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									The monthly newsletter of the Canadian Stroke Strategy

                                    CSS Bulletin
                        A joint initiative of the Canadian Stroke Network and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
                                                                                                                                                Issue 7

  Prominent Canadians to guide much-needed
changes to stroke prevention, care and treatment
         group of prominent                                                                                          diabetes and chronic disease,

A        Canadians, led by Kenneth
         Fyke, who headed
Saskatchewan’s 2001 Commission
                                                                                                                     Robert Teasell, Chair-Chief of the
                                                                                                                     Department of Physical Medicine,
                                                                                                                     St. Joseph’s Health Care London;
                                                                                                                     and Tim Watson, Assistant
on Medicare, will oversee a major
national effort to change the way                                                                                    Clinical Professor of the Calgary
stroke is managed in this country.                                                                                   Stroke Program in the Department
  Fyke has been appointed Chair of                                                                                   of Neurosciences at the University
the Steering Committee of the                                                                                        of Calgary. Ex-Oficio members
Canadian Stroke Strategy (CSS),                                                                                      are Alison McDonald, Co-Chair,
a joint initiative of the Canadian                                                                                   Best Practices, Phil Teal, Co-
Stroke Network and the Heart and                                                                                     Chair, Professional Development
Stroke Foundation of Canada. The                                                                                     and Training, and Michael Hill,
goal of the Canadian Stroke                                                                                          Chair, Information and Evaluation
Strategy is to help support an inte-                                                                                 Working Group
grated approach to stroke preven-
tion, treatment and rehabilitation in                                                                                Biographies for CSS Steering
every province and territory by                                                                                      Committee members are as fol-
2010.                                                                                                                lows.
  “The Canadian Stroke Strategy                                                                                      Kenneth J. Fyke
gives us an opportunity to make a                                                                                    Ken Fyke has over 40 years of
                                        Kenneth Fyke will lead the CSS Steering Committee
real impact on the health of                                                                                         experience in Canadian health ser-
Canadians by improving the quali-                                                                                    vices. He is the author of “Caring
                                        munity reintegration. National plat-    the Faculty of Medicine at the       for Medicare-Sustaining a Quality
ty of health-care systems in            forms will be developed to support      University of Montreal; Sandra
Canada,” Fyke says. “It will serve                                                                                   System”, the 2001 Report of the
                                        public awareness building, guide-       Black, Head of Neurology at          Commission on Medicare in the
as a model initiative, using leading    lines and standards of care, training   Sunnybrook and Women’s Health
science to help create meaningful                                                                                    province of Saskatchewan. Ken
                                        of health professionals coordinated     Sciences Centre; Brenda Flaherty,    served as a member of the BC
policy and practice change.”            research and ongoing monitoring.        Executive Vice-President of
  The Steering Committee is com-                                                                                     Royal Commission on Health Care
                                          While new research, treatments        Clinical Operations at Hamilton      Costs. He was the founding Chair
posed of respected national experts     and clinical practices developed in     Health Sciences Corporation;
from across the country with a                                                                                       of the Board of Directors of
                                        the last 10 years offer hope to         Patricia Gallagher, a                Canadian Blood Services (CBS),
strong interest in fighting stroke,     stroke patients, best practices are     Neurosciences Clinical Nurse
one of Canada’s leading causes of                                                                                    and has served as Deputy Minister
                                        not being consistently applied,         Specialist at the Saint John, New    of Health in the provinces of
disability and death.                   leaving a significant gap between       Brunswick, Regional Hospital;
  “Approximately 50,000                                                                                              Saskatchewan and British
                                        what should be done and what is         Frances Gregor, a nurse and fac-     Columbia. Ken was the first
Canadians have a stroke each year,      being done about stroke in              ulty member of Dalhousie
and about 300,000 are living with                                                                                    President and CEO of the Greater
                                        Canada’s health-care system.            University in Halifax; Edmund        Victoria Hospital Society, and also
its effects,” says Sally Brown,           “The Canadian Stroke Strategy         Harrison, member of the
CEO of the Heart and Stroke                                                                                          CEO of the Capital Health Region
                                        will help bridge the gap between        Department of Physical Medicine      in Victoria, where he developed an
Foundation of Canada. “We can           the latest stroke research and the      at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in
and must do a better job of pre-                                                                                     integrated regional health service.
