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									Minnesota Crime Free
Multi-Housing Newsletter
                                                                                           Moorhead Police
Minnesota Crime Free Multi-Housing Program
Landlord Training Session Scheduled
A Landlord Training Ses-          Applicant Screening                                      Volume 7, Issue 2
sion has been scheduled           Techniques
                                                                                           September 2008
for those landlords or            Effective rental
property managers wishing         agreements
to participate in the Crime
Free Multi-Housing Pro-           Fair Housing Laws
gram.                             Preventing crime on
                                                                                           Inside this issue:
Clear your schedule for           your property
Thursday, October 16th,           Eviction Process
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.;                                                                    Dog’s in Moorhead      2
                              ...and much more!            Or                              rental property
to attend this important
training session. Registra-   There is NO FEE to par-      Register by calling Robin
tion will start at 7:45                                    Hamre at the Moorhead           Carbon Monoxide        2
                              ticipate in this training
                                                                                           Alarms – Requirement
a.m. The class will be        session.                     Police Department at 218-
                                                                                           for Rental Property
held at the Law Enforce-                                   299-5325
                              Please registered by Octo-
ment Center, 915 9th
                              ber 10th as seating is       Or
Ave. N., Moorhead.                                                                         Other Options for      3
                              limited.                     Register by e-mailing your      Criminal Background
This training is especially
                              Register by mailing in the   name, address, and phone        Check Information
useful to those new to the
                              registration form below      number to
business of being a land-                                  robin.hamre@ci.moorhead.mn.us
lord. You will learn about:

        Yes, I want to participate in the next Landlord
        Training Session.
   Name: ____________________________________________________________
   Company Name: _____________________________________________________
   Address: __________________________________________________________
   City/State/Zip: _____________________________________________________
   Phone Number: ______________________________________________________
   Email Address: ______________________________________________________
   Mail to: Robin Hamre, Moorhead Police Department, P.O. Box 817, Moorhead, MN 56561-0817.
Page 2                                                                        Minnesota Crime Free Multi-Housing Newsletter

Dog’s in Moorhead Rental Property
                    If you are a        streets, sidewalks, or any public      gers the safety of humans or
                    landlord that       or private property, other than        domestic animals.
                    allows your         the dog owner's property, in an        A Moorhead Police Department
                    tenants to          apparent attitude of attack; or        sergeant or officer of higher
                    have a dog,         c. Has a known propensity, ten-        rank will make the determination
                    you should be       dency, or disposition to attack        of whether a dog is potentially
                    aware of a          unprovoked, causing injury or          dangerous or dangerous. At
                    couple Moor-        otherwise threatening the safety       that point, the dog owner has a
                    head ordi-          of humans or domestic animals.         lot of responsibilities under
                    nances that         A dog may be designated as             Moorhead City Code such as
could affect you.                       dangerous if the dog has:              posting a sign and carrying a cer-
                                        a. Without provocation, inflicted      tain amount of liability insurance.
Moorhead City Code Section 3-7-
                                        substantial bodily harm on a hu-
13 designates a dog as either po-
tentially dangerous or danger-          man being on public or private          If you have concerns about the
ous. A dog is defined as poten-         property;                              dog your tenant wants to have or
tially dangerous dog if the dog:        b. Killed a domestic animal with-      has, contact the Moorhead Police
                                        out provocation while off the          Department sergeant on duty to
a. When unprovoked, inflicted           owner's property; or                   find out if the dog is registered
bites on a human or domestic ani-       c. Been found to be potentially        as a dangerous dog. You may also
mal on public or private property;      dangerous, and after the owner         want to check with your insur-
b. When unprovoked, chases or           has notice that the dog is poten-      ance company and/or lawyer to
approaches a person, including a        tially dangerous, the dog aggres-      receive advice about allowing
person on a bicycle, upon the           sively bites, attacks, or endan-       such a dog on your property.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms – Requirement for Rental Property
The 2006 legislative session passed         Provide and install one ap-          CO alarms must either be hard-
a new carbon monoxide law requiring             proved and operational           wired into the electrical wiring,
CO alarms in all multi-family apart-            carbon monoxide alarm            directly plugged into an electrical
ment units. This law is effective               within 10 feet of each           outlet without a switch, or battery
August 1, 2009. CO alarms must                  room lawfully used for           powered. There are exceptions to
be within 10 feet of each room law-             sleeping; and                    this law for certain multifamily
fully used for sleeping purposes. All                                            dwellings and state-operated facili-
                                            Replace any required carbon
CO alarms shall be certified by a                                                ties which can be found at
                                                monoxide alarm that has
nationally recognized testing labora-                                            www.fire.state.mn.us .
                                                been stolen, removed,
tory to conform to the latest Under-
                                                found missing, or rendered
writers Laboratory (UL) Standards
                                                inoperable during a prior
(also known as UL2034 Standards).                                                If you have additional questions or
                                                occupancy of the dwelling
It is the owner’s responsibility of a                                            need further information on the
                                                unit and which has not been
multifamily dwelling that is required                                            carbon monoxide legislation you can
                                                replaced by the occupant
to be equipped with carbon monoxide                                              contact the State Fire Marshal
                                                prior to the commencement
alarms to:                                                                       Division at 651-201-7200.
                                                of a new occupancy of a
                                                dwelling unit.
Volume 7, Issue 2                                                                                      Page 3

