Exhibit 6A - Sample Transfer Memo - DOC by oga20203


									March 2008                     Contract Administration Manual                                           SADDM 1110-1-1

                                                     DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY
                                             MOBILE DISTRICT, CORPS OF ENGINEERS
                                               OFFICE OF THE RESIDENT ENGINEER
                                        179 F STREET, BLDG 956, COLUMBUS AFB, MS 39710

CESAM-CD-NC (415)                                                                                          06 April 2004

MEMORANDUM FOR Real Estate Officer, 14 CES/CER, CAFB MS 39710-5000

SUBJECT: Transfer and Acceptance of Military Real Property (Interim) DD 1354, Contract
DACA01-02-C-0035, RAPCON Center, CAFB, MS

1. Enclosed are two originals and one copy of DD Form 1354 on subject contract, which
includes the list of deficiencies and the list of equipment in place.

2. Request you acknowledge receipt of this DD 1354 by signing below and return a signed copy
of the DD 1354 to this office as soon as possible.

3. Point of contact for this office is Ted S. Valentine at 662-434-5360.

Encl                                                         MORGAN S. MURPHREE, P.E.
                                                             Resident Engineer

       Received By: __________________________

                   Date: __________________________

                                                         Exhibit 6A
       This printed copy is for “Information Only.” The controlled version resides on the SAD Contract Administration Website.

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