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									  Enjoy Travelling to Paris
The Informations you need to know and to consider if you wanna go to Paris.

The weather is the major topic to consider first. Paris has an average of 15 snow
days a year mostly rain and damp in the winter with occasional winds and rain.
The average temperature in Paris is 53 degrees the most pleasant weather of any
capital in Europe. During the summer there are very few days that the
temperature gets over 85 degrees.

August is the slow month for activities. August is their holiday month and many
of the attractions are closed. Paris has a skeleton staff during this month. If you
want to enjoy many activities, then you may want to choose another month to

Want a first class hotel while you are in Paris? July and August are the best
times to be sure of getting the deluxe room you are wanting. There are many
students in Paris during July and August so getting a budget room is usually
out of the question.

Remember the annual auto show is in late September and early October. The
hotels are booked during this time so if you are going to see the car shows get
your reservation in early.

I know everyone want to travel on holidays. Paris is not the place to plan you trip
on a holiday because most everything closes. There are hardly any activities
going on during the holiday seasons.

Whenever going over to another country you will need a passport. If you not
French get a passport and be sure to check the expiration date on it, passports
run out like coupons do. U.S. Citizens staying less than 90 days don’t need a
visa. When staying longer than 90 days you’ll need to apply for a long-term visa,
residence card, or a temporary-visa for you stay. A proof of income or means of
income while in Paris and a good reason why you are applying for long-term stay
is required. The U.S. State Department can give you info and guide you through
the procedure when applying for your passport.

When entering France you can only take certain things and amounts with you.
In addition, when you leave France you have to be careful about what and how
much you bring back with you. You can also find out about these restrictions
from your state department nearest you.

Are you handicap and have special needs. Paris is better equipped to handle
handicap than most cities. Most of the more modern hotels and facilities have
the necessary equipment and rooms for the handicap and elderly. You should
contact ahead of time to let them know what you need; or if you are going
through a travel agency, they can do it for you.
Trains are even equipped for the handicap and special needs that you might
have to have when traveling around Paris. The older trains have compartments
for the wheelchair and guide dogs but the newer one are made with the
handicap in mind.

When going to Paris it is a good idea to check with the French Government
Tourist office in your area. They can help you make all your decisions. There are
different packages that a person can get to fit their budget. Travel Packages and
Escorted Tour packages are different so is sure you know what you are looking

When deciding on your travel package it usually includes the airfare,
accommodations, car rentals airport transfers even help you decide on the
activities you might have in mind.

The Escorted Tour is a group of people going on the same trip together along
with and escort. Everything is planned out for you from the time you leave home
until you return.

 Visiting the Internet will put you in touch with travel packages to Paris. If you
are preparing a vacation, why not visit one of the most fabulous cities in the
world. Paris is notorious for its music, nightlife, arts, and many attractions. If
you are not familiar with Paris, why not learn about the attractions and
packages now.

Traveling down Rhine River:
You have the option of taking a cruise down Rhine River. On your first day of
travel, you will depart from the United States of America. (If applicable) Once you
leave the US, you will arrive in Switzerland. On board the airplane, you will
enjoy drinks and meals as complimentary of your package deal. You will also
have entertainment to enjoy aboard the aircraft.

On the second day of your trip, you will fly to Basel, which is one of
Switzerland’s cities. On this day, you will be transferred about the ship. Since it
is afternoon, the tour guide will introduce you to Basel. During the evening, you
will enjoy cocktails, complimentary of the Captain. You will have dinner after.

On the third day of your trip, you will enjoy an afternoon in the lovely city of
Strasbourg. Strasbourg is the Capital of France’s Alsace. Here you will admire on
your tour the lovely sandstones of the Cathedral Gothic where you will be taking
into space. After you will enjoy the Squares, which takes you back to the 13th
centuries. By evening, you will board the ship and enjoy a fine meal.

On your fourth day, in the morning you will sail through the lovely area around
Speyer. While on board the ship you will continue sailing through France’s city
Worm. Here you will enjoy off sea touring through Heidelberg. Throughout the
city, you will enjoy fine arts of science. The day continues over to Rudesheim.
Down through the lovely channels you will cast you sail to venture at Siegfried,
which costs $19 to see the fine Musical Instruments at the Museum. On board
your ship again, this evening you will enjoy fine entertainment and dining.
On the fifth day of your trip, you will enjoy a trip through Cochem, followed by a
lovely view of the popular villages around France. You will visit Cologne and
move onto Rhineland followed by an evening of dining and leisure aboard your
cruise liner. Rest up, since in the morning you will take a walk, touring through
the ancient environment of Cologne. The cathedral city will inspire you. As the
day carries forward, you will enjoy Gothic structures and then enjoy a meal
while viewing the Netherlands as you sail past Nijmegen. Have dinner with your
captain this evening and rest, since the final day you will enjoy cruising
throughout Amsterdam.

On this last day of your venture, you will enjoy shopping as you disembark at
Tiel. If you choose the package that takes you to the lovely Gardens of
Keukenhof, then don’t forget your camera. You have a lovely view ahead. As you
continue your trip, you will enjoy exhibits around France, which includes the
globes’ hugest vineries, vegetation and so on. You will also enjoy a visit the Regal
Palace on your final day. Here you will move onto view the National Monument,
which engraves history that takes you back through the history of France.
Throughout the trip, you will feel inspired as you view Skinny Bridge and move
onto a glass-top dinner aboard your ship.

Sounds like a dream come true, hey? Well, for $799 you can enjoy this trip. To
learn more go online and check out the deals.

