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									September 2007

Budgets ...
and faith
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                                Welcome to the Autumn edition of
                                Transform. This issue sees the
                                addition of a new feature: ‘the bit in
                                the middle’ wiich focuses on what
                                happens to the money given to
                                Home Mission and gives ideas of
                                how to raise awareness of the vital
                                work done through this fund. As
                                you’d expect from the title, you can
                                find this resource in the middle of
                                Transform, but don’t leave it there
                                … read it, pass it on and use it.

                                Also in this issue, find details of the
                                2009 stipend, retirement issues and
                                church trustee indemnity

                                Transform is also available online at
Baptist Assembly 2-5 May 2008

Budgets .. and faith                               But budgets must never, ever suggest that we
                                                   can put a limit on what God could do. This
Budgets are, basically, good things! For many
                                                   needs to be at the forefront of our minds as we
of us this is the time of year when the budget
                                                   reflect on Home Mission. Home Mission is a
for 2008 will be considered and I wish you joy
                                                   journey of faith. Every year we commit
and blessing as you do so. A budget is an
                                                   ourselves to millions of pounds of expenditure
excellent way of focusing prayerful attention on
                                                   and we do so in faith. The simple fact is that
the activities of your church. It gives everyone
                                                   we don’t actually have the money - but we
the opportunity to reflect on where the church
                                                   make the commitment because we are
is going and the sort of financial commitment
                                                   confident that God’s people will give
that will be needed to get there.
                                                   generously to the Annual Appeal. However, my
But budgets can also be dangerous! They            longing is that we should be a people who are
could suggest that, just so long as you get a      constantly seeking to reach even further for
certain income and keep within your budgeted       God. The Annual Appeal figure sometimes
expenditure, then everything is OK. But God is     feels like a mountain to climb, as if the
calling us to share with him in a daring journey   objective is to get to the top and put up a flag!
of faith within which things can change            But I believe that we serve a God who wants us
dramatically. He might prompt your church to       to reach beyond. Our generous God calls us to
move into a new area of ministry in the middle     ever greater generosity so that we can do even
of next year, or cause you to reach out in         more for him in these days of amazing
practical support for people whose needs are       opportunity.
unknown to you at this moment. And God
                                                   Let’s do our budgeting and do it well … but
might also bring to your church new members
                                                   let’s make sure that, at the same time, we are
or lead your present members to a new level of
                                                   breathing the air of daring and expectant faith.
generosity in their giving.

All of this underlines the need for humility as
we put together our budgets. It is absolutely
right, as good stewards, to plan ahead and to                                  Jonathan Edwards
reflect on the way in which God is leading us.                             BUGB General Secretary
            HONORARY TREASURER                                   the manse value for 2008 is £5,540, but this is
               OF THE UNION                                      also subject to confirmation later in 2007.

      The Baptist Union of Great Britain is seeking to           2009 Stipend
      appoint an Honorary Treasurer. The person
      appointed will serve as a Trustee of the Union             The Trustees have agreed a Guideline Stipend
      and will have particular responsibility for the            for 2009 at £19,100, which is an increase of
      financial policy and strategy for the finances of
      the Union, as well as sharing in the                       3.8%. The figure for the manse allowance is not
      communication of the missionary vision of the              yet available.
      Applications and nominations are invited from              Deposit rates
      men or women who are members of a local Baptist
      church in membership with the Baptist Union of             The Baptist Union Corporation currently (from 1
      Great Britain, who have a wholehearted                     August 2007) pays interest at 4.6% on money
      commitment to Christian mission and are prepared
      to build on or develop a knowledge of the churches,        deposited by churches in the Baptist Union
      associations and colleges of the Baptist Union of          Loan Fund. This rate is subject to change in line
      Great Britain. The time commitment required is not
      spread evenly throughout the year, but the                 with changes in national interest rates. The
      anticipated total is unlikely to be less than fifty days   current rate is advertised each week in the
      per annum.
                                                                 Baptist Times. The deposits assist the provision
      A document giving details of the job expectation is
      available from the address below or from the               of loans to churches, and are welcomed by the
      Baptist Union website: www.baptist.org.uk                  Corporation.
      The closing date for nominations is 12 October
      2007.                                                      Loan rates
      Please write requesting further details or making
      an application to: Mr Richard Nicholls at Baptist          The Baptist Union Corporation is willing to lend
      Union of Great Britain, Baptist House, PO Box 44,          at 7.3% (from 1 August 2007) to churches
      129 Broadway, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 8RT
                                                                 buying, extending or renovating buildings or
                                                                 manses, subject to suitable repayment
    2007 Stipend
                                                                 arrangements being in place. This rate is also
    The Trustees have fixed the Home Mission                     subject to change in line with national interest
    Stipend for 2007 at £17,800. Treasurers should               rates. The current rate is advertised each week
    also note that the value of a manse for Pension              in the Baptist Times.
    Fund purposes is £5,360 per annum as from 1
                                                                 Mileage rates
    January 2007. This increases the amounts that
    churches and ministers pay as pension scheme                 The recommended mileage rates continue at
    contributions, and significantly increases the               40p per mile for the first 10,000 miles within
    benefits which will be received in due course                each tax year, and 25p for each mile thereafter,
    from the fund.                                               although HM Revenue and Customs is
                                                                 undertaking a consultation exercise on
    2008 Stipend
                                                                 significant changes to the process which will
    The Trustees have fixed the Guideline Stipend                probably introduce measures taking account of
    for 2008 at £18,400. The provisional figure for              carbon emissions.

                                                     pointed out to the Revenue that there is no
                                                     single Baptist Church and that each church has
                                                     its own foundation deed it was conceded that
                                                     Baptist churches would be treated as ‘trusts’
                                                     and Gift Aid claims would therefore continue to
Compiled by Philip Cooke FCA. Honorary Taxation      be made on a ‘tax-year’ basis. However, there is
Adviser to the Baptist Union                         a likely consequence in relation to the kind of
Minister’s Tax Return:                               tax return which a church will, when requested,
                                                     be required to complete. Hitherto, such returns
Contrary to what was said in the previous issue      have been of a corporation tax nature (ie those
of Transform, the anticipated simplified version     which apply to companies and to
of the M pages didn’t appear this year after all!    unincorporated associations) but, subject to
I can only put this down to the likelihood that      this being confirmed, it now seems likely that
the Revenue intend this revision to be part of a     Baptist churches will be asked to complete a
wider move to simplify tax returns generally.        Trust tax return.
Let’s see what next year brings!
                                                     The manse and mileage allowance:
Approved motor mileage allowance:
                                                     The question is asked from time to time as to
As widely reported in the media the Revenue          whether church-business journeys begin and
has embarked on a consultation exercise              end at the manse or at the church. The answer
(which closes at the end of July) with a view to     is that since the manse is the ‘base’ from which
revising the rates of approved motor mileage         all the duties of a minister are performed such
allowance. Ministers will be only too aware that     journeys begin and end at the manse, though it
mileage rates have remained unchanged since          is acknowledged that some ministers choose
April 2002. Various options have been                not to claim for manse to church mileage.
suggested in the consultation document but in
the present energy-saving climate it seems           Relocation expenses:
likely that any revised rates will, like the car     Section 8 of my Taxation Guidance Notes for
benefit regime, favour cars with low emissions.      Churches & Ministers (document F5 on the BU
The outcome is likely to be announced in the         website) makes clear that a church is entitled to
Autumn pre-Budget statement, so watch this           reimburse a minister for approved expenses
space!                                               incurred in relocating from one church (or
Gift Aid relief claims:                              appointment) to another and that, provided
                                                     such reimbursed expenses do not exceed
Churches will be aware that the Revenue have         £8,000, the minister will not incur any tax
issued a revised claim form for Gift Aid relief      liability. However, this must not be interpreted
and at the same time have changed the basis          as authority to pay over a ‘round-sum’
upon which associations, clubs and societies         allowance regardless of the extent to which
(including, as the accompanying note stated,         expenditure has been incurred. Treasurers
‘most churches’) submit claims from a ‘tax-year’     should ensure that payment is made only in
to an ‘accounts year’ basis. This change initially   respect of specific approved items of
created some uncertainty so far as Baptist           expenditure for which documentary evidence
churches are concerned but when it was

    should be retained. Approved expenditure             misapplied so, at the time the Revenue finally
    includes actual removal expenses, legal /estate      accepted our contention that ministers in
    agency fees where a minister owns his own            training should fall within the ‘excepted’
    property, and the replacement of carpets and         category, a statement was agreed setting out
    other soft furnishings which are unsuitable for      the circumstances in which the exception from
    the new property. Expenses incurred in               charge to tax would apply. This statement is
    providing temporary living accommodation             reproduced in the first three sub-paragraphs of
    pending a move into the new manse may also           Section 1 of the Taxation Guidance Notes for
    qualify. To the extent that relocation expenses      Churches & Ministers (document F5 on the BU
    exceed £8,000, the excess will give rise to a        website). Briefly, the statement makes clear
    taxable benefit which must be reported on            that the exception is seen by the Revenue as
    form P11D.                                           being limited to ministers who have been
                                                         called and inducted to a ministerial office
    The provision of manse accommodation:
                                                         which involves all those pastoral and spiritual
    The subject of manse accommodation tends to          duties which are normally undertaken by a
    dominate questions raised by churches,               minister of religion, and the exception is not
    particularly where churches are faced with the       seen as extending to youth or any other
    need to provide accommodation for more than          community workers employed by a church
    one minister, or there is no church-owned            since it is not customary for accommodation to
    manse available. Where an employer provides          be provided in such kinds of employment.
    accommodation for an employee this will              Furthermore, accommodation should be within
    normally give rise to a taxable benefit unless       reasonable proximity to the
    the particular employment falls within certain       church/congregation and should actually be
    stated exceptions. One such exception is where       used in the performance of the minister’s duties
    accommodation is provided for the better             (eg for service and sermon preparation,
    performance of the duties of the particular          meetings, counselling etc).
    employment and it is customary in that kind of
                                                         Capital allowances for computers and other
    employment for accommodation so to be
                                                         office equipment:
    provided. Historically, ministers of religion with
    pastoral responsibilities have fallen within this    The 50% first-year allowance which is available
    exception on the basis that essentially a            if a minister acquires a computer or other office
    minister needs to be provided with                   equipment for necessary church-business use
    accommodation in order to perform certain            has been extended for one further year to 5
    aspects of his or her duties, as well as to be       April 2008, but it has been announced that
    available at all times to meet the needs of          there will be changes in the capital allowances
    members of the congregation. This is, of             system with effect from April 2008.
    course, an extremely valuable benefit and if it
                                                         Ex gratia gift to retiring minister:
    were to be taxed it would give rise to a
    significant income tax and Class 1A national         Care should be exercised in relation to any
    insurance liability.                                 proposed gift to a minister on the occasion of
                                                         his/her retirement from the ministry. Whilst an
    The Revenue are naturally concerned that this
                                                         ex gratia gift made to a minister on moving
    valuable exemption should not be abused or

from one church to another should, provided it        purchase consideration was, because of the
is correctly handled, not give rise to any tax        church’s charitable status, exempted from
liability, a gift made at the time of retirement is   stamp duty. However, because exemption from
likely to be regarded by the Revenue as an            what is now known as stamp duty land tax
‘unapproved retirement benefit scheme’ and            applies only if all of the beneficial owners are
therefore taxable. Any such gift is best dealt        charities (which of course will not be the case),
with informally, ie by members of the                 stamp duty is now chargeable on the entire
congregation and without the formal                   purchase consideration of any property which
involvement of the church, or alternatively take      is the subject of shared ownership.
the form of a gift in kind. [See section 6 of the
                                                      Beneficial loans:
Guidance Notes for Churches & Ministers for
further details.]                                     The 'official rate' of interest applicable to
                                                      beneficial loans was increased to 6.25% pa with
A rose by any other name……
                                                      effect from 6 April 2007 after having remained
There is still a mistaken notion in some parts        at 5% pa since 2002. A taxable benefit and class
that payment of a honorarium, rather than a           1A NIC charge will normally arise if a loan is
stipend or salary, will avoid tax. If payment is      made to a minister (or any other employee) at
made for services rendered then it will be            less than the 'official rate'. The benefit is
regarded as emoluments or earnings which,             computed by reference to the excess of the
depending upon the recipient’s total income           'official rate of interest' over the interest actually
position, will be liable to tax. However, an ex       charged on the loan. However, if the
gratia gift in acknowledgement of some                aggregate loans made by a church to an
contribution which has been made quite                individual do not exceed £5,000 there is no
voluntarily and without any expectation of            chargeable benefit.
reward may not necessarily be taxable, eg an ex
                                                                       *    *   *    *   *
gratia gift to a moderator following the
conclusion of an interregnum in acknowl-              The foregoing notes are issued for general
edgement of the support and guidance given            guidance only. The author or publisher cannot
to a church, though any preaching fees                accept responsibility for loss occasioned to any
received by a moderator would be taxable              person acting or refraining from action as a result
income and should be included in his/her              of material contained herein. If you are in any
personal tax return.                                  doubt about the correct treatment of any matter
                                                      you should seek further advice. I am prepared to
Shared ownership of a manse:
                                                      respond to enquiries of a general nature, but
In some situations ownership of a manse is            would appreciate a SAE if the enquiry is by mail.
shared by a church and its minister, the legal        My address is Hollyoak, 1 White House Drive, Barnt
title usually being registered in the name of a       Green, Birmingham B45 8HF. My e-mail address is:
trust corporation which declares by means of a        philipjcooke@aol.com and it would be helpful in
declaration of trust that the property is held        distinguishing any such messages from the
beneficially on behalf of the church and              inevitable ‘junk’ mail if the subject heading could
minister in agreed shares. Prior to a change in       make clear that it is a church tax enquiry.
stamp duty legislation a church’s share of the


    Church Trustee Indemnity Insurance                     under the Baptist church insurance policy.

    The Charities Act 2006 became law on 8                 This extension provides an indemnity to the
    November 2006. It’s a major piece of legislation       diaconate and any trustee (which includes any
    which reflects both the changes in society and         officer or employee) for their liability at law to
    the charity sector over the last decade. The           pay damages, costs and expenses arising from
    various sections of the Act will have a phased         actions committed wrongfully by trustees
    introduction with details to be announced by           whilst carrying out their trusteeship duties.
    the Office of the Third Sector.
                                                           Claims may arise out of allegations of
    As an excepted charity, a Baptist church is not        mismanagement, breach of trust, or lack of
    currently required to register with the Charity        reasonable care and skill in conducting the
    Commission but it is subject to the key                affairs of the church. In accordance with current
    principles of charity law. Under the new Act,          Charity Commission requirements, the cover
    excepted charities with an income exceeding            specifically excludes wrongful acts committed
    £100,000 will have to register.                        recklessly. The limit of indemnity provided
                                                           under the extension is £100,000 inclusive of all
    The provision of indemnity insurance will be
                                                           costs and expenses.
    simplified under the terms of the new Act.
    Earlier legislation made the process complex.          Where a higher limit of indemnity or a more
                                                           bespoke form of cover is required a specific
    Insurance cover
                                                           Charity Trustee Insurance policy is available via
    A new inclusive Church Trustee Indemnity               an arrangement with Ecclesiastical Insurance
    Insurance extension is available as an option          office.

