Sample Memo Requesting ISSO by oga20203


									 Sample Memo Requesting ISSS Assistance in Filing for E-3 Visa or Petition
                 (For initial E-3 entry, change of status petitions, and extensions)

  Edit italicized items to indicate specific information for the candidate and your department and
                                 print final on department letterhead.


TO:            International Scholar and Student Services
FROM:          UCHSC Faculty Member or Department Chair
SUBJECT:       E-3 Candidate Name
DATE:          Today’s Date

 We request your assistance in filing a Prevailing Wage Determination, a Labor Condition
Application [and the subsequent E-3 petition—only needed if E-3 is already in the US in
some other nonimmigrant status and is changing to E-3] for Dr. Joan Brown. Dr. Brown has
been appointed as a Research Associate in the Department of Biochemistry for the period of
February 1, 200_ to January 31, 200_, at the annual salary of $XX,XXX. Dr. Brown will work in
the Jet-Cooled Molecule Laboratory in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of
Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center in Denver/Aurora, Colorado.

Dr. Brown will be engaged in scientific research in collaboration with me. Specifically, she will
be responsible for establishing and exploiting a new high-resolution absorption experiment for
jet-cooled molecules. Dr. Brown will [not supervise other employees] [will supervise two
individuals who are employed as (insert titles)]. The minimum qualifications for this position
are a ___ degree in biochemistry or a related field and three years of experience with jet-cooled
molecule techniques. Dr. Brown has a ___ degree in biochemistry and X years of experience
with jet-cooled molecules.

          [**Departments please note that a requirement for more than 2 years of
          experience may yield a higher prevailing wage determination from the
          Colorado Department of Labor.]

The salary paid to Dr. Brown for her services is equal to or greater than the salary being paid
similarly-situated employees in the Department of Biochemistry. We attach a completed "Actual
Wage Form" to substantiate the salary actually being paid to Dr. Brown, as well as the salaries
paid to similarly employed individuals in the Department of Biochemistry.

Dr. Brown's employment will not adversely affect the working conditions of workers similarly
employed in the department. The department agrees to post a notice of the filing of the Labor
Condition Application for ten days in a conspicuous place in the department. We understand that
this notice of filing will be made available to the department in an appropriate form by ISSO.
We agree to return the posting to ISSS once the ten days has elapsed. We understand that this is
part of our obligation for appropriate record-keeping for E-3 workers.

We look forward to hiring Dr. Brown as a Research Associate and appreciate your assistance in
obtaining the approvals of the Prevailing Wage Determination, the Labor Condition Application,
and an E-3 visa/the E-3 petition.

________________________________       __________________________
Signature                              Date
Name, Degree
Chair, Department of _______________

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