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					                                                                                                       Chairperson’s Corner
                                                                                                             Chuck Spencer, MD, FAAP

                                                                          t is 2002 and where is pediatric rheumatology        6)   The Pediatric Rheumatology Online Journal
                        Section on                                        (PR) going? It does depend on your local                  (PROJ), an international endeavor, is in develop-
                       Rheumatology                                       perspective – how busy you are, how’s the                 ment and the first online issue will be available
                                                                      research going, how is the budget, how friendly is            this fall.
                                 Spring 2002                          your chair, do you need another person in the
                                                                      section, how is the home life?                           So, I believe pediatric rheumatology has made some
                                                                                                                               important progress in the past two years. We have
                                                                      But optimist/pessimist that I am (expect the worst,      much more to do. You may have already heard these
                                                                      hope for the best), I see some favorable signs for       ideas, however, they are worth repeating.
                                                                      our subspecialty in the US and around the world.
                                                                                                                               1)   More cooperation and less competition between
                                                                      1)   Pediatric rheumatology, more than most                   US pediatric rheumatology centers.
                                                                           pediatric subspecialties, is truly international.
                                                                           Our numbers are not large in any one country        2)   Make the PRRN work and make it inclusive,
                                       Section on Rheumatology News

                                                                           and so worldwide we need each other in                   involving most, if not all US centers.
                                                                           many ways. Now it does depend on your
                                                                           definition of pediatric rheumatologist, but         3)   Limited tolerance for territoriality and competi-
                                                                           there may well be as many as 225 pediatric               tiveness between PR centers, national and
                                                                           rheumatologists in the United States (board              international – cooperation benefits everyone.
                                                                           certified or not), 30 in Canada, 340 in
                                                                           PRINTO, 250 Europeans not in PRINTO, 20 in          4)   Do our best to excite medical students about
                                                                           Asia, and other PR unknown to us in India                pediatric rheumatology- there is some evidence
                                                                           and other countries (800 – 1000 total). You              in the US (AAP 3rd Year Resident Survey) that a
                                                                           are not alone.                                           substantial number of senior students who have
                                                                                                                                    decided on pediatrics and entering first year
                                                                      2)   Cooperation and collaboration between                    pediatric residents have already formed an
                                                                           centers in the US and international coopera-             opinion about their career choice of general
                                                                           tion appears to be improving. PRCSG and                  pediatrics versus pediatric subspecialties and
                                                                           PRINTO are more linked than ever, although,              even have decided which pediatric subspecialty.
                                                                           much work still needs to be done. The US                 Furthermore, we should work to get senior
                                                                           Pediatric Rheumatology Research Network                  students on our elective rotations.
                                                                           (PRRN) is maturing, though again, not past
                                                                           its infancy.                                        5)   Train more pediatric rheumatology fellows. We
                                                                                                                                    need 400 pediatric rheumatologists in the US
                                                                      3)   Drug trials in the US, Canada, and Europe                and no doubt many PR’s in Canada, Latin
                                                                           are dramatically increasing. Not only do                 America, Europe, and Asia.
                                                                           these trials have the potential to provide
                                                                           our kids with new and better drugs, but these
                                                                           trials may help financially support our                                                 continued on page 4
                                                                           centers as well.

                                                                      4)   More pediatric residents in the US are going
                                                                           into pediatric subspecialities in 2002,                       INSIDE THIS ISSUE
                                                                           currently there are 38 fellows in pediatric
                                                                           rheumatology. It is our job to recruit more
                                                                                                                                      Mentorship Survey                       2
                                                                           into the field of PR.
                                                                                                                                      AJAO                                    2
                                                                                                                                      CME Course Update                       3
                                                                      5)   The American College of Rheumatology, the
                                                                                                                                      PRCSG                                   4
                                                                           American Juvenile Arthritis Organization, and
                                                                                                                                      Upcoming Meetings and Events            5
                                                                           the AAP will sign a Memorandum of Under-
                                                                                                                                      Executive Summary                       8
                                                                           standing for pediatric rheumatology at the
                                                                           ACR’s Annual Meeting in October 2002. The
                                                                           memorandum documents the intention of all
                                                                           three organization’s to work together and
                                                                           advocate for children with rheumatic disease
                                                                           and for pediatric rheumatology in the US.
                                     MENTOR/MENTEE REQUEST FORM
                                 Please FAX to Laura Laskosz at 847/434-8000 by July 1, 2002

