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									Volume 4, No. 2/March 2001

                                 In Lambaréné, Schweitzer Fellow
                                 Learns to Strengthen Compassion
                                                                                                                                               needy patients since that
                                                                                                                                               time. I acutely felt the dis-
of the
                                                                                                                                               crepancy between the min-
                                                                                                                                               utes of time and the polyvit-
                                                                                                                                               amins that I could offer and
                                                                                                                                               the nutritious food, potable
                                                                                                                                               water, and basic health care
                                                                                                                                               that these children needed.
                                                                                                                                                  It was in this state of
                                                                                                                                               mind that I found myself
Schweitzer                                                                                                                                     face to face with the 24th

                                                                                                                                Sheri Weiser
                                                                                                                                               mother I had seen that day,
Fellowship                                                                                                                                     holding the sickest child I
                                 Justine Larson (right) helps with pediatric consultations in Bescos, a small                                  had seen yet, who was
                                 lumber village accessible only by boat and air.                                                               struggling to breathe, fever-
                                 By Justine Larson                                      how underqualified I felt to                           ish with pneumonia. I
                                                                                        act as a doctor for children                           leaned towards the woman:

                                          t was 4:30 in the                             without access to any other                            “Madam, your child needs
                                          evening in Weliga,                            provider. I imagined a child                           to go to the hospital. She is
                                          a small village three                         convulsing with a seizure or                           very sick.” Her eyes wide,
                                          hours outside of                              losing fluids uncontrollably                           she responded simply, “I
                                          Lambaréné. Our                                or growing increasingly                                don’t have the means.” I
                                          team—three nurses,                            cyanotic, with the mother                              leaned further across the
                                 the driver, and myself—had                             looking at me expectantly                              table, frustrated and
                                 been working in the small                              for instructions.                                      exhausted: “Please, she
                                 dispensary of the village                                 At this time, however, at                           needs to go to the hospital.”
                                 delivering vaccines, nutri-                            4:30 in the afternoon in                               Again, she said quietly, “I
                                 tional counseling, HIV edu-                            Weliga, exhaustion, rather                             don’t have the means.”
Inside...                        cation, and health care to
                                 the children of the village.
                                                                                        than fear, was foremost in
                                                                                        my mind. Our team had
                                                                                                                                                  At that moment, I had a
                                                                                                                                               startling realization: the
Vermont Fellow Gives
Gift of Music .............3     As per the usual routine—                              worked continuously in the                             greatest challenge I will
Pittsburgh Fellow                or what would become rou-                              heat, without eating or                                face as I become a doctor is
Supports Families                tine by my third month with                            drinking, since 9:30 in the                            to allow two inextricable
of Internationally               the Protection Maternelle et                           morning. I had seen 23                                         (continued on page 2)
Adopted Children .......4        Infantile (PMI), a program
Helping Asian-American           run by the Hôpital
Youth Overcome Barriers ..6      Schweitzer in Lambaréné—
Development                      the nurses would register
Report 2000................D-1   the children, weigh them,
Schweitzer Fellows               and provide any necessary
Reunion ...................7
                                 vaccines, and I would see
Nurturing the                    any children who were sick,
Caring in Us All .........8
                                 acting as the “doctor” for
Fellows News .............9
                                 the team.
                                    During my first days with
                                 the PMI I felt, overwhelm-
                                                                       Justine Larson

                                 ingly, fear and trepidation. I
                                 wondered if the nurses work-
                                                                                        Patients at the Protection Maternelle et Infantile of the Hôpital Schweitzer in
                                 ing with me had any idea                               Lambaréné often must wait more than three hours to be seen by a clinician.

 The Albert Schweitzer               Strengthening Compassion
                                     (continued from page 1)
 Fellowship                          components of doctoring—
 Board of Directors                  compassion and stress—to
 Mark L. Wolf, Chair                 coexist. Exhaustion, hunger,
 Lachlan Forrow, President           thirst, frustration, fear, and
 Jim Jones, Vice President           feelings of inadequacy—all
 Daphne Kempner, Vice                feelings I will probably
 President                           experience in many more
 Eric E. Van Loon, Vice President    instances to come—are the
 Patricia S. White, Vice President
                                     same sensations that present

                                                                                                                                                        Sheri Weiser
 Antje Lemke, Secretary
                                     the greatest obstacle to
 Harvey Bines, Treasurer
 Lawrence Gussman, Chair
                                     understanding and caring for
 Emeritus                            other human beings. How         Justine Larson and nurses from the Protection Maternelle et Infantile (PMI) load
                                                                     supplies onto a boat for their return from Bescos to the Hôpital Schweitzer.
 Rhena Schweitzer Miller,            can I learn to be compas-
 Director Emerita                    sionate when I myself am
 John Baldwin
                                     challenged to my greatest
 Arn Chorn-Pond
 Albert Crum
                                     capacities, physically, men-
 James O. Freedman                   tally, and emotionally?
 Sally Harris                            Medical education is still
 John Karefa-Smart                   lacking in its ability to
 Wilfred Mbacham                     develop compassion among
 James O’Connell                     its students. I believe that an
 Joseph F. O’Donnell                 aspect of the Schweitzer
 Phillip Pulaski                     Fellowship that is truly com-
 Rebecca Reynolds                    mendable is its dedication to
 Mary Wallace
                                     fostering compassion among

                                                                                                                                                        Justine Larson
 Advisory Board                      students working in health
 Robert Coles                        care. From that moment in
 Millard Fuller
                                     Weliga, I learned in a very      Hôpital Schweitzer nurses and Schweitzer Fellow Sheri Weiser prepare for a
 Jackie Jenkins-Scott
                                     real way that my own ability day at the PMI.
 Stacey Kabat
 Judith Kurland
                                     to be compassionate must be
 Jennifer Leaning                    developed and strengthened. I must seek
                                                                                           Justine Larson, who worked in Lambaréné
 Bernard Lown                        ways of preventing unavoidable sensations
                                                                                           from August through October 2000, is a
 Yo Yo Ma                            such as exhaustion and fear from draining
                                                                                           fourth-year student at Harvard Medical
 Michael McCally                     what I believe to be the most important
 Edouard Nies-Berger                                                                       School.
                                     aspect of being a care provider: caring.
 Andrew Rowan
 Victor Sidel
 Quentin D. Young
 Staff                                  The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship™ was                   Programs, which encourage students in
 Lachlan Forrow, President              founded in 1940 to support Dr. Schweitzer               health-related disciplines to act on their
 Kari Hannibal, Director, U.S.          at his hospital in Lambaréné, Gabon. For                idealism and carry out community service
 Schweitzer Fellows Programs            more than 50 years, the Fellowship has                  projects that benefit needy individuals and
 Beth Amis, Director of Finance         furnished direct assistance to the hospital.            communities locally. Today, Schweitzer
 and Administration
 Jessica Seabury, Program
                                        In 1955, Albert Schweitzer gave the                     Programs are located in Baltimore, Boston,
 Assistant                              Fellowship another mandate—that of pro-                 Chicago, New York City, and Pittsburgh
 Nwenna Swan, Development               moting and sustaining his ethic of                      and in North Carolina and New Hampshire/
 Assistant                              “Reverence for Life.” Since 1978, the                   Vermont. The Fellowship also maintains
 Reverence                              Fellowship has sent annually four senior                links with Schweitzer-related organizations
 Glenn Ruga, Designer                   medical students to work for three-month                internationally and supports a publications
 Jan Reiss, Editor                      rotations at the hospital. In 1991, the                 program of books by and about Dr.
                                        Fellowship initiated its Schweitzer Fellows             Schweitzer.

