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                 Written by Chicago Police Officer Edward J. Rollins
  Produced by Thought Giants NFP and will be performing at the DuSable Museum of
            African American History in Chicago on July 9th, 2010 at 7PM

Chicago (May 25, 2010) – As many major metropolitan cities experience the effects of
violence and the breakdown of the family, there are challenges they face during this time.
The inner city urban communities realize that their areas must be retrieved in order to
rebuild its neighborhoods.

The Power of Passion illustrates the youth of these environments and demonstrates
how poor parental models, dysfunctional family structures, and negative social
interactions directly cause self-hatred and violence.

These community factors are brought to life via the character Pinky, a single parent
struggling to raise her teen son (JB) and daughter (Shay) in an area of violence and
despair. Pinky doesn't comprehend initially how her attraction to abusive, unemployed,
non-productive men has cultivated an environment in her home that has destroyed both
her and her children's self esteem and value. There is no drive to achieve or succeed in
life, and is a direct reflection of her children's violent, self-destructive behavior. In
addition, the world of street gangs is explored and how they use different tactics like
„hunting‟, which recruits victims in vulnerable situations.
The Power of Passion is produced by Thought Giants NFP www.thoughtgiants.com
and written by playwright Edward J. Rollins who also serves as director and
executive producer. Fellow Chicago Police Officer Kevyn Lott is co-director on this
provocative drama. Rollins explains the inspiration behind this arresting drama and how
it reflects the social, economical, and spiritual condition of the inner city community in
“Any Town, USA”.

“The parents are waiting for the Second Coming of Christ to save the world, while the
children are waiting for the parents to return to their lives to save them! This play
shows the breakdown of the family, the negative effects and pain from the
dysfunctionality & finally the rebuilding process of getting our communities back on

The play will be at the DuSable Museum of African American History
www.dusablemuseum.org 740 East 56th Place Chicago, Illinois on July 9th, 2010 starting at
7PM. For ticket information and group sales, phone (708) 955-6495. Tickets can be
purchased at www.thoughtgiants.eventbrite.com. For more information, visit

Thought GIANTS (TGTB,INC ) NFP - Thought Giants was created to bring a
higher level of education and entertainment to live performances. Its mission is
dedicated to delivering family oriented, educational, and social self-improvement
presentations to the public.

Edward J.Rollins - (Director/Executive Producer/Playwright) Edward
Rollins, Executive Director of TGTB,INC, (Thought Giants) a Chicago based non-profit
organization has worked in the music and film industry in different capacities for more
than fifteen years. He has served on the board of various recording labels and production
companies. He is the President of BMWM Productions, INC where he spearheaded the
citywide youth initiative, “Put Down the Guns and Pick Up the Microphones”. From
2004-2008 over 1,000 at risk youth participated in these monthly showcases supported
by the City Colleges of Chicago.

“The Power of Passion” is Rollins' second original play. Verndale Sheldou, Ed. D and
Chief Operating Officer of Living Sacrifice Ministries in Chicago has noted Rollins'
efforts as being “a true voice for the ages.” Always busy, Rollins is currently a Chicago
Police Officer in the 003 District and Motivational Speaker. He serves as a youth
organizer for the Rebuild the Community Foundation and works tirelessly with
disadvantaged youth and families in the inner city communities of Chicago.

Kevyn Lott – (Co-Director) Kevyn Lott, Co-Director of the “Power Of Passion” brings
a myriad of expertise in the stage production arena to TGTB,INC.
Lott is also a Chicago Police Officer in the 003 District and motivational speaker that
works with the same disadvantaged populations instilling hope into lives that would be
otherwise hopeless. He has worked closely with Officer Rollins serving as Executive
Assistant with the Youth Initiatives of both BMWM, INC and Thought Giants.

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