 We need more quality mentoring in pediatric rheumatology!! If you are interested in becoming a
 mentor or a mentee, please complete the form below and fax it to Laura Laskosz at 847/434-8000.
 I REQUEST TO BE A:          MENTOR _______           MENTEE _______
 I AM INTERESTED IN ATTENDING A SEMINAR ON MENTORSHIP:                                   YES _________
 Name:                     ______________________________________________________________________
 Address:                  ______________________________________________________________________
 Email address:            ______________________________________________________________________

 Telephone #               ________________________                                 FAX # ____________________________

 My idea for topic(s) to be covered in a mentorship seminar are:

                                                           AJAO Corner
                                                       Barbara Ostrov, MD
The AJAO meeting took place on April 16,     The AJAO Web site was discussed                  improving access to Pediatric
2001 in Atlanta.                             several times. It now contains updated           Rheumatologists and funding fellow-
                                             “brochure” information on juvenile               ships in Pediatric Rheumatology.
Several items were discussed.                dermatomyositis. Pediatric lupus, JRA and
                                             spondyloarthropathy updates should be            The AJAO Conferences were discussed
Delta Airlines has an exciting program       on-line soon. The address is:                    in detail as well. This summer, there will
called “Delta Sky Miles” in which any There is an immediate         be a national conference in Minnesota.
person or organization can donate their      link to the “Juvenile arthritis” section right   In the summer of 2003, there will be two
frequent flyer miles to the AJAO. These      on the home page. Everyone is encour-            large regional meetings, one on the east
miles can be used to send families to the    aged to check it out and give their              coast and one near the west coast as
national conference or to help volunteers    comments.                                        well as five “Family Days” scattered
attend meetings and activities. This                                                          around the country. Financial support
program lasts for 3 months and is            There was a long discussion about the            will come from the AF as part of the
promoted on the AF web site, as well as      proposed “Primer of Pediatric Rheumatic          AJAO budget. The goal of these day-
Delta’s web site.                            Diseases.” There is strong support for           long programs is to garner participation
                                             development of this book. A detailed             from pediatric rheumatology centers/
The AJAO Board has wanted to update          prospectus was developed and financial           practices that usually do not run such
the physician referral list that we pub-     backing is the next step in production of        activities. The goal is to develop
lished about 4-5 years ago. It was           this project.                                    programs in a variety of local communi-
decided that rather than re-create a list,                                                    ties, reaching populations that are often
we would instead add this information to     The Board was appraised of the newly             missed by the size, scope and cost of
our AJAO web site with links to the AAP      formed Pediatric Rheumatology Research           the larger AJAO meetings.
and ACR pediatric rheumatologists’           Network (PRRN) and strongly supports its
listings. Several board members designed     efforts. The AJAO has pledged to raise           The next board meeting will be in
the web page to clarify the important        $250,000 this year to support Pediatric          Minnesota in July.
issues at hand for individuals seeking       Rheumatology initiatives, including
referral information.

AAP Section on Rheumatology Newsletter                                                                                                     2
                          Pediatric Rheumatology 2003: Park City and Beyond
                                      Norm Ilowite and Ron Laxer, Course Co-Chairs

     n March 1976, a small number of clinicians gathered in Park      Snowmass is the site of the American College of Rheumatology’s
     City, Utah under the auspices of the ARA (currently ACR) to      Annual Winter Meeting and has a reputation as an outstanding
     discuss the newly developing specialty of pediatric rheuma-      meeting venue. In addition to the convention center, just a few
 tology. In fact, the specialty of pediatric rheumatology was         short steps away, the Silvertree Hotel will also house the posters
 legitimized at Park City through the publication of a supplement     and break out sessions. Other hotels and condominiums in our
 to Arthritis and Rheumatism, which was the first collection of       “block” are also very close to the convention center. Snowmass
 work, devoted exclusively to the rheumatic diseases of child-        is one of 4 ski mountains in the Aspen/Snowmass area, and a lift
 hood. All of us in pediatric rheumatology, as well as our patients   ticket for one is good at all 4, which are accessible via a free
 and their families, owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to these      intermountain shuttle. Reduced prices for ski-lift tickets will be
 pioneers in the field. Subsequent Park City meetings were held       made available for meeting registrants. The convention center and
 in 1986, 1991 and 1998, and each grew in numbers, content and        lodging sites provide for nearly ski-on ski-off accessibility, making
 international representation. The success of these meetings has      the combining of recreational and scientific activities more
 been such that we have now outgrown the Park City facilities!        efficient. For non-downhill skiers, snowshoeing, sledding, ice
                                                                      skating, snow-mobiling, dogsledding, horse-drawn carriage tours,
 The fifth “Park City” meeting will be held from March 22-26,         horse drawn sleighrides, and cross-country skiing make this area
 2003. In keeping with the tradition of combining a high-level        an internationally renowned winter wonderland. Additionally, the
 academic program with fun on the slopes, a return to a ski venue     shopping, art galleries and culinary attractions of Aspen are
 was decided. Working with the American Academy of Pediat-            incomparable.
 rics, Snowmass, Colorado was identified as the best location in
 terms of ability to accommodate the number of expected               Registration forms for the meeting will be mailed in September
 registrants, quality of resort, quality of skiing and other recre-   2002. Please register early and make sure to reserve your hotel
 ational activities, and accessibility. The Rheumatology Section      accommodations, as they are sure to be taken quickly. Reduced
 of the AAP is sponsoring the meeting and the Section and AAP         airfares will be made available through the American Academy of
 staff have both been integral in its planning, a great deal of       Pediatrics Travel office.
 which has already occurred. The Organizing Committee (see
 membership below) has developed a wonderful scientific               So, please stay tuned for further information. Feel free to contact
 program. An international list of “who’s who” will present           any member of the Organizing Committee for additional informa-
 didactic plenary sessions each morning. These will be followed       tion.
 by concurrent sessions covering a wide range of topics includ-
 ing basic science, epidemiology, health outcomes and clinical        ORGANIZING COMMITTEE
 problem solving. New for this meeting will be a series of “Meet      Norm Ilowite, Ron Laxer (co-chairs)
 the Expert” sessions which are intended to be optional, in order     Bob Colbert, Peter Malleson, Dan Lovell, Sue Bowyer, Barry
 to provide small group interaction, requested in numerous            Myones, Carol Lindsley (ACR Representative), Egla Rabinovich,
 evaluations of past meetings. As in the past, “apres-ski” poster     Rob Sundel, Terri Finkel, Susan Wright (ARHP representative),
 sessions will be presented. The format is such that the plenary      Chuck Spencer (AAP Representative)
 sessions will largely be from 7-8:45 AM, concurrent sessions         International Representatives:
 from 9:15-10:15AM and repeated from 6-7PM, and posters from          Pat Woo, Angelo Ravelli
 4-6PM. The Meet the Expert sessions will be held from 10:30-
 11:30 AM. This will allow full day skiing if desired, as well as
 equal or greater educational and scientific content as compared
 to previous Park City meetings.
                                                                                       AAP Grand Rounds
 The Scientific Committee, chaired by Bob Colbert, will be
 responsible for abstract selection and determination of abstract          Susan Ballinger, MD, FAAP, a member of the Section
 award winners. The ARHP program chair is Suzanne Wright,                  on Rheumatology is now a Contributing Editor for
 and this program will have both unique and shared sessions                Rheumatology for the AAP Grand Rounds. She
 with the general program. Special sessions for trainees are               welcomes input from section members regarding
 planned. Proceedings and abstracts will be published in the               recent articles that you think may
 Journal of Rheumatology.                                                  be useful for section members
                                                                           and/or all AAP members to be
 A Banquet will be held on March 25th during which we will                 aware of. Please submit your
 recognize colleagues who have made, and continue to make,                 recommendations to Dr Ballinger at
 extraordinary contributions to our field.                       