Enjoying Paris Travel

Taking tours to Paris can be very educational and enjoyable as well. When
taking a tour they are already planned out for you and sometimes you will have
a guide to tell you about each stop you make along the way.

One of the most important stops you may have on a tour is the La Louvre. Take
a walk around the outside and you will see as much as you would when going
inside. Notice the fountain standing at the front entrance with the walkway
going around it. Inside the La Louvre, you will be able to see the one and only La
Pyramid. Check out the shape. At night when it is, all lit up you will see beauty
you will never forget. Looking out of the Louvre you can see the Buran Statues in
the Paris Royal.

Go inside the Pyramid and you will see the winding staircase going straight to
the top. Get a haircut while inside at one of the many salons.

Visit the Palasis Royal and see most beautiful fountain Le Jardin des Tuileries.
The Place de la Concorde is in the same area. Visit them at night and see the
beautiful lighthouses and fountains all around them. Another great place to go
is the Les Champs-Elysees at night where an archway stands with trees lining
both sides of the street to the entrance; ride a train or drive through the arch.

Want to see the famous Montmarte Cabaret of Moulin Roughe. It is a huge
building with the great windmill sitting on the rood.
You can also visit Paris from the sky by flying over the Seine River. See the
fantastic view over the rooftops. Take a boat ride down the River and see the
Passer Elle des Arts known as the Lover’s meeting place. The view down the
River is out of this world with everything lit up drawing everyone’s attention. The
Eiffel tower is located on the Seine River as well and when passing you can enjoy
the many fountains all around it.

When taking your tour down the river notice the water level, it is 30 feet below
the street. The river is lined with walls of stone with ivy growing through in
places; the walls have iron rings hanging on the walls to represent the past ages.
On each side of the river, it has many trees and shrubs and up on the street
more trees looking over the river. There are 32 bridges crossing over the Seine
River with old buildings and riverboats between them. Look at the water while
taking your tour down the river and notice the beautiful colors coming from the
buildings and trees with some gardens here and there.

Paris is the capital of France and is over 2,000 years old sitting on an island off
the Seine River. The island is 233 miles from the English Channel.

Have you ever wanted to see the L’Hotel de Cluny in the Notre Dame area? The
hotel was built to house the monks when coming from Cluny to visit the capital.
The L’Hotel de Cluny was turned into a museum in 1844 representing the
Medieval France.

Stand outside and look at the beautiful cross-windows in the front and the
others are all done in Gothic style. Inside the hotel, you will see many tapestries
done in the 15th and 16 century

Visit the great Chapel while on your tour of the Seine River. Inside the Chapel,
you will see more tapestries of the Lady and the unicorn of the 16th century,
which will inspire you to learn more about Paris.

Choosing the Right Packages for Paris Travel

How to find travel packages to Paris:
When choosing the right package for Paris travel, it can become a task.
Therefore, you would want to look around to get the best package on the market
to fit your budget. Remember your local travel agent can help you out a lot or
you might want to go online and see what you can find that way.

Online you will a wide array of packages. Online you will find the eight-day and
seven night packages. The packages include hotel stay, flight fare, discounted
meals and more. Packages offer you tour guides, which take you around Paris as
well. You will enjoy sightseeing, activities and have plenty of free time to do, as
you like. If you feel uncomfortable visiting a foreign city, the tour guides are
idea. However, if you are like some people, such as myself you may want to
choose other packages. Some of us prefer to handle our own activity planning
and so on.

How to choose highlights?
It depends on where you want to visit, dine, stay, etc. If you intend to visit the
Louvre Eiffel Tower and/or the Gothic Notre-Dame, which is the Cathedral Arc
de Triomphe, then choose a package to fit your needs. The catholic building
alone will inspire your interest. The Notre-Dame is made of Rose patterned
windows and stain glass. At the establishment, you will walk through a garden
of impressive designs. The building makes up rib vaults, ogee pathways,
buttresses that fly, and so on. You will enjoy religious arts and more.

When choosing packages to Paris you want to match your budget. The typical
tour packages start at $45 and up to $130 per person. If you intend to travel
first-class the prices range from $80 to $280 per person. Deluxe Paris travel
ranges from $100 up to $400 per person. Deluxe packages give you eight days
and seven nights of outstanding sightseeing adventures. You will stay three
nights at London’s finest hotels and three nights at one of Paris’s hotels. The
continental hotels have a wide array of attractions inside its building, including
fine dining, wines, bars, and more. If you combine the package between London
and Paris, you often find cheaper deals.

How do I entertain the family?
If you intend to bring the family, make the trip one to remember. You will find
special family packages, which the rates are fit to meet your needs. The
packages offer your family and you a great opportunity to spend quality time
together. Your family and you will enjoy the time away from the stress and
worries back home.

How to choose activities and attractions for children?
The children may enjoy all the historical sites that Paris and London has to offer.
The family will likely enjoy the selection of restaurants Paris has to offer. Dining
together as a family brings the unit closer.

Maybe you and the family would like to go on a tour. Then again, maybe you will
want to just sit and watch the sun set off the many bridges in Paris. Paris and
London has a wide array of fun plazas, parks, sight areas and more. When
preparing to entertain your children while in Paris go to the newsstands. The
paper will have an assortment of activities and entertainment designed to fit
your children’s needs.

Paris also has a wide array of shopping malls, department stores, museums and
more. If you children enjoy the waters, you may want to take them to Seine River
on a cruise where they will enjoy the ocean view from a glass boat ride.

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