SCIENTIFIC ABSTRACT FORM
                              AMERICAN              SOCIETY FOR PARENTERAL AND ENTERAL NUTRITION
                                                                                February 14-17, 1993
                                                       17th Clinical Congress •
                                                       San Diego Convention Center • Diego, CA

Please read all guidelines and instructions thoroughly and STRICTLY follow all instructions in preparing your abstract.
Abstracts which do not conform will be rejected.

ABSTRACT GUIDELINES                                         of presentation only will have their work considered      2. Abstracts must be typed on the abstract
Abstracts must report on research, basic or clinical,       for the specified preference only. Authors indicating a   reproduction form. Additional forms may be obtained
related to parenteral or enterai nutrition support. The     desire to be considered for either type of presentation   from A.S.P.E.N., 8630 Fenton St., Suite 412, Silver
first author is responsible for the abstract content.       will increase their chances for acceptance.               Spring, MD 20910.
Submission signifies the intent of the author and
associates to present the paper at the Congress. Each       Abstracts must be received in the A.S.P.E.N. office       3. Make title brief, clearly indicating the nature of the
abstract should be a concise report summarizing work        no later than August 28, 1992. Abstracts received         investigation. The subject index for A.S.P.E.N. is
done and in progress. Objectives, procedures, results       after that date will not be considered. Enclose a self-   developed only from those words used in the title;
                                                            addressed, stamped postcard for confirmation of           choose them carefully. Then state the authors' names
obtained, and conclusions should be succinctly
outlined.                                                   receipt of abstract. When submitting abstract material,   and institutional affiliations. If no institution is
                                                            do not fold across the blue-outlined box.                 involved, list city and state. Omit institutional
Submission affirms that the material herein has not                                                                   appointments, street address and zip code.
been previously published or presented at any national      CATEGORIES OF ACCEPTANCE
meeting; that any animal studies conform with the           Abstracts will be considered in one of two categories:    4. Organize the body of the abstract as follows:
"Guiding Principles in the Care and Use of Animals"         a) Scientific Short Paper Presentation                      A
                                                                                                                      • statement of purpose of the study (preferably one
of the American Physiological Society; and that any           Abstracts accepted will be presented at a short           sentence)
human experimentation has been conducted according            paper session at the 17th Clinical Congress and           A
                                                                                                                      • statement of methods used
to a protocol approved by an institutional committee          published in JPEN. Abstracts accepted in this             A
                                                                                                                      • summary of the results presented in sufficient
on ethics of human investigation, or if no such               category may be additionally eligible to be               detail to support the conclusions
committee exists that it conforms with the principles         considered for the Harry M. Van Research                  A
                                                                                                                      • statement of the conclusions reached. It is not
                                                                                                                        satisfactory to state "The results will be discussed"
of the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical           Award and/or a Discipline Research Award.
                                                                                                                        or "other data will be presented".
Association.                                                b) Scientific Poster Presentation
                                                               Abstracts accepted will be presented at a poster
It is essential that the abstracts present objective data      session at the 17th Clinical Congress and published    5. Do not use subtitles, e.g. methods, results.
in order that reviewers can make a fair and                    in JPEN. A poster number is assigned to each
meaningful appraisal. The number of experiments and           abstract, and the author must be present at the         6. Simple tables or graphs—neat and in black
factual analysis of the results are imperative. It must       designated time to discuss the material.                ink—maybe included if they fit within form
be clear that sufficient experiments have been              AWARDS                                                    rectangle.
performed in order to justify the conclusions.              The Van Award is presented for the best research by
Unessential material, such as long introductions,           a young investigator during postgraduate training. A      7. Use of standard abbreviations is required.
controversial discussions, bibliographies, and review       young investigator is defined as someone who is           Acceptable abbreviations may be used without
of the literature must be excluded.                         currently in a research fellowship or who has             definition if the author chooses. Other abbreviations
                                                            completed a fellowship within 24 months of the time       must be defined by placing them in parentheses after
Abstracts are given anonymous review. Abstracts will        of submission of the abstract. Please consider            the full word the first time they appear. Some
be critiqued on factors which include, but are not          whether you qualify as a young investigator before        abbreviations may be unfamiliar to large numbers of
                                                                                                                      readers; at the author's discretion they should also be
limited to:                                                 checking the box for the Vars Award. Selected
•elevance of the study to the field
  r                                                         candidates for the award will be asked to submit a        defined. Abbreviations should be avoided in the title
•uality of the research design and methodology
  q                                                         manuscript of their work to the Van Award Selection       of the abstract.
•uality and sufficiency of the data                       Committee. The manuscript must reflect the same
•elevance of the conclusions to the data
  r                                                         first author as appears on the abstract. The winner       8. Use numerals to indicate numbers except to begin
•rammar, syntax, spelling
  g                                                         receives a $1,000 cash award, presents his paper at a     sentences.
                                                            special plenary session at the Clinical Congress and
• hy did you do the study?
  W                                                         has his manuscript published in JPEN.                     9. Nonproprietary (generic) names are required the
• ow was it done?
  H                                                                                                                   first time a drug is mentioned, written in small letters.
• hat did you find?
  W                                                         Discipline-Research Awards are presented to a             Proprietary names are always capitalized, e.g.
• hat was the importance of your findings?
  W                                                         dietitian, nurse and pharmacist in recognition of         aceuzolamide (Diamox).
Some reasons why abstracts are turned down:                 scholarly achievement. Selected candidates for this
•reviously reported study
  p                                                         award will be asked to submit a manuscript describing     10. Use type no smaller than in example«on
•aper presented or published elsewhere
  p                                                         their work to the Discipline Research Award Selection     reverse side. Do not use type that simulates script.
                                                                                                                      Practice typing the abstract in a 6' x 4'/i ' rectangle
• little data                                             Committee. The manuscript must show the same first
  inadequate controls                                       author as appears on the abstract. The winners            before using this form.
• ethods of study not indicated                           receive $300 and each presents his work at a special
  insignificant study                                       plenary session at the Clinical Congress and has his      11. Do not erase. Abstract will appear in JPEN
•bstract did not conform to requirements
  a                                                         manuscript published in JPEN. Only A.S.P.E.N.             exactly as submitted. Abstracts with smudges,
•oorly written
  p                                                         members are eligible. Individuals desiring to be          errors, misspellings, poor hyphenations, skipped
•onclusion is questionable in relationship to data
  c                                                                                                                   lines, typed-in margins, incorrect abbreviations,
                                                            considered for this award may also choose to be
  presented                                                 considered for the Vars Award.                            faint typing, etc. (or not conforming to prescribed
•roduct names listed in title of the abstract
  p                                                                                                                   rules) will be rejected.
Selection of an abstract for presentation as a paper or     RULES APPLYING TO ABSTRACTS
poster will be based solely on which preference the                                                                            RULES CONTINUED ON REVERSE
                                                            1. A $20.00 administration fee must accompany each
author has indicated on the reverse side of this form.      abstract, U.S. dollars only drawn on U.S. banks only.
Authors specifying a preference for a particular type
                                                                          Please read guidelines and instruction».
                                                                    SCIENTIFIC ABSTRACT REPRODUCTION                FORM
                                                                                (For Basic and Clinical Research)
                                                                        Abstracts must be received by August 28, 1992