AAP Section on Rheumatology Newsletter                                                                                                      3
Chairperson’s Corner
continued from page 1
                                                                              PRCSG Update
                                                                                 Daniel Lovell, MD

 6)   Seek funding from pharmaceutical                  articipation in clinical trials is       the COX-2 studies, the infliximab, the
      companies to provide debt relief to               continuing to grow among the             anakinra and the D2E7 studies are actively
      pediatric rheumatology fellows in the             members of the Pediatric Rheumatol-      seeking additional centers to participate. If
      next ten years.                           ogy Collaborative Study Group (PRCSG).           you have an interest in participating in
 .                                              Many sites are currently participating in        one or more of these studies then please
 7)   Train more pediatric rheumatologists      one of two COX-2 trials, with a third trial to   contact Daniel Lovell or Edward Giannini
      as clinical and basic scientists. Our     start this summer. The PRCSG and the             at 513-636-7686. A NIH sponsored
      kids will not do well without better      Pediatric Rheumatology International             randomized intervention trial for new
      science and we cannot advance as a        Trials Organization (PRINTO), headquar-          onset JDM will begin this summer with 11
      subspecialty without better science.      tered in Europe, are continuing to collect       centers participating.
                                                information about long-term safety of
 8)   Seek more support from academic           cyclosporin. This worldwide database is          In addition to pharmaceutical studies,
      pediatric administrations and Chairs      the largest and the longest follow-up            there are a number of ongoing studies to
      for the PR niche. We need a minimum       safety study ever done on cyclosporin.           develop and validate definitions used by
      of five pediatric rheumatologists (3                                                       pediatric rheumatologists. The PRCSG and
      clinical, 2 research) at the 20+ major    New advances in anti-TNF and monoclonal          PRINTO are evaluating core set definitions
      PR centers in the US by 2020. Good        antibody therapy have provided many new          of disease activity and damage for children
      luck you say. It will not be easy and     treatments that should be considered as          with JDM and JSLE. Carol Wallace and Ed
      may even be impossible, but I believe     additions to our arsenal for defense             Giannini have been working with PRCSG,
      that it is our responsibility to work     against JRA. However, to do so in an             PRINTO and ACR members in a project to
      persistently and stubbornly to            informed fashion requires the performance        define “complete clinical response” and
      develop our centers, even in times of     of trials in children with JRA. Currently,       “remission” in JRA patients. The JRA core
      Medicaid cuts and bottom line             there are three studies evaluating               set and definition of improvement have
      administrators.                           etanercept. One is an ongoing open               been approved by the ACR and in the near
                                                treatment follow-up study of those who           future will be called the “ACR Pediatric
 9)   Raise money for pediatric rheumatol-      participated in the blinded efficacy study.      30”.
      ogy centers from private donors-          Another is a large registry study to assess      Members of the PRCSG Coordinating
      several centers do it well, but more of   safety comparing JRA patients treated with       Center and Advisory Council continue to
      us should give it a try.                  methotrexate, etanercept and the combina-        be actively involved in the work to
                                                tion of etanercept and methotrexate. The         develop the Pediatric Rheumatology
 This is a challenging time for our subspe-     last is a study of the safety and efficacy of    Research Network (PRRN). The PRRN
 cialty but also a time of great promise and    etanercept in systemically active Systemic       has, as it’s ultimate goal, to develop a
 potential. With hard work and some good        JRA patients. There is a study evaluating        network of pediatric rheumatologists with
 luck, we can achieve some of these goals       infliximab given concomitantly with MTX,         support for infrastructure to facilitate the
 by 2010 and many by 2020.                      one study evaluating anti-IL-1 RA                performance of high quality research in a
                                                (anakinra), and one study evaluating             variety of pediatric rheumatic illnesses.
                                                adalimumab (D2E7). The D2E7 study is             The emphasis of the PRRN will be on
                                                scheduled to begin this summer. Some of          investigator initiated research.

