"I Love Chicago!" by veeveegee


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									Now I know We have some troubles In this city of ours: High Taxes, Low Wages Incredible struggles for Power The cops are out of order A crime wave on „the force‟ While city council tries to steer A safe political course We Got: Crooks in the Mayor‟s Office Crooks on the Bench Crooked Prosecutors and Crooks on Defense We Got: Crooked Politicians Getting paid on the Low „cause if you wanna Make a deal It‟s gonna cost You some Dough We Got: Crooks in the classroom Crooks in the streets Crooks in the pulpit With the nerve to preach We Got: Crooked Organizations Doing business in disguise and Crooked Telemarketers With a mouthful of lies We Got: Crooked City Cabs and Crooked City Schools You can read all about it In the Crooked City News But I‟m living in a city Full of people on the go And that‟s why “I Love Chicago!”

“We Got Crooks!”

Virgil L. Killebrew
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“See What I’m Saying”®™ ©11/2007 Virgil L. Killebrew All Rights Reserved VKillebrew@hotmail.com Graphic: www.impawards.com “Small Time Crooks”

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