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         Jul/Aug/Sep/Oct ‘00
            PRESIDENT                       VICE PRESIDENT                     TREASURER
       LYN PERRY 655-0775                TIM KRYSTAF 433-6542             DAN OEHMAN 759-6092
        PERRYL@ecc.edu                   krystaf@earthlink.net
           SECRETARY                      NEWSLETTER EDITOR              COMPETITION COORDINATOR
      ROMAN PARYZ 684-4177              MARTIN R. TIMM 592-9520            JIM ROLLER 937-6427
        paryz@buffnet.net                 mtimm@paradox.net                   Rolj98@aol.com

                    C.S.S. on the World Wide Web - http://www.bufflink.com/css/

                                                                         At least we haven't given up -
From the Editor
                 - Marty Timm       Okay, where were we? Looking         And a couple of guys are
                                    for a great summer, as I recall,     looking into the possibility of
Can it really be the middle of      and I'm here to tell you I'm tired   flying slo/park stuff indoors at a
October already? Where did          of days that end in "Y" words -      local golf dome; could be fun,
Summer go? Oh yeah… there           like wind-Y and rain-Y; how          and the weather take the
was that warm week in August?       about more sunn-Y? We've lost        hindmost!
September? Oh well, time to         two of four on-field meetings to
start thinking about "building      the weather this season as well Flying Site Update - Bill
season".                            as two contests and a fun-fly.  Neumann got a rude surprise
                                    Not to despair, however; your   when he was told by a Clarence
But first, I want to apologize for  virtuous       officers         Board official that he couldn't
being a little behind on my         rescheduled both of our missed  fly at the Clarence Center/Kraus
newsletter responsibilities. This   events (the Ed Waters Memorial  Road soccer field; we've had it
newsletter will be a combination                                    insured, but have had no contact
                                    for 27 August; flier out) and the
of the "July/August" and            F 1 1/2 B for Sunday, 8 October.with those people for fifteen
"September/October"                                                             years, and, hence, no
editions       of     the                                                       official permission.
newsletter. A lot has
                                        Upcoming Events                         The only two sites
been happening, so I'll                                                         where we have
try to make up for my       October 19   Meeting - Clarence Town Park           current landowner
lateness with some                                                              approval are ECC-
(hopefully)        really   October 28   Contest - F1.5B !!Rescheduled!!        South      and    the
good content. Well,                                                             Rainbow         Lake
                                         CD: Roman Paryz                        slope; I know that
lets get on with the
good stuff…                                                                     we fly at Clarence
                            November 16  Meeting - Clarence Town Park           High School and
                                         2001 Officer Nominations               West Seneca East
From the                                                                        and other venues,
                                                                                but     IT     AIN'T
Flightline                  December 21  Meeting - Clarence Town Park           OFFICIAL!!
             - Lyn Perry                 Elections and Annual Holiday

                                                  Pg. 1
Clarence Sailplane Society

Speaking of the slope, Bill Pike         (in February, with ICE - you             flying over Lake Erie at the
has put together an excellent            have to see this to believe it),         Canadian site; it's being
video of sloping at RBL,                 and    incorporates   on-board           circulated, so grab it when you
Canada, the Small Boat Harbor            camera shots from a ZAGI                 can.
                                                                                  thought! I sat at home and
Finally, thanks to Marty for a                                                    waited for it to clear - and was
super web site update and a              Fourteenth Annual Ron                    jolted out of complacency by
great beginner/new member info           Kirk Memorial Electric                   Tim's cell-phone call from the
package. We've gotten five or                                                     field: "Where are you? It's
six new folks just on the basis of       Fun Fly                                  clearing here!" Planes were
handing them a package with a                                 - Lyn Perry         already loaded, so, pausing at
return coupon in it. Good stuff.                                                  Tops for the obligatory donuts, I
See you on the field or at our           The day dawned dark and                  hastened to open registration.
[October] meeting!                       gloomy; not rain again, I

                                                              A "gaggle" of Zagis belonging to Jim
     Rita Kirk graces the Electric Fun Fly with her           Sonnenmeier, Lyn Perry, and Tim Krystaf

