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                                 Luebbecke, 7 December

   NAUE simplifies communication and concerts capacities!

Luebbecke/Espelkamp/Lemfoerde. In view of its increasing
number of international activities, the NAUE Fasertechnik group of
companies will be simplifying not only the company logo but also the
company name. From the first of January the company will be doing
business under the name of NAUE GmbH & Co. KG.
Communication between international customers and partners will
become easier with the word “Fasertechnik” no longer present – in
many languages, there is no really suitable translation for this term.
Besides that, after more than 30 years of company development, the
term “Fasertechnik” – which means fiber technology – no longer
forms the core of our range of services and products.

The NAUE product portfolio “Geotechnics with Geosynthetics”
comprises not only “Fasertechnik” with the products Bentofix®,
Secutex® and Terrafix®; but also extruded products like Carbofol®,
Carbofix®, Secugrid®, Secumat® and Secudrän® are employed.

Shorter ways and increased focus on services – that’s the NAUE
Group promise for 2005. After completion of extension works (March
2005), Espelkamp/Fiestel will become the headquarters for
production and services. With the merging of departments there will
be considerably shorter reaction times and customer needs will be
fulfilled more quickly. We will be soon informing you about the new
central office.

NAUE GmbH & Co. KG
Ms Sandra Förster
Wartturmstr. 1
32312 Lübbecke
Tel.: +49 57 41/40 08 21
Fax: +49 57 41/40 08 84

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