                                        current practice in most parts of       Charlottetown, PEI; Janusz           He has led health services restruc-
venting strokes, treating them          the country,” says Dr. Antoine          Kaczorowski, Associate Professor
effectively, and reintegrating peo-                                                                                  turing, nationally and international-
                                        Hakim, CEO and Scientific               & Research Director in the           ly, and has testified before
ple back into their communities.        Director of the Canadian Stroke         Department of Family Medicine,
The Canadian Stroke Strategy will                                                                                    Standing Committees of the House
                                        Network. “It creates an opportunity     Faculty of Health Sciences at        of Commons and the Canadian
help ensure that happens, across        to improve the lives of thousands       McMaster University; Robert
the country.”                                                                                                        Senate on reform of the Canadian
                                        of Canadians and to save millions       Liley, a Vancouver-based health-     health system. He continues to
  The Canadian Stroke Strategy          of health-care dollars.”                care consultant and Vice-President
provides support for provincial and       Steering Committee members are        of the Stroke Recovery Association
territorial efforts to implement best   Pierre Boyle, Associate Dean of         of B.C., Jim O’Brien, a manage-
practices in stroke prevention,                                                                                         See INITIATIVE on page 2
                                        Research and Graduate Studies in        ment consultant with experience in
treatment, rehabilitation and com-
                                                                                                                                             Page 2

      Initiative: Reinventing stroke care
                                        Sandra Black                           Patricia Gallagher                      ture to bring together under one
     Continued from page 1
                                                            Dr. Sandra                             Pat Gallagher is    roof the ‘cardiovascular family’ in
provide consulting services in the                          Black is the                           a Neurosciences     Canada. She is a recipient of the
areas of public policy and opera-                           Head of                                Clinical Nurse      HSFC Distinguished Service
tional issues in the health field.                          Neurology at                           Specialist at the   Award, and a Life-Member of the
Mr. Fyke has received numerous                              Sunnybrook and                         Saint John          NSHSF Board of Directors.
degrees and honours. He has                                 Women’s                                Regional
served on numerous boards, fre-                             College Health                         Hospital.           Ed Harrison
quently contributes to education                            Sciences Centre                        During her                               Dr. Edmund
events and has written, spoken and                          and Medical                            career she has                           Harrison is a
consulted widely on health policy,      Director of the Regional Stroke                            held several                             member of the
management and government               Centre for North and East Toronto.     positions at Saint John Regional                             Department of
issues.                                 She is a founding member of the        Hospital, as well as being an                                Physical
                                        Canadian Stroke Consortium and         instructor for the University of                             Medicine at the
Pierre Boyle (Canadian Stroke           one of the physician architects of     New Brunswick. Ms. Gallagher                                 Queen Elizabeth
                    Network Board       the Ontario Stroke Strategy. Dr.       has organized, chaired and been                              Hospital in
                    Appointee)          Black assisted with the planning       part of several provincial and                               Charlottetown,
                    Pierre Boyle is     and implementation of the              national committees and associa-                             PEI. Prior to
                    the Associate       Telestroke Program linking             tions and is the recipient of several   relocating to PEI in
                    Dean, Research      Toronto to Northern Ontario. She       national nursing awards. Ms.            July of 2004, he was Director of
                    and Graduate        is also a Site Director of the Heart   Gallagher is currently a Board          the Stroke and Acquired Brain
                    Studies, Faculty    and Stroke Foundation of Ontario       member of the Heart and Stroke          Injury Rehabilitation Program in
                    of Medicine, at     Centre for Stroke Recovery. Dr.        Foundation of New Brunswick,            Halifax. He is also an Associate
                    the Université de   Black has held several executive       and a member of the New                 Professor in the Faculty of
                    Montréal. Dr.       positions with many international      Brunswick Integrated Stroke             Medicine at Dalhousie University.
                    Boyle has           and national stroke and neurology      Strategy Advisory Committee. She        Dr. Harrison has a career history of
accrued several years of experience     associations. She is highly pub-       is also a member of the                 developing stroke care systems.
in research development in acade-       lished for her research on vascular    Rehabilitation Standards                He was Chair of the Nova Scotia
mic hospitals, university settings,     cognitive impairment and stroke        Committee of the Department of          Integrated Stroke Strategy
as well as in provincial and nation-    recovery.                              Health and Wellness.                    Committee from 2000 to 2004.
al agencies. He has served on the                                                                                      Currently Dr. Harrison is a member
boards of many organizations. Dr.       Brenda Flaherty                        Fran Gregor (Heart and Stroke           of the Integrated Stroke Advisory
Boyle was the founding executive                           Brenda Flaherty                        Foundation of        Committee of the Heart and Stroke
director of CANVAC, the                                    is Executive                           Canada Board         Foundation of PEI, and Chair of
Canadian Network of Centres of                             Vice-President,                        Appointee) Dr.       their Evaluation and Monitoring
Excellence in Vaccines and                                 Clinical                               Frances              Task Group. As a physiatrist, Dr.