2 Reverence | March 2001
                                                                                                                                CURRENT FELLOWS

Vermont Fellow Gives the Gift of Music
By Stacey Valentine

           usic is a gift. Performing it is

M          a means of expression, a way
           of giving of oneself to others.
           Live music engages both lis-
tener and performer, sometimes with
important, dramatic results. As a musi-
cian, I have seen music bring relaxation,
joy, and peace to those who are suffer-
ing. In college, I performed with the
marching band outreach volunteer pro-
gram for the residents of local nursing
homes. The directors at each facility
told us how the music helped improve
the general health of their patients. The            Schweitzer Fellow Stacey Valentine (left) watches as Cheri Gagnon plays the guitar for patients on the
residents’ faces lit up when we played a             Oncology Floor at the Fletcher Allen Health Care nursing home.
song they recognized, be it a jazz tune
from their youth or a holiday classic.               that they did not have the time to work               outside world and fond memories of
Their smiles and gratitude touched my                with the hospital to schedule their own               the past. The staff report that the
heart. Those moments inspired me to                  performances.                                         music has also helped to relax their
bring music to the patients of Fletcher              Patients look forward to hearing                      working environment.
Allen Health Care and the Vermont                    the music, which brings peace and                         One particular performance comes to
Respite House via the Green Mountain                                                                       mind when I think of my goals for the
                                                     relaxation to many, as well as a
Musical Volunteers Program in Vermont.                                                                     project. A volunteer was performing for
   My project began to take shape as I
                                                     connection to the outside world                       patients at a local adult day center, with
realized that a large number of musi-                and fond memories of the past.                        the residents singing along. From time
cians in the Burlington community                       I organized a formal music program,                to time, one of them would turn to me
shared my desire to bring music into                 working with the musicians and the                    and relate a memory that the song had
the lives of patients. As a member of                hospital to schedule regular perform-                 brought back. It was heartwarming to
the Burlington Amateur Musicians                     ances on the floors that were in the                  watch these patients engage with the
Orchestra, I already had ties to the                 greatest need of live music. Patients                 performer. Their response to the per-
musical community. But although I                    now look forward to hearing the music,                formance was very moving. It reminded
found many musicians interested in                   which brings peace and relaxation to                  me of how powerful an impact music
performing for patients, I also found                many, as well as a connection to the                  can have.
                                                                                                               The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship
                                                                                                           has allowed me to integrate my love for
                                                                                                           music with my passion for medicine
                                                                                                           and to share my music with the
                                                                                                           Burlington community. I have learned a
                                                                                                           great deal about myself and the patients
                                                                                                           I have helped, and they have given me
                                                                                                           insight into how my love for music can
                                                                                                           help me to be a better physician.

                                                                                                           Stacey Valentine is a 2000–01 New
                                                                                                           Hampshire/Vermont Schweitzer Fellow
                                                                                                           studying at the University of Vermont
2000–01 New Hampshire/Vermont Schweitzer Fellows enjoy a break during their orientation in early
                                                                                                           College of Medicine.
September 2000.

                                                                                                                                 March 2001 | Reverence 3

Pittsburgh Fellow Supports Families
of Internationally Adopted Children
By Ingrid M. Kanics                         these children. In some cases, the par-     Assorted doctors in Pittsburgh who
                                            ents themselves had little understand-      work with and assess these children
            y project is geared toward      ing of the many medical issues facing       presented the morning sessions. The

M           providing parents of inter-
            nationally adopted chil-
            dren with the information
and local supports they need to help
them adjust and support their new
                                            their new children and how to address
                                            those issues so their children could
                                            adjust and thrive in their new families.
                                            The field of occupational therapy
                                            focuses on helping people fulfill their
                                                                                        afternoon sessions focused on school
                                                                                        treatments (speech, OT) and advocat-
                                                                                        ing for the child in the educational set-
                                                                                        ting. We advertised the conference
                                                                                        through local newspapers, at local uni-
children and become a family. I began       daily roles. I felt that in this case the   versities, in medical and therapy
developing this idea several years ago,     parents adopting these children were        offices, and on numerous adoption list-
when I worked as an occupational            having their life roles drastically         serves. Overall, interest in the confer-
therapy (OT) technical aide in a pedi-      altered, but were receiving little sup-     ence was incredible, with numerous
atric practice in North Carolina. The       port for their own adjustment, let          responses from all over the United
practice focused on sensory integra-        alone that of their new children.           States and around the world.
tion—a specific OT theory that deals                                                       The conference was well attended;
with processing of sensory information
                                            The parents adopting these children         47 parents and professionals from
and its relationship to behavior and        were having their life roles drasti-        Pittsburgh and surrounding areas par-
daily functioning.                          cally altered, but were receiving lit-      ticipated, as well as several doctors
   We began treating several interna-       tle support for their own adjust-           from Cleveland and a parent from
tionally adopted children, and I had        ment, let alone that of their new           Indiana. The participants were
the chance to hear the parents speak        children.                                   extremely happy with the information
of their struggles to help their children                                               that was shared. We asked them if
succeed and become part of their               For my project, I have been working      they would be interested in attending
families. Many of these children face       with a woman who adopted a two-year-        monthly or bimonthly parent/profes-
specific medical and behavioral chal-       old boy from Romania in 1992. Several       sional support group meetings; 22 par-
lenges, as a result of a lack of prenatal   years later, after struggling to help       ticipants said they would. We also
care, institutionalization as infants, or   her son adjust and become part of the       asked them to list topics of interest,
exposure to alcohol in utero. Around        family, she and other parents organized     and they generated a good number of
the same time, I had some family            the Parent Network for the Post-            ideas. We have thus begun planning
friends who had adopted international-      Institutionalized Child. She had identi-    these regular meetings and are cur-
ly and shared their difficulties in try-    fied a local need from parents in the       rently working on setting up the for-
ing to support their children and           area focusing on helping children who       mat, location, schedule, professional
obtain for them the services they           were beginning the education process.       participants, and other details. My
needed.                                     She and I planned and presented a           hope is that those who adopted several
   More recently, as an occupational        daylong conference in November              years ago will act as mentors to the
therapy student at Duquesne                 2000, held at Duquesne University           more recent adoptive parents and that
University, I had the chance to meet        in conjunction with its Occupational        this group will continue well past the
more of these families through assort-      Therapy Department. The conference,         end of my current fellowship.
ed school placement experiences in          “Intercountry Adoption: Emerging               There are plans to open a treatment
the Pittsburgh area. Repeatedly, I          Issues in Children’s Education,”            center here in Pittsburgh, to be run by
found parents struggling to keep their      brought in local doctors, therapists,       Duquesne University and Mercy
families together and to help their new     and advocates to give parents of inter-     Hospital. It would be a multi-discipli-
children adjust. Some seemed to             nationally adopted children an under-       nary center, a place where students
receive support from their adoption         standing of the educational issues their    from the education, occupational ther-
agencies; others did not. Some school       children may face, the reasons they         apy, physical therapy, speech therapy,
districts were unable to handle the         have these issues, possible treatment       and physician assistant programs
special educational needs of many of        approaches, and avenues for advocacy.       could gain practical experience with

4 Reverence | March 2001
                                                                                                                       CURRENT FELLOWS

