggest Juniors              ON TEAM                #5 petr Mocek CZE (D)
   INTERESTING FACTS   enrollment: 1000 players                                             #17 Jaroslav Spelda (F)
                     – Continental Cup: 2000/2001, 2001/2002         FORMER PLAYERS         peter Bondra (Washington Capitals,
   FOUNDED                1930 as ZSC (Zurcher Schlittschuh-Club)    WHO BECAME NHL         Atlanta Thrashers, Chicago Blackhawks)
   ARENA                  Hallenstadion Zurich                       STARS                  peter ihnacak (Toronto Maple Leafs)
                          Capacity: 10,700                                                  Miroslav ihnacak (Toronto Maple Leafs)
                          Built: 1939, renovated: 2005                                      ladislav Nagy (St. Louis Blues,
                                                                                            Phoenix Coyotes, Dallas Stars, LA Kings)
   WEBSITE                                                        Marek Svatos (Colorado Avalanche)
                                                                                            igor liba (NY Rangers, LA Kings)
                                                                     OTHER                  2 Time Czechoslovak League Champion
                                                                     INTERESTING            (1986 and 1988) and Continental Cup
                                                                     FACTS                  Champion (1998)
                                                                     FOUNDED                1921
                                                                     ARENA                  Steel Arena
                                                                                            Capacity: 8347
                                                                                            Built: 2006 – most modern in Slovakia

                                                                              QUOTES on the Champions Hockey League

                                                                      “  After having participated three times at the Continental Cup
                                                                      (two wins), the Champions League is quite a new challenge.
                                                                               Peter Iten, Sports Director, ZSC Lions, Zurich       ”
   Final: ZSC Lions, Zurich – Geneve-Servette, April 2008

CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                                                                                  >> PAGE  <<

                                                                            FINLAND                                       >> ISSUE 02 <<
                                                                                                                          APRIL 22, 2008
                                                                            CZECH REPUBLIC


     RUSSIA                                                                 SLOVAKIA

         QUOTES on the Champions Hockey League                              SWITZERLAND National League A

      “   SC Bern is in a position to be competitive in international
      CZECH nowadays. Some years ago, Swiss players “froze” out
   competition REPUBLIC
   of respect when playing against Russians or Czechs. Today, every
                                                                        SC Bern*
   top player in Switzerland has the ambition and confidence to win a

   game like that. A lot has changed in the mentality of our players.
            Sven Leuenberger, General Manager, SC Bern
         Sonntags-Zeitung, February 17, 2008. Translation
                                                                        LOCATION                City: Bern (Swiss Capital)
                                                                                                Population Metropolitan Area:
                                                                                                344,000 – 4th largest city in Switzerland
                                                                        LEAGUE                  National League A
                                                                        CHL QUALIFICATION Regular Season Winner
                                                                        NATIONAL                11 Time Swiss Champion: 1959, 1965,
     Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL)                                      CHAMPIONSHIPS           1974, 1975, 1977, 1979, 1989, 1991, 1992,
                                                                                                1997, 2004