     Sean Sweeney's fine collection - including a             Lyn flying his "Lite-Stick"
     Kyosho T-33 Electric Ducted Fan

             2000 Ron Kirk Memorial Electric Fun Fly

                                                      Pg. 2
Clarence Sailplane Society

We had a lovely, albeit                by all - no mishaps, and I look        Service (NPS) dated June 12,
somewhat breezy day with               forward to seeing you [soon].          2000, requesting information on
fifteen pilots registered and                                                 a grant to purchase land for
showing      approximately     35                                             flying radio-controlled model
planes, with a good assortment                                                sailplanes.
of gliders, small cabin jobs, old-     Flying Site Committee
timers, Zagis, free-flights and        Report                                 The NPS does administer a
even two electric ducted fans.                             - Marty Timm       grant program called the Land
Mrs. Rita Kirk came to bless us                                               and Water Conservation Fund
again with her sunshiny                Early this year, the flying site       (L&WCF) program.            This
presence, which always makes           committee was investigating the        program      provides      50-50
the day!                               option of leasing land from            matching grants to States and
                                       farmland owners. The intent            through States to local units of
It was calm enough at the outset       was to enter into a long-term          government, for the acquisition
so that I could fly my 7 oz. Lite      lease arrangement so the club          and development        of public
Stik while Jim Sonnenmeier             could count on having a place to       outdoor recreation areas and
flew a couple of free-flight           fly going into the future. What        facilities.       Unfortunately,
electrics. As the wind came up,        we found was that, while there         individuals, and private and
Zagis were launched en masse,          were farmers willing to lease          non-profit organizations are not
Tim flew his majestic Quaker           land for a reasonable fee, they        eligible to receive financial
and others sailed into the air.        invariably wished to limit the         assistance under this program.
One of the day's highlights was        term to only one year. Their
the flying of the Kyosho ducted        perspective is that they want to       Each State has a State Liaison
fans - Marty Timm's F-16 and           avoid long-term commitments            Officer who administers the
Sean Sweeney's T-33. Both have         so they can be sell their land for     L&WCF program at the State
an awesome sound in the air,           the right price or lease at a better   level. If the city of [Clarence]
with Marty's a bit faster and          rate if the opportunity arose.         wishes to sponsor a project, then
crisper - lots of airspace needed                                             those officials should contact
for these guys.                        We've also kept an eye open for        Ms.      Bernadette      Castro,
                                       land being sold. The problem           Commissioner, Office of Parks,
As usual, two trophies - Pilots'       that      immediately    became        Recreation      and     Historic
Choice and Longest Flight -            obvious is that the amount of          Preservation, Agency Building
were awarded. Pilots' Choice           land we are looking for typically      #1, Empire State Plaza, Albany,
was voted on at noon, and when         sells for $150,000 or more.            New York 12238. Ms. Castro
Frank Calvarese and I counted                                                 can provide your local officials
ballots we had a three-way tie         It became clear that the club was      with further information on
for first: Don Chudyk's Rearwin        going to need financial help to        program        criteria       and
Speedster, Marty's F-16 and            obtain the kind of long-term           application procedures.
Sean's Mercury old-timer. After        venue that we need. Toward
re-balloting on those three            that end, I started looking for        We hope the information
planes, we ended up with Sean          government grant money to help         provided will be useful to you.
winning by one vote over Marty         defray the cost. After doing
and Don - three lovely aircraft.       some research, I found that there      Sincerely
Longest Flight was easier in a         were grants administered by the        Wayne T. Strum
sense - collect flight times - but     National Park Service that is          Chief, Recreation      Programs
the air wasn't terrific for soaring.   targeted at obtaining land for         Division
Richard      Grady       and     his   "recreational use". I sent a letter
"Conglomerate" stumbled and            of introduction off to the NPS         I, personally, think that this
stalled into fourth place with 18      and received the following             represents a very positive
minutes, led by Jerry Piscitello's     interesting reply:                     opportunity and a step in the
cheating Zagi carrying a huge                                                 right direction.
nickel-metal hydride pack for          Dear Mr. Timm
19, my Soarwatt for 21, and                                                   Our next step is to contact the
winner Don Chudyk's Defiant            This is in response to your            appropriate individuals in the
doing 22. A good day was had           inquiry to the National Park           local government and attempt to
                                                                              get the ball rolling.      Dan

