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                                                                                                  Two Growing And Thriving Industries... Commercial
Plant Material Discussion Session                                                                 Floriculture Production & Commercial Nursery
   Over forty landscape professionals                                                                 The New York State Statistics Office
participated in the roundtable discussion session at                                               (NY -SSO) will conduct the Commercial Floriculture
Cornell Extension on December 13. The kick-off topic                                              Production and Commercial Nursery Production and
was ornamental grasses which                                                                      Commercial Nursery Production Surveys at the
was lead by Bob Fiendt. The two hour                                                              beginning of 2001. These surveys track an industry
discussion continued covering a variety of                                                        which, nationwide, has more that doubled from 1988
plants and production issues. Some of the areas we                                                to 1998. Floriculture sales in New York totaled $159
discussed included:                                                                               million dollars for 1998.
-The lack of availability of larger caliper tree stock                                               This is the first time production statistics about
  (and corresponding lower quality) due to heavy                                                  commercial nursery operations will be collected. It is
  demand in recent years.                                                                         vital to record this growth so supporting industries
-Deer Resistant Plants:                                                                           and policy makers can provide necessary resources.
 Boxwood Deutzia                                                                                     These surveys will be used to produce reliable,
 Chameycypris Helebores                                                                           accurate data on key items such as area of production,
 Ornamental Grasses                                                                               number sold, value of sales, production, and intended
-New cultivars ofwillow species are available and                                                 nursery sales. Leaders from the American Nursery and
  have interesting foliage and stem characteristics. CY                                           Landscape Association and the Society of American
  blue arctic has performed well locally and is a                                                 Florists encourage grower participation in these
  substitute for bamboo                                                                           surveys, knowing it is crucial to have accurate data on
 with similar effects. Another plant that fills                                                   the floriculture and nursery industries.
 this niche is the fern leaf rhamnus.                                                                Complete, accurate, and timely reporting by
-Hardy Cameilias are still being watched to see local                                             growers will ensure that reliable, objective data on
 performance.                                                                                     current commercial floriculture production and
 Winter Star -Red/purple flowers                                                                  commercial nursery production are
 Winter Rose -Pink flowers.                                                                       available to the public and the industry .
-Cryptermeria japonica (Japanese cedar) Relatively                                                Accurate industry statistics are critical for obtaining
  rare here, however, there is a very large one on                                                research funding and government support on various
  Clover Street.                                                                                  issues.
-Agapanthus Angel (Lilly-of-the Nile)                                                                 Results from the commercial floriculture
  Nice perennial. Some varieties are hardy here. -                                                production survey are scheduled for release on
Mice/vole problem noticed on juniper taxus
  and other shrubs.

                                                         Helping You Put Knowledge to Work

   ComeJl Cooperative Extension provides equal program and employment opportwlities. NYS College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, NYS College of Hmnan Ecology, and NYS College of
   Veterinary Medicine at ComeJl University, Cooperative Extension associations, COW1ty governing bodies, and U.S. Department of Agriculture, cooperating.
April 21, 2001. Results from the commercial nursery            lowering deer populations and experimental
production survey are scheduled for release in the             techniques for deer fertility control.
summer of 2001. These results will be an effective                The authors are Anthony J. DeNicola of White
measure of New York's floriculture and nursery                 Buffalo, Inc in Hamden, CT, Kurt VerCauteren, U.S.
industries, and will help measure the economic                 Department of Agriculture, Paul Curtis, Department of
contribution of these industries to New York                   Natural Resources College of Agriculture and Life
agriculture.                                                   Sciences at Cornell University and Scott Hygnstrom,
   Individual operation information is completely              University of Nebraska.
confidential by law. The National Agricultural                    Curtis also produced the video "Suburban Deer
Statistics Service safeguards the confidentiality of all       Management: Voices Views, Visions" (147VSDM,
survey responses and publishes state and U.S. data             $19.95) as well as a manual and video on managing
only, ensuring that no individual operation or grower          suburban Canada Geese.
