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From Access Anything’s

Access Anything Colorado Release
Events in Colorado

Book Tour
Summer Calendar
Steamboat Access Improvements
Colorado Columbine Pass
No Limits Tahoe

Stem Cell Bill
Oprah Help
Books: BarrierFreeTravel and Just an Accident

July – New Look!
Open Doors Organization
Christopher Reeve Foundation
Service Animal No-Nos

Book tour update
NCPAD- National Center of Physical Activity and Disability
Eureka Freedom Tent

Book tour update
Outdoor Retailer Show “Ingenious Adaptations”
I Can Do That Motivational Interview Series Launch- Mark Wellman
Travel Tip- Wheelchair Chariot Motorbike

Book tour update
Christopher Reeve Foundation Paralysis Resource Guide
I Can Do That, Monica, Stacey, and Steve
Accessible Canadian Adventures
Book: The G-Connection

Kate Kimberly Triathlon
Grateful Back
Unite to Fight for Paralysis
I Can Do That – Matt, Sarah, Jesse, Scott
Travel with a Challenge Travel Watch
Scootaround Scooters
Book: Judy Siegle: Living without Limits

Call for resource list
DSUSA’s Ski Spectacular
I Can Do That: Erik, Grover, Jenny
John’s Golf Course in Eureka MT

Café Press
SATH World Congress
Access Aloha Travel
Access Challenge in BC
Book: No Limits by Elaine Pofeldt

Shake a Leg Miami
SATH Congress Update
1st annual Steamboat All Mountain Ski Camp

Scott Remington’s Annual Fundraiser for SCI
Living Pyramids Trip
Free Wheelchair Mission International
World of Possibilities Expo
Aruba Accessibiilty

World 66 Access Travel Grant
Ski Camp Update
W.C. Dukes Associates
Rocky Mtn Cycling Omnium
Able to Travel
Car Rentals

World T.E.A.M Sports
1st annual Waterski Camp
The Lake Powell Experience
NY Adirondack’s John Dillon Park
Book Expo
MSP Pet Relief Area
Royal Caribbean
World of Possibilities: RVs motorbikes exercise and more!
Tempe AZ Access Guide

Axs Vail Valley
Colorado Scenic Byways
Steamboat waterski Camp update
Washington DC Access Guide

Life is Good
Access Port America
Northeast Passage’s Mountains to Marshes
Handicapped Travel Club of America
Golden Access Pass

Sept-Oct – off to get married and honeymoon!

November – Hawaii Issue!
Trip highlights
Waimea Valley Audubon Center, Alaska Falls State Park
Adventure Activities- Helicopters, Kayaks, Catamarans, ATVs and dolphins!
Sheraton Hawaii
Renting Cars

Abilities Expo- USK9, AbleGaitor, Aquatic Access, ETC, Portalift
All Mtn Ski Camp
Emerging Horizons
Eureka’s New N!ergy tent

AA Videos
Wilderness Inquiry’s 25th Anniversary
Sea Kayak Manager for ETC
How to dress for winter

All Mountain Ski Camp
Caring Communities
Gear Update- Freedom Kayaks, AA gear
Caledesi Island
Florida State Parks

San Antonio Abilities Expo – Texas Adaptive, AgrAbility Project
Renegade Wheelchairs- access to the outdoors
Scion RampVan
Accessible Designs
Dave Genchi Fundraiser

Access Anything I Can Do That Release!
Mobility Air Transport
Working to Walk Fundraiser
NEW- Adventurer Highlight: Steph Dutton and Sanctuary Cruises
Cruise America

Book signings
Double H Ranch
No Barriers USA
Adventurer- Janet Zeller – kayaker
Air travel tips

Disaboom writers needed!
Abilities Expo – Paramobile, Wijit, CG Lock, Hippocamp, Mobility For Kids, Stock Car
driving, American Dance Wheels, Abby Lifts, and Volvo
Machu Picchu, wheelies welcome!
Adventurer- James Fredericks: Kayaker

July-August – Travel Newsletter goes bi-monthly
No Barrers USA and California Access
Access Bermuda
Adventurer- Michael Glen, Hot Air Ballooner
Review Blog launch

Accessible Holiday Homes
Craig Hospital Event
Thailands, Guidebook, Steamboat Home
Adventurer- Matt Strugar-Fritsch- Kayaker
Easy Stand Blog
Travel with Power Chairs
WCD Expo – Triad cycles, Flight ultralight chair, DADC Hand controls, Homes for our
troops, Cast Clothing Company
Ballooning the Andes
Adventurer; Myron Rosner iBot world traveler
Project Walk, San Dieog CA

2008 – New Look, new title: The Traveler
Sath 2008- Cancun, UK, S.Africa, NY, All Deaf Cruise, Disney, Sea World, Suntastic
3rd annual All Mtn Ski Camp, pictures
Adventurer- Sgt Andy Campbell
Tips on powder skiing

Access Adventure- driving horses in CA
Sierra Club
Networking with PWD- Rolling Rains, Global Access, Open Doors
The Adventurer- Walt Balenovich “Travels in a Blue Chair”

Gada Belt Launch- seating product for manual chairs
Airlines update- prices, placards, and psa’s
Sports devices for Adventure-
Networking with PWD- city guides, wilderness inquiry, access events, emerging horizpns
Review blog

Waterski camp
Abilities Expo- DPX system, Go Ped wheelchairs, Clean Butt Bidet Spa, Lift Vest, Mobi
Mat, Media Camping
Project Walk, CA
Adventurer- Sherri Backstrom, Waypoint Charter
Golf Tips

September-October – The Traveler goes Seasonal/Quarterly, with new look again
Continental Airlines Disability Advisory Board
Networking page- Engineered Travel, Social Media, Elakah Expeditions
Spring Tour’s China
Adventurer- Legends of the Deep Powder Invitational
Early Season Skiing

Legends of the Deep pictures and update
4th annual All Mtn Ski Camp pictures and update
Adventurer- Chris Canfield Threetracker
Webby Talents, Tranquility Hill, ADA Hospitality, On A Roll
In the Deep Ski Blog
Ski tip for getting single skis for monos

Blogs and social media
Air Carrier Act
New Kids Ski Camp, Steamboat CO – pics and update
8 tips for Traveling in a Down Economy
Ecuador for All
Adventurer- Olympian Sarah Will

AA launches Advertising Packages, including in The Traveler

Summer – the CAMPING issue
Colrado National parks
5 best Campsites
5 best parks
5 best hiking trails
Discount Passes and equipment
Inexpensive Activities
Company: Rise Adventures

Fall 2009
New York City and Lake George NY
STARS- Steamboat Adaptive Recreational Sports
5th Annual All Mountain Ski Camp Signup
Continental Disability Advisory Board
Wheelchair Lacrosse

Winter 2010
5th annual Ski Camp Pictures and links
2010 Olympics/Paralympics
New Winter Camps
When We Travel
Care Vacations
Winter Tips

Spring 2010