                                                                                                            Letter of
 October 3
           0, 2000
                                                                                       g one of y
                                                                                                     our    Appreciation
                    dy,                                                  te involvin
 Dear Ms.
                                       relay an in
                                                      spiring an
                                                                                                             for Schweitzer
                          to you to                                                                    is here
             m writing                                                                  . This boy           Fellow
  Today I a           ws, Amy
                                                                           our clinic                     e was
              r Fello                                           came to                      y. After h
  Schweitze                                       ar-old boy                    any famil                               Amy Blair, a 2000–01
                                      ill 16-ye                    d without                       d that this
               sday,  a seriously             only S   panish an            it was   determine              eat-        Chicago Area Schweitzer
   Last Thur                   , speaking                       yHealth,                      osis and tr
                o m Mexico                      t  Communit                     ther diagn                               Fellow, is a student at the
   illegally fr                    ysicians a                      om for fur                       k County
                 by s everal ph                      e rgency ro                      me to Coo                          Loyola University Stritch
    examined                             ounty em                        her own ti
                           to Cook C                       e went on                      him.                            School of Medicine.
    boy neede
                 d to go                      is boy, sh                    preter for
                               arned of th advocate and inter                                              ergenc y       She is carrying out her
                 en Amy le                 as an                                               in the em
     ment. Wh               to act both                                         h this boy                                 Schweitzer Fellowship
                  y room                                           stayed wit                    le time
                                                     ital, Amy                      onsiderab                      is      service project at the
                                      to the hos
                                                    p                   y spent c                       sness of h
                         admitted                         t time, Am                      the seriou                        CommunityHealth Clinic.
       Before he
                   was                       uring tha                     y belittled                     w the
                    ver seve   n hours. D              n. Wh   ile the bo           . She d   id not allo                   The Chicago Area
       room for o                        as going o                    his behalf                      dvantaged
                   g to h  im what w                     o ke up on                       eady disa                         Schweitzer Fellows
        explainin                          s, Amy sp                        by his alr
                     to the   physician                       m promised                                                     Program, directed by
        symptoms                                is care co
                                   or have h                                                                                 Michelle Arnaudy,
                     neglected            patient ad
                                                                                                          s her
         boy to be                 true                                            . She in                      and         received the letter
                      Amy is a                                         ityHealth                      r patients
         situation.                                      t Commun                       ate for ou                    e       reprinted at left. The
                                            patients a          educate a
                                                                            nd advoc                         care. Sh
                       mmit   ted to the                                                    l barriers to                     letter has been slightly
          Amy is co                             Spanish to                     al/interna                      with
                       e of med   icine and                       ing extern          reach ou     r patients                  edited from the
          knowledg                                    by remov                                                    alth
                                     ce ss to care            ell. Am  y is able to e at CommunityHe                           original.
                       m with ac                 ulation w                      taff her
           assist the              erved pop                       ents and s
                        r unders             umility. T
                                                          he pati
            serves ou          ion, and h                             itment.
                         pass                             nd comm                                                repre-
            care, com                        resence a                                                you have
                         ed by A    my’s p                                     credib  le woman
             are honor                                            what an in             odel for o
                                          uld lik   e to know               ue role m
                            ght you w
                                         o                        e is a tr
              I just thou                            wship. Sh
                            e Schwe    itzer Fello
               senting th

                Sincerely,            SN
                            lon RN, B
                M onica Dil
                           upervisor              inois
                 Nursing S             hicago, Ill
                            yHealth, C

this population. It is still very much in        session at the national OT meeting in                To say the least, this project has
the planning stages, but I’m hopeful             Philadelphia in April 2001, and I                 gone much further than I ever expect-
that my project will help the planners           have been asked to write an article on            ed. It affirms to me that this is an area
see that there really is a need for such                                                           of need not just in Pittsburgh, but in
a center.                                        After a number of people expressed                the entire international adoption com-
   There is also the possibility of a            interest, we are planning regular                 munity, where parents are not getting
second conference to be sponsored in             parent/professional support group                 the information that they need to help
conjunction with the Duquesne                    meetings.                                         the children they want so much to help.
University Education Department, but
this is still in the early planning              the project for one of the special inter-         Ingrid M. Kanics is a 2000–01
stages. My project has generated a lot           est sections of the OT association,               Pittsburgh Fellow studying at the
of interest in the OT community: I will          since many OTs deal with this popula-             Duquesne School of Occupational
be presenting the project in a poster            tion in treatment.                                Therapy.

                                                                                                                          March 2001 | Reverence 5

 Helping Immigrant Asian-American Youth
 Overcome Barriers
By Wei Wei Li                                        society about the problems our young-
                                                     sters face nowadays. As I was screen-
      n reading through the descriptions             ing the 300 essays we received, I was

I     of the projects conducted by other
      Fellows [in the 1999/2000 issue of
      Reverence], I am amazed by the
growth of the Fellowship as well as the
level of dedication exhibited by the
                                                     deeply touched by what I read. The
                                                     majority of these immigrant students
                                                     talked about the isolation, fear, and
                                                     language barriers they faced and how
                                                     they were trying to deal with these
Fellows. Their accomplishments are                   issues. The seriousness of their prob-
really an inspiration to me. It has led              lems, ranging from lack of family sup-
me to reflect on what I have done and                port to having to work two jobs after
learned during my past fellowship year,              school to help the family pay back
and what I plan to do from this point on.            debt, has made me feel a great impera-
   I submitted an article in English                 tive to give them a helping hand. So in
                                                                                                      Wei Wei Li
that was translated into Chinese and                 my article I wrote that the most
appeared in the World Journal maga-                  important and urgent issue facing our            help someone to be recognized for
zine on June 6, 2000. I wrote on the                 community is to help the immigrant               what they had accomplished. When I
topic of the Chinese-American integra-               student to have a smoother and more              reread my article, it reminds me of
tion into mainstream society. At the                 successful transition into this country.         what I have done as a Schweitzer
time, I was just completing my work at               I also talked about the need to change           Fellow and how my work has affected
the Chinatown Health Clinic, where I                 the preconceived notion of Asian-                others as well as myself. It keeps me
designed and helped to organize a stu-               Americans as being “book smart.”                 sharp about my aspirations and my
dent writing contest for Asian-                         After the prescreening of the                 commitment.
American youth in New York City who                  entries, I helped the judges to select              This year, I am going to work in the
were new immigrants. We invited the                  the winners and actually met them at             New York City Department of Health.
students to write about their emotional,             the awards ceremony. That day was                Through the support of the Elizabeth
family, and school problems, both to                 one of the happiest days for me. In the          Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, I
increase awareness about mental                      past it was always someone handing               will work on a special project in the
health and to inform parents and                     me the award, but now I was able to              AIDS surveillance unit, which investi-
                                                                                                      gates the effectiveness of the treat-
                                                                                                      ment ZVD in preventing AIDS trans-
                                                                                                      mission from infected mothers to new-
                                                                                                      borns. Don’t think it is just one of
                                                                                                      those boring, tedious laboratory jobs! I
                                                                                                      am going to visit the 22 sites affiliated
                                                                                                      with the Department of Health in the
                                                                                                      city and will be working with a team
                                                                                                      of statisticians and doctors. I am really
                                                                                                      excited about this year and hope that I
                                                                                                      will learn and grow just as I did in the
                                                                                                      Schweitzer Fellows Program.

                                                                                                      Wei Wei Li was a 1999–2000 New York
                                                                                                      Schweitzer Fellow.
Schweitzer Fellows met for a reunion at the American Public Health Association meeting in Boston in
November 2000. Some of those attending were, from left, Rebecca Kalin (New York), Jessica Seabury
(National Office), Aba Ewusi (Pittsburgh), Marva Price, R.N., Ph.D. (North Carolina/mentor and past
Fellow), and Richard Kimball (Baltimore).