Immunotherapeutics. He was                                 Operations,                            Gregor is a          Harrison brings to the table exper-
Executive Director and CEO of                              Hamilton Health                        nurse, and a         tise related to stroke patient reha-
FRSQ (Fonds de recherche en                                Sciences (HHS)                         faculty member       bilitation and community re-inte-
santé du Québec) for several years                         Corporation.                           of Dalhousie         gration.
where he was notably successful in                         She is also an                         University. She
developing several major partner-                          Assistant                              has served as        Janusz Kaczorowski
ships in health research. He holds a    Professor of Nursing at McMaster       President of the Heart and Stroke                            Dr. Janusz
master’s degree in health adminis-      University, Faculty of Health          Foundation of Nova Scotia (1984-                             Kaczorowski is
tration from the University of          Sciences. She has been the Chair       1988), and the Heart and Stroke                              an Associate
Ottawa and a PhD in clinical epi-       of the Central South/Central West      Foundation of Canada (1993-                                  Professor &
demiology from McGill University.       Region––Regional Stroke                1995). At the national level she has                         Research
Over the past thirty years, he has      Steering Committee since 1998.         led a number of committees tasked                            Director in the
combined academic positions at          HHS was a demonstration site in        with the responsibility for charting                         Department of
McGill and Université de Montréal       the HSF Ontario Coordinated            a new course for the Foundation in                           Family
with management positions in the        Stroke Strategy. During this phase,    several areas. From 1997-99 she                              Medicine,
health system, including at the         HHS collaborated with regional         chaired the Issues and Options          Faculty of Health Sciences at
Quebec Ministry of Health and at        and provincial partners across the     Working Group whose responsibil-        McMaster University. He has
the Quebec Hospital Association,        continuum to develop a common          ity it was to recommend a new           diverse research experience span-
where he was actively involved in       vision for stroke care and an infra-   approach to the research function       ning family health, health promo-
developing clinical practice moni-      structure to support change. Ms.       within HSFC. In 2002, she was           tion and disease prevention,
toring tools and knowledge transfer     Flaherty has a great deal of experi-   asked to chair the Emergency            knowledge translation and delivery
activities with clinicians.             ence in leadership roles, and has      Cardiac Care Ad Hoc Review              of integrated health care. Dr.
                                        sat on the board of several health-    Committee, which brought forward        Kaczorowski has held leadership
                                        related organizations.                 a new model for this important          roles with several research com-
                                                                               Foundation role. In 2000, Dr.           mittees, groups, boards and associ-
                                                                               Gregor co-chaired the first             ations. He was instrumental in the
                                                                               Canadian Cardiovascular                     See Committee on page 3
                                                                               Congress, a joint HSFC/CCS ven-
                                                                                                                                                     Page 3

                       Committee: Prominent Canadians
                          oversee national efforts
                                        process. Working with the National       Tim Watson                              Community Re-Integration Task
                                        Board of Directors, Mr. O’Brien                               Dr. Tim Watson     Group of the Nova Scotia
     Continued from page 2              and his team over hauled the orga-                            is an Assistant    Integrated Stroke Strategy (NSISS)
                                        nization’s governance structure,                              Clinical           Committee, and continues to be
success of the CHAP (Community          moving from a multi-layered, fed-                             Professor of the   involved provincially with the
Hypertension Awareness Program)         eration-style structure to a unified                          Calgary Stroke     Integrated Stroke Advisory
Program held in the communities         national organization. The revital-                           Program in the     Committee of the Heart and Stroke
of Brockville and Grimsby, with         ized board was streamlined from                               Department of      Foundation of Nova Scotia. Alison
his focus being on prevention.          28 to 11 members, and prioritized                             Neurosciences      is involved in research, and is rec-
                                        its efforts to focus on strategic                             at the             ognized as an expert in stroke
Robert Liley                            rather than operational                                       University of      rehabilitation provincially
                    Robert Liley is a   initiatives. (The Canadian Diabetes                           Calgary, and
                    Management          Association was later recognized                              also a consul-     Michael Hill, Chair, Information
                    Consultant who      for this innovative governance                                tant neurologist                      and Evaluation
                    has provided        reform receiving The Conference          to the Calgary Health Region. He                           Working Group
                    consulting ser-     Board of Canada/Spencer Stuart           has been a key leader in the                               Dr. Michael Hill
                    vices to senior     2005 National Awards in                  Alberta Provincial Stroke Strategy,                        is Director of the
