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									                                    BENTLEY PARK
                                    COLLEGE NEWS:
                                   JUNIOR SCHOOL

                                                                                                              You learn a lot - Jessie C 1DP

                                                                                                             The teachers
                                                                                                             teach you good
                                                                                                             things – Tommy C

                                                                                                Playing nice and helping people when they get
 Paige, Alyssa, Emily and Zara from PKC said they love                                          hurt – Joseph R 1LS
 learning about reptiles like dinosaurs, snakes and lizards.

                     I like the gardens – Kaylar – 1LS                                          There’s heaps of stuff like reading
                                                                                                books and learning – Roselyn T5SS

People always wear the correct uniform – Abby B 5AB

                                                                                                 Playing on the hill – Tessa N 3LS
         Doing work for the                                           cher –
                                                                he tea
         teacher – Jacob M 1DP                      He   lping t
                                                    M 1DP                                                       It’s friendly and clean –
                                                                                                                Caitlin F 5NC

                                                                 PE, Library and computers – Ryan C 5NC

                                                                                                    It’s the best because we are
                                                                                                    safe – Nathan I 5NC

                                                                 There’s a fun playground and
                                                                 pretty books – Angelique Y
   Having all your friends                                                                               Because we get to play on the
   here – Tahlia R 5NC                                                                                   computer – Hayley W 1DP

                                       WHICH YEAR 5 CLASS WILL WIN THE
                                           INAUGURAL READER’S CUP?
                                             Turn to Library News on page 4.
         Bentley Park College                                                   Junior School

                News                                                                 June 24 2009

                                                                                     College Principal
                                                    Date Claimers                      Darryl Exelby
                                              Friday June 26 Yr 4/5 Choir              Senior School
                                                       Eisteddfod                    Principal: Tim Black
                                                                                    A/Deputy: Leigh Littan
                                             Friday June 26 last day Term 2
                                                                                       Middle School
                                            Monday July 13 PUPIL FREE DAY        A/Principal: Yvonne Gordon
                                             Tuesday July 14 Term 3 starts           Deputy: Craig Law
                                            Tuesday July 21 Parent-teacher             Junior School

                                                      interviews                    Principal: Mark Evans
                                                                                    Deputy: Rod Jackson
                                                                                     SEU: Lesley Hughes

                                                                                Head of Department Junior
                                                 Uniform Shop Hours                     School P-5
                                                 Monday 7.30 am – 9.30 am                 Jenny Pyke
                                                 Tuesday 8.30 am – 9.30 am
        Bentley Park College                   Wednesday 12.30 pm – 3.30 pm    Head of Department Middle
            McLaughlin Road                                                             School
                                                Thursday 12.30 pm – 4.00 pm
       EDMONTON Qld. 4869                                                               Jill McFarlane
             Postal address:                      Friday 8.30 am – 9.30 am
              P.O. Box 289                             Angela Scorset            Head of Department 8-12
        EDMONTON Q. 4869
      College Phone: 07- 40408111                      PH. 40454971                   Arts - Fiona Dunn
       College Fax: 07- 40408100                                                    English - Kate Gibbons
                                                                                      ICT - David Slater
   Senior Campus Phone: 07-40408216               IN THIS EDITION:                  Maths - Rhonda Martin
     Senior Campus fax: 07-40408222
   Middle Campus Phone: 07- 40408111               Principal’s News           Senior Schooling - Catherine Domic
     Middle campus Fax: 07- 40408100           Deputy Principal’s News            Science - Jason Richardson
    Junior School Phone: 07- 40408181
      Junior School Fax: 07- 40408200                HOD’s News                Subject Area Co-Ordinators
                                                    Library Update               Home Ec - Meredith Exelby
  Bentley Park College Office Hours
                                                                              TEC / Manual Arts - Greg Harrison
   All Campus Offices: 7:45am—3:30pm                                               SOSE - Barbara Reynolds
                                                           P&C                     HPE - Christian Stewart
 EFTPOS transactions close at 2:00pm on           Community Notices
              FRIDAYS.                                                              Year Co-Ordinators
             Junior School:                                                        Year 6 - Melanie Cohen
                                                Bentley Park College
Cash, Cheque or EFTPOS transactions close                                             Year 7 - Sue Bow

         at 12:00pm each day due                     Sport Houses                    Year 8 - Mark Stubbs

          to banking procedures.                   Arlington—Blue                    Year 9 - Jay Sansness
                                                                                  Year 10 - Amanda Romelo
   Message U Student Absentee Line                 Euston—Yellow
     (Text Message only) 0428425956                                              Year 11 - Brenton Morehead
          Student Absentee Line                       Onyx—Red                   Year 12 - Carolin Carpenter
          (Voice Message Only):
              07- 40408160
                 Page 3                                                                 Bentley Park College News

