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The Human Person & Human                            “It is not...legitimate or acceptable to under-
                                                    stand social sin in a way that…leads to a
                                                                                                            become enslaved to them and become a victim
                                                                                                            of a purely earthly vision....Neither the
Rights                                              weakening or the virtual cancellation of the
                                                    personal component by admitting only social
                                                                                                            spiritualism that despises the reality of the
                                                                                                            body nor the materialism that considers the
As per Chapter 3 of the Compendium of the Social
                                                    guilt and responsibility. At the bottom of              spirit a mere manifestation of the material do
Doctrine of the Church, “The Church sees in         every situation of sin there is always the              justice to the complex nature, to the totality or
men and women, in every person, the living          individual who sins….                                   to the unity of the human being....
image of God
                                                    “Social sin is every sin committed against the          "The human person is…intelligent & con-
“The whole of the Church's social doctrine
                                                    justice due in relations between                        scious….However, it is not intellect, con-
…develops from the principle that affirms the
                                                       individuals,…                                       sciousness & freedom that define the person,
inviolable dignity of the human person….
                                                       the individual & the community, &…                  rather it is the person who is the basis of the
                                                       the community & the individual.                     acts of intellect, consciousness & freedom....
“History attests that it is from the fabric of
                                                    Social too is every sin against the rights of the
social relationships that there arise some of
                                                    human person…                                           “A just society can become a reality only when
the best possibilities for ennobling the human
                                                        the right to life, including that of life in the   it is based on the respect of the transcendent
person, but it is also there that lie in wait the        womb, &
most loathsome rejections of human dignity                                                                  dignity of the human person....
                                                        every sin against the physical integrity of the
….God places the human creature at the                   individual;
centre and summit of the created order....                                                                  "Man can turn to good only in freedom, which
                                                        every sin against the freedom of others,
                                                         especially against the supreme freedom to
                                                                                                            God has given to him as one of the highest
“Man & woman have the same dignity & are of              believe in God and worship him; and                signs of his image....But his freedom is not
equal value, not only because they are both, in         every sin against the dignity and honour of        unlimited: it must halt before the „tree of the
their differences, created in the image of God,          one's neighbour.                                   knowledge of good & evil', for it is called to
but even more profoundly because the dy-            Every sin against the common good & its                 accept the moral law given by God….
namic of reciprocity that gives life to the 'we'    demands…is also social sin....
in the human couple, is an image of God....                                                                 “The truth concerning good & evil is
                                                    "The doctrine of original sin....encourages             recognized in a practical & concrete manner
“the human couple can participate in God's          men & women not to remain in guilt & not to             by the judgment of conscience, which leads to
act of creation….The fifth commandment,             take guilt lightly, continuously seeking scape-         the acceptance of responsibility....The natural
'Thou shalt not kill' (Ex 20:13; Deut 5:17), has    goats in other people & justification in the            law expresses the dignity of the person & lays
validity because God alone is Lord of life &        environment, in heredity, in institutions, in           the foundations of the person's fundamental
death....                                           structures and in relationships. This is a              duties.... The natural law offers a foundation
                                                    teaching that unmasks such deceptions. The              prepared by God for the revealed law & Grace,
“man and woman find themselves also in the          doctrine of the universality of sin, however,           in full harmony with the work of the Spirit….
presence of all the other creatures. They can       must not be separated from the consciousness
and are obliged to put them at their own            of the universality of salvation in Jesus               "The Incarnation of the Son of God shows the
service and to enjoy them, but their dominion       Christ.....                                             equality of all people with regard to dignity
over the world requires the exercise of                                                                     ....this is the ultimate foundation of the radical
responsibility, it is not a freedom of arbitrary    “According to the New Testament, all                    equality and brotherhood among all people….
and selfish exploitation....                        creation, together indeed with all humanity,
                                                    awaits the Redeemer….                                   “Woman is the complement of man, as man is
“This marvellous vision of man's creation by                                                                the complement of woman: man and woman
God is inseparable from the tragic appearance       “Man was created by God in unity of body and            complete each other mutually, not only from a
of original sin ....The consequences of sin,        soul....the body, which has been promised the           physical and psychological point of view, but
insofar as it is an act of separation from God,     resurrection, will also share in glory....reason        also ontologically.... 'to this "unity of the two"
are alienation, that is, the separation of man      and free will are linked with all the bodily and        God has entrusted not only the work of
not only                                            sense faculties....following the wound of sin,          procreation and family life, but the creation of
   from God but also                               man experiences the rebellion of his body and           history itself' [John Paul II, Letter to Women,
   from himself,                                   the perverse inclinations of his heart; he must         8: AAS 87 (1995), 808.]'….
   from other men and                              always keep careful watch over these lest he
   from the world around him....
