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									Catholic Senior Services (CSS)
Catholic Senior Services (CSS) is a new senior organization, Catholic Senior Services
(CSS). Catholic Senior Services (CSS) represents a mobilization of Catholic community
resources to address the growing need for affordable senior housing and services in
advance of the age wave, the historically unique aging of the massive baby boom
generation. The purpose of this organization is five-fold.
     Create new senior housing, healthcare services and pastoral care programming
       across the economic and social spectrum in the Twin Cities Catholic community.
     Collaborate with quality organizations providing home-based services such as
       shopping assistance, delivered meals, light housekeeping, caregiver respite
       support, and other services.
     Provide a coordinated, centralized network of Archdiocesan-based senior care
       information and resources.
     Foster continuing spiritual and pastoral care that allows seniors to remain engaged
       more fully in the life of the church.
     Promote a clearer vision of aging issues through advocacy, education, research,
       and partnerships.

       It is exciting to know that the diocese is committed to meeting the needs of our
aging population. Further information about this organization can be found on their

        One of the Affiliates, St. Therese Home Inc., commissioned Janet Louise Gibson
to create Senivision, A Toolkit for Planning and Care for Seniors, a copy of which is in
our parish library as a resource for families. This is a very comprehensive collection of
information on senior care. Stop in to take a look at this resource. You can also call,
Leann Kaufenberg, Parish Nurse, at 651-379-1266, for information and/or assistance for
yourself or loved ones.

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