      Please note; these notes are aimed at increasing awareness of the relevant laws and the potential
      for triggering claims. It is, however, only a very brief overview and is based on our understanding
      of current law and practice. Legal advice should be obtained if you’re unsure of any of your

                                                    Trustee Indemnity Insurance

                                                    The Charities Act 2006 is being implemented in
                                                    phases. The provisions relating to trustee
                                                    indemnity insurance are now in force. The new
Charity Registration                                power allows charity trustees to use the
A Baptist Union Approved Governing                  charity’s funds to buy personal indemnity
Document is now available for churches with         insurance, unless their governing document
an annual income that exceeds £100,000 and          specifically prevents it. This means trustees no
who therefore need to register with the Charity     longer need an explicit power from the
Commission from April 2008. A church that           Commission or from their governing document
chooses to adopt this form of constitution will     before purchasing such a policy. However,
be able to route their application through the      even if trustees have this insurance it will be a
Baptist Union but will still need to complete the   condition of the policy that they are not
Commission’s application form in its entirety.      negligent. If they are able to meet the policy
This is a change from the earlier position where    conditions trustees are very unlikely to be
it was thought that these churches would not        doing anything that could possibly give rise to
need to answer the ‘public benefit’ questions.      a financial claim.

The Baptist Union has responded to the Charity      Mortgage Assistance for Shared Ownership
Commission’s consultation on the public             Manse Purchases
benefit requirement. The Commission will be         Following Abbey Plc’s decision to withdraw
publishing its general guidance Charities and       from this scheme we have had helpful
Public Benefit in October. It is anticipated that   discussions with the Kent Reliance Building
they will produce more specific sector              Society who now understand the legal issues
guidance on this issue for religious                involved in our pattern of shared ownership.
organisations in due course.                        Information and application forms are available
Charity Registration Day                            from the Baptist Union Corporation. Obviously
                                                    all borrowers will need to make their own
On 6 December 2007 an information day on
                                                    assessment as to the suitability of the terms.
charity registration and church administration
                                                    The current guidelines on manse purchases
will be held at Baptist House led by Philip
                                                    have been revised. We are discussing further
Putman and Linda Holder. For further
                                                    alternatives with other providers.
information and to book a place please contact
Sally Spicer on 01235 517747 or
sspicer@baptist.org.uk.                                            Legal matters continued over page


     Home Information Packs                              Insurance – Lead Roofs

     Churches who are selling their manse or other       Churches should be aware that many insurance
     residential property need to note that Home         policies do not include cover for the theft of
     Information Packs including Energy                  lead from the roof of a church. If you need
     Performance Certificates are now required for       clarification about your own policy you should
     the sale of properties with four or more            speak to your insurers. The price of lead is high,
     bedrooms. Smaller properties will be included       so thieves are targeting churches because of
     in this scheme as soon as sufficient energy         the lead flashings on their roofs.
     assessors are fully qualified. Until the end of
                                                         Direct Marketing
     this year, properties can be marketed as soon as
     a pack is commissioned, and as a temporary          Churches are often approached by businesses
     measure Energy Performance Certificates can         offering their services to assist the church with
     be up to twelve months old when a property is       new items of legislation or other issues or
     put up for sale. Further information is available   selling items that the church is told that it
     at www.homeinformationpacks.gov.uk and in           needs. This happens particularly with regard to
     BUC guideline leaflet A3 Selling a Manse.           health and safety, risk assessment, data
                                                         protection and energy efficiency. Churches
                                                         should be wary of these organisations. If you
                                                         are unsure about the legal requirements that
                                                         apply to you please refer to the BUC guideline
                                                         leaflets at www.baptist.org.uk or contact
     Letting Church Premises
                                                         Sexual Orientation Regulations
     Churches should be aware that letting part of
     their church premises to a business might           These regulations prohibit discrimination in the
     result in alterations to the rate of council tax    provision of goods, facilities and services. Some
     that applies to the whole building. Local           exemptions are available to churches but these
     authorities may decide that business rates          will not apply where the church has contracted
     should apply if the building has a business use     with a public authority to provide goods,
     as well as being used as a place of worship.        facilities or services on their behalf. It appears
                                                         that, in these circumstances, the religious
                                                         organisation may lose the benefit of the
                                                         exemptions for all purposes.

                                                   National Minimum Wage

                                                   On 1 October 2007 the National Minimum
                                                   Wage for workers aged 22 and over will
                                                   increase to £5.52. The development rate for 18-
                                                   21 year olds will increase to £4.60 and for 16-17
                                                   year olds to £3.40. The rate for the
                                                   accommodation offset will increase to £30.10
                                                   per week (£4.30 per day).
Employment Issues                                  BUC Guideline Leaflets
Churches are reminded that they must not           The following new leaflets are now available:
employ any of their managing trustees, other
                                                    C23 Help We’re a Small Church
than their minister, without the express
permission of the Charity Commission. Further       F10 Annual Reports
information is available in guideline leaflet C6
                                                    F11 Church Risk Assessment
Charity Legislation and Churches.
                                                    LB9 Building Materials and External Fittings in
Difficulties sometimes arise where a church is
                                                    Listed Churches
paying an ‘honorarium’ to individuals who are
considered to be volunteers. Such payments         The following leaflets have been updated:
should be avoided. Volunteers should have
                                                    C8 Construction (Design and Management)
their receipted expenses reimbursed but if they
are given other regular payments this may
mean that they are workers in legal terms and       C12 Employment
therefore entitled to receive the national          C16 Churches and Charity Registration
minimum wage.

All employees must be given a written               In addition, all of the A series leaflets (A1 – A9) on
statement of their terms and conditions of          manses and church houses have been updated.
employment. Guidance is available in BUC           It is anticipated that information about Charity
guideline leaflet C12 Employment.                  Registration and the Approved Governing
From 1 October 2007 employees will have a          Document will be available as guidelines in due
statutory minimum holiday entitlement of 4.8       course.
weeks (24 days), which includes bank holidays.

     Vetting and Barring Scheme                           ensure that the centre holds Disclosures for
                                                          staff, has a properly constituted management
     Over the next year we will keep you up to
                                                          body to whom the manager is accountable,
     speed with the legislation that is bringing in
                                                          that the premises are correctly registered and
     this change to the Disclosure system.
                                                          that a child protection policy is in place. The
     A consultation document on the offences that
                                                          case has also highlighted the need for proper
     will lead to automatic barring from work with
                                                          consideration to be given to reporting any
     children, young people and vulnerable adults
                                                          allegations to the authorities and for full
     was published at the end of June. We have
                                                          records to be kept of the allegation and any
     responded to this document. Information from
                                                          decisions made.
     Government is published at www.everychild
     matters.gov.uk/independentsafeguardingau             Churches’ Agency for Safeguarding
                                                          Some people may have been surprised, despite
     The Independent Barring Board, who will              our advance warning, that CAS are now
     administer the scheme, will be known as The          charging for errors when forms have to be
     Independent Safeguarding Authority.                  returned to the verifier for correction. CAS will
                                                          normally try to contact the verifier by
     There will be a legal obligation for all employers
                                                          telephone to correct the error. If this is not
     to ensure that all workers are registered in the
                                                          possible, the forms will be returned.
     scheme. Details of the ‘lead-in time’ are
     awaited; the new scheme will include those           CAS has reported that they are now working
     who already hold Disclosures. There will be a        without a backlog – this means that forms are
     legal obligation for all employers to check that     being processed more quickly; you should
     prospective workers are registered before            receive your replies within a few weeks. If there
     allowing them to start work. This check will be      are delays, these are generally occurring at the
     available on-line; we are waiting for details on     police or CRB end of the process. If a reply is
     how this can be done. It is anticipated that         outstanding for more than sixty days, please
     employers may decide that many new                   contact us; CAS ask the CRB to follow up if this
     employees who are registered in the scheme           is necessary.
     may not need a CRB Disclosure. We will offer
                                                          From 1 September, please make cheques
     advice when we have the details of how the
                                                          payable to ‘Churches
     scheme will work.
                                                          Agency for
     Use of Residential Centres                           Safeguarding’ not ‘The
                                                          Methodist Church
     We have recently been made aware of a
                                                          Fund’. CAS is
     residential centre used by churches where an
     indecent assault took place many years ago.
                                                          independent of the
     This incident has highlighted the need before
                                                          Methodist church.
     booking a residential centre, for churches to

