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Compliments, complaints & suggestions form

You can either print off this form and fill it in manually, or you can type directly into the yellow
boxes below and attach the document to an email.



You are not required to give the following information, but may choose to do so if you require
a response from us. Please see ‘Data protection statement’ below for information about



Telephone number:


Please return this form by putting it in the suggestions box at the Careers & Employability
Service at Stoke or Stafford, post to the address below, or e-mail it to

Careers & Employability Service
Cadman Building
Staffordshire University
College Road
Stoke-on-Trent S4 2DE

Data protection statement: We collect this information in order to monitor and evaluate our services. If you choose
to give us personal information about yourself, as a general rule this information will be held confidentially but in
certain circumstances it may not be, depending on the seriousness of the complaint. In either case we will use your
contact details in order to inform you of our response to your feedback. The details in this feedback form will be
destroyed after one year.

Staffordshire University 2006

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