                                                                        Survey Announcement
                                                        At the next American College of Rheumatology meeting there will be a
                                                        session on osteoporosis and bisphosphonates in children. Treatment
                                                        with bisphosphonates in childhood is relatively new, and many aspects
         Pediatric Rheumatology                         are still controversial. Therefore, it would be interesting and useful to
             Online Journal                             know how many people are currently using these drugs for pediatric
                                                        rheumatic diseases. If you are treating, or have treated rheumatic
        First issue October 2002                        patients aged less than 18 years with any of the bisphosphonates, and
                                                        would like to participate in this survey, please contact Rolando Cimaz,
          visit us in October at:
                                                        MD via e-mail at:

AAP Section on Rheumatology Newsletter                                                                                                     4
                                                                             Juvenile Rheumatoid
                Upcoming Meetings and Events                                 Arthritis Affected Sib-
                                                                            pair (JRA-ASP) Registry

                         American Academy of Pediatrics
                         National Conference and Exhibition

                                                                                    his registry is located at
                         October 19 – 23, 2002                                      Children’s Hospital Medical
                                                                                    Center in Cincinnati and spon-
                         Section on Rheumatology sponsored events           sored by the National Institute of
                                                                            Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin
 Monday, October 21, 2002                                                   Diseases (NIAMS) of the National
                                                                            Institute of Health (NIH). The registry
 3:45 - 5:45pm       Workshop: Rheumatology for the Primary Care
                                                                            enrolls families with two or more children
                     Physician                                              diagnosed with JRA according the ACR
                                                                            criteria, from the US and Canada. We
 Tuesday, October 22, 2001                                                  have 162 families enrolled in the JRA
 6:45 - 7:45am        Meet the Expert: Rheumatology for the General         Affected Sib-pair Registry, as of March
                      Pediatrician                                          2002, thanks to the effort of the partici-
 9:30 - 11:30am       Workshop: Rheumatology for the Primary Care           pating families and their physicians. Our
                      Physician                                             goal is to collect 200 ASP families. The
                                                                            main aim of the registry is to make
                                                                            available to the scientific community this
                                                                            large, unique population of JRA families.
                  American College of Rheumatology                          DNA samples are available for the
                   66th Annual Scientific Meeting                           majority of registry participants. Investi-
                        October 25-29, 2002                                 gators interested in working with this
                                                                            population can contact the registry
                         New Orleans, LA                                    manager by phone (513 636-7389) or e-
 Saturday, October 26, 2002                                                 mail ( for
                                                                            further information or to obtain a project
 4:00 - 5:30pm        Treatment of the Refractory Child with
                      Rheumatic Disease
 Sunday, October 27, 2002                                                   Registration process:
 2:15 - 3:45pm        Juvenile Spondyloarthropathies: Bench to Bedside      After a physician identifies a family that
 2:15 - 3:45pm        Rehabilitation of the Child with a Rheumatic          qualifies for the registry, he/she obtains
                      Disease. Combined Conference sponsored by the         their permission to inform the registry.
                         Sections of Pediatrics, Rehabilitation, and the    Enrollment requires the following
                         Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals   documentation:
 Monday. October 28, 2002
 4:00 - 5:00pm Biphosphonates in Children                                   1.   Completed consent from the family
                                                                                 to indicate willingness to participate
                                                                                 in the registry.
                                                                            2.   A questionnaire from the family
                                                                                 regarding medical history of the JRA
                       Upcoming Events                                           affected members.
                                                                            3.   A questionnaire that is completed by
EULAR 2002                               American Academy of Pediatrics          the physician.
European Congress of Rheumatology        National Conference and
June 12 - 15, 2002                       Exhibition                         Strict confidentiality is maintained by
Stockholm, Sweden                        October 19-23, 2002                limiting access to the registry database,
                                         Boston, MA                         the use of passwords and providing
PANLAR                                                                      unique numeric identifiers for study
8th Annual Panlar Congress               American College of Rheumatology   participants.
June 23 - 27, 2002                       66th Annual Meeting
Aruba                                    October 25 - 29, 2002              David Glass, MD; Principal Investigator
                                         New Orleans, LA                    Marta Moroldo, MD; Registry Manager
                                                                            Edith Shear, Study Coordinator