Around the Union

Central                                            London
Administrative contact: Stephen Copson             Administrative contact: Paul Martin
01462 442548                                       020 7692 5592
stephen.copson@dsl.pipex.co.uk                     paul@londonbaptist.org.uk

East Midland                                       North Western
Administrative contact: Rebecca Nicholls           Administrative contact: Andrew Funnell
administrator@embaptists.co.uk                     01942 221595
The EMBA Roadshow series entitled ‘River of
Life’ based on Ezekiel 47 is still going strong.   Our NWBA Office is going through a period of
Having completed ten of the sixteen events         change at the moment. At the end of August
with the attendance so far being around 500,       we said goodbye to Gil Hulse, our Association
our tour of the region resumes in the autumn.      Administrator who had served in this capacity
                                                   for the last six years. As we look to the future,
                                                   we have to ask serious questions about what is
                                                   the best administrative hub for a Baptist
                                                   association in the twenty-first century world of
                                                   email, mobile phones, websites and virtual fora.
                                                   We welcome Jonathan Boyers as he continues
Administrative contact: Eleanor Reed
                                                   to settle into his role as Church Life Officer. We
01371 831463
                                                   are also delighted to be working with Viz-a-viz,
                                                   continuing our work to help churches develop
                                                   missionary disciples, under the working title
                                                   ‘You can do it!’ More details of association life
                                                   and events can be found at www.nwba.org.uk.

Heart of England
Administrative contact: Karen Martindale
0121 212 4842
                                                                               (continued over page)

     Around the Union
                                                        relating will take place. Each network will have
                                                        a co-ordinator to oversee the activities in its
                                                        area and an event is planned for September
     Northern                                           when all the network executive members and
     Administrative contact: David Lennox               co-ordinators will spend a day with the regional
     0191 413 2205                                      team. The SEBA held an inaugural celebration
     david.lennox@northern.org.uk                       on 17 March with Jonathan Edwards as the
                                                        guest preacher and then, on 30 June, we all
     The association is continuing the theme of         met together again for the induction of the
     Discipleship in its Assembly programme. Dr         Revd Stuart Davison as our new Regional
     John Morgan from Sagemont Baptist Church,          Minister (Mission Enabler). A small
     Houston, Texas encouraged and challenged           communications working group has benefited
     those present at the Spring Assembly. The          from much valuable assistance from the BUGB's
     Autumn Assembly on 13 October will continue        Amanda Allchorn and Matt Corry in developing
     the theme with sessions led by local ministers     our new website, which should be going live in
     Paul Newman (Whitley Bay) and Mark Elder           September. Look out, also, for our bright new
     (Heaton, Newcastle). The autumn includes           logo with the strapline ‘enabling mission and
     preparation time for a planned ecumenical year     Christian living’.
     of mission in the NE in 2008. This includes
     several Northern Baptist College learning
     initiatives and TiMM modules. Preacher training
     also takes place with Preach the Word
     evenings on 25 September and 12 December.
                                                        South Wales
                                                        Administrative contact: Mark Thomas
                                                        02920 491366

     South Eastern                                      In June, churches in Aberdare, Port Talbot and
     Administrative contact: Steph Tidy                 Newport were the venues for three workshops
     01444 233431                                       run by association staff. These were aimed at
     admin.sba@tiscali.net                              assisting secretaries, treasurers and Home
                                                        Mission reps, as they undertake their
     The new SEBA is gradually taking shape! The        demanding roles.
     ‘interim executive’, having done the job of
     putting the structures in place, has now given     Following the successful launch of Mainstream
     way to an elected body which includes a            Wales in January, two further events have taken
     member from each of the nine networks. It is       place. In March, Laurence Singlehurst spoke on
     intended that the SEBA will assist in resourcing   Cell Church and in July the Revd Dr John
     the churches but it is in the networks that        Weaver spoke on theological reflection and

illustrated this by considering fundamentalism.      • deepen your understanding of your faith

Newly Accredited Ministers also received             • develop the gifts that you can use in the
quality input at their annual away day when            church
Mal Calladine led them through Lifeshapes.
                                                    Subjects to be covered include - understanding
The Revd Nick Bradshaw, Regional                    the bible; understanding our faith; deepening
Minister/Team Leader will be on sabbatical          spirituality; mission, evangelism and culture;
from 9 September for three months; we wish          Baptist history and principles; pastoral care;
him well.                                           leadership skills; leading worship and
                                                    preaching. For an explanatory leaflet contact
                                                    Keith Hawton in the association office

South West
Administrative contact: Chris Wooding
01392 433533
chris@swbaptists.org.uk                             West of England
                                                    Administrative contact: Geoff Starling
                                                    0117 965 8828

Southern Counties
Administrative contact: Keith Hawton
0238 047 4501
k.hawton@scba.org.uk                                Yorkshire
                                                    Administrative contact: Deborah Gamble
Over the last ten years the association’s Open
                                                    0113 278 4954
College has been a valued part of the training
offered by the association, with hundreds of
participants benefiting from its programme of
study. From September the Open College will
become the all-new Footsteps Course, a joint
venture between the SCBA and Regent’s Park
College. Meeting monthly at Thatcham Baptist
Church until June 2008 the course aims to:

 • deepen your spirituality and your relationship
   with God

     Staff News

      Peter Grange                                      Stuart and Gill Davison

     East Midland - Peter Grange                       South Eastern - Stuart Davison

     We would very much appreciate your prayers        The South Eastern Baptist Association has
     at this time as the EMBA team undergoes much      welcomed the Revd Stuart Davison as Regional
     change and addresses staffing for the future.     Minister (Mission Enabler). Although Stuart and
     We thank and praise God for Peter Grange’s        his wife Gill will be moving from Maghull,
     thirteen year ministry with the association as    Merseyside they are no strangers to the south
     Superintendent and Regional Minister and wish     east - Stuart has previously served as minister
     him a long and happy retirement.                  at Rye Baptist Church and then as Missioner in
                                                       the Sussex Baptist Association.
     There will be a formal farewell to Peter at our
     Association Day on Saturday 6 October at Hind     Stuart will be based in Burgess Hill and have
     Leys in Shepshed, Leicestershire.                 pastoral responsibilities for churches and
                                                       ministers in four of the nine SEBA networks, and
                              East Midland –
                                                       engage with churches across the whole of the
                              Becky Nicholls
                                                       south east as mission enabler.
                               We also thank God
                                                       He and Gill, a music teacher, have three sons,
                               for the appointment
                                                       Joe, Dan and Josh and one married daughter,
                               of our new
                                                       Ellie. Stuart plays badminton every week and
                               administrator Becky
                                                       football as regularly as he can.
                               Nicholls who started
      Becky Nicholls
                               in June. Becky,                                    Southern Counties –
     originally from Lancashire, is a psychology                                  Roger Standing
     graduate, married to Matt and now lives in
                                                                                 At the end of August
                                                                                 we said farewell to
                                                                                 our Regional
                                                                                 Leader, Roger
                                                         Roger Standing
                                                                                 Standing, who moved
                                                       to Spurgeon’s College to take up the post of
                                                       Tutor in Mission, Church Planting and

Evangelism. Please pray for Roger as he takes        Association. Vicki replaces Margaret Lovegrove
up his new responsibilities, as well as for his      who retired in May.
successor who we anticipate will be in post
from the New Year.