                                                      Pg. 3
Clarence Sailplane Society

Oehman has volunteered to get a         aircraft yet, as far as we know.       waves can also form (albeit very
list of contacts in the Clarence        The general impression of the          rarely) at lower latitudes.
Town government that we can             stratosphere as an entirely quiet
contact in order to pursue this.        region is not, in general,             The present project is the first
                                        justified.                             step to build and demonstrate
We will keep the club updated                                                  the utility of a special-purpose
as events unfold.                       Recently, high-altitude meteoro-       piloted research sailplane that
                                        logical     research      balloons,    can climb in strong stratospheric
                                        launched in support of other           mountain waves to its lift-
                                        atmospheric-science        projects,   limited ceiling. For a sailplane
Soaring to 100,000 ft on                have recorded very strong              with state-of-the-art structural
Stratospheric Mountain                  mountain waves (see figure) up         and aerodynamic characteristics,
                                        to a balloon-burst altitude of         the lift-limited ceiling lies
Waves                                   105,000 ft (32 km). The waves          between 100,000 and 110,000 ft
[This NASA Tech Brief was               propagate into the middle or           (30.5 and 33.5 km). Flights are
submitted by Jim Sonnenmeier.]          upper stratosphere when the            to be made safely and
                                        outer region of the polar vortex       repeatedly, as justified by the
A proposed sailplane would              lies above a strong tropospheric       need for experimental data.
make the most of these waves.           wind band, above mountainous
                                        terrain. In this situation, there is   Work to gather additional data
Dryden Flight Research Center,          no appreciable wind maximum            on the strength, location,
Edwards, California                     at the tropopause, and little          structure and frequency of
                                        evidence of a tropopause in the        occurrence of strong mountain
A     research      project      now    temperature profile.         Waves     waves is now underway. The
underway addresses the concept          propagate        upward        with    data are expected to verify that
of      utilizing      stratospheric    increasing       vertical     wind     the aerodynamic performance of
mountain waves to soar to high          component.            Stratospheric    a sailplane will enable it to
altitudes       in        sailplanes.   mountain waves are most                climb to 100,000 ft (30.5 km) in
Stratospheric mountain waves            commonly found, in the                 the waves.         In addition,
are mountain waves that                 Northern Hemisphere, in the            simulations are expected to
propagate strongly, and with            60°-to-70° latitude band. In the       determine what degree, if any,
continuity, into the middle and         Southern Hemisphere, they              of stability augmentation will be
upper stratosphere, and are not         extend further toward the              necessary for the sailplane.
extinguished,       trapped,       or   equator, because of the larger
reflected at or near the                extent of the polar vortex in that     The meteorological part of the
tropopause.        The historical       hemisphere.           Stratospheric    work    will      consist     of
experience of high-                                                                      identification     and
flying aircraft has been                                                                 searching           of
limited to the lower                                                                     historical sources of
region of their domain,                                                                  mountain-wave data.
where                 large                                                              In     addition     to
amplification leading to                                                                 searching such pre-
large vertical speeds and                                                                existing data, special
instability                is                                                            dedicated      balloon
uncommon.                                                                                ascents with Global
Amplification          with                                                              Positioning System
increasing altitude, and                                                                 (GPS) sondes will be
the instability caused by                                                                made to augment
this amplification, can                                                                  data         normally
lead         to       wave                                                               obtained         from
overturning, similar to                                                                  sondes launched at
waves breaking at the                                                                    regular intervals and
beach.               Wave                                                                from other special
overturning originating                                                                  balloons that are
from amplification has                                                                   used for research not
not been experienced by                                                                  related             to