will be identified.                                               Other titles of interest are: "Venison: Boning,
    Commercial floriculture and nursery production             Freezing and Cooking (147S99, $3.25), "Reducing
statistics, several other commodity reports, and a link        Deer Damage to Home Garden Plantings" (147DD,
to a full catalog ofNASS products and ~ervices, are            $3.75), "Resistance of Woody Ornamental Plants to
available on the NY-SSO homepage at                            Deer Damage" (147HGGFS800, $2.00), "Wildlife
www.nass.usda/gov/ny. For other information, e-mail            Damage Management in Fruit Orchards" (147m236,
nass- or call 1-800-821-1276.                 $5.50) and the video "Whitetails at the Crossroads"
   Look for these surveys in early 2001 : Commercial           (147VWC, $19.95).
Nursery Production Survey Conuilercial Floriculture               "Managing White- Tailed Deer in Suburban
Production Survey Wen-fei L.Uva, Ph.D.                         Environments" (147m245, $10.00), and the other
Senior Extension Associate                                     publications and videos are available from the Cornell
Horticultural Business Management and Marketing                University Resource Center, 7 BTP, Ithaca, NY
Program                                                        14850. <E-Mail:> Prices include
Department of Applied Economics and Management                 mailing within the U.S.; New Yorkers must add 8%
Comell University                                              sales tax. Publications may also be available at Cornell
                                                               Cooperative Extension offices located throughout New
                                                               York and are described on the website
                                                               http :I/www .cce. Cornell. edulpublications/ catalog
New Deer Management Publication
   A new Comell Cooperative Extension
manual, "Managing White- Tailed Deer in Suburban
Environments" joins other Comell publications and
videos on the subject. All are designed to help people         Neighbor Notification Law
across North America,                                             Monroe County has decided not to adopt the
in urban, suburban and rural areas, make informed              optional portion of New York's Neighbor Notification
choices that affect there livelihood, health and safety.       Law for 2001. Current Information regarding this law
   The new 52 page manual reviews the biology of the           is available at the DEC Web Site:
white-tailed deer and discusses methods for reducing           http://www.dec.state.ny. us/websiteldshm!
deer-related problems. Comprehensive strategies are            pesticidlneighbor .html
outlined. Fencing and repellents are covered, as well
as options for

FBC/BBB Honor Role                                             -For indoor household use, the registration will be
   In our last issue we mentioned one of the Fair              canceled on March 2001, and all retail sales will stop
Business Council/Better Business Bureau 2000                   by December 2002.
Customer Service Honor Roll recipient (The Weed                -For all lawn, garden and turf uses, manufacturing
Man). Three other businesses in the green industry             stops in June 2003; with all sales and distribution to
also made the list:                                            complete the phase out of the product by December
( Gensis Landscapes, Geyssens Nursery and                      2003.
Landscape), and the (Garden Coach). Congratulations            -Additionally, as part of the phase out for all lawn,
to these and all businesses that enhance the reputation        garden, and turf uses, the agreement ratchets down the
of our industry .                                              manufacturing amounts. Specifically, for 2002, there
                                                               will be a 25 percent decrease in production; and for
EP A Announces Elimination Of All Indoor Uses Of               2003, there will be a 50 percent decrease in
Widely-Used Pesticide Diazinon; Begins Phase-Out               production.
Of Its Lawn And Garden Uses.                                   -Also, the agreement begins the process to cancel
    The EP A recently announced an agreement                   around 20 different uses on food crops.
to phase-out diazinon, one of the most widely used             Organophosphates can affect the nervous
pesticides in the United States, for indoor uses               system. The effects from diazinon vary depending on
beginning in March 2001, and for all lawn, garden              the dose, but symptoms from over-exposure can
and turf uses by December 2003.                                include nausea, headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, and
   "Today's action will significantly eliminate the vast       general weakness. Today's action also represents an
majority of organophosphate insecticide products in            important step for the environment. Diazinon's use on
and around the home, and by implementing this                  turf poses a risk to birds, and it is one of the most
phase-out, it will help encourage consumers to move            commonly found pesticides in air, rain, and drinking
to safer pest control practice," said Browner EP A             and surface water .
