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					HRIS CSS Update

We are excited to update you on the current status of the rollout and
implementation of a new payroll and human resources software solution that will
make it easier to track the valuable services you provide to your clients.

The software solution is currently in the process of being finalized as a result of a
government tender and Request for Proposal (RFP) that was issued. It is expected
that these negotiations for the HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems)
solution will be finalized shortly, at which point, the rollout of the solution will
begin, using a phased approach. Group 1 will be trained and implementation will
occur by March 31, 2009.

Group 1, 2, etc, refer to the timeframes in which interested CSS organizations will
be able to participate in the project.

Those organizations that have agreed to participate in Group 1 will be trained on
payroll and HR modules with software implementation beginning early February.
Additional modules will be reviewed for business requirements and implemented
as scope and funding permits during fiscal 2009/2010. Group 2 implementation
and training will begin, on a volunteer basis, in the second quarter of 2009/2010,
on a “first come first served basis”.

To find out more about participating in the project please contact the HRIS CSS
project by sending an e-mail to

For more information on the project please click here: