Dry Grad Fund Raising

                   FAMILY PHOTO NIGHT
   A Family Photo Night fundraiser is planned for SDSS for the following dates:

                Wednesday, March 31 and Thursday, April 1
                         5 pm – 9 pm both days

   We are fortunate to have EXCALIBUR PHOTOGRAPY come to our school to
                     professionally photograph our families.
     For just $25 your family will have a private photo session and receive a
            complementary color 8x10 from the proof of your choice.

             100% of this session fee goes directly to our school.

Different poses will be taken of each family and proofs of each pose will be sent back
to the school. Families may choose to order extra prints, but no further purchase is
necessary to receive the complementary colour 8x10. Our photographer specializes
in portrait photography and his work is of the highest quality. A sample of his work
will be displayed on the night of the fundraiser.

Unfortunately, we are limited to the dates above, therefore limiting the number of
sittings. The sessions will be on a “first come, first served” basis. Please remit your
cheque, payable to SDSS Dry Grad, along with the “Request for Sitting Form” to
the school office before March 5.

If you have any questions, please e-mail sdssdrygrad@hotmail.com or call
 604 948 0692.

                                 Request for Sitting

Please purchase your family session from the SDSS Dry Grad Fundraising
Committee before March 5. The session and 8x10 is $25.

My child’s name is ________________ and in Grade/Homeroom_____________
Phone number____________________ Email__________________________
Cell #_____________________________
March 31 Photo Session_____________April 1 Photo Session_____________

The best time to call is ____________________

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