PRINCIPAL’S NEWS –                                                     DEPUTY PRINCIPAL’S NEWS –
H1N1 Influenza 09 (Human Swine
Influenza) Update.                                                           Report Cards and Parent
The response to the H1N1 virus has                                             Teacher Interviews
 moved to a new phase, “protect”. At the                                 Report cards have been
 school, we have been vigilant in the steps
 to minimize the risks at school. For                                    distributed today. Parent
 instance, messages about the need for                                   Teacher Interviews will be
 hand-washing have increased.                                            offered to all parents on
 I have been briefed about the following in relation to H1N1:            Tuesday 21 July. I strongly
 * National authorities have announced "protect" response phase          encourage you to take up this
 to manage the outbreak of H1N1 Influenza 09 (also known as
 Human Swine Influenza) in Australia.                                    opportunity. Your child’s
 * From Monday (June 22) but would keep its policy of school             teacher will be in contact with
 exclusions and school closures in place until the end of term next      you regarding the interview
 Friday (June 26).                                                       schedule for July 21st
 * Queensland's Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said the
 extra week of possible school closures followed by school             Units of Work
 holidays provided a circuit breaker, further lessening the spread     Our students learning in the Junior School is organised around
 and the potential impacts to the Queensland community.                four ‘Units of Work’ for each year. Each term our teachers
 * Dr Young has advised that Queensland's efforts to restrict the      work in their year levels to plan the unit for the forthcoming
 spread of H1N1 Influenza 09 have been very effective.                 term. The planning sessions, involve our teachers interpreting
 * Under the new "protect" phase in Term 3, Queensland will            Education Queensland’s Scope and Sequencing document to
 have the flexibility to close single schools or classrooms to         develop a work unit that is engaging and educationally
 students in special circumstances, for example in remote areas        challenging. This week our teachers have been planning their
 where the community is otherwise free of human swine flu.             units so that they are ready for implementation on Day1of
 * Education Queensland is working closely with Queensland
                                                                       next term.
 Health and will continue to be guided by the advice provided by
 their medical experts in relation to any situations where action by   This week I caught up with some of the teachers who had this
 schools would benefit the school and broader community.               to say about our teaching and learning through units of work.
 * In line with the decision to move to the "protect" phase
                                                                       What do you get from a unit planning session?
 Queensland has decided the seven-day time-out guidelines will
                                                                       Valerie Harvey (Yr 4): A strong understanding of the language
 end on Friday 26 June. Students entering Queensland from areas
                                                                       features that need to be known. A sense of what we need to
 of concern including Mexico, the United States of America,
                                                                       focus on. An opportunity to re-visit our recent professional
 Canada, Panama, Japan, Chile and Argentina or students that
 are returning from Victoria will not apply after that date.           learning and align this to our unit.
                                                                       Are our students considered in our units?
Building the Education Revolution (BER)                                Darlene Hill (Yr 4): Yes in many different ways. We build upon
Recently, Bentley Park College received advice that we would be        what they have learnt previously. The unit is structured, with
included in the next round of the BER facilities. We were              consideration for of the students’ ability level. We develop
successful in securing a new Library and Hall. On Monday 22            writing exemplars to an A standard and work from that to
June I met with a range of stakeholders in relation to the BER.        develop other levels. We pre-test the students and then focus
                                                                       our teaching where required.
For Bentley Park College, planning towards a new library and hall      What is the most challenging aspect of the planning?
 with have some core principles that we will be working from.          Graeme Stockwell (Curriculum Planner): Agreement on the
 New facilities which foster GOOD TEACHING will be                     terminology and consensus of understanding so that what is
 central to our core principles.                                       taught is taught consistently in each classroom.

Already, in the initial planning stages, Novella Jackson, our          How have our units changed over the years?
Teacher Librarian, has been researching what needs to be in-           Deb Stone (Yr 3): In the past we had time to sequence lessons
cluded in our new library to boost good teaching and student           and look at resources. We now develop criteria sheets. A
learning. We will share our innovations and planning in future         criteria sheet is used to rate the students understanding of
newsletters.                                                           what is taught.
                                                                       For me this style of planning and teaching has
Safe & Enjoyable Holidays!                                             brought about consistency and accountability in
May I extend my wishes for a safe &
                                                                       what we teach. In my next newsletter I am going
enjoyable holiday. Included in the newsletter
is a rail safety message. Please take a few                            to gain some feedback from our students as to
moments to discuss this message at home!                               their opinion of our teaching program. Until then
Have a good week,                                                      have a great week and holiday.
☺ Mark Evans.
Bentley Park College News                                              Page 4

ACTIVITIES: One of the most
important considerations in develop-
ing our units of work from Prep to
Year 5 is to plan our culminating
activities. The purpose of these is to invite you, our parents and
carers into our school and classrooms to see first-hand the
curriculum concepts and content that have been taught and learnt.
Your attendance at these events is of major importance to us, and a
confirmation of the close relationship between home and school in
the learning partnership. Mr Jackson has outlined some of the
factors we consider in developing our classroom units of work.
Much school funding, time, effort and research goes into the
development of our units of work.