Southern Counties – Diane Fry and Patricia

We are also happy to announce the
appointments of Diane Fry as our Assistant
Administrator, working at our Southampton
                                                      Jen and Jason Huffadine
Office, and Patricia Criddle as PA to the Revd
Kathryn Morgan.
                                                     National Resource Centre - Jason Huffadine
                           Southern Wales -
                                                     Our amazing designer/project manager Jason
                           Gareth Evans
                                                     Huffadine has moved on to pastures new! After
                            The Revd Gareth          four busy years here in BUGB Communications,
                            Evans of Ararat          Jason has been called to be a part-time Pastor
                            Baptist Church,          to a 'Salt and Light' Community Church in
                            Cardiff, has been        Witney. He will also be acting as
                            appointed as the new     Communications Officer for Oxfordshire
  Revd Gareth Evans
                            Moderator of the         Community Churches.
South Wales Baptist Association. Privilege,
                                                     As well as this major change in Jason's life, he
challenge and timing are the three words that
                                                     and Jen are expecting their first baby in
Gareth used in describing his appointment, the
                                                     September! Our prayers and thoughts are with
latter because he officially retires in September,
                                                     them as they serve God in this new and
so we are delighted that he has agreed to take
                                                     exciting way.
on this role. He is looking forward to contact
with association churches, who can contact           National Resource Centre – Rosemary Kidd
him via the association office.
                                                     In November the Revd Dr Rosemary Kidd will
National Resource Centre – Vikki Bunce               be joining the Faith and Unity Department as a
                                                     part-time Co-ordinator. Part of her role will be
Vikki Bunce joined the Department of Ministry
                                                     working with the Joint Public Issues Team.
in July as PA to the Head of Department Paul
                                                     Rosemary has been a Training & Development
Goodliff and Ministries Advisor Vivienne O’Brien.
                                                     Officer for the Methodist Church and involved
Previously Vikki was secretary to her husband
                                                     in the ministry at Whaley Bridge Uniting
Ian Bunce when he was a regional minister at
                                                     Church. She is married to Richard, principal of
the Eastern Baptist Association and, amongst
                                                     Northern Baptist College.
other things,managed events for the


     Retirement Age                                         beyond their 65th birthday. If, for instance, a
                                                            project involving the minister needs a few
     We regularly get enquiries about the retirement
                                                            more months for completion, or a special
     age of ministers. The standard terms of
                                                            anniversary year is looming, then to be in
     appointment state that normal retirement age
                                                            pastoral vacancy might prove problematic. If in
     is 65, and many are not sure whether this
                                                            a particular year there are too few properties
     continues to be in force after the introduction
                                                            available for all those retiring ministers looking
     of the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations
                                                            to be housed in property provided by the
     2006. The short answer is yes, it is still in force,
                                                            Retired Baptist Ministers’ Housing Society (a
     as the Government allows a default retirement
                                                            thankfully rare, but possible situation) then for a
     age of 65 for employees, and for the purposes
                                                            couple of ministers to work another year or two
     of these regulations, ministers are deemed to
                                                            and go to the top of the list next time is helpful
     be employees, (just as they are for tax purposes,
                                                            to them and the RBMHS.
     participating in PAYE arrangements.) It remains
     legal, and often sensible, for churches to             If the normal retirement age is 65, just as there
     require their ministers to retire at age 65.           are those who want to retire later, there are
                                                            some who might want to retire beforehand.
     The longer answer, however, is more
                                                            The new more flexible pension arrangements
     complicated. As employees, the new
                                                            give financial feasibility to both scenarios. While
     regulations give ministers the right to request
                                                            for some the maximum pension possible is
     an extension of their employment beyond
                                                            required, others might be happy to forego
     normal retirement age, and the church has a
                                                            some of the amount of their pension in order
     ‘duty to consider’ that request. They do not
                                                            to gain a rather longer period as a pensioner
     have a duty to accede to the request, however,
                                                            (especially if personal circumstances make this
     and if the church through its managing
                                                            a significant advantage) and others might wish
     trustees, normally the deacons, and church
                                                            to work longer, health and church decision
     meeting, decides that the request will be
                                                            permitting, in order to ensure a higher pension
     denied, then the minister will still have to retire
                                                            than would otherwise be possible, (important
     on their 65th birthday.
                                                            perhaps for those with only a few years in
     There are sometimes good reasons to give an            pensionable income with the ministers’
     extension to the minister’s term of office             pension scheme.)

Both the Ministry Executive and the Baptist
Ministers’ Pension Fund directors have also
considered whether the normal age of
retirement should rise in line with any rise in
the age at which the state pension can be
drawn. Government proposals at present
suggest that those who would normally retire
in 2024 (born in 1959) aged 65 will draw their
pension a year later aged 66, and those who
retire in 2034 (born in 1967) will retire aged 67
instead, and similarly, the retirement age will
                                                    Prisons Week – 18 to 24 November 2007
increase to 68 from 2044.
                                                    Prisons Week is set aside every November,
So, retirement just got more complicated! The
                                                    organised by a Registered Charity run by
flexibility surrounding retirement age and
                                                    representatives of various denominations and
pensions, however, makes fine-tuning the end
                                                    Christian organisations. Its aim is to encourage
of a stipendiary ministry much easier. Of course,
                                                    awareness of the needs of prisoners, and also
retirement from being a minister is another
                                                    the needs of their families, of the victims of
matter! From the call of God and the challenges
                                                    crime and to remember the work of prison staff
of discipleship there is no retirement!
                                                    and all those who care (including chaplains, of
Paul Goodliff                                       whom around twenty are Baptists).

                                                    The Ministry Department’s Prison Ministry
                                                    Working Group encourages every church to
The Psalms and Hymns Support Fund
                                                    observe Prisons Week, and especially to pray on
The Psalms and Hymns Support Fund exists to         the Sunday for all the different groups of
provide for the relief, by way of grants, of        people involved. Leaflets giving prayer pointers
widows, widowers and orphans of ministers           are available from Prisons Week – contact The
and missionaries of the Baptist denomination        Secretary, Prisons Week, PO Box 2733, Lichfield
who are in conditions of need, hardship or          WS13 6GZ or visit the website
distress. One of the Trustees’ main concerns is     www.prisonsweek.org, where you can order
the identification of and contact with as many      leaflets and find further information and
potential beneficiaries as possible. They invite    resources.
churches that may be able to assist in this to
contact the Administrator on 01727 861019 for
further information.

                                                          on ‘forums’ in the right hand column. Here you
                                                          can interact with others by posting your own
                                                          insights, questions and responses. A Migration
                                                          Mission File has also been completed and is
                                                          downloadable at:
                                                          ownloads/294.pdf It is clear from initial
     Mission: The Hub                                     research that where a relationship is
     Migration                                            intentionally fostered with migrant workers it
                                                          eases tensions, builds community and removes
     In spite of the initial predictions of relatively    some of the prejudice and myth that can so
     small numbers of migrants entering the UK            easily build up with a fear or suspicion of ‘the
     from 2004 onwards, we now know how wildly            other’. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, as Christians
     wrong those figures were. Since 2004 some            and local churches, we could be at the
     660,000 migrant workers have registered on the       forefront of extending hospitality, welcome and
     Workers’ Registration Scheme, with a similar         practical provision?
     number who are here but for many reasons
     have not yet registered for employment; many         Try to imagine yourself in the shoes of a
     will be self employed, others will be irregulars     migrant – how would you want to be treated?
     without documentation or illegals who have           Seniors (Third-age) Mission and Ministry
     found their way around border controls.
                                                          How old is old? At 63, I still feel – and
     Whatever the true figures, we are now
                                                          sometimes act – like a teenager. I snorkel, still
     experiencing the greatest mass migration since
                                                          dream of getting back on a windsurfer, work
     the 1840’s. In many areas, especially rural, the
                                                          out weekly at the gym, play football
     societal stresses are beginning to stretch the
                                                          occasionally without crippling myself and could
     local services to breaking point and the
                                                          still stretch a few younger people on the
     potential for severe social tension and reaction
                                                          badminton court, yet in the eyes of many I am
     is high. Clearly government, local authorities,
                                                          not only considered to be way past my sell-by
     trade unions, citizens’ advice bureaux and a
                                                          date but positively ancient! Like racism, ageism
     host of other agencies, including churches, are
                                                          is very much alive and well in our society and,
     exploring ways to ease tensions and make
                                                          sadly, in many of our churches.
     appropriate responses to this rapid, and at
     times overwhelming, arrival of people.               If there are any concessions it is usually the
                                                          flower, tea or pick-up rota; nothing wrong there
     What might we do as a Union of associations
                                                          but so many third-age seniors who are fit,
     and as Baptist churches? Many of the
                                                          skilled, experienced and enthusiastic in their
     possibilities have been succinctly set out via the
                                                          faith, as well as many who couldn’t claim all
     new web forums at
                                                          those attributes, still want ‘senior significance’.
     http://www.baptist.org.uk/resources.html click