administrator.                                                    It is legal to purchase and use diazinon products
   Diazinon is the most widely used pesticide by               according to label directions and precautions.
homeowners on lawns, and is one of the most widely             Consumers should take special
used pesticide ingredients for application around the          care to always read and follow the label directions and
home and in gardens. It is used to control insects and         precautions. If consumers choose to discontinue use,
grub worms. The agreement reached today with the               they should contact their
manufactures, Syngenta and Makhteshim Agan, will               state or local hazardous waste disposal program or the
eliminate 75                                                   local solid waste collection service for information on
percent of its use which amounts to more than                  proper disposal.
11 million pounds annually.                                        Additional information can be found at:
   The EPA is taking this action under the Food       January 2001
Quality Protection Act, which President Clinton
signed into law in 1996 after the Administration
helped lead the way for the new, tougher national              Mar athon n Gr eenhouse and Nursery Insecticide
pesticide law. Since then, the EP A has targeted a                 Mar athon II has been r ecently r egister ed in NY
large group of older, riskier pesticides called                State. With an REI of 12 hour s, Mar athon II can be
organophosphates for review because                            used in nur ser y pr oduction ar eas for contr ol of various
they pose the greatest potential risk to children.             soil (i.e. field-gr own or namentals) and gr assy ar ea
     Specifically, the terms of the agreement                  pests. It is also labeled for use on indoor (gr eenhouse
implement the following phase-out schedules:                   and inter ior scape) and outdoor or namentals as a

foliar spray for aphids, adelgids, whiteflies and other           Promotion is an attempt to influence. Promotional
pests, as well as for broadcast use to control white           activities are designed to inform, persuade, or remind
grub larvae such as oriental beetle. See the label for         the market of the firm and its products and ultimately
specifics. It is not labeled for outdoor landscape use.        to influence consumers' feelings, beliefs, and behavior.
   This product meets a need for a foliar spray to             A successful promotion program should include
control aphbids or whieflies on certain vegetable              all the communication tools that can deliver a message
transplants and for various ornamentals (such as               to a target audience. A promotion program can include
perennials and herbaceous plants) in production                five components: advertising, sales promotion, public
situations. It has generally been very effective against       relations, sales force, and direct marketing.
green peach, and especially melon                                  Advertising -Advertising is a paid form of
aphids which have been sometimes very                          nonpersonal communication by an identified sponsor.
difficult to control with other insecticides.                  The mass media used include TV, radio, magazine,
                                                               billboards, newspapers, and direct mailing.
                                                               Advertising is the most effective tool for building
Checking NY State Pesticide Registrations and                  awareness of a company, product, or service. It is also
Restricted- Use Status                                         relatively inexpensive based on the cost per thousand
   You can check the status ofNYS registrations by             people reached. However, broadcasting a message to
visiting the PIMS website:                                     everyone through media such as television is not very
http :1 Ipmep .cce. cornell. edu/pimslcurrentJ srchme          targeted. The most effective advertising is narrowly
nu.htm#PMS                                                     targeted and uses media targeting a specific audience
  I have found out that Joust miticide is no longer            of similar interests. The drawback is that most
registered for use in NY State. The product has been           advertising does not deliver sales quickly. It works
out of production for some                                     most in changing minds, not changing behaviors.
time and is discontinued. The non-production label of              Sales Promotion -On the other hand, sales
oxythioquinox, Morestan 4, is still registered, at least       promotion is what changes behavior .
it still appears on the DEC                                    Customers will act upon a sale, on offer, or a chance to
list which means renewal is expected.                          win something. Sales promotion activities include
However, I anticipate that we will also be losing this         coupons, discounts, in-store displays, trade shows,
material shortly.                                              samples, in-store demonstrations, and contests. A
   Florarnite and Hexygon are among the effective              company can also sponsor trade promotion, in which
replacements for control of spider                             supermarkets or other retailers are given discounts to
mites on ornamentals in landscapes and                         promote a specific product. However, most incentives
                                                               are short-term in nature. In addition, sales promotion
nurseries. Floramite can also be used in greenhouses.