AAP Section on Rheumatology Newsletter                                                                                   5
               Report on Career Workship                                                       Executive Committee
                    November 2001                                                                   2001 - 2002

          n November 13, 2001, our Section shape a career, as well as the expectations
          presented the third in a series of  of his co-workers, as a pediatric rheuma-         Charles H. Spencer, MD
          workshops dealing with career       tologist practicing within the context of a
development issues for our membership.        general pediatric private practice group. He      Executive Committee:
This year’s topic was titled “The Devel-      has been able to provide his subspecialty         Michael Henrickson, MD
opmental Process for the Pediatric            consultative and ongoing care to children            James Jarvis, MD
Rheumatologist: Career Paths and              with rheumatologic disease, while addi-             Barbara Ostrov, MD
Options.” The goal of the workshop was        tionally seeing children with other special        Murray H. Passo, MD
to demonstrate the options available to us needs, and a “well-kid” population. He has            Kenneth Schikler, MD
as our own situations and needs might         also been able to interact with a pediatric         Robert Sundel, MD
change as our professional careers            residency training program, incorporating          Past Chairperson:
blossom and mature. Recognizing that          all the aspects of a career that he recog-          James Cassidy, MD
our own lives continue in a developmen-       nized were important to him.
tal fashion, the introductory statements                                                          SUBCOMMITTEES:
regarding the stage of “middlessence”         Carolyn Yancey, unfortunately was not             Outcomes Coordinator:
were presented by Ken Schikler. This was      able to be at the workshop, prepared and              Lori Tucker, MD
an overview that dealt with the physical      sent on to us an elegant presentation of            Newsletter Editors:
and psychosocial                                                         the options she        Thomas J.A. Lehman, MD
changes that                                                             has recognized           Charles Spencer, MD
progress parallel to                                                     and developed for      Program Chairperson:
our professional                 Kenneth Schikler, MD                    herself in the area       Murray Passo, MD
growth, and might                   Helen Emery, MD                      of health care        Nominations Committee:
influence what                       David Glass, MD                     industry. She             James Cassidy, MD
goals we wish to                   Harry Gewanter, MD                    outlined the          Marisa Klein-Gitelman, MD
attain as compared                 Carolyn Yancey, MD                    variety of venues        Kathleen O’Neil, MD
to what goals we            Presented Career Options at the              available to the           David Siegel, MD
might have set for          Workshop, “The Developmental                 pediatric rheuma-
                                                                                               Membership Chairperson:
ourselves when we                                                        tologist, from
                                 Process for the Pediatric                                         Barbara Ostrov, MD
left training                                                            health policy
                             Rheumatologist: Career Paths                                        AAP Grand Rounds,
programs. Follow-                                                        planning, to health
                                        and Options”                                             Contributing Editor
ing this several of                                                      insurance, to
                                                                                                  Susan Ballinger, MD
our members                                                              pharmaceutical
provided insights                                                        development, to
                                                                                                  Kenneth Schikler, MD
into how their careers evolved, followed      governmental oversight roles that could
                                                                                                    Web Site Editor:
by David Glass, who as a mentor to many       both challenge one’s clinical skills, and
                                                                                                Thomas J.A. Lehman, MD
of our colleagues shared how he has been have a very meaningful effect on the
                                                                                                       AAP Staff:
able to recognize individuals potential       population of children with rheumatologic
                                                                                                  Laura Laskosz, MPH
strengths and aid in their decision making conditions. In her distributed material she
regarding career development.                 pointed out a recurring theme in all the
                                              presentations. Our careers can be as
                                                                                                 American College of
Helen Emery shared with us how her            plastic or as rigid as we find comfortable or
migration to the U.S., found her becoming necessary, and with creative effort we
                                                                                                  Carol Lindsley, MD
a rather permanent (for which we are          should be confident in our ability to mold
grateful) resident here, but also found her them as best meets the developmental
taking her role from fellow to attending, to needs that unfold.
chief of Rheumatology service at a new                                                            Statements and opinions
and distant medical center after having                                                         expressed in this publication
established a clear cut niche at another         Visit us on the                                are those of the authors and
                                                      Web!                                       not necessarily those of the
                                                                                               American Academy of Pediatrics
Harry Gewanter, our next presenter, told
us how his recognition of what he
enjoyed most about the practice of
medicine, guided him in being able to

AAP Section on Rheumatology Newsletter                                                     6
      What is the Section                                       Why should I be member of the
        working on ?                                           American Academy of Pediatrics?

