New Policy - Feb. 3, 2006 HHS Memo

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					          New Policy - Feb. 3, 2006 HHS Memo

Domestic Travel

  “The HHS review process requires that requests for
  domestic travel for groups of 20 or more employees, and
  for trips whose costs exceed $2500 for one individual, be
  submitted (by the Operating Division Head or
  designee(s)) to ASAM for review. In addition, effective
  immediately any domestic travel for groups of five
  through 19 employees must be submitted to the
  OPDIV/STAFFDIV Head or designee(s) for approval.
  While awaiting formal issuance of revised Departmental
  travel policies, OPDIV’s/STAFFDIVs should adhere to
  these revised travel policies.”
          New Policy - Feb. 3, 2006 HHS Memo
           New Domestic Travel Policy

Memos Required

• Any domestic trip with cost >$2500 must be approved
  by the CMO/Office Director, FMO, and HHS prior to

• 20 or more travelers for any type trip require approval
  by CMO/Office Director, FMO and HHS prior to travel
  (no exception for PHC’s, EPI-AID’s, HHE’s, grant-
  related travel, DC travel)

• 5-19 travelers for any domestic trip must be approved
  by CMO/Office Director prior to travel
                  New Policy - Feb. 3, 2006 HHS Memo

Proposed Process for Obtaining Approval of Domestic
                  Trips Over $2500

• Travel system will identify trips with total costs > $2500 during order

• Traveler, reviewer and approver will receive email notification that
  memo is required for trip approval

• CC will prepare memo and submit to FMO; FMO will submit to HHS

• CC is responsible for ensuring that travel is not approved until
  Department approval is obtained.

• Will require advance planning for trips – should be submitted to HHS
  30 days in advance of travel

• In FY05 there were approximately 800 domestic trips over $2500.
                      New Policy - Feb. 3, 2006 HHS Memo

    Proposed Process for Identifying Domestic Trips with 20 or More

•    Process will remain as it is today but will include all domestic trips with 20 or
     more travelers. CC that posts trip to calendar will have responsibility for
     submitting trip request to FMO. Memos must come through CMO’s. Memo
     formats are on CDC Travel website:

•    FMO will also monitor weekly reports of travelers by location and date
                   New Policy - Feb. 3, 2006 HHS Memo
         Proposed Process for Identifying Trips with 5-19 travelers

•   CMO’s/Office Directors will receive a weekly report of trips for their
    CC/Office identifying approved trips by date and travel location

•   ALL TRIPS where more than 4 attendees from a CC/Office will travel are
    REQUIRED to be posted on the CDC Travel Calendar more than 30 days
    prior to departure date.

•   CMO’s/Office Directors will monitor reports and Calendar to identify trips
    with > 4 but <19 travelers. CMO’s/Office Directors are responsible for
    memo preparation and approval for these trips.

•   If multiple CC’s/Offices are sending travelers on same trip, CC/Office with
    most attendees will take ownership of trip and prepare memo for either
    CMO/Office Director approval or HHS approval as appropriate.

•   CMO’s/Office Directors will provide monthly report detailing total trips with
    >4 but <19 travelers, number approved, number disapproved, etc.
  Monthly Travel Report of 5-19 Travelers
Trip Purpose   Trip Location   Number of Travelers   Total Cost Approved y/n

Submit report to Karen A Williams (FMO) By 10th of following month
                Transition Plan

• All March trips must be reviewed and
  entered on the calendar if appropriate by
  March 2nd and memos submitted to the
  FMO by March 8th.
                                         CC Travel Contacts
Center/Office                                                     Division     TRC                A/OPC
Coordinating Office for Global Health                                                  ?          Dianne Wylie
Coordinating Office for Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency                   LaTasha Scruggs    LaTasha Scruggs
Coordinating Center for Environmental Health Information &
Services                                                                               ?                   ?

                                                                  NCEH/ATSDR   Mia Wallace        Mike Youson/
                                                                                                  Valeria Brown
                                                                  NCIPC        Alpha Green        James Belloni
Coordinating Center for Health Information and Service (CoCHIS)                        ?                   ?

                                                                  NCHM         Nancy Kluisza      Yolandes Conway
                                                                  NCHS         Theresa Seymore    Sharon Faupel
                                                                  NCPHI        Tonya Hall         Tonya Hall
Coordinating Center for Health Promotion (CoCHP)                                       ?                   ?

                                                                  NCBDDD       Rhonda Gilley      Rhonda Gilley
                                                                  NCCDPHP      Laurie Benken      Sharon Smith
                                                                  Office of
                                                                  Genomics             ?                   ?

Coordinating Center for Infectious Disease (CCID)                                      ?                   ?

                                                                  NCID         Beverly Gibson     Debi Bostick
                                                                  NIP          Wanda McGhee       Wanda McGhee
                                                                  NCHSTP       Cherrie Jordan     Watara Mann
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)                  Richie Dickerson   Lita Aquino
Office of the Director (OD)                                                    Barbara King       Barbara King &
                                                                                                  Stan Bonds
Office of Workforce and Career Development (OWCD)                              Eve Valdez         Eve Valdez