Sample AFCEE Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) Form

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					                               Sample AFCEE Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) Form

All Phase I AFCEE BAA proposals are submitted online. It is highly recommended that offerors interested in submitting a
Phase I proposal first read the BAA in its entirety. The BAA is available for download from the AFCEE BAA web page.
This sample form illustrates the specific questions that are asked during the online BAA Phase I proposal process, as well
as any applicable key stroke limitations. For security reasons, the following characters will be stripped from your data:
& > < " ; ~ ^ $ \ / ( ) = +, and the percent sign (%) will be spelled out to 'percent.'’

        Topic Area                          Data Field                     Applicable Notes                Limitation
                                                                                                             (if any)
                                                                   Available fields: Small Business;
Organization                    Business Type
                                                                   Large Business; 8-A Firm
                                Web Site
                                First Name
                                Last Name
Contact Information             Phone with area code
                                Fax with area code
                                Street (line 2 if needed)
Mailing Address                 City
                                Title of Proposal
                                Estimated Cost                     Format: $1,000.00
                                Approximated Time to Complete      Format: Months
                                Proposed Effort
                                Remediation and/or Pollution       Available fields: Remediation;
                                Prevention                         Pollution Prevention; Remediation
                                Technology/Methodology             and Pollution Prevention
                                                                   Available fields: Soil;
Proposal Information
                                                                   Groundwater; Soil and
                                                                   Groundwater; Soil Gas; Surface
                                Environmental Matrix (matrices)    Water; Sediments; Air; Green
                                Addressed                          House Gases; Toxic Release
                                                                   Inventory; Hazardous Materials/
                                                                   Hazardous Waste; Solid Waste;
                                Contaminant(s) Treated                                                 250 Key Strokes
Qualification of Offerror(s)    Qualification of Offerror(s)                                           1000 Key Strokes
Teaming Member                  First Name
Organization(s)                 Last Name
Technology or
                                Technology or Methodology
Methodology Description,
                                Description, Benefits, Project                                         3500 Key Strokes
Benefits, Project Cost
                                Cost Savings, and if Proprietary
Savings, and if Proprietary
Description of Proposed         Description of Proposed Field
Field Demonstration,            Demonstration,
                                                                                                       2500 Key Strokes
Type of Site and Problem        Type of Site and Problem
Addressed                       Addressed
Description of how project
                                Description of how project
supports Remedy-in-Place
                                supports Remedy-in-Place (RIP)
(RIP) and Estimated                                                                                    3000 Key Strokes
                                and Estimated Number of Sites
Number of Sites Where
                                Where Can be Applied
Can be Applied