“The ultimate source of human rights is not                                                        "The solemn proclamation of human rights is
found in the mere will of human beings, in the               "We don’t legislate at the            contradicted by a painful reality of violations,
reality of the State, in public powers, but in               orders of the Vatican" (Patrick              wars and violence of every kind…,
man himself & in God his Creator.... Pope                                                                 genocides & mass deportations,…
John Paul II has drawn up a list…in the
                                                             Murphy, November 2009)                       ever new forms of slavery such as
Encyclical Centesimus Annus:                                                                                   trafficking in human beings,
    'the right to life…;                                                                                      child soldiers,
    the right to live in a united family & in a moral                                                         the exploitation of workers,
     environment conducive to the growth of the                                                                illegal drug trafficking,
     child's personality;                                                                                      prostitution"
    the right to develop one's intelligence &
     freedom in seeking & knowing the truth;
    the right to share in the work which makes                                                           “the common out-cry,
     wise use of the earth's material resources, & to
     derive from that work the means to support
                                                                                                          which is justly made on
     oneself and one's dependents; &                                                                     behalf of human rights -
    the right freely to establish a family, to have
     and to rear children through the responsible
                                                                                                          for example, the right
     exercise of one's sexuality [Note: This does                                                               to health,
     NOT mean that there is a “right” to have a
     child; NO ONE (including husbands & wives)                                                                  to home,
     has a “right” to use illegitimate means to have
                                                                                                                to work,
In a certain sense, the source and synthesis of                                                                 to family,
these rights is religious freedom, understood
as the right to live in the truth of one's faith
                                                                                                               to culture-
and in conformity with one's transcendent                                                                  is false & illusory
dignity as a person….the right to life, from                                                            if the right to life, the
conception to its natural end…is the condition
for the exercise of all other rights &, in                                                                       most basic &
particular, implies the illicitness of every form                                                          fundamental right &
of procured abortion & of euthanasia....
                                                                                                          the condition for all
                                                                                                          other personal rights,
    "The so-called [Patrick] Murphy                                                                      is not defended with
    amendment attached to the                                                                                     maximum
    National Defense Authorization                                                                             determination”
    Act passed the House on May 27                                                                                    (Pope John Paul II,
    ....and could be brought up for a                                                                                Christifideles Laici)
    floor vote before the full senate at                                                           
    anytime....[The Pennsylvania
    Family Council is concerned]                                                                              “the Church's mission is to
    about basic religious freedoms                                                                            „pass moral judgments even in
    that will be undermined if the                                                                            matters relating to politics,
    bill is passed & signed into law"                                                                         whenever the fundamental
    (cf., <>).                                                        rights of man or the salvation
                                                          "no restrictions or limitations on the              of souls requires it‟....
                                                         teaching of Catholic morality can be
                                                         accepted....The Archdiocese for the                  “It is...the duty of the laity to
                                                         Military Services — the only                         participate actively in political
                                                         jurisdiction charged with the pastoral               life, in a manner consistently in
                                                         care of all Catholics in the military,               accordance with the Church's
                                                         VA Administration, and at the service                teaching....
                                                         of the Federal Government outside
                                                         of the boundaries of the United
                                                                                                              “the contribution of Christians
                                                         States, which is also charged with
                                                                                                              can be effective only if knowl-
                                                         endorsing Roman Catholic priests
                                                                                                              edge of faith becomes knowl-
                                                         urges the Congress not to repeal the
                                                                                                              edge of reality, the key to
                                                         current policy for the Armed Forces"
                                                                                                              judge ment & transformation”
                                                                             Archbishop Broglio               (Pope Benedict XVI, May 21,