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									Sample Company Newsletter Article

                            <Your Company Name Here>To Kick Off
                                Annual United Way Campaign

 Amanda was involved in a life-threatening accident. Through a United Way-funded program,
 she was able to receive six units of blood in the emergency room. Along with her father, Dave,
 who has donated a startling 19 ½ gallons of blood since the 1960’s, Amanda’s family has now
 made a commitment to donating blood and supporting United Way.

 Joann spent 13 years in an abusive marriage being told she was stupid, ugly and would never
 make anything of her life. She fled the marriage, and with help from a United Way-funded
 program, she was able obtain safe shelter, counseling for herself and her son and time to get
 her life back on track. She now works full-time, takes care of her son and goes to school.

 Josh didn’t walk or talk when he met his new foster mother at age 3. Ashley didn’t like people
 and hid in closets when she came to her new foster home at age 6. Through a United Way-
 funded program, both children were able to grow up in a safe, stable and loving, family
 environment. Josh is a teenager now, walks everywhere, communicates with a sophisticated
 device and volunteers at the Food Bank. Ashley is now 18 and has learned to give, and accept,

 These individuals, and many others, have been touched through our united efforts to make our
 community a better place. No matter how big or small your gift, you can be sure your dollars,
 combined with those of thousands of others, will be helping people help themselves, right here
 in our community. United. We’re changing lives.

 <Your Company Name Here> will kick off this year’s United Way Campaign <Kick Off Date
 Here>. This year’s kick off will have a “Faces United” theme. Individuals who’ve benefited from
 United Way-funded programs, as well as some who’ve given, are sharing personal stories of
 their experience with United Way of Greater Battle Creek. Their stories are illustrated in the
 “Faces United” exhibit, which is traveling to area businesses throughout Greater Battle Creek
 this campaign season. The “Faces United” stories can also be accessed on United Way’s
 website at After visiting the home page, visitors should click on
 “Faces United: stories from United Way of Greater Battle Creek” to view each person’s full story.

 This year’s United Way campaign kicks off September 10, 2009. Insert info re company
 campaign committee members, company details, goals, timelines, etc.

 United Way of Greater Battle Creek addresses some of our community’s most pressing
 problems and measurably improves the lives of individuals in need. United Way does this by
 raising dollars that fund more than 50 local programs operated by more than 35 non-profit
 agencies or organizations. United Way also collaborates with local organizations and people to
 identify and address emerging needs and issues.

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