   SIT Ice Tigers, Nurnberg*                                            REGULAR SEASON
                                                                                                2004/2005: 8 2005/2006: 1
                                                                                                2006/2007: 2 2007/2008: 1
                                                                        COACH                   2007/2008: John Van Boxmeer (CaN)
                                                                                                Head Coach for Rochester Americans and
   LOCATION               City: Nuremberg                                                       Long Beach Ice Dogs. Assist. Coach:
                          State: Bavaria                                                        LA Kings. Played in the NHL for a decade
                          Region: Middle Franconia, 170 km north                                (Montreal Canadiens, Colorado Rockies,
                          of Munich                                                             Buffalo Sabres, Quebec Nordiques).
                          Population: 500,132
                                                                        PLAYERS TO              #32 ivo Ruthemann (F)
   LEAGUE                 Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL)                 WATCH                   #96 Christian Dube (F)
   CHL QUALIFICATION Regular Season Winner                                                      #11 patrick Bartschi (F)
                                                                                                #71 Sebastien Bordeleau (F)
   NATIONAL               None
   CHAMPIONSHIPS                                                        FOREIGN PLAYERS         #21 Nathan Dempsey CaN (D)
                                                                        ON TEAM                 #91 Christian Berglund SWE (F)
   REGULAR SEASON         2004/2005: 3 2005/2006: 4
                                                                                                #10 Ramzi abid CaN (F)
   STANDINGS              2006/2007: 3 2007/2008: 1
                                                                                                #24 Mark Mowers USa (F)
   COACH                  2007/2008: Benoit laporte (CaN),                                      #71 Sebastien Bordeleau (FRa/CaN)
                          coached since 2005/2006, was released                                 #9 Simon gamache CaN (F)
                          after this season. He formerly coached the
                                                                        FORMER PLAYERS          Fredrik olausson (Anaheim Ducks,
                          Augsburg Panthers.
                                                                        WHO BECAME NHL          Winnipeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers, Detroit
   PLAYERS TO             #11 Scott King CaN (F)                        STARS                   Red Wings), Reijo Ruotsalainen (NY
   WATCH                  #22 Brian Swanson USa (F)                                             Rangers), Edmonton oilers (2 Stanley
                          #18 ahren Spylo (F)                                                   Cups 1987&1990, NJ Devils) Timo Jutila
                          #26 andre Savage CaN (F)                                              (Buffalo Sabres), Raimo Summanen
   FOREIGN PLAYERS        #11 Scott King CaN (F)                                                (Edmonton Oilers)
   ON TEAM                #22 Brian Swanson USa (F)                     OTHER                   Highest European attendance for the last
                          #18 ahren Spylo CaN/gER (F)                   INTERESTING             7 seasons. All-time European record in
                          #19 greg leeb CaN (F)                         FACTS                   05-06 with 15,994
                          #27 petr Fical CZE (F)
                                                                        FOUNDED                 1931
                          #9 Rich Brennan USa (D)
                          #23 Christian Laflamme CAN (D)                 ARENA                   PostFinance Arena
                          #21 Shawn Carter USa (F)                                              Capacity: 16,789
                          #6 Michel periard CaN (D)                                             Built: 1970, renovated: 2008
                          #73 Shane peacock CaN (D)                     WEBSITE       
                          #77 Sean Brown CaN (D)
                          #10 Colin Beardsmore CaN (D)
                          #28 alan letang CaN (D)
   OTHER                  – Joined the DEL in 1994
   INTERESTING            – Played in the European Hockey League                 QUOTES on the Champions Hockey League

   FACTS                    1999/2000                                      [One of our goals this season] was to qualify for the new Champions
   FOUNDED                1980 as EHC Nurnberg                             Hockey League, this we have reached. There is no question that
   ARENA                  Arena Nurnberg Versicherung                   [European competition] is part of hockey’s future in Europe. I am sure
                          Capacity: 10,000                              that the hockey fan today has a broader international perspective than
                          Built: 2001                                   was the case, say, 20 years ago. The SCB fan of today knows who the
                                                                        top-scorer in the Swedish league is and how many points former SCB

   WEBSITE                                       player Eric Landry has collected playing for Dynamo Moscow.
                                                                                 Sven Leuenberger, General Manager, SC Bern
                                                                                Sonntags-Zeitung, February 17, 2008. Translation

CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                                                                                      >> PAGE 9 <<
CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                                                                          >> ISSUE 02 <<
                                                                                                                 APRIL 22, 2008

   Each month, in the pages of this newsletter, we will                 Born in Winnipeg, Canada in August 1959, he started
   bring you the opinions, perspectives and news from                   his professional ice hockey career in 1978/79 with
   leading personalities in the world of international                  the WHL New Westminster Bruins and the Calgary
   ice hockey.                                                          Wranglers. He then moved on to Germany, where as a
   We debut with a conversation with German-Canadian                    player in the Deutsche Eishockey-Liga, he scored 187
   and Coach of the Swiss National Ice Hockey Team,                     goals and 186 assists and led the league in scoring in
   Ralph Krueger. Krueger is also the author of the self-               1980/81 as a player for the Dusseldorfer EG. In the late
   help best seller Teamlife, an international scout and a              1980’s he embarked on a coaching career leading the
   successful motivational speaker on the international                 then-struggling VEU Feldkirch to five straight Austrian
   circuit.                                                             Championships. For the last eleven years, as coach of the
                                                                        Swiss National Team, he has consistently strengthened
                                                                        the team’s performance. In 1998 they took 4th place at
                                                                        the World Championships and made two historic upsets
                                                                        at the 2006 Turin Olympic Winter Games defeating both
                                                                        the Czech Republic and his native Canada.
                                                                        As coach of VEU Feldkirch, he participated 4 times, as
                                                                        Austrian Champion, in the former European Hockey
                                                                        League and came from behind to win the title in 1998. His
                                                                        multi-cultural background as well as his diverse hockey
                                                                        experience has given him a broad perspective on the
                                                                        sport as well as an understanding of the importance of
                                                                        competition on the pan-European level.