On this page are some snapshots of some of our culminating
activities this week and last week. Activities yet to happen
this week are:
YEAR 5: Today (Wed) Water experiments—demonstration
and open classrooms
YEAR 1: Tomorrow (Thursday 25/6) from 2pm—Art display in
PGP, PMD: Tomorrow (Thursday 25/6) 2.30pm—Open

Prep 2010:
Our Prep Information Evening and Open Classrooms event for
those enrolling into Prep next year will be held on Wednesday 29th
July. Classrooms are open from 5pm, with an information session
to commence at 5.45pm in D Block. There will be further informa-
tion in the next newsletter. For more information about this evening
or to enquire about our Prep Launch into Literacy program
please call me on 40408181.

Have a happy and SAFE holiday everyone!
         Page 5                                        Bentley Park College News

                                                      READING TIP NO. 7

                                            These holidays would be a great time to
                                            join our local library. Below are some of
                                            the wonderful and FREE activities
                                            planned over the break.
                                                  Super School Holiday Fun
                                            •    Roll Up! Roll Up! Comedy and Theatre
                                            •    Cheerleading
                                            •    Kindy Dance
                                            •    Scrapbooking
This Wednesday, the Year 5 students are     •    Ship Ahoy! Puppet Making and Per-
entering a competition called ‘The               forming Workshop
                                            •    Jazz/Funk
Reader’s Cup’. As a class, they have read
                                            •    Japanese Folk Tale and Origami
three picture books and studied the
pictures and text. Then they made up        •    Poetry Workshop

questions about the books and quizzed       PLUS There’s FREE Internet ,
                                            Children’s PC GAMES, DVDs and CDs,
each other. On Wednesday in the Senior
                                            plenty of BOOKS of course and
Theatre, the competition will see a class   Storytimes and Baby Rhyme Times too!
win the cup for this term.                  Bookings can be made at any branch of
                                            Cairns Libraries either in person or by
The competition will be run again next      phone on 4044 3727.
term.                                       Have a wonderful break.

                                                                Stanley Paste by
All books must be returned before the                           Aaron Blabey
holidays. The library is open before
                                                                This book is ideal for
school to enable your child to return a
                                                                sharing—a perfect
book.                                                           read-aloud book.
            Page 6                                                     Bentley Park College News

                     Sports News                                           Roadworks Notification
                                                            Bruce Highway (Cairns -Innisfail)
SPORTS DAYS                                                 Warner Road intersection upgrade
                                                            Changed traffic conditions
Our Sports days will be held in week 3 next                 Motorists and residents are advised that Stage Two of
Term.                                                       the intersection upgrade works at Warner Road (also
                                                            known as Yarrabah Road) have started with expected
P-2 on Thursday July 30 9am to 1pm.                         completion end September 2009.
3-7 on Friday July 31 9am to 3pm.                           How will traffic be effected?
Volunteers are welcome to assist with events on the day     For traffic travelling on the highway, a side track has
                                                            been constructed to divert vehicles during the works.
and in the lead up to our Sports day. If you feel you can
                                                            There will be no right turn into Warner Road from the
help out with some of the Athletic events let Mr Poropat
                                                            highway during construction. Traffic will need to turn
know. We’d love your help!                                  right at Draper Road, Gordonvale and travel via
                                                            Crossland Road to Warner Road.
                                                            All other traffic movements at the Warner Road
                                                            intersection will remain with traffic under traffic
                                                            control as required.
                                                            Motorists travelling from the eastern side of the
                                                            highway (Warner Road) are encouraged to consider an
                                                            alternative route via Crossland Road to access the
                                                            highway at the Draper Road intersection.
                                                            Work will be carried out between 6.30am and 6.00pm
                                                            Monday to Saturday. Traffic will be under the control
                                                            of traffic controllers and/or traffic lights, as needed,
                                                            with a reduced speed limit of 60km through the
                                                            worksite. Minor traffic delays are expected.
                                                            The works include: • upgrading the intersection and
                                                            installation of traffic lights
                                                            • raising a section of Warner Road and installation of
                                                            culverts to improve drainage
                                                            • road lighting and pavement improvements.
                                                            Along with these works, Queensland Rail will be up-
                                                            grading the Warner Road railway crossing and
                                                            installing boom gates.
                                                            Your cooperation and patience during this time is
                                                            Ron Michel A/Regional Director
                                                            FREE Women’s Health Clinics are being held in July
                                                            at: Edmonton Community Health Centre
                                                            The clinics are run by a specially trained Women’s
                                                            Health Nurse employed by Queensland Health and
                                                            are open to women of all ages at no cost.
                                                            The July clinic dates are:
                                                            Edmonton* – Thursday 16th July 2009
                                                            Phone 4045 9900 to make an appointment.

