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Instructional Skills
1. Planning
   A. Establishes immediate/long range objectives that align with GLE's
   B. Prepares plans to meet instructional objectives that are aligned with Curriculum Guides/GLE's
   C. Considers abilities/interests/prior knowledge/present performance levels
   E. Plans for continuing assessment and utilizes results
   E. Selects and prepares equipment/materials
   F. Provides plans for sub
2. Teaching
   A. Utilizes teaching practices/strategies consistent with selected objectives and GLE's
   B. Makes provisions for differences in individual needs of students
   C. Provides for previous knowledge/abilities/backgrounds/interests of students
   D. Provides instruction & activities that align with maturity & attention span of students
   E. Makes lessons engaging, relevant and challenging
   F. Gives explanations/assignments/directions clearly
   G. Makes appropriate assignments that are aligned with instructional objectives & GLE's
   H. Makes effective use of instructional equipment/materials/technology/personnel
   I. Helps students develop acceptable work habits/study skills
3. Evaluation of Lessons
   A. Uses district & classroom based assessments to monitor and adjust instruction
   B. Evaluates individual student progress regularly
   C. Maintain records for report card and/or parent conferences
 Classroom Management
   A. Uses management principals to foster a safe/positive/student focused learning environment
   B. Teaches classroom behavior expectations to students
   C. Reviews routines and processes with students
   D. Maintains an effectively organized, attractive & stimulating classroom environment
 Handling of Student Discipline
   A. Establishes guidelines/maintains order/discipline
   B. Shows consistency/fairness dealing with student behavior
   C. Disciplines students in a consistent & respectful manner
   D. Assists in maintaining control, follows discipline plan, & enforces rules throughout the school
   E. Enlists assistance in the discipline process when appropriate
 Interest in Teaching Pupils
   A. Establishes rapport, demonstrates respect & holds high expectations for students as individuals
   B. Provides guidance/assistance for students, using support personnel when appropriate
   C. Encourages student to develop courtesy/self-control/respect/independence/responsibility
 Knowledge of Subject Matter
   A. Demonstrates competence in subject matter/grade level
   B. Instruction reflects the use of GLE's and District Curriculum Guides
 Professional Preparation & Scholarship
   A. Possesses academic background for subject area/grade level
   B. Is current in the application of instructional strategies and practices
 Professional Characteristics
   A. Deals with personal info/communication in ethical manner
   B. Understands and works with established priorities
   C. Willingly accepts school responsibilities
   D. Exhibits collaboration
   E. Demonstrates flexibility
   F. Is consistently prompt & accurate with reports
   G. Exhibits self-control/mature behavior/judgment
   H. Communicates effectively with parents/guardians
   I. Maintains an appearance that does not distract from the educational process
   J. Exhibits proper command/use of language skills
Effort Toward Improvement
   A. Is responsive to supervision/constructive input and feedback
   B. Implements improvement suggestions
   C. Reflects & evaluates own work & initiates efforts to improve

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