6 Reverence | March 2001
Volume 4, No. 2/ March 2001

                                                                                                managed care organizations,
                              Celebrating                     confirmation of Dr.
                                                              Schweitzer’s belief that there    and other corporations all
                              Philanthropy                    is a vast untapped reservoir
                                                              of idealism in our communi-
                                                                                                testify to the broad support
                                                                                                for “idealism in action” that
                                                              ties that, if nurtured, hon-      is present in our communi-
                              We ought all to make an         ored, and provided with spe-      ties. Thank you!
                              effort to act on our first      cific opportunities for action,
                              thoughts and let our
                              unspoken gratitude find
                              expression.Then there will
                              be more sunshine in the
                              world, and more power to
                              work for what is good.
                                         —Albert Schweitzer
                                                              can become a powerful
                                                              resource in helping people in
                                                              need. As Schweitzer wrote,
                                                              “Judging by what I have
                                                              learned about men and
                                                              women, I am convinced that
                                                              far more idealistic aspiration
                                                                                                    Source of Gifts
                                                                                                            FY 2000
                                                                                                     Foundations 24%
                                                              exists than is ever evident.
Development                             ver the past          Just as the rivers we see are                     Corporations 6%

2000                          O         decade, the activi-
                                        ties of the Albert
                              Fellowship have multiplied
                                                              much less numerous than the
                                                              underground streams, so the
                                                              idealism that is visible is
                                                              minor compared to what men
                                                                                                                       Board 15%

                                                                                                   . .
                              rapidly, primarily through      and women carry in their
                              the creation and expansion      hearts, unreleased or scarce-
                              of our U.S. Schweitzer          ly released. Mankind is wait-
                              Fellows Programs. While in
                              1991 the Fellowship sup-
                              ported four Lambaréné
                                                              ing and longing for those who
                                                              can accomplish the task of
                                                              untying what is knotted and
                              Medical Student Fellows         bringing the underground
                              who served for three months     waters to the surface.”
                                                                                                                       Individuals 34%
                              each at the Schweitzer              While the Schweitzer
                                                              Fellows themselves are the               Schools/Other 21%
                              Hospital in Gabon, today
                              more than 140 Schweitzer        direct source of nearly
                              Fellows are selected and        30,000 hours of service
                              supported annually, bringing    annually, their expanding
                              much-needed assistance to       activities are possible only           Allocation of
                              underserved individuals and     because of the many friends            Gift Support
                              communities not only in         and supporters of the                         FY 2000
                              Africa but also in Baltimore,   Fellowship, and it is with
                                                                                                    Lambaréné 2%
                              Boston, Chicago, New            profound gratitude that we
                                                                                                       Other Programs 2%
                              Hampshire/Vermont, New          publicly acknowledge them
                                                                                                                       General Expenses,
                              York, North Carolina, and       here. Gifts from individuals,                            Administration, and
                              Pittsburgh.                     family foundations, profes-                              Fundraising 22%
                                 The success of these         sional medical societies and
                              programs is powerful            health professional schools,
                                                                                                  .. .
                              Source of Gifts— FY 2000
                              Source of Gift
                              Corporations                                       $64,000
                              Foundations                                       $154,811                           Endowment 20%
                              Schools, Professional Societies, Other            $133,225               U.S. Programs 54%
                              Total                                             $667,358
                                                                                                        March 2001 | Reverence D1

                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Taff           Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Berliss, Jr.
          he Albert Schweitzer Fellowship is most                   Mr. and Mrs. Eric Van Loon        Dr. and Mrs. Ari Berman

  T       grateful to all of the friends and supporters
          who made financial commitments in 2000.
          These contributions allowed us to fund 145
  U.S. Fellows, support international work in Lamba-
  réné and other locations, and continue to offer
                                                                    Christoph Westphal

                                                                    Erica Anderson
                                                                    Gifts of $500 to $999
                                                                                                      Mathieu Bermingham
                                                                                                      Rev. and Mrs. Wallace Bieber
                                                                                                      Elsa Bishop
                                                                                                      Robert G. Bjornson
                                                                                                      Anthony Blair
                                                                                                      Jennifer Blake-Lahti
  Schweitzer publications and other related materials.              Amgen, Inc.                       Mary Sue Blevins
                                                                    Lee Bone                          Phyllis Bloch
                                                                    William Burgin                    Eleanor Bonsaint
                                                                    Albert Crum                       Lucy Booth
Albert Schweitzer                  Schweitzer Fellows               Elise Donohue                     Jo Ivey Boufford
Society                            Society                          Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Eaton         Philippa Bovet
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  and Nan Kay                        Foundation
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Baltimore Community Foundation     W. Kenneth Seubert
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Annie E. Casey Foundation          Lynne and Mark Wolf
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Chesapeake Health Plan
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Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical          Gifts of $5,000 or             Leon Lowenstein Foundation        Mr. and Mrs. Irving Burkhardt
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Fidelity Foundation
Lawrence Gussman
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Harvard Medical School
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Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
                                                                    Slade Gorton & Co., Inc.          Marianne Cameron
  Foundation                         plete year. A gift of
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Massachusetts Medical Society        $2,500 funds the               Joan Warburg                      Mary Cannon and Susan
Joseph Meyerhoff Family
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  Charitable Funds
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D2 Reverence | March 2001
                                                                                                     DEVELOPMENT REPORT

Diana Currie                      Roberta Foster                    Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hoyt, Jr.      Daniel Lowenstein and Mylo
Raymond Curry and Kristi          Dr. and Mrs. Howard Francis       Grace Hsiao                       Schaaf
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Frederick Danner                  Mr. and Mrs. Austin Gale          Innisfree Foundation             Donald Makosky
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Danziger      Sanjay Gandhi                     Lois James                       Arcelio Maldonado
Ranajit Datta                     Winifred Geer                     Mr. and Mrs. Allen Janis         Mary Mally
Jean Daubenas                     Robert Geppert                    Joan Janson                      Marguerite Manley
David and Evelyn Auerbach         Arthur Gibb                       Stephen Jay                      Joan Mann
 Foundation                       Geoffrey Gilmartin                Jackie Jenkins-Scott             Melinda Mann
Dorothy Day                       Dr. and Mrs. Jack Gladstein       Elizabeth Lee Jens               Paul Manulik
Dr. and Mrs. Aurelio de la Vega   Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Glasser       Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson, Jr.   Edith Margolius
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar De Sylva       Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gmoser          Lise Johnson                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marshall
Thomas and Jill Delbanco          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Goldberg      Yewande Joy Johnson              Norman Marsolini
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Delihas     John Goodson                      Clara Jones                      Paul Marsolini
Seta Demurjian                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gorton       William Corbett Jones            Mr. and Mrs. William Matthews
Dr. and Mrs. Roman DeSanctis      Leatrice Granitto                 Christine Jordan                 Jonathan McDonagh
Carmela Desopo                    Franklin Grapel                   Mr. and Mrs. Pete Jorgensen      Robert McKersie
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Diamond      Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Gray          Deborah Judd                     Mr. and Mrs. James Meem
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Diana        Mr. and Mrs. George Gray          John and Annemarie Judson        Dr. and Mrs. Steven Melamed
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Daria Donnelly                    Heidi Hallonquist                 Elizabeth Kass                   Teresa Metcalf
Kelly Dooley                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hamilton     Mr. and Mrs. Edward Katz         Mr. and Mrs. Walter Michael
Datcha Dorvil                     Kari Hannibal                     Mr. and Mrs. Gary Katz           Michael! Works
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dreyer        Marian Harders                    David Keller and Julie Meyers    William Middleton
Lorraine Dudley-Stanfield         Diane Henkels                     Susan Kelly                      Helaine Miller
Suzanne Dunbar                    Bette Henning                     Fran Sharon Kemmer               Diane Minasian
Tracie Dunek                      Col. and Mrs. Christian Herrera   Mr. and Mrs. Maximilian          Maya Mitchell
Everett Dunton                    Abram Herrera-Peters               Kempner                         Michael Moran
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Ecker         Brian Herrick                     Emily Kennedy                    Anne Morlan
Susan Edgman-Levitan              Hannah Herz                       Stefan Kertesz                   Debbie Morris-Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Eilbott        Mr. and Mrs. James Hess           Ray Kinder                       Richard P. and Claire W. Morse
Ann Eldridge Malone               Larry Hess                        Mr. and Mrs. Roger King           Foundation
Ruth Ellsworth                    Inge Heybey                       Mr. and Mrs. Wilber Kirk         Elizabeth Mort
Susanne Engler                    Laurie Hickey                     Pauline Kishpaugh                David Mushatt
James English                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hiers        Frances Alice Kleeman            Dr. and Mrs. W. P. Laird Myers
Lisabeth Culbertson Ernharth      Aunita Marie Hill                 Mrs. Bertram Klein               Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Nagle, Jr.
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Rushika Fernandopulle             Albert Hirtz                      Mr. and Mrs. Frank Klingberg     Jeesun Nam
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Fessenden    Guy Hoagland                      Uwe Koepke and Anne Mauks        Laura Calamos Nasir
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Finkelstein   Heinrich Holland                  Helmut Koester                   Majid-Reza Navi
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   In Memoriam                                                      Ruth Ellen Lahde                 Shu Min Ning
                                                                    Matthew Lally                    John Norman, Jr.
  Annemarie M. Mewhorter                                            Lillian Lang                     Constance Novelli
                                                                    Gaddy Lassiter                   Edward Nowakowski
                   The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship                 Robert and Cynthia Lawrence      James O’Connell
                   has received a generous bequest from             P. Nelson Le                     Sarah Ogline
                   Annemarie Mewhorter of Frankenmuth,              Virginia Leffel                  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Osborn
                   Michigan. Mrs. Mewhorter was born in             Mr. and Mrs. David Leichtman     Mayumi Otsuka
                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. David Levine        Mr. and Mrs. Donald Paine
                   Germany. She loved music and deeply
                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Finlay Lewis        Erica Pan
                   admired Dr. Schweitzer’s work in                 Dr. and Mrs. Jim Liljestrand     Richard Pantalone
                   Africa. Her gift will permanently                Collins Yu-Chen Liu              Panwy Foundation, Inc.
  endow a U.S. Schweitzer Fellow each year whose work               Shan Woo Liu                     Donna Jean Parker
  will incorporate music in helping others.                         Valerie Ljungkvist               Randall Paulsen
                                                                    Maurice Loiselle                 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Peed