They are happy to do the ordinary and
mundane tasks but their life-experience, range
of skills, wisdom and passion demand that
horizons are still stretched and explored. Many
have labelled this group of baby-boomers our
‘hidden asset’ – literally thousands of available
and committed servants but often marginalised
and disempowered by others. For sixty years         Small Churches’ Day – Thursday 29
my wife had never been out of her depth in          November 2007
water; she had to see and touch the bottom          Half of all churches in membership with BUGB
and would never even countenance putting            are ‘small’ (up to forty members). In 2003-4, the
her head in the water, let alone in the             Mission Department conducted research into
knowledge that masses of fish were around!          the positive and negative aspects of being a
Yet for the past three years she has plunged        small church in order to understand better how
into the Red Sea donned in wetsuit and              the Union could support and encourage its
mask/snorkel and rather bravely launched out        small churches. Following publication of the
into the deep – and simply loved the riot of        report of this research, BUGB Council set up the
colour from both coral and fish. She has            Small Churches Implementation Group to
pushed her boundaries, overcome her fears           address some of the issues raised by the report.
and raised her horizons all in the name of          Much work has been undertaken by this group
momentary experience; how wonderful if that         to support small churches, to encourage
spirit of adventure could be equally channelled     suitable training for leaders and students and to
into an expansion of mission and ministry in        provide appropriate resources.
the church and kingdom of God. That’s why, as
a Mission Department, we are passionate about       We will be holding our first Small Churches’ Day
informing, exciting and resourcing seniors for      for the leaders of small churches to meet
fresh horizons. Make sure you check out the         together, with input from members of the
Fresh Horizons Mission File:                        Mission Department and:
http://www.baptist.org.uk/resources/mission_e        Jonathan Edwards BUGB General Secretary
                                                     Rachel Tole        BUGB Grants Manager

                                                     Dan Yarnell        Small Churches Specialist

                                                    This interactive day will take place at Baptist
                                                    House, Didcot and the cost per person will be
                                                    £15, including lunch. More information,
                                                    including a booking form, are available from
                                                    the website, or you can contact Mary Parker on
                                                    01235 517714 or email mparker@baptist.org.uk

                                                        further resources will be made available to help
                                                        churches consider their own strategic response
                                                        to their own unique mission context.

                                                        Please book that date in your church diary now,
                                                        and plan to join with many other churches in
                                                        praying for the children of this nation on that
                                                        day – either by holding another special service,
     Mission: Envision
                                                        part of a service, or making it the focus for
     On Our Knees Again                                 intercession. We will release details of the
     In early June 2006 at least two thirds of BUGB     resources through the website, the webwatch,
     churches were on our knees – praying about         Baptist Times and association bulletins. There is
     the startling loss of children from our churches   also a special Forum on the BUGB website for
     and asking for God’s help and guidance as we       churches to share stories and experiences of On
     seek to reverse the decline. That amount of        Our Knees.
     focused prayer is significant, and we believe      Mission: Justice
     that God has heard our prayers and been
                                                        We Belong 2007
     responding. We have heard of churches which
     have seen growth and transformation since On       ‘Do not neglect to show hospitality to
     Our Knees, while others have prayerfully been      strangers, for by doing that some have
     considering new ways of working with children.     entertained angels without knowing it’
     Since that time, the Mission Department has        Hebrews 13:2
     been working on a strategic response to the
                                                        April 2007 saw the first group of 122 Baptist
     issues we face. This was endorsed by BUGB
                                                        ministers complete the racial justice training,
     Council in November 2006, and the
                                                        We Belong, at three residential conferences
     department has been looking at providing
                                                        held at Hothorpe Hall in Leicestershire. This
     resources for churches to help them respond to
                                                        long-awaited training course, produced in
     what God is saying. Some are already available
                                                        partnership with the United Reformed Church,
     from the resources section of the BUGB
                                                        was delivered by a team of Baptist facilitators.
     website, and more will be appearing soon.
                                                        The communities in which we live are
     On 4 November 2007 we are encouraging              becoming increasingly diverse and people are
     churches to join in a second day of prayer: On     often ill-equipped to live with this diversity.
     Our Knees Again. A range of resources for the      The aim of this training is to help delegates to
     day will be available in the Autumn from a         deepen their understanding of racism, to look
     special section of the BUGB website (or on         at themselves and their churches as others
     request by post from the Mission Department).      might see them and to begin to break down
     These will include prayers, ideas and resources    the barriers which divide people from each
     for services and all age worship. In addition,     other and from God. Made up of six main

sessions, covering such topics as Reading             517714 or email mparker@baptist.org.uk to
Images, Challenging Racism and Welcoming              check availability.
the Stranger, the training was delivered using a
                                                      For more information about the training course,
variety of interactive formats with much
                                                      please contact the Racial Justice Coordinator
emphasis being made on small group
                                                      Wale Hudson-Roberts on 01235 517753 or
discussion and biblical rooting to the
                                                      email whudson-roberts@baptist.org.uk
challenging material.
                                                      Theological Forum - Tuesday 16 October
The following feedback was shared by those
who took part in the training this year:              The Theological Forum is a meeting of Baptist
                                                      ministers to allow them to engage in
 ‘A fresh look at some of the scripture passages
                                                      theological discussion about issues that
 in the manual; I had never realised the cultural
                                                      primarily relate to black and ethnic minority
 contexts or questions they had raised.’
                                                      people. The following topics have been
 ‘Being made more aware of the various issues         covered in recent discussions: Islam, Jihad,
 that confront members of ethnic communities          Africans and the transatlantic slave trade,
 as members of our congregations.’                    building a multicultural church.

 ‘Being challenged to confront personal               All are invited to the next Forum which will be
 prejudices and to find ways to address them in       held on Tuesday 16 October at YMCA London,
 me and in others.’                                   Warren Street from 1100 - 1300. Dr Anthony
                                                      Reddie, who teaches theology at Queen’s
 ‘Educating us to ensure that everyone who
                                                      University in Birmingham, will be speaking on
 approaches our churches can say 'We Belong'.’
                                                      Black scholarship.
 ‘An opportunity to equip us to enable people of
                                                      For more information about the training course,
 many cultures to genuinely belong to our local
                                                      please contact the Racial Justice Coordinator
                                                      Wale Hudson-Roberts on 01235 517753 or
All accredited Baptist ministers will receive an      email whudson-roberts@baptist.org.uk
invitation to participate in this training over the
next few years, with places available for 150
delegates each year. The next three twenty-
eight hour training sessions will be held at
Hothorpe Hall in April 2008 (14-15 April, 15-16
April and 16-17 April) and invitations are
already being sent to a random selection of

If you have not yet received an invitation, but
would be interested in attending the training in
2008, please contact Mary Parker on 01235


