Advanced Research using EBSCOhost Databases by elc18177


									                Advanced Research using EBSCOhost Databases

As you begin your research project, you may find the need to use other resources besides the Internet and
books. Most research requires the use of journal articles. You have access to many journal articles
through the EBSCOhost databases which are available to you through GALILEO. There is a link ena-
bling you to go directly to a list of these databases on the Research Resources webpage on the school’s
website shown below. Don’t forget to ask your teacher or media specialist for the current GALILEO
password for home use.

              Select EBSCOhost Databses again to bring up a list of databases
              grouped by topic that includes a description of each database.
After reading the descriptions of the databases, you may select one or more groups of databases
to search by topic by checking the box to the left and clicking on continue. Always click on the
box next to General/News Databases whether or not you select any others. It contains the da-
tabases most commonly used by high school students, such as Masterfile Premier, Academic
Search Complete and the Newspaper Source. Select Literature Databases if you are re-
searching a literary topic and any others for other specific needs.

                                                                               Please click on
                                                                               Advanced Search
                                                                               when you reach
                                                                               this screen and se-
                                                                               lect Boolean
                                                                               Phrase. This is the
                                                                               most accurate way
                                                                               to search if you
                                                                               can choose the
                                                                               right search terms.
                                                                               Make sure you
                                                                               have checked the
                                                                               box labeled “Full
                                                                               Text” so that you
                                                                               will bring up only
                                                                               full-text articles.

                                                                       You have the option of
                                                                       searching within the
                                                                       text of the articles
                                                                       (keyword search)
                                                                       which will produce
                                                                       more hits for specific

                                                                       For current topics, you
                                                                       may want to narrow
                                                                       your search by limiting
                                                                       your results by publica-
                                                                       tion date.

                                                              You may type up to
                                                              three search terms that
                                                              best describe what you
                                                              are looking for to find
                                                              articles on your topic.
                                                              Remember to type
                                                              only one search term
                                                              or word on each line.
                                                              There are several good
                                                              tutorials on Boolean
                                                              searching on the Inter-
                                                              net. A few of them are
                                                              listed below.

                 Boolean Searching Tutorials

A sample search is listed below. You can open an article to read it by clicking on HTML full
text or PDF full text. You have the option of saving articles to your folder if you created an ac-
count through EBSCO and logged on before you started your search.

If you click on the title of an article, you will open up a window that includes an abstract ,
the source and the text of the article unless it is in pdf format. In the latter case, you will
find a link to the pdf file at the bottom of the screen. Note on the top right hand side of the
screen where you are given options to print the article, e-mail it to yourself, save it, or add
it to your folder.

Click on the icon to the right of the floppy disk for examples of how to cite this article in
various styles as shown below.


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