n Advocacy - including reauthorization      Advocacy - The AAP advocates effectively for all children at state and federal levels.
  of the Pediatric Studies Provision in     The AAP has an excellent Department of Federal Affairs office in Washington that
  the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children     works for children and teenagers. The Academy is viewed as the “white hat” and has
  Act (BPCA).                               considerable influence. Recent issues include strengthening Medicaid and SCHIP,
                                            youth violence, adolescent health care, tobacco and alcohol advertising, immunizations,
n Initiating a colloborative agreement      child abuse, asthma, and birth defects.
  between the Section, the ACR, and the
  AJAO.                                     More than any other medical organization, the AAP advocates for children and teens
                                            with chronic diseases.
                                            At the federal level in Washington, DC:
n Sponsor several education programs        1) Lobbied extensively for the reauthorization of the IDEA legislation (signed 6/4/97)
  at the AAP National Conference and        and is monitoring the current reapproval process. Our own section member, Harry
  Exhibition.                               Gewanter, has played an important role in this work.
                                            2) Strongly supported the managed care legislation (managed care patient bill of
n Sponsored Park City IV in 1998 and        rights) in Congress, particularly the provision for access to pediatric specialists.
  sponsoring Pediatric Rheumatology         3) Consults with congress and the Social Security Administration on SSI issues
  2003: Park City and Beyond.               4) Places the highest priority on achieving universal health care for all children. In the
                                            meantime, the AAP supports more steps such as the Families Opportunity Act of 2001.
n Analyzing a survey on women in            This Senate legislation would allow families to buy into Medicaid to fill in gaps in their
  pediatric rheumatology.                   insurance and thereby broaden coverage for children with disabilities.
                                            5) Filed a letter of complaint to HCFA for inadequate funding of Medicaid. HCFA has
n Establishing a mentoring program          asked State Medicaid Offices to prepare a response.
                                            6) AAP Chapters are working to increase Medicaid reimbursement in most states.
n Proposal for three new programs
  including a two - day pediatric           The AAP can act quickly: A proposed legislation in early 2000 presented new
  rheumatology fellows retreat, funding     barriers to obtaining approval of new pediatric oncology drugs. On February
  for two research fellowships, and a       25, 2001, the AAP chaired a meeting of national pediatric oncology leaders
  debt interest program.                    and child advocates. The FDA responded by sending a letter to all involved
                                            drug companies asking them to submit fast track approval applications for
                                            these drugs and now these new drugs being tested.
n Established a section web site
  including fellowship, job, and other      Education
  listings.                                 As a member of the Section on Rheumatology, you may be asked to teach
                                            general pediatricians and residents at the national and local level, i.e.: Na-
n Offer three Section-sponsored awards:     tional Conference and Exhibition, CME Courses, and State Chapter work-
  James T. Cassidy Award, Earl J. Brewer    shops. You receive discounts on and access to educational resources of the
  Research grant, and Visiting Professor    Academy - Pediatrics, PREP, AAP News, Section on Rheumatology newsletter
  Program.                                  and web site, and coding manuals.

n In the process of develooping a public    The AAP is a unique organization and a significant value for the membership
  education brochure, “What is a            cost. In no other organiztion can the pediatric rheumatologist interact with
  Pediatric Rheumatologist?”                other pediatric subspecialists, many of whom are experiencing the same
                                            problems that we face.
n Spearheaded an effort within the AAP
  Council on Sections to highlight the      We believe that each pediatric rheumatologist and pediatrician with a special
  deficiencies in the Summary of the        interest in the field should support that Academy and the Section on
  Future of Pediatric Education (II)        Rheumatology - If you are already a Section member, please keep supporting
  report and its lack of support for        us, if not, please join us!
  subspecialties. This lead to a Com-
  mentary article published in Pediatrics   Annual Section dues - AAP Fellows $25      Residents $10
  in May 2001.                              AAP National dues vary depending on Membership type.