Daniel Gilrein Long Island Hort. Res. & Ext. Center            targeting consumers weakens consumer loyalty.
Extension Entomologist.                                        Consumers increasingly expect to buy products below
                                                               listed prices. Consumers simply buy whichever brand
Smar t Mar keting Develops a Successful                        is on sale during a particular week and switch to a
Pr omotion Pr ogr am                                           competing brand and retail outlet when it goes on sale.
   Promotion is an intricate part of market mix.               The only situation
Marketing mix includes product, price,
place/distribution and promotion (4 Ps).
The activities of the first three Ps product planning,
pricing and distribution are preformed mainly within
the fIrm or between the firm and its marketing
"partners. " With promotional activities, a firm
communicates directly with potential customers.

where sales promotion is profitable is when the                them easy access to company data to help them
company truly has a superior product paired                    become more informative. Sales people offer the
with low product awareness. In this case, sales                advantage of one-on-one selling. They should be
promotion will get people to try the product, and they         trained to consciously find out what customers want
will be less likely to switch to a competing brand             and alert the company.
when sales are over .                                              Direct Marketing -Direct marketing by mail, phone,
   Public Relations -Because sales promotion often             or personal contact can be used effectively to
loses money, and advertising is becoming less                  communicate with a very narrow- targeted group. Lists
effective and expensive, companies should investigate          for direct marketing purposes can be purchased from
the impact of marketing public relations.                      direct sources. However, for direct marketing to be
   Marketing public relation is designed to                    effective, it is important to maintain a comprehensive
create a positive image of the company to a target             customer database in the company and manage the
market. It uses non-paid communication by presenting           database in a way that it can be divided into
commercially significant news in a published medium            subcategories for different promotional programs. All
or obtaining a favorable presentation of the business          the promotional activities must
or product on radio or television.                             be integrated to deliver a consistent and positive
   Tools to create publicity include:                          message. A multi-media promotion campaign is
publications (reports and brochures), events                   usually more effective than any promotional
(sponsoring activities and trade shows), news                  activityalone. For example, if a company is launching a
(favorable stories about the company, its people, and          new product or program, it can contact the media to get
products), community involvement (time or money                free press and then run an advertising to offer
investing in local interests), identify media (business        information, combined with offering sales promotion,
cards, stationary, and signs), lobbying activity, and          direct marketing by mail or phone, and product
social responsibility to                                       demonstration or a visit by sales people.
the environment and society.                                       In developing a promotion program, a company
   Sales Force -The more complex the product or                must first determine the target audience, the most
service, the more necessary to use sales                       important objectives, and a promotion budget, and then
people who can answer questions and help customers.            design the promotion activities accordingly. Promotion
However, a company's sales force is one of its most            objectives can include providing product information,
expensive marketing communication tools. Across all            stimulating demand, increasing store traffic,
businesses, more money is spent on personal selling            differentiating products, building a brand image,
than on any other form of promotion. What is                   reminding current customers about product benefits,
important is not what the sales person's costs but             countering competitors' offers, responding to the news,
his/her costs in relation to the sales he/she generated.       smoothing out seasonal demand fluctuation, and
A top sales person can often sell five to ten times            improving customer relationships. Promotion must be
more than an average sales person. Companies trying            integrated
to save money by paying less to the sales people often         into a firm's strategic planning because all elements of
have the highest costs to sales ratio with a high              the market mix product, price,
turnover rate and high training costs.                         place, and promotion must be coordinated in order for
    In addition to hiring good people, a company               a promotion program to be successful. By, Wen-fei
should help its sales people to be more productive, by         Uva, Senior Extension Associate Department of
providing them sales tools, i.e. computers, fax                Applied Economics and Management -Comell
machine, and e-mail, and giving                                University

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