Other options for criminal
background check information
Most landlords who have worked       North Dakota. The website is:
with the Moorhead Police De-         http://www.sexoffender.nd.gov/       cess Texas criminal records, you
partment in the past probably                                             must open an account on the web-
                                     City of Fargo Sex Offender
know that the information they                                            site. Each check will cost you
                                     Registry: If you would like to
receive on their prospective ten-                                         $3.07 which you can pay for by
                                     see a list of sex offenders regis-
ant is only local information. The                                        credit card. Here is the website:
                                     tered as living in the City of
Moorhead Police Department is                                             https://
                                     Fargo go to: http://
not allowed to do a national                                              records.txdps.state.tx.us/
criminal records search for you                                           DPS_WEB/Portal/
and can not call other states or                                          AccountManager/index.aspx
law enforcement agencies on your                                          State of Wisconsin Department
behalf. But there are a multi-                                            of Justice: Wisconsin allows on-
tude of other options for re-                                             line criminal record checks. The
searching the criminal back-         Clay County Court Administra-
                                                                          fee is $13 and is payable by
ground of a prospective tenant.      tion: For a county-wide check,
                                                                          credit card. Here is the website:
Here are some options:               you will need to go to the Clay
                                     County Courthouse where the
Minnesota Bureau of Criminal                                              html/index.html
                                     Clay County District Court main-
Apprehension: This website has       tains a record of each case filed    State by state listing: A list of
state-wide criminal history re-      including felony, gross misde-       all states and contact informa-
cords which contain information                                           tion for criminal records checks
                                     meanor and misdemeanor
on all arrests and convictions.                                           is located at: http://
                                     cases. Except for specific ex-
State statutes require all law                                            www.casanet.org/program-
                                     ceptions, the records of the Dis-
enforcement agencies in the                                               management/volunteer-manage/
                                     trict Court are open for inspec-
state to report juvenile felony                                           criminal-bkg-check.htm How-
                                     tion during regular business
and gross misdemeanor arrests,       hours. You are free to inspect       ever, this site has not been up-
and adult felony, gross misde-       the records, perform your own        dated for a while and so the in-
meanor, enhanced gross misde-        search and request copies of the     formation may be outdated.
meanor and targeted misde-                                                But it will start you off in the
                                     file documents for a fee. Court
meanor arrests to the Bureau of                                           right direction.
                                     personnel are not available to
Criminal Apprehension (BCA).
                                     perform the search for               Private tenant screening com-
They are not required to report
                                     you. Court personnel will assist     panies: Private tenant screening
other misdemeanor arrests, but
                                     you in showing you how to use        companies abound. Just search
they may report them if they         their automated and manual in-       for them on the Internet and you
choose. The website is: http://      dex of records. You will also be     will find many, many companies
www.dps.state.mn.us/bca/CJIS/        able to check for unlawful de-       that will not only do your crimi-
                                     tainer actions against your pro-     nal records check, but also check
North Dakota Sex Offender            spective tenant.                     credit and landlord references,
Registry: North Dakota allows        State of Texas Department of         all for a fee, of course.
the publication of names of all
                                     Public Safety: In order to ac-
sex offenders registered in
                                PRSTD STD
Moorhead Police Department     U.S. POSTAGE
915—9th Avenue North
Moorhead, MN 56560             Permit No. 478
                             Moorhead, MN 56560


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