                                                                                                             March 2001 | Reverence D3

Maria Pelucio                   Patricia Tesik                    Alfred and Hedwig Herz             In Honor of…
Frank Perry                     Mr. and Mrs. Miles Theurich        Hannah Herz
                                                                                                     Sean Chapin
Lynn and Nancy Peterson         Sigrid and Peter Tishler          Jeanette B. Holland                 Paul L. Marsolini
Patricia Peterson               James Traver                       Heinrich D. Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pfeiffer     Mr. and Mrs. David Trimble                                           Arn Chorn-Pond
Russell and Elise Phillips      Mr. and Mrs. Harry Troutman       Agnes Katz                          Eric Van Loon
Judith Pinsker and              Angela Turner                      Mr. and Mrs. Edward Katz
                                                                                                     Dan Federman
  Benjamin Smith                Elizabeth Twardon                 Tan Kok King                        Eric Van Loon
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Piper        Janet Ullmann                      Andrew T. Chan
                                                                                                     Lachlan Forrow
Odilia Popper                   Hilma Unterberger                 Misty Korner                        Russell and Elise Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. John Post          Mr. and Mrs. Willem Van Pelt       Eli Korner
Sharon Pressly                  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ventura                                            Crystal Gosselin and Family
Marva Price                     Mr. and Mrs. Ron Visconti         Reinhard Lahde                      Kenneth and Beth Amis
Betsy Prudden                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wallace        Ruth Ellen Lahde
                                                                                                     Lawrence Gussman
Margaret Quander                Mr. and Mrs. J. Catesby Ware      Georgiana Landry                    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Berliss, Jr.
Lois Weber Reasoner             Dr. and Mrs. D. DeWitt Wasson      Patricia Burchard                  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dreyer
Robert Reich                    Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Watkins      David C. Lum                        Jack Gantz Foundation
Frances Reid                    Ilene Weinberg                     Marian A. Lum                      Mr. and Mrs. Roger King
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Reilly      Saul Weiner                                                           Mrs. Bertram Klein
Rebecca Reynolds                Dana Weintraub                    Dr. Larry Mellon
Dr. and Mrs. Roland Richmond    Dr. and Mrs. Robert Wesselhoeft    William A. Middleton              John Karefa-Smart
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rios          Patricia Schaffer White                                                Eric Van Loon
                                                                  David Miller
Dr. and Mrs. John Ritchie       Gloria Whitehead                   Alice Miller Batchelor            Robert Kraft
J. Deotis Roberts               Dr. and Mrs. David Williams        Mr. and Mrs. Wilber W. Kirk        Lynne and Mark Wolf
Rockefeller Foundation          Elinor Willis                                                        Robert Lawrence
                                                                  Stanley Miller
Harry Rosenberg                 Thomas Wilson, Jr.                                                    Robert Abernethy
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Maxine Ross                     Mary Porter Wise
Jim and Margery Sabin           Beatrice Wolf                     W. Ernest Neubauer                 Herman Leis
Miriam Sajkovic                 Bruce Wolff                        Ann Neubauer                       Mr. and Mrs. Miles Theurich
John Paul SanGiovanni           Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Woodruff      Dr. Ramon Palacio                  Antje Lemke
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Schachter   Warren Wright                      Dr. and Mrs. Aurelio de la Vega    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Fessenden
Dulcie Schackman                Janet Wullner-Faiss Cloak                                             Hilma Unterberger
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Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Schnitker   Mary Jo Zacheis
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Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schnitzer   Dr. and Mrs. Albright
                                                                  Ronald Roseman                      Eric Van Loon
Dieter Scholz                     Zimmerman
Wandah Schulz                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Delihas     Emory Ross
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Schur       The following individ-            Arthur Schulz                       Maxine Ross
Anthony Schwartz                uals made thoughtful               Wandah Schulz                     Jessica Stevens
Jessica Seabury                                                                                       Stephen Pollard
Marguerite Sears
                                gifts in memory or in             Charles Smalzel
Agnes Sebille                   honor of family and                Nancy Smalzel                     John Stewart
                                friends.                          Joseph Sorci                        Christine L. Stewart-Wood
Sylvia Shapiro
Mr. and Mrs. James Sharp                                           Jonathan Sorci                    Shannon Sturges
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Shively     In Memory of…                     Margaret Tenbrinck                  Thomas Wilson, Jr.
Cara Siano                                                         Jean Daubenas                     Penny Upchurch
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Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Siegel
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Fred Sill                       Alberic Bellerose
Gordon Silver                   George Bellerose                  Mary and John Wise                  Dr. and Mrs. Jim Liljestrand
Jane Sinclair                                                      Mary Porter Wise                  Patricia White
                                Joan C. Benitt
Nancy Smalzel                    Anne J. Benitt                   Mary Jane Worthan                   Lynne and Mark Wolf
Eric Parkman Smith                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Combs Fort           Mark Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Smith, Jr.   Jose Berrocal
                                 Susan and Lachlan Forrow         August and Dorothy Wullner          Mr. and Mrs. Finley Lewis
Martha Solnit                                                                                         Lois Weber Reasoner
                                Lena Ciminille                     Janet Wullner-Faiss Cloak
W. Staats                                                                                             Richard and Claire Morse
Dorothy Stein                    Anthony Fretlose                 Elisabeth Young
Barbara Steiniche               Pauli Dawson                       Anita Bullard
Christine Stewart-Wood                                             Marianne Cameron                  Lynne and Mark Wolf
                                 Peter Lyman
Herbert Stiefel                                                    Mary Cannon and Susan               Beatrice Wolf
                                William E. Diggs                     Evasco
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Strauss                                                                          William Wolf
                                 Angela Turner                     Mr. and Mrs. David Carbone
Nwenna Swan                                                                                           Mark Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sweet       Bob Ely                            Bette Henning
M. Jack Takayanagi               Susan and Lachlan Forrow          Paul Manulik
                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Ron Visconti

D4 Reverence | March 2001

Schweitzer Fellows Reunion: A Great Way
to Reconnect
        he Albert Schweitzer                  Dates to Remember