Important:    Enclose original   abstract   plus 9 copies.   The copies should contain only the abstract   box, with authors'     names and institution   names under the abstract title
deleted. No author names, institution ñama, or award selections should appear on the copies to ensure blind, objective review.
Contact Person - Type or print the following information of author who should receive correspondence; eliminate this information from copies.

                   FIRST                                          INITIAL                                        LAST                                               DEGREE

Mailing Address

                   crrv                                                                                           ZIP

Office Telephonc(                                                                                   Home Telephone (       )Is

        Number       (       )STATE                                                                                              the first author a member of A.S.P.E.N.?      D Yes       D No

ABSTRACT RULES confd                                                 13. Provide an original plus 9 copies. The copies                 14. No paper may be presented at the Clinical
12. Capitalize entire title. Do not underline author's               should contain only the abstract box, with all award              Congress if it has been published at any other national
                                                                     selections, contact person's name, author's names and             meeting prior to the date of presentation.
names. Underlining or capitalization for emphasis in
text is unacceptable. Single-space all typing (no space              institutions under the abstract title deleted. No author
between title and body or between paragraphs). Indent                names, institution names, or award selections                     15. Submit abstract material and a check for $20.00
each paragraph 3 spaces. Do not indent title. Brand                  should appear on the copies to ensure blind,                      to A.S.P.E.N.,  8630 Fenton St., Suite 412, Silver
names of products must not appear in titles.                         objective peer review.                                            Spring, MD 20910. Fees must be submitted in U.S.
                                                                                                                                       dollars only; drawn on U.S. banks only.
EXAMPLE (Do not use type smaller than in example.)
MD, A. Chait, MD and D. Sherrard, MD Department of Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.
  Aluminum (Al) deposition in bone is associated with severe and disabling bone disease in the long-term parenteral nutrition
(PN) patient.
 / all that apply                                                     TYPE ABSTRACT         IN BOX BELOW         BEING SURE TO STAY WITHIN                   BORDERS
 D Scientific Short Paper
     Presentation only
 O Scientific Poster Presentation
 D Either paper or poster
 D If accepted, consider for
     Vare Research Award
 D If accepted, consider for
     Discipline Research Award
    (A.S.P.E.N. members only)
    </ one:         Nurse
 Abstract will be used as camera
 copy. It must conform to the
 standards listed below or it will
 be rejected. Before mailing,
 check your abstract for the
 —titleis completely capitalized
 —institutionalaffiliation and
     city are required
 —nostreet address, zip, or
     grant support
 —donot indent title
 —staywithin bordera
 —donot blacken bordera
 —donot squeeze lettera or lines
 —nosmudges or faint typing
 —nounderlining or
     capitalization for emphasis
  —checkfor accurate spelling
     and hyphenation
  —stateconclusion; promise of
       additional data is

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