     Leading Edge - On eagles’ wings, going           which were well received included a new look
     beyond our limits                                Bible Study in interactive magazine format and
                                                      the Parallel Universe, a programme specifically
     God moved in the lives of many people as
                                                      designed for those in their 20’s where they
     twelve hundred people converged on Warwick
                                                      could meet up with people in a similar life
     School, 13-19 August, for this year’s Leading
                                                      situation and explore the theme in
     Edge. It was humbling to hear a ten year old
                                                      contemporary and innovative ways.
     give her testimony in the adult venue and then
     see a 36 year old man come to the Lord as a      Many churches (mainly
     result. Stories like this, of how God was        Baptist) see this as a great
     speaking into the lives of people during the     way to have a church camp
     week were repeated again and again.              with excellent programmes
                                                      for all ages as well as plenty
     This year’s speakers explored the theme on
                                                      of time for relaxing together
     eagles wings – going beyond our limits and
                                                      and building relationships.
     included: George Verwer, Jonathan Edwards,
                                                      Others enjoy the programme,
     Kate Coleman, David Shosanya, Dennis Pethers,
                                                      but stay off site in local hotels
     Ian Henderson and Joy Clarke.
                                                      in picturesque Warwick. It is
     Changes to the programme this year, all of       exciting to see how God uses the event to work
                                                      in the lives, not just of individuals but churches

                                                      In August 2008 we are delighted to have Phillip
                                                      Yancey joining us as a key speaker and expect
                                                      to confirm dates and venue in the early
                                                      Autumn 07. This will be made known through
                                                      the BUGB website and email. Why not come
                                                      and join us if you can? Come on your own, as a
                                                      family or with a group.

                                                      Left: George Verwer and David Shosanya
                                                      Right: Jonathan Edwards speaking on the Sunday morning


Dive Deeper – Baptist World Youth                     Conferences as a life-shaping experience. This
Conference 2008                                       incredible event is hosted by different regions
                                                      of the world every five years, and is unlikely to
It is now less than a year until the Baptist World
                                                      be back in Europe for another twenty years. It
Youth Conference takes place in Leipzig,
                                                      would be a real shame if your young people
Germany. It is hoped that between 6,000 –
                                                      missed it. While BUGB is not organising an
8,000 young people from around the world will
                                                      official ‘trip’, some associations are looking to
gather together to worship God, make new
                                                      sponsor young people’s attendance, and there
friends, discover what God is doing across the
                                                      are also some small grants available for
world, enjoy a vibrant fun park, experience
                                                      individuals from some trusts of which we are
global cultures and have the time of their life. If
                                                      aware – contact the Mission Department for
you would like a ‘taster’ of the event, the
                                                      details. In order to encourage churches to
promotional video is on this year’s Home
                                                      travel together, there is a forum on the BUGB
Mission DVD in the extras section.
                                                      website where churches can either declare an
Details about the conference, the venue and           interest in travelling
accommodation options, together with the              with others, or see
online registration process, can be found on          who may be going
the Dive Deeper website. In addition, there are       from their area and
mission opportunities being organised in              join with them. The
partnership with churches around Europe –             address is below.
both before and after the conference – where
                                                      More details and
individuals and whole church groups can link
                                                      online registration are
up and spread the good news. Details of this
                                                      available at www.dive-deeper.org To see which
are also available on the website.
                                                      other churches in your area are planning to
Many people in leadership in our churches,            attend, or to post a request to join with others,
associations and Union look back on their             visit the Forum at www.baptist.org.uk/forum.
involvement in previous Baptist World Youth

                                                           A S S E M B LY ‘ 0 8
                                                           A hope and a future'...Plans are
                                                           already under way for 2008's
                                                           Assembly at the Norbreck Castle
                                                           Hotel in Blackpool. Look out for fresh
                                                           information and speaker details at

                                                           info from Mark Thomas (029 2049 1366)
          ASSOCIATION EVENTS                               SOUTHERN COUNTIES - Association Leaders’
                                                           Day, incorporating the Annual General
     START NOW!                                            Meeting - Thursday 11 October
     EAST MIDLAND - Association Day - Saturday             At our autumn Leaders’ Day, to be held at
     6 October                                             Newbury Baptist Church, we will be joined by
     Our association day is entitled ‘Let my people go’,   members of the Christians in Politics
     with seminars focusing on issues of racial            organisation to share with us about expressing
     justice; topics include Human Trafficking, Fair       our faith as salt and light in our society through
     Trade/Trade Justice and Migrant Workers.              engagement in the political process. We also
                                                           anticipate, circumstances permitting, a Christian
     SOUTH WALES - Association Annual                      MP being with us to share something of the
     Assembly - Saturday 22 September                      demands of discipleship while being a part of
     High Street Baptist Church (Merthyr Tydfil) with      our parliamentary democracy. Details and
     guest speakers Paul Francis (from Cardiff) and        booking forms will be mailed/emailed to all
     Karen Lowe (from Llanelli).                           church Secretaries and ministers.

     Small Churches Network (SCN) day - Saturday
     20 October The Castle at Brecon Hotel. More
     info from Ruth Wood email call 01633 222073
     or email r.wood528@btinternet.com or the
     association office.
                                                                                  20th BAPTIST
     Mainstream Wales - Wednesday 10 October                                     WORLD CONGRESS
     with Nick Cuthbert speaking on ‘Emerging                                         In Honolulu,
     Church’.                                                                         Hawaii, USA
     All Wales Baptist Ministers’ Conference - 19–21                                   28 JULY to
     November In conjunction with the Baptist                                       1 AUGUST 2010
     Union of Wales, with Jonathan Edwards. More
                                                                  PLAN TO BE THERE!

Faith & Unity
                                                      International Day of Prayer for Peace – 21

                                                      At the invitation of the World Council of
                                                      Churches, we are invited to join with Christians
                                                      from around the world to pray for peace on this
                                                      day and over the
The Third European Ecumenical Assembly –              following weekend.
Sibiu, Romania – 4-9 September                        An ecumenical act of
‘The light of Christ shines on all. Hope for          prayer and worship
renewal and unity in Europe.’ This is the theme       will take place at
that will guide those who gather this month           Bloomsbury Central
from churches throughout Europe. Organised            Baptist Church at
by the Conference of European Churches and            1500 on the day
the Council of European Bishops’ Conferences,         itself, and all are
delegates will be sharing together in worship,        welcome. It is
bible study, and reflection on a range of             planned to make resources available for use in
significant themes including spirituality,            local churches and these, together with further
witness, migration, European unity, and peace         information, can be obtained by contacting:
making. BUGB will be well-represented in Sibiu,       gsparkes@baptist.org.uk
and the hope is that the Assembly will be a           The Party Conference Season
catalyst for churches to work together to
address key issues within our European context.       Again this year a group of representatives of
For more information, go to: www.eea3.org             the Free Churches, including BUGB, will be
                                                      attending each of the three main autumn party
Gathering for Ecumenical Officers –                   conferences. The aim is to meet specifically
Swanwick – 14-16 November                             with the Christian MPs in each party in order to
For the first time, there will be a gathering later   offer them prayer and support in the work they
this year that offers to bring together those         do. However, there are also conversations with
who serve as Ecumenical Officers in the URC,          a range of other MPs on specific policy issues
the Methodist Church and BUGB. All three              where the churches have particular concerns.
General Secretaries will be joining us –              Plans are in hand to put on a breakfast event at
including Jonathan Edwards – and as well as           each conference in collaboration with the
hearing from them, it will give us the chance to      Christian grouping in each party. These will be
reflect together both formally and informally on      open events, from about 0745 to 0900, and we
the work of being an EO within and on behalf          particularly want to extend an invitation to
of our respective denominations. For full             members of local churches to attend.
details, including a booking form, contact :
htreavis@baptist.org.uk                                                          (continued over page)