T       Fellowship is hosting its first
        reunion of all Schweitzer
        Fellows, both from the
United States and Lambaréné, from
August 3 to 5, 2001, at Tufts University
                                              March 31, 2001
                                              April 30, 2001
                                              June 29, 2001
                                                                         Workshop proposals are due
                                                                         Early registration is due
                                                                         Late registration is due/last day to
in Medford, Massachusetts.
                                                                         register for those requesting housing
   The greatest strength of the Albert
Schweitzer Fellowship is our Fellows
as they create their own paths of serv-       We have listened to your com-            Schweitzer Fellows who share a com-
ice and commitment. Our Fellows            ments on the meaning of the fellow-         mitment to developing and sustaining
learn through firsthand experience         ship year in your lives and the poten-      paths of service in their lives. This
and from each other how to strengthen      tial of this amazing group of individu-     first gathering of all Schweitzer
human solidarity and provide vital         als. The ASF is now developing the          Fellows is a main step in building this
services to communities in need.           concept of “Fellows for Life.” We want      network and structuring it in a way
During the fellowship year, the Albert     to provide continuing opportunities,        that supports you, our Fellows. We
Schweitzer Fellowship attempts to          once the initial fellowship year is over,   hope you will participate in making
nurture the potential in each Fellow.      to refresh and support our Fellows so       this first Schweitzer Fellowship
But many of our Fellows have told us       that, in Schweitzer’s words, you con-       Reunion a successful event.
that they are seeking a connection         tinue to “grow into your ideals.” We            The program will start with a wine-
among the Fellows beyond their fel-        want to establish a dynamic, volun-         and-cheese reception at 3:45 pm on
lowship year.                              tary, and enduring network of Albert        Friday, August 3, and end by noon on
                                                                                       Sunday, August 5th. For out-of-town
   Highlights of the First National Reunion of                                         guests, housing is provided in the
                                                                                       dormitories of Tufts University. Meals
   Schweitzer Fellows                                                                  are provided in a Tufts dining hall.
                                                                                       Recreation facilities and parking are
   August 3 – 5, 2001                                                                  free. Current students receive a greatly
   Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts                                            discounted registration fee. If you are
                                                                                       an alumnus/a or Fellow and haven’t
   Friday evening reception Renew friendships and meet other                           received registration materials, please
                            Schweitzer Fellows                                         contact the Albert Schweitzer Fellow-
                                                                                       ship at 617-667-7028.
   Saturday and Sunday            Attend talks on the Haiti and Lambaréné
                                                                                           This reunion is being held in
                                  Hospitals, topical workshops, and skills-
                                                                                       conjunction with the Haiti Alumni
                                  building sessions; help plan the future
                                                                                       Association (HAA) of the Hôpital
                                  direction of Schweitzer “Fellows for Life”
                                                                                       Albert Schweitzer in Deschapelles,
   Saturday afternoon             Poster sessions and networking                       Haiti. It will feature joint presenta-
                                  opportunities                                        tions with the HAA and special pro-
                                                                                       grams for Schweitzer Fellows.
   Saturday evening               Banquet for all Schweitzer Fellows                   Lectures and workshops, poster pre-
                                  and Haiti Hospital alumni                            sentations, social and networking
                                                                                       events, and a banquet on Saturday
   Please join Schweitzer Fellows, Rhena Schweitzer Miller, Antje Lemke,               night highlighting Haitian and African
   and some 150 alumni of the Hôpital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti. Look for             food should provide something for
   more detailed information over the next few months.                                 everyone. We hope to see you there!

                                                                                                          March 2001 | Reverence 7

Nurturing the Caring in Us All
On October 20, 2000, at Harvard Medical School, the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship hosted an evening of music and reflection on
Albert Schweitzer’s influence on people’s lives entitled “Reverence for Life: A Celebration of Service.” Cosponsored by the Harvard
Medical School Alumni Association and the Massachusetts Medical Society, the event commemorated the 125th anniversary of
Schweitzer’s birth and the 250th anniversary of the death of Johann Sebastian Bach. Below is the text of a speech given that
evening by Stefan Kertesz, M.D., a 1992 Lambaréné Schweitzer Fellow.

                                                       medicine is about” has been colored     hospital. He didn’t speak French easi-
                                                       over at times by the conflicting        ly, and he was hard of hearing too.
                                                       imperatives that animate the busy       After our first encounter, he protested
                                                       student. The hustle of running down     vigorously when I said he would have
                                                       test results and preparing for rounds   to come back in a month for a blood
                                                       has at times distracted me from an      pressure check and a refill. “I live far
                                                       awareness of my deeper purpose. I       away,” he complained. I had no spe-
                                                       hope I’m not naive in the belief that   cial cultural insight that would have
                                                       a chance to work in the Albert          enabled me to penetrate the barriers.
                                                       Schweitzer Hospital will help me        I settled for a simpler device.
                                                       reframe the issues that motivated me        So I spent 5 minutes shouting,
                                                       to pursue a career in medicine.         slowly:
                                                     I went to Lambaréné that summer.            YOU HAVE HIGH BLOOD
Stefan Kertesz, M.D. (left) works with a client of
Boston Health Care for the Homeless.                    I expected a special rotation char-      PRESSURE.
                                                     acterized by great independence in          IT CAN KILL YOU.
By Stefan Kertesz, M.D.                                                                          YOU HAVE TO TAKE PILLS.
                                                     In my work in Gabon, my heart               YOU HAVE TO TAKE THEM
         or a few minutes tonight I

F        would like to tell you about
         what happened to me and what
         I learned through my work
with the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship.
And I would like to share a few
                                                     found warmth and much that was
                                                     extremely interesting, meaningful,
                                                     and humorous.
                                                     plying my trade as a junior doctor. The
                                                     truth is it didn’t happen that way. I
                                                                                                 EVERY DAY.
                                                                                                 YOU MUST COME BACK FOR

                                                                                                  Finally I asked him, “Will you
                                                                                               come back in a month?” And, dead-
thoughts that might relate to all of us
                                                     found myself in immediate conflict        pan, he said quietly: “And why not?”
in this room tonight as we listen to
                                                     with two Swiss physicians who were           I left Gabon having found some way
music and think about Schweitzer’s
                                                     themselves angry, frustrated, antago-     to ply my trade across the boundary of
                                                     nistic, perhaps burnt out. They didn’t    culture. And I was aware that in the
   In 1991 I took a year off between
                                                     let me do much independently, and         work my heart found warmth and
my third and fourth years of medical
                                                     when I asked for time to discuss my       much that was extremely interesting,
school. I did a yearlong pathology fel-
                                                     role, they complained that they had       meaningful, and humorous.
lowship to deepen my knowledge
                                                     more important things to deal with.          Four years later found me in a posi-
while asking myself what I would
                                                        I was frustrated, but I decided to     tion with Boston Health Care for the
make my life “about” as a physician.
                                                     stay. I invested myself in the outpa-     Homeless Program. I knew it would be
   I applied to a program to take me to
                                                     tient clinic. I noticed how often the     a good place for me; I was the fourth
Africa. Here is an excerpt from my
                                                     European doctors and the Gabonese         physician there with ties to the
original letter of application, to Dr.
                                                     patients didn’t understand each other,    Schweitzer Fellowship to work with
Lachlan Forrow:
                                                     not just because of language but also     Boston’s homeless.
    I know that as a student in the                  because the Gabonese needed our              Again the care of patients was itself
    major Boston teaching hospitals…                 medical model to be something a bit       a fascinating and meaningful process
    I aggressively advance the workup,               more convenient.                          where I sensed that I was extending
    and I try to make sure that I offer                 One story I recorded at the time       my own caring capacities to a deeper
    the patient something of value, even             was that of a patient who came in with    level. And I was forced to look again
    if it is not a cure. But my internal             congestive heart failure and high         and again at the question of how do
    sense of “what the practice of                   blood pressure. He lived far from the     we keep the instinct for service alive