                                                                        What was it like to win the European Club Title in
                                                                        VEU Feldkirch is having their tenth reunion this summer
                                                                        and I can tell you that there is not a person who was
                                                                        involved in that organization at that time, who will not
                                                                        cherish that moment forever. It was way more valuable
                                                                        than our five national championship titles combined. It is
                                                                        a difficult experience to top. What we went through as a
                                                                        team was tremendous and as coach, I was down in the
                                                                        trenches with the rest. We were underdogs throughout
                                                                        the whole tournament and then we started knocking one

  “   The number one motivator behind the Champions Hockey League       club off after the next – the Swiss champion Bern, Kolner
      is that players need something more to play for and that’s what   Haie in Cologne, the Finnish and Czech Champions

               Champions Hockey League is offering them.                and beat Dynamo Moscow in the final. We had just an
                                                                        incredible run. If we had been an American club, you
                                                                        would have already seen the movie!

                                                                        What makes it so different from other kinds of
                                                                        Competing on the European level allowed our club the
                                                                        great benefit of exposure to so many different cultures
                                                                        of hockey, which is exactly what the Champions Hockey
                                                                        League will do for clubs today. We had to lose a few
                                                                        times to really understand what it took to win a European
                                                                        title. It is so diverse, your opponents are so varied.
                                                                        Every country has such a different approach and you
                                                                        have to learn to make necessary adjustments. Hockey

CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                                                                             >> PAGE 10 <<
CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                                                                       >> ISSUE 02 <<
                                                                                                              APRIL 22, 2008

   is unique in that there are so many ways to play, unlike        alone. Now there is professionalism in this business and
   other sports like football. It was just so exciting to be in    an athletic commitment that must be backed financially.
   contact with the Russian system of play, the Swedish            The Champions Hockey League has got the right prize
   system, the Czech system, etc.                                  package: 10 million euros.
                                    And then there were
                                                                   What’s the biggest challenge for the Champions
                                    the fans. The year we
                                                                   Hockey league?
                                    won, Austria hosted the
                                    tournament. We didn’t just     Europeans are very used to living off local rivalries and
                                    have our local fans, we had    they have to educate the fans and breed a new culture.
                                    the entire country behind      Fans need to break out of their little boxes; of only going
                                    us, which is incredible        to games with traditional rivalries. It is up to each club,
                                    because in Austria hockey      each organization to market the Champions Hockey
                                    isn’t even that popular. In    League. They have the structures now to do that, to get
                                    a lot of ways it almost felt   people excited about it.
                                    like we were a national        Even when we played back in 1998 in Feldkirch, we were
                                    team. When you’re playing      sold out all the time, every night. And that’s because we
                                    against other European         he had built up our organization. We were the champions
                                    clubs, it really feels like    five years in a row and we grew and grew. We got the
                                    nation against nation. It’s    personnel, the attitude. By becoming more professional,
                                    really a very unique and       we motivated the fans. And that’s where most of the clubs
                                    special atmosphere.            are today. And back then hockey was primarily played in
                                                                   small towns, now it’s moved to the metropolitan areas. I
   Why was the European Hockey league discon-                      can tell you that if clubs like the Eisbaren Berlin play the
   tinued?                                                         ZSC Lions, Zurich in the Champions Hockey League,
   Emotionally, everybody wanted it, but back in the 90’s          they’ll bring plenty of fans with them.
   clubs were still looking for professionalism within their
   leagues. We were just not at the professional level             as a sport, is ice Hockey unique?
   that we are today. Everything in sport happens off the          For me, it is the one sport that has everything. It’s a
   playing field. It’s not all what you see on the ice, and off    game that is so multidimensional. There’s a beauty
   the playing field the club structures were just not there.      and a roughness to it all at once; an unbelievable
   We were not ready. It was too early.                            aggressiveness and grace that come together.
                                                                   You get a different perspective coaching the game than
   and now?
                                                                   you do playing. When you watch the game, you can
   Huge steps have been taken in the world of professional         see it’s incredible complexity. Just looking at the player
   hockey. The leading clubs have structures that are so           lineup shows you how diverse it is. You have got some
   professional and so organized now. I know many people           players that are majestic, like figure skaters and then
   at the top levels in these clubs and they WANT the              you have others that are 2 meters tall and 110 kilos and
   Champions Hockey League. They are READY for it.                 can run people over.
   Why will Champions Hockey league succeed?                       You have to be physically strong but then, quick,
                                                                   coordinated and flexible. You’ve got good rules, good
   The number one motivator behind the Champions
                                                                   regulations. The game itself has been cleaned up over
   Hockey League is that players need something more
                                                                   the years and is fair and healthy. For example there is
   to play for and that’s what Champions Hockey League
                                                                   not a lot of room for doping in our sport. It is not an
   is offering them. Athletically, this is their opportunity to
                                                                   easy game to cheat in. It’s honest and the players are
   take their organization to a new level and there’s not a
                                                                   far more approachable than the average football player.
   player I know who doesn’t want this. The Champions
                                                                   We play with all 20 players but only five on the ice at a
   Hockey League goes way above sports, just as
                                                                   time and we play with quick changes. All of this makes
   Champions League has done in football. It creates a
                                                                   for a natural team environment and an unbeatable sport
   new, international level they need and they want.
                                                                   to showcase on the international level.
   The other reason is financial. Back in the 90’s with the
   Euro Hockey league, we were operating on passion

CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                                                                         >> PAGE 11 <<
CHAMPIONS HOCKEY LEAGUE                                                                                              >> ISSUE 02 <<
                                                                                                                     APRIL 22, 2008

     RUSSIA Russian Super League

   Salavat Yulayev Ufa                                                   Metallurg Magnitogorsk
   LOCATION              City: Ufa                                       LOCATION           City: Magnitogorsk
     SWEDEN              Region: Bashkortostan in the Western Urals                         Region: Chelyabinsk Oblast, Eastern Siberia
                         Population: 1,042,437                                              Population: 418,545 – largest iron and steel
     SLOVAKIA            Time Zone: (GMT+5)                                                 works in Russia
   LEAGUE                Russian Super League                                               Time Zone: (GMT+5)
   CHL QUALIFICATION National Champion                                   LEAGUE             Russian Super League
   NATIONAL              1 Time Russian National Champion:               CHL QUALIFICATION #2 Regular Season and ECC 2008 Champ
   CHAMPIONSHIPS         2007/2008                                       NATIONAL           3 Time Russian National Champion:
   REGULAR SEASON        2004/2005: 13 2005/2006: 7                      CHAMPIONSHIPS      1998/1999, 2000/2001, 2006/2007
   STANDINGS             2006/2007: 3 2007/2008: 1                       REGULAR SEASON     2004/2005: 5 2005/2006: 3
   COACH                 2007/2008: Sergei Mikhalev, 61                  STANDINGS          2006/3007: 1 2007/2008: 3
   PLAYERS TO            #35 Vladimir antipov (F)                        COACH              2007/2008: Valery postnikov – Former
   WATCH                 #70 oleg Tverdovsky (D)                                            Metallurg Magnitogorsk Goalie
                         #44 Kirill Koltsov(D)                                              2008/2009: Valery Belousov – Former
                         #27 aleksei Tereshenko (F)                                         coach of this club from 1996–2003. Also
                         #37 alexei perezhogin                                              Coached Avnagard Omsk. Played for
                         #45 andrei Kuteikin (D)                                            Traktor Chelybinsk (F) and for Metallurg
                         #30 alexander Ermenko (g)                                          Magnitogorsk
   FOREIGN PLAYERS       #55 Michal Mikeska CZE (F)                      PLAYERS TO         #27 Vitali atyushov (D)
   ON TEAM               #52 Radek Filip CZE (D)                         WATCH              #15 Jan Marek (F)
                         #3 Milan Hnilicka CZE (g)                                          #22 igor Korolev (F)
                                                                                            #55 alexei Kaigorodov (F)
   FORMER PLAYERS        oleg Tverdovsky (NJ Devils,
   WHO BECAME/           Carolina Hurricanes)                            FOREIGN PLAYERS    #15 Jan Marek – CZE (F)
   WERE NHL STARS        alexander perezhogin                            ON TEAM            #21 Jaroslav Kudrna – CZE (F)
                         (Montreal Canadiens)                                               #7 alexey litivinenko – KaZ (D)
                         Kirill Koltsov (Vancouver Canucks)                                 #12 Dimitri pestunov – KaZ
                                                                                            #29 Travis Scott – CaN (g)
   OTHER                 – The team is named after Salavat Yulayev,
   INTERESTING             soldier poet, national hero of the Bashkirs   FORMER PLAYERS     Evgeni Malkin (Pittsburgh Penguins)
   FACTS                   who was from Ufa and fought in the Cos-       WHO BECAME NHL     Sergei gonchar (Pittsburgh Penguins)
                           sack Rebellion against Catherine the Great    STARS              Evgeny Nabokov (San Jose Sharks)
                         – Have been in the Superleague since 1992                          Dmitry Kalinin (Buffalo Sabres)
   FOUNDED               1957 (Trud Ufa 1957-59) &                       OTHER              2 Time European Hockey League Cham-
                         (Gstello Ufa 1959-62)                           INTERESTING        pions (1999, 2000) 2008 ECC Champion,
                                                                         FACTS              Spengler Cup 2005
   ARENA                 Ufa Arena
                         Capacity: 8000                                  FOUNDED            1950
                         Built: 2007                                     ARENA              Arena Metallurg
   WEBSITE                                                        Capacity: 7700
                                                                                            Built: 2007

   Club Metallurg Magnitogorsk


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