     Faith & Unity
     The meetings are on:                                   to an agreed standard. The Team will be
                                                            working with Christian Aid to lobby
        Tuesday 18 September –
                                                            Government as the Draft Bill is debated.
        Liberal Democrat – Brighton
                                                            In addition to climate change, the Team is
        Tuesday 25 September –
                                                            currently working on a number of current areas
        Labour – Bournemouth
                                                            of political and social concern. These include
        Tuesday 2 October –                                 future campaigning on UK poverty issues and
        Conservative – Blackpool                            cluster munitions.
     Speakers will include politicians and church           For more information, go to the website
     leaders. The venues are still to be finalised. If      (www.jointpublicissues.org.uk) or email
     you or your church want to know more about             (gsparkes@baptist.org.uk)
     what is happening and where, please contact:
                                                            BWA Gathering
                                                            This year’s Annual Gathering of the General
                                                            Council of the Baptist World Alliance took place
                                                            in Accra, Ghana. Nigel Wright and Anna
                                                            Robbins were among those attending the
                                                            gathering on behalf of BUGB, and write this of
     Joint Public Issues Team
                                                            their experience:
     One of the most important pieces of work
                                                            As this year is the 50th anniversary of Ghanaian
     recently completed by the Joint Public Issues
                                                            independence, it was appropriate that the
     Team is a submission to the Government on
                                                            Gathering took place in Accra. As it is also the
     the Draft Climate Change Bill. The submission
                                                            200th anniversary of the act abolishing the
     sets out our Christian convictions, declaring
                                                            trade in enslaved Africans in the British Empire,
     that creation belongs to God and that we have
                                                            and as many of those enslaved Africans came
     a responsibility to care for it in ways that pay
                                                            from Ghana, it was even more appropriate. In
     particular attention to the needs of those who
                                                            fact the highest level of attendance and
     are the poorest. It then responds to specific
                                                            participation was of Baptists in the African
     questions regarding the setting of budgets and
                                                            continent and from the African diaspora in the
     targets for CO2 emissions, and the review and
                                                            USA and the Caribbean. This added to these
     monitoring of progress.
                                                            meetings a sense of exuberance and
     Though widely regarded as a significant step           enthusiasm, worship usually being led African
     forward, the Draft Bill still falls short of what is   style, (‘You’re in Africa!’ was the cry).
     needed. In particular, Christian Aid is calling for
                                                            Apart from the kindness and warmth of our
     deeper reductions in CO2 emissions together
                                                            African hosts, two events stand out. The first
     with requirements that companies publish
                                                            was the visit to one of the slave castles on the
     details of the full extent of their CO2 emissions
                                                            Gold Coast. Those taken as slaves from the
inland would be transported to castles on the        Accra, it is full of life and vitality.
coast and incarcerated in appalling conditions
                                                     Dr N G Wright
until the time came to be loaded onto boats.
They would then pass through the ‘gate of no         Principal of Spurgeon’s College and member of the
return’. This place brought home just how final,     BWA General Council.
inhumane and awful the trade was, and it was         IMC Annual Meeting
here that a service of commemoration and
confession was held. There were deep levels of       It was a privilege to represent the Baptist family
emotion, especially as so many of those present      at what was a deeply significant Annual
were themselves descendants of those taken           Meeting for the churches of the Independent
for slavery.                                         Methodist Connexion. The item which
                                                     dominated the agenda was the Covenant
The second event was the installation of just        Partnership which has been the basis of our
such one of those descendants as the new             working together for the last couple of years.
General Secretary of the BWA in succession to
Denton Lotz, Jamaica’s Dr Neville Callum.            The meetings agreed to the key resolution to
Neville is an outstanding figure, prominent in       form a Non-Geographic Association within the
Jamaica in both church and civil arenas. A           Baptist Union of Great Britain. This is a
pastor of two churches (one in the wealthy           significant step in our journey together. A
suburbs and the other in a deprived urban            number of speakers did raise concerns and
area), a professor, broadcaster, writer and public   reservations around questions of identity and
figure, he straddles the evangelical and the         the practical implications. Yet even within the
ecumenical worlds. He is admirably suited to         voices of dissent was a warm appreciation of
this demanding role and will bring to it the         the fellowship experienced with members of
balance, wisdom and dignity that it requires.        the Baptist family. This was reinforced through
The gathering also paid tribute to the               the ministry of our General Secretary Revd.
leadership of Denton Lotz, the retiring General      Jonathan Edwards, whose address to the
Secretary, with a service of thanksgiving.           evening celebration was warmly appreciated.

“It is a privilege to serve BUGB on the BWA          Our Independent Methodist friends have some
Council. Connecting with Baptists from around        significant decisions ahead. Our prayer is that
the world, discussing issues of common               they will be guided to an appropriate
interest, and learning more about issues from        conclusion, and that they do so with a strong
diverse Baptist perspectives is a tremendous         sense of common purpose in Christ. Whether
challenge and a great joy.” (Anna)                   or not our ultimate future is as one
                                                     organisation, we continue on this important
The BWA Annual Gathering happens every year.         journey together.
It brings Baptists together from across the
globe to purpose our mutual interests and to         Phil Jump
offer support to each other. On the showing of

     Home Mission Promotion                                 cannot find it just email pmould@baptist.org.uk
                                                            and order a copy.)
     In the early autumn many of our churches are
     planning their HM budget for the following             Also in this edition of Transform we have a new
     year. Why not ask your church                          section called 'The Bit in the Middle'. This pull out
     secretary/minister if you could show a short clip      section is aimed to resource you in your
     from the latest HM DVD 'A Baptist People -             promotion of Home Mission locally. Our new
     United in Mission' to bring to life the way that       Home Mission Grants Manager will be writing
     your church is supporting God's mission across         this piece in every edition from now on. We will
     the country? It is easy to simply agree a figure       also send your Home Mission Reps a copy to
     and find that the church does not really               make sure they are in the loop. Packed with
     connect with the incredible impact their               ideas, tips, service plans and much more it is
     generous giving to Home Mission can make in            there to inspire your church to give generously
     other churches and projects. (Your Home                to God for mission work here in Great Brtitain.
     Mission Rep has a copy of the DVD. If you

        Communications                                   Provides guidance on communications
        In a nutshell...                                 to local churches, colleges and

                  Event management including The Baptist Assembly (with BMS)
                  and Leading Edge.
                  Production of printed, electronic and audio visual materials which
                  emphasis Home Mission giving.
                  Marketing - getting your church known to a wider audience.
                  Media relations including crisis management advice for local
                  Production and sale of publications that will appeal to Baptist
                                                  Email: communications@baptist.org.uk Tel: 01235 517718
                                                 For more details visit www.baptist.org.uk/communications


Publications: Leadership - A selection of the      Baptist Basics - The Church Meeting
resources available from BUGB Publications to
                                                   Leaflet by John Weaver on the basics of a
assist in various aspects of church leadership.
                                                   Baptist church meeting including its purpose,
For a full listing please visit
                                                   form and issues. £0.50
                                                   Baptist Basics -
Nothing Spiritual About Chaos
                                                   Leadership in
A practical guide for Baptist church secretaries   the Local
and administrators. In this book Rachel Tole       Church
has included much that will assist church
                                                   Leaflet by
secretaries and administrators, whether they are
newly appointed or more experienced. £5.00
                                                   Goodspeed on
Radical Leaders                                    the basics of
                                                   leadership in a
A guide for elders and deacons in Baptist
                                                   local Baptist
churches by Paul Beasley-Murray. £5.50
                                                   church including
Christian Ethos Audit                              qualities and
A guide for churches and small Christian           responsibilities.
projects to explore religious discrimination       £0.50
legislation and Christian ethos 5.00

Keeping an eye on the Structure - the care         All of these publications are available from
of church buildings                                www.baptist.org.uk/resources.html or by
A Guidelines booklet on the care of church         emailing publications@baptist.org.uk or by
buildings, including practical and detailed help   calling Sally Lear on 01235 517708 between
on what faults to check for in the fabric of the   0900 and 1300.
church, advice on alterations, information on
listed buildings and a checklist. £3.00

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