8 Reverence | March 2001
                                                                                                           PA S T F E L L O W S

and fresh. Money was tight. We had         health-care workers. We live in an age     anachronism, and it is not necessarily
organizational politics. I thought about   when the internal capacity for caring      a European doctor with a big white hat
Schweitzer and the obstacles he faced.     and service is not well understood, so     starting a hospital in Africa. No matter
We pushed through.                         we just marvel at it. Even Schweitzer      what your vocation, be it medicine or
    In 1997, I returned to Africa, that    observed that we speak of idealists as     finance, a trade or an art, you may
time to Kenya to volunteer at an impov-    people who are young, and we practi-       conceive of yourself as living a life of
erished public hospital. I saw even        cally wait for burnout. People learning    service; that is one possibility. Or per-
more desperate circumstances. I set up     about my work with the homeless have       haps the fabric of your life feels more
a network of electronic medical commu-     said, “Oh, wow, you work with the          complex than that, but there may still
nication that helped Kenyan and            homeless…you are so good,” and it          be a few important threads in that fab-
American doctors exchange medical          has the sound of someone who has           ric that you dedicate to individual acts
ideas and advice. When bomb blasts         discovered a penguin on the equator.       of caring:
afflicted Nairobi and Tanzania, however,      In sharp contrast, Schweitzer insist-
                                                                                       • by offering volunteer work
I mixed fax, phone, and e-mail again to    ed that people have idealism inside
                                                                                       • through advice
offer consultative services.               and the key is to grow into it over the
                                                                                       • through financial support
    Twice in Africa and with Boston’s      course of a lifetime. Individual suc-
                                                                                       • or by building a partnership
homeless, I learned something: people      cess and failures, individual moments
                                                                                         between your organization and a
have a reservoir of idealism, a reser-     of burnout are part of a process. But
                                                                                         service organization like the
voir of need for connection, and at        ultimately we at the Schweitzer
                                                                                         Schweitzer Fellowship.
each turn the question is how do you       Fellowship and many who have been
operationalize it in a way that keeps      touched by Schweitzer’s example, or           My years in the Schweitzer
the individuals sustained in the work,     by concepts like “My life is my argu-      Fellowship tell me this: Caring is not
feeling rewarded. How do we skate          ment,” are trying to nurture a durable     just an act; it is a capacity buried in
past discouragement, or push the           service concept in the life of every       everyone. What the example of
obstacles aside? Do these things           person who has that inclination.           Schweitzer can do is help us locate it,
sound familiar to you? They are not           I submit to you that for all of us      open the door for it, widen that door,
unique to Schweitzer or to homeless-       in this room, service is not an            and make it grow.

Updates from Past Fellows
Claire Horton (NC 97–98)                   Project Manager III in Claims              Maya Mitchell (NH/VT 97–98)
I am in my final year of residency in      Administration. I was selected as a        I am currently doing my internship in
internal medicine at UC-San Fran-          national finalist for the White House      internal medicine at UC Davis in
cisco. I am in a track that prepares       fellowship. Currently, I am a board        Sacramento. The population base I am
people to practice primary care with       member with the Los Angeles Junior         caring for here is incredibly varied
underserved populations. I’ll finish       Chamber of Commerce. I am also a           culturally and mainly consists of coun-
in June—after that I’m getting             volunteer consultant with a nonprofit      ty MediCal/Medicare patients. It is
married in September and then plan to      organization developing a curriculum       quite a change from Dartmouth! I am
practice in a public health setting. I     in corporate culture. I would love to      trying keep my inspiration for medi-
hope to get more involved again with       connect with alumni via e-mail             cine alive while surviving internship,
the ASF programs in the coming year. and plan to              and seem to be succeeding. I am also
                                           attend the reunion.                        trying to squeeze in time to enjoy
Marcio Fletes (Chicago 98–99)                                                         nature, and although I am not sur-
Marcio is serving in the Air Force as a    Ana Cristina de Souza                      rounded by it on a daily basis as I was
pharmacist and will be living in           (Boston 96–97)                             at Dartmouth, I am within an hour’s
Biloxi, Mississippi, for at least the      Ana is a research associate with the       drive of many activities. All in all,
next two years.                            Harvard School of Public Health in         things are going well. If any Schweitzer
                                           the Department of Maternal and Child       alums are headed out for an interview
Camille Quinn (Chicago 97–98 )             Health and Nutrition.                      at Davis, please feel free to contact me
I’m still with Kaiser Permanente, and                                                 with questions or for a place to stay!
I just got a second promotion to                                            

                                                                                                         March 2001 | Reverence 9

Schweitzer’s Example and Inspiration Celebrated
at International Schweitzer Conference
          he two-week event                                        president of the      “He worked on three successive

T         Symposium 2000—A
          Symposium for World Peace
          Through Reverence for Life,
in Nashville, Tennessee, culminated
in a three-day “International Albert
                                                                   Council of the
                                                                   hospital in
                                                                   “The most
                                                                                         appeals for which he had had an invi-
                                                                                         tation from Radio Oslo. I was with him
                                                                                         on his 83rd birthday on January 14,
                                                                                         1958, in Lambaréné and was fright-
                                                                                         ened by the state of his near exhaus-
Schweitzer Conference,” featuring                                  important word        tion. Work on these appeals—which
noted scholars and friends of Albert                               about Schweitzer      were broadcast on April 28, 29, and
Schweitzer. The speakers addressed                                 as a doctor is the    30 and later published under the title
topics ranging from Schweitzer’s phi-                              African word          ‘Peace or Atomic War?’—had taken a
losophy, his study of Bach, his reli-     ‘Nkengo,’ or mercifulness,” said Munz.         heavy toll on his eyesight and on his
gious views, and life at the hospital     “This was the word that I heard most           health in general. He confided to me:
working with the “grand docteur,”         frequently when black men and women            ‘This work nearly killed me.’” But
to the legacy that Schweitzer left        talked about their ‘grand docteur.’”           Schweitzer continued to speak out,
as inspiration and motive to act for      Munz said that as a philosopher,               with great courage. “Until his last
people today. Nashville resident          “Schweitzer formulated something very          days,” said Schweitzer Miller, “he
Thurston Moore, a longtime devotee of     basic and fundamental [with the notion         spared no time or effort in this fight,
Dr. Schweitzer, masterfully organized     of reverence for life], and in a language      feeling that despite all his endeavors,
all Symposium 2000 events.                that is not difficult to understand.” He       he had not done enough.”
   Prominent speakers included            spoke about hearing Schweitzer regu-              James Brabazon, author of a new
Rhena Schweitzer Miller, daughter of      larly play the piano in the last four          revised edition of Albert Schweitzer: A
Dr. Schweitzer; James Brabazon, a                                                        Biography, spoke of Schweitzer as
biographer of Schweitzer; Dr. Walter      Until his last days [Schweitzer]               myth and as a man. “Schweitzer him-
Munz, former medical director of the      spared no time or effort in this fight         self became a myth, his name used
Schweitzer hospital after Schweitzer’s    [against nuclear testing], feeling             time and again as a symbol of the
death; Hugh O’Brian, president of the     that despite all his endeavors, he             unnaturally, superhumanly good. And
Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership; and        had not done enough.                           then, as it transpired that he was only
Dr. Naomi Tutu, program coordinator                          — Rhena Schweitzer Miller   a man, the myth turned round for
of the Race Relations Institute at Fisk                                                  some people and he became the great
University and a daughter of Rev.         years of Schweitzer’s life at the hospital     impostor.…One thing to remember
Desmond Tutu of South Africa.             and the moving way that Schweitzer             about him—he himself was not fooled
Complementing the lectures were an        could bring both simplicity and schol-         or intimidated by myth.…We do him a
art exhibit of drawings of life at the    arship to his preaching.                       disservice if we forget his uncompro-
hospital in Lambaréné by world-              Rhena Schweitzer Miller shared              mising insistence on truth—historical
acclaimed artist and author Dr.           with the audience the evolution of             truth, emotional truth, scientific truth.”
Frederick Franck, and recent photo-       her father’s involvement in worldwide          Brabazon argued that Schweitzer did
graphs taken by Jo Munz-Boddingius,       efforts to end nuclear testing and             not invent or discover the philosophy
a midwife at the hospital. Musical        warn of the dangers of nuclear war.            of Reverence for Life, but that he
events featured a multimedia presen-      Following repeated requests by promi-          “uncovered” it. Brabazon concluded
tation of “Words of Albert Schweitzer     nent world figures, at the age of 82 Dr.       that “the rejoicing over the birth of a
and the Music of Bach,” by the            Schweitzer agreed to make a statement          child, the grief over a death, the
Tennessee Players and a piano concert     against nuclear testing, which was             instinct to heal and help, these are
by Dr. Christiane Engel, granddaugh-      broadcast by Radio Oslo on April 23,           rooted deep in that reverence for life
ter of Schweitzer.                        1957. At the end of 1957, he received          that is in all of us and that he called
   Schweitzer’s many aspects—doctor,      a request from Linus Pauling to sign           forth and proclaimed as the most
thinker, artist, and man deeply devot-    an appeal by scientists in many coun-          important thing of all.”
ed to God—were movingly portrayed         tries urging an end to nuclear weapons
by Walter Munz, M.D., currently vice      tests. Schweitzer Miller recounted,