                                                Questions? Contact Laura Laskosz, MPH, Section Manager at
                                                  or 800/433-9016, ext. 4928
                                                or visit the web site at

AAP Section on Rheumatology Newsletter                                                                                                   7
                                                         Executive Summary
                                                         November 13, 2001

The Section on Rheumatology Executive           sor to visit a selected site in the 02-03        Meeting, a Pediatric Rheumatology
Committee convened on Tuesday, Novem-           academic year.                                   Research Fellowship, and a Debt Interest
ber 13, 2001 in San Francisco, CA.              A recruitment campaign will be developed         Forgiveness program.
                                                to attract Post-Residency Training Fellows       A draft Collaborative Agreement has been
The first Earl J. Brewer Research and James to join the section. In addition, a PRTF will        developed by the Section to provide a
Cassidy Awards were presented during the be selected to serve as a non-voting                    formal acknowledgement of collaboration
American College of Rheumatology                member on the Executive Committee.               among the AAP, the American College of
Pediatric Rheumatology                                               Other proposed bylaw        Rheumatology (ACR), and the Arthritis
Section Business                                                     changes include the         Foundation of the American Juvenile
Meeting. The first Earl          Congratulations!                    development of a            Arthritis Organization (AJAO). The ACR
J. Brewer Research                 Deborah Kredich, MD               referendum to allow one     has revised the document and is sending
Award was presented                  winner of the first             of the current members      to the AAP and AJAO for signatures.
to Deborah Levy Miller,           James T. Cassidy Award             of the Executive
MD for her research in                      and                      Committee to be             The Section is also involved in reviewing
Thromboembolism in                Deborah Levy Miller, MD            appointed as the Chair-     and endorsing the ACR Position Statement
Pediatric Systemic                   winner of the first             Elect.                      on the Guidelines for Referral, the develop-
Lupus Erythematosus                    Earl J. Brewer                                            ment of an on-line map of pediatric
(SLE) Patients with                   Research Award                 The Section continues       rheumatology centers and locations of
Antiphospholipid                                                     to move forward on          pediatric rheumatologists in the United
Antibodies. Deborah                                                  new projects. New           States. A public education brochure
Kredich, MD was the                                                  projects include a          entitled, “What is a Pediatric Rheumatolo-
first recipient of the James T. Cassidy         mentoring program, a survey of women in          gist” will be available in the near future.
Award for outstanding achievement in            pediatric rheumatology, development of
pediatric rheumatology. Plans are under-        immunization guidelines for pediatric            The next SORh meeting will be held on
way for the Visiting Professorship Award        rheumatology, an on-line journal of              Sunday, May 5, 2002 in Baltimore, MD.
with anticipation that the visiting profes-     pediatric rheumatology, an Annual Fellows

                                                     AAP Launches
                                          Pediatrician Referral Service (PRS)

                                                the referral service through Medem®’s            If you do wish to participate (and we hope

          n March 1, 2002, the American
          Academy of Pediatrics launched        Physician Finder Service at                      you do!!), in order to make the PRS as
          the next evolution of its Pediatri-                                   accurate and robust as possible, we ask
cian Referral Service (PRS), transforming                                                        you to update your contact information,
it into an on-line, searchable service.         The PRS is being launched in several             board, and sub-board information online
Historically, the Academy has responded         phases. In the initial launch, the Members       through the AAP Members Only Channel
to approximately 600 to 700 referral            Only Channel Directory was transitioned          ( – click on Member
requests each year. Until recently, these       to the PRS with the exception of several         Services) or by sending an e-mail to
requests were handled by AAP staff who          categories of membership such as Resi- , or by calling the Academy at
photocopied and mailed pages from the           dents, Honorary Fellows, etc. Phase 2,           888/227-1775. Remember, prospective
Fellowship Directory (Blue Book ). Since        which is expected to become operational in       patients will use the mailing address and/
the Fellowship Directory was only               mid-Spring, will add search capability by        or phone number we have on file to
updated once every year or two, the             boarded specialty and subspecialty.              contact you. Please be sure that the
information was often outdated. Parents                                                          information in our records is accurate and
and family members searching for a              Participation in the PRS is optional for         appropriate for listing in the PRS.
pediatrician, pediatric subspecialist, or       AAP members, so if you are no longer in
pediatric surgical specialist, will now have    practice, or just prefer not to participate in   Thank you for helping us bring this
a more convenient, efficient, and effective     this service, you may withdraw your name         valuable service to the children and
way to conduct their search. The PRS is         from the PRS by visiting            families we serve.
located at on the          referral/prsremove.cfm, calling 888/227-
American Academy of Pediatrics web site.        1775, or e-mailing
Patients and caregivers may also access

AAP Section on Rheumatology Newsletter                                                                                                     8