                    management of       Governance in the not-for-profit         where he has contributed substan-                          Stroke Unit and
                    both public and     category). Mr. O’Brien brings with       tially to the development, organiza-                       a member of the
                    private organiza-   him extensive experience in com-         tion and implementation levels. He                         renowned stroke
tions across North America. He has      munications, finances and organi-        is dedicated to improving stroke                           team at the
a strong business and financial         zation. He has held the positions of     care throughout Alberta and has                            University of
background. Mr. Liley is currently      Director or Chair for several asso-      been successful as a champion for                          Calgary Faculty
Vice-President of the Stroke            ciations.                                the strategy because of his collabo-                       of Medicine,
Recovery Association of BC, a                                                    rative and consensus building                              which is striving
not-for-profit organization that        Robert Teasell                           approach. Despite his considerable      to develop clinical tools that will
works with stroke patients across                            Dr. Robert          time commitment to his practice,        help physicians diagnose and man-
BC to assist them in maintaining                             Teasell is Chair-   Dr. Watson has made numerous            age stroke with clot-busting drugs.
their overall quality of life and to                         Chief of the        trips to rural Alberta to help          He was the recipient of the 2001
remain living independently in                               Department of       his colleagues improve their own        Heart and Stroke Foundation of
their communities. During his                                Physical            stroke care practices.                  Canada (HSFC) Henry J.M.
career he has undertaken                                     Medicine, St.                                               Barnett research scholarship and
several strategic business                                   Joseph’s Health                                             the 2004 American Academy of
improvement initiatives for organi-                          Care London         Ex-Officio Members:                     Neurology Michael S. Pessin
zations such as SC Johnson and                               and Professor in                                            Stroke Leadership Award. Dr.
Sons, Workers' Compensation                                  the Schulich                                                Hill’s research and numerous
Board of BC, and Pacific Blue                                School of           Alison McDonald, Co-Chair, Best         publications have afforded cere-
Cross. Mr. Liley has just complet-      Medicine, University of Western                             Practices,           brovascular research with valuable
ed the development of a business        Ontario. He has extensive experi-                           Standards and        data that includes diagnosis, thera-
model and Business Case for a           ence in leadership roles, strategic                         Guidelines           py and prognostication in throm-
new Occupational Disease Control        planning and implementation of                              Working Group.       bolytic therapy in patients with
Business Unit to be embedded            programs. He’s held leadership                              Alison               acute ischemic stroke.
within the BC Centre for Disease        positions with an array of organi-                          McDonald is a
Control.                                zations, both academic and admin-                           Physiotherapist      Phil Teal, Co-Chair, Professional
                                        istrative. Dr. Teasell has assisted                         at the Nova                             Development
Jim O’Brien                             with planning, and been a speaker                           Scotia                                  and Training
                   Jim O’Brien is a     at numerous stroke                                          Rehabilitation                          Working
                   senior executive     conferences/conventions and meet-                           Centre, Queen                           Group. Dr.
                   with extensive       ings around the world. He has            Elizabeth II Health Sciences                               Philip Teal
                   leadership expe-     developed a 2000+ stroke rehabili-       Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.                            has been
                   rience in the        tation patient database, has con-        Alison has been an Instructor at the                       Director of the
                   health charity       ducted clinical trials in stroke reha-   Dalhousie University School of                             Stroke
                   sector. He was       bilitation and specializes in sys-       Physiotherapy, as well as super-                           Prevention
                   Chief Executive      tematic reviews of treatment,            vised students through their clini-                        Clinic at
                   Officer of the       which in turn have formed the            cal practicum. She has won several                         Vancouver
                   Canadian             basis for the development of             Awards, including in 2003 the           General Hospital and Health
Diabetes Association from 1990-         national consensus projects in           Dalhousie University School of          Sciences Centre since 1992. He is
2002. In this role Mr. O’Brien led      stroke rehabilitation focusing on        Physiotherapy Clinical Education
the organization through a chal-        knowledge integration.                   Award. Alison was Chair of the
                                                                                                                             See MEMBERS on page 4
lenging and important change                                                     Stroke Rehabilitation and
                                                                                                                                            Page 4

    Members: Helping Canadians
                                                                              Debra Lynkowski                         in the Centre for Chronic Disease
                                      Antoine Hakim                                                Debra              Prevention and Control.