                                                              *Those women who have already commenced
                                                              the Gardasil (HPV) vaccines are eligible to
                                                              complete the course before 31st December 2009
                                                              at the clinic.
             Page 7                                                                      Bentley Park College News

  “Watch Out—Cane Trains                                                      P&J MURRAY DAYCARE SERVICE
                                                                                                P.O.BOX 698
  SAFETY ON THE SUGAR                                                                      EDMONTON 4869
                                                                                                PH: 40554000
The 2009 crushing season has                                                           Bentley Park College OSHC
started. Cane will be hauled 24 hours a day, from
                                                                               Quality child care, nationally accredited
Monday to Sunday morning each week of the
crushing season, along the cane railway network                                  Lots of fun activities for the children
which extends from the Smithfield area in the                             After school care, morning care & vacation care
north to Fishery falls in the South.                                    Government fee relief and 50% rebate available
Unsafe practices include children playing on cane                    Come and see us behind the Pre School building on the
railway property, fishing on cane railway bridges, joy                                 school grounds
riding on cane bins or riding trail bikes along the                                             Ph: 40554000
cane railway. As you will appreciate, all these
practices are extremely dangerous and your                                                  Futsal Holiday Clinic
                                                                     FNQ Futsal is holding some Futsal Clinics over the school
assistance in keeping children away from the cane
                                                                     holidays. Clinic is for boys and girls from ages 6-13
railway line could prevent a serious injury.
                                                                     Where: Cairns State High School
Mulgrave Central Mill will be promoting its “Cane
                                                                     Cost: $12/session
Train Awareness 2009” program by way of press
                                                                     WEEK 1
advertising, highway billboard and a radio and TV
                                                                     Tuesday June 30:       9:00—12:00 under 6-under 9
campaign throughout the 2009 crushing which will
                                                                                          1:00—4:00 under 10—under 13
extend to November.
                                                                     Friday July 3:       9:00—12:00 under 6—under 9
        The Mulgrave Central Mill Co. Ltd
                                                                                          1:00—4:00 under 10—under 13
                                                                     WEEK 2
If you have any Gold Achiever Badges at your house                   Tuesday July 7:      9:00—12:00 under 6—under 9
PLEASE SEND THEM BACK TO SCHOOL ASAP. If your                                             1:00—4:00 under 10 – under 13
child lost their badge from last year, please replace it at          Friday July 10:      9:00—12:00 under 6—under 9
the office for $5 so that the new Gold Achievers can
                                                                                       1:00—4:00 under 10—under 13
wear them this year.
Badges are to be borrowed for the time that you are a                ALL SESSIONS MUST BE BOOKED AND PAID FOR UPFRONT
Gold Achiever and RETURNED. They are only meant to                   2 DAYS BEFORE. LIMITED SPACES BE QUICK TO BOOK
come home once to show off to the family and then they               YOUR SPOT
are to “live” at school.                                             You can book by calling Sandra 40343925 or email
                  Thank you for your help.                 

                                        Please fill in the slip and return to Front Reception

Childs Name:_____________________________________________________________________ Class:___________________

Parent/Carer Name/s: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone: __________________________________Mother’s Work:______________________________________________

Mother’s Mobile: _______________________________Father’s Work: _______________________________________________
                                            Gold Achiever,
                                         You are invited to our
                                             ‘first ever’
                                           Bubble Party!

       WHEN is it? This Thursday 25th June.
         Year P, 1, 2    9:00 – 10:00
        Year 3,4,5       10:00 – 11:00
   WHERE do we meet? Year 1/2 eating shelter.
                DO I need to bring anything?
- especially to milk products, food colourings or soap products.
*wear your normal school uniform & bring your lunch + afternoon tea as
              WHAT IS A BUBBLE PARTY??
There will be bubble blowing, bubble art, bubble ‘wrap’ dancing,
 bubble games, bubbly drinks and bubbles raining all over us!!

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