10 Reverence | March 2001

In Memoriam                                                  Jose M. Berrocal
                                                               Fellowship board
                                                                                       Thinking about death…produces
                                                                                       true love for life. When we are
                                                                                       familiar with death, we accept each
The Fellowship recently lost four                              member Jose             week, each day, as a gift.… What a
cherished colleagues, each of whose                            Berrocal, who was       different world this would be if peo-
lives remains a source of inspiration                          43, died in October
in our work.                                                                           ple dared to look deeply at each
                                           after an 18-month battle with thymic        other, if they kept in mind the
                                           cancer. Educated at Princeton, Oxford       prospect of being torn from each
                Gwen Grant Mellon          University, and Yale Law School, he
                (1911–2000)                                                            other. Each would then become
                                           spent the early years of his career in
                  Co-founder with her                                                  sacred to the other because of
                                           public service in Puerto Rico, includ-
                  husband Larry of the     ing a tenure as president of the Puerto
                  Hôpital Albert                                                                            —Albert Schweitzer
                                           Rico Government Development Bank
                  Schweitzer (HAS) in      under Governor Rafael Hernandez
Deschapelles, Haiti, Gwen Mellon           Colon. After moving to New York,            including three editions of A Concise
continued to lead the hospital after       where he led Latin American invest-         Economic History of the World from
Larry’s death in 1989. The hospital        ment activities for B. T. Wolfensohn,       Paleolithic Times to the Present, which
has served for decades as the hub of a     Jose joined the board of the                has been translated into 13 languages.
comprehensive system of health care        Fellowship and was instrumental in          He served as president of the American
for nearly 200,000 residents of one of     helping launch the New York                 Economic History Association and vice
the poorest areas in the western hemi-     Schweitzer Fellows Program. His men-        president of the International Economic
sphere. It has earned world renown         tor and professional colleague, Paul        History Association. In later years
not only for its hospital and village-     Volker, former chair of the Federal         Rondo devoted himself to preparing a
based curative services, but also for      Reserve Board, said of him, “Jose was       history of the Albert Schweitzer
comprehensive preventive health pro-       the finest man I have met. His integri-     Fellowship, a project that, unfortunate-
grams that have dramatically reduced       ty and honesty were so absolute and         ly, he was not able to complete. (His
infant mortality, neonatal tetanus,        so rare in the world in which Jose and      summary of the “Origins of the Albert
typhoid, and other serious health          I traveled.”                                Schweitzer Fellowship” can be found at
problems. Gwen also helped initiate            Shortly after his diagnosis of can- Rondo
an extraordinary range of HAS com-         cer, Jose relayed a quotation that he       is survived by his wife, Claydean; his
munity development programs, includ-       found particularly meaningful, from a       daughter, Cindia; and four grandchil-
ing dozens of sanitation and water         sermon Albert Schweitzer delivered in       dren. His family has generously
projects as well as teaching programs      1904: “The older we grow, the more          requested that any gifts in memory of
in literacy, sewing, carpentry, and ani-   we realize that true power and happi-       Rondo be directed to support the
mal husbandry. When asked whether          ness come to us only from those who         Lambaréné Schweitzer Fellows
she and Larry ever became discour-         spiritually mean something to us.           Program.
aged, she replied, “Neither of us ever     Whether they are near or far, still
was. We had many disappointments,          alive or dead, we need them if we are       Catherine Cartier Ulrich
but we always could think of some-         to find our way through life. The good      Selected as a 2000–01 Pittsburgh
thing else to be done—and we did it,       we bear within us can be turned into        Schweitzer Fellow, Catherine Cartier
and it made a difference.”                 life and action only when they are          Ulrich and her husband Iwan Ulrich
   The joint reunion of HAS-Haiti          near to us in spirit.”                      died tragically in a car accident in
Alumni and Schweitzer Fellows in                                                       July 2000. Catherine had worked as a
August will include a celebration of                        Rondo Cameron              pharmacist in Switzerland before she
Gwen’s life [see page 7]. For addition-                                                came to the United States to enroll in
al information about Gwen and the
                                                            Rondo Cameron, who         the University of Pittsburgh School of
work of HAS-Haiti, visit www.has-                                                      Public Health. In memory of
                                                            for many years served or call 941-752-1525. Her                                                    Catherine, each year the Pittsburgh
                                                            as a board member of
1997 autobiography, My Road to                                                         Schweitzer Fellows Program will dedi-
                                                            the Fellowship, died
Deschapelles, is available through most                                                cate one of its fellowships to the spirit
                                           in early January of a heart attack at the
bookstores.                                                                            of her ideals and her research focus,
                                           age of 75. An internationally renowned
                                           economist and historian, Rondo was          that of cancer screening in African
                                           the author of more than 20 books,           American populations.

                                                                                                          March 2001 | Reverence 11
Albert Schweitzer Posters for Sale
We have several posters of Albert                                                  Reprint on cream-                          Black-and-white
Schweitzer for immediate sale.                                                     colored paper of the                       photo of Albert
These posters were part of the stock                                               Norman Rockwell                            Schweitzer; photo
from the Albert Schweitzer Center in                                               drawing of                                 by Karsh (31" tall x
Great Barrington, which closed in                                                  Schweitzer (17 3/8"                        25" wide) $5
the late 1990s. The posters all por-                                               wide x 22" tall);
tray Schweitzer as an older man.                                                   centennial, num-
                                                                                   bered edition $25
                                            photo of Albert                        Color photo (35"        Poster, mailing tube, and handling
                                            Schweitzer by an                       tall x 25" wide);       for each poster is $5. Orders must be
                                            open window (20"                       reverse has a time-     prepaid. Please make checks payable to
                                            wide x 28" tall);                      line of Schweitzer’s    The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship.
                                            photo by Erica                         life events listed in
                                            Anderson $5                            German $5

Schweitzer Fellows Program T-Shirts for Sale
                                                 We have a supply of Large           Orders must be prepaid. Please make checks payable to
               ER   FELLOWS
                                        S         and X-Large Schweitzer             The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship.
                                                  T-shirts for sale. The front
                                                reads “Schweitzer Fellows            Please send orders and payment for posters
                                                Programs” and the back has a         and for T-shirts to:
                                                large photo of Albert Schweitzer
                                                 and the quote “I decided to         The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship
                                                 make my life my argument.”          330 Brookline Avenue LY-315
                                                 T-shirts are white with royal       Boston, MA 02215
                                                 blue print.
Each T-shirt is $12; postage and handling for each T-
shirt is $2. Massachusetts residents please add 5%
sales tax.

T   H E                  A        L B E R T                                                                                           Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                                       US Postage
S   C H W E I T Z E R
F   E L L O W S H I P                                                                                                                Permit No. 50866
                                                                                                                                        Boston, MA
330 Brookline Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

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