     Continued from page 3                                 Dr. Antoine                             Lynkowski is
                                                           Hakim, cur-                             the Director       Laurie Cameron
                                                           rently holds the                        of the Canadian                        Laurie Cameron
also an Assistant Professor in the                         titles of                               Stroke Strategy.                       is the Program
Department of Neurology at                                 Professor &                             She has 18                             Coordinator &
the University of British Columbia.                        University                              years experi-                          Executive
He is currently Chair of the Board                         Chair,                                  ence in                                Assistant for
of the Canadian Stroke                                     Neurology,                              the non-profit                         the Canadian
Consortium. Dr. Teal is also cur-                          University of                           and public sec-                        Stroke Strategy.
rently involved in the FASTER                              Ottawa;            tors, primarily health-related.                             She brings
(Fast Assessment of Stroke and                             Director,          Debra holds a law degree from the                           extensive expe-
Transient Ischemic Attack to                               Neuroscience       University of Alberta. She has                              rience in the
Prevent Early Occurrence) Project     Research, Ottawa Health Research        diverse experience including work       health care sector (acute, LTC and
of the Canadian Stroke Network.       Institute; CEO & Scientific             in health policy, advocacy, commu-      pediatrics) and government. She
                                      Director, Canadian Stroke               nity relations, volunteer develop-      was E.A. to the Specialized
                                      Network; and, Senior Director,          ment, and fund development.             Pediatric Coordinating Council, an
                                      Heart and Stroke                        Debra worked with the Canadian          advisory committee to the Ontario
                                      Foundation of Ontario Centre for        Diabetes Association for ten years,     Ministry of Health, as well as to
                                      Stroke Recovery. He has experi-         first as the Executive Director of      the Regional Director for Eastern
                                      ence in the private, academic and       the Alberta/NWT Division and            Ontario, Ministry of Health &
                                      hospital sectors, and has chaired       later as the National Director of       Long-Term Care. Prior to that, she
                                      and served as a member of many          Public Policy and Government            was employed by the Perley and
Sally Brown                           committees and boards of granting       Relations, during which time she        Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre
                     Sally Brown      agencies, foundations, hospitals        established a national public policy    where she supported the CEO and
                     has been CEO     and professional associations. In       and advocacy office for the associ-     Board of Directors.
                     of the           addition to teaching, research, and     ation in Ottawa. Prior to joining
                     Heart and        administrative duties, he maintains     the Canadian Stroke Strategy,
                     Stroke           clinical duties at the Ottawa           Debra worked as a senior policy
                     Foundation of    Hospital, General Campus. As            advisor at Health Canada (now the
                     Canada since     CEO & Scientific Director of the        Public Health Agency of Canada)
                     October 2001.    CSN, Dr. Hakim is committed to
                     Prior to this    bringing together Canada’s stake-
                     she was Vice-
                                      holders in stroke, helping them
                                      gain access to the resources they
                                      need to excel, and building a
                                                                                                Contact us
External Relations and then Senior    national network that supports col-
Vice-President of the Association     laborative research. He has
of Universities and Colleges of       received many honours during his
Canada (AUCC). From 1989 to           career, including the Jonathan          Cathy Campbell,
1991 Ms. Brown was a special          Ballon Award in 1985, Researcher
advisor in the Prime Minister’s       of the Year in Ottawa Award in          cathy@canadianstrokenetwork.ca
Office. Ms. Brown also served as      1995, Award of Excellence by the
hospital administrator at             Canadian Stroke Consortium in           Phone: 613-562-5696
the Toronto General Hospital from     2000, and the Ottawa Life Sciences
1984-87, becoming Assistant Vice-     Council Career Achievement              www.canadianstrokenetwork.ca
President, Diagnostic Services in     Award in 2004.
1987. She holds a Diploma in
Nursing from the Toronto General
Hospital School of Nursing, and a     Management and Secretariat:             Heather Rourke
Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in
Health Sciences (Health                                                       hrourke@hsf.ca
Administration) from the
University of Toronto. Ms. Brown                                              Phone: 613-569-4361, ext/poste 318
has served on a number of commu-
nity agency boards and is currently                                           www.heartandstroke.ca
a trustee of the Canadian Health
Services Research Foundation and
board member of the Canadian
Stroke Network.

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