                                                       Pg. 4
Clarence Sailplane Society

stratospheric mountain waves.           up" method. This part of the         the wave structure on sailplane
The meteorological profile              work will involve the use of pre-    control can be shown. The
characteristics     will     be         existing basic data sources and      effect of turbulence generated in
summarized with respect to the          of incremental variations on pre-    wave overturning events will not
characteristics    of     waves         existing       high-performance      be as realistically modeled.
identified in the balloon data.         sailplanes for which accurate        Variations of parameters will be
Numerical       modeling      of        performance measurements have        made to determine the most
mountain waves will be done for         been made.                           attractive    combination      of
selected cases found in the data                                             aerodynamic       stability  and
acquired from the sondes during         The simulation part of the work      augmentation.
the dedicated balloon ascents           will include assessment of the
and from other sources.                 flying qualities of the sailplane.   This work is being done by
                                        With the Dryden simulation,          Edward H. Teets, Jr., of Dryden
The work will include an                actual or numerical models of        Flight Research Center and by
aerodynamic-performance part            the wave structure can be            Einar Enevoldson of Norjen,
based on a standard "drag build         included. The direct effect of       Inc., under a Flight Test

                       Balsa Duster's Open House

                                   Photos courtesy of Jim Sonnenmeier

                                                      Pg. 5
Clarence Sailplane Society

Technique grant and a Dryden         both a high start and a winch to          were given their flight and
Discretionary Fund grant DRC-        demonstrate how sailplanes                LANDING!
00-08                                work and we flew Zagi's (Tim,
                                     his son Ben, and me) to show
                                     them electrics. We were part of
                                     an all afternoon demonstration            2000    Hand           Launch
CSS Participates in Balsa            of model aviation, they had               Contest
                                     aerobatics, fun-fly types, full 3D                           - Marty Timm
Dusters' Event                       demo flying, gas powered
              - Jim Sonnenmeier      combat and scale. There was a             On August 13th of this year, CSS
                                     1/3rd scale Stearman with a               held their first contest for "hand
Tim K. and I participated in the     smoke system, and they raffled
Balsa Duster's (Niagara County                                                 launch" gliders CD'ed by Bill
                                     off free training flights to three        Hauth. Not wanting to exclude
Radio Control Club) model            people (one adult and two kids)
aviation open house on July 23,                                                members from the contest that
                                     who had NEVER flown before                did not have hand launch class
2000 at the Lockport power           and the crowd watched as they
field. We flew sailplanes from                                                 (1.5m or 60") planes, Bill

   "Bob" before it's final flight.                         Don Chudyk launching in "open" class

                                                     Fran Miller launching with Fred Maier timing

                                                      2000 Hand Launch Contest
   Uwe launching his "HL" entry

                                                   Pg. 6
Clarence Sailplane Society

elected to run two classes -             marked the demise of my hand-          rescheduled and run (without
"hand-launch" and "open".                launch sailplane, "Bob". After         AMA sanction) on a beautiful
                                         the competition was over, I            day in August.     The event
Both classes where well                  uttered the fateful phrase, "One       attracted seven entries in
attended with 5 planes in the            more flight," but the all foam         "standard" class and nine in
"hand-launch" class and 7 in             construction of "Bob" was no           "open".
"open". The format was simple,           match for Uwe's "gorilla"
requiring pilots to fly 4 rounds         upstart, and the wings folded on       The      contest    format      was
of 3 minutes, 4 minutes, 5               launch.                                straightforward with 3 rounds
minutes, and 6 minutes in                                                       each with a target time of 10
sequence. A bonus of 50 points           All in all, though, it was a fine      minutes and a 30 point bonus
per round could be obtained by           event and I hope Bill CD's             per round for finishing the flight
landing in one of the designated         another HL event next year.            in the landing circle. Execution
landing circles. A winch was set         Photos of the event and results        of this simple task, however,
up for the open class planes and         can be found elsewhere in the          would prove not to be so simple.
upstarts for the hand-launch             newsletter.                            Mother nature was less than
planes.                                                                         willing to supply thermal air and
                                                                                no pilot came close to hitting
After the rounds were complete,                                                 their target times. All in all, this
Lyn Perry captured first place in        Ed Waters Memorial                     made for an interesting and
the hand-launch class with his           Contest Report                         challenging contest. The pilots
trusty Zephyr and a score of 995                            - Marty Timm        that worked the spotty lift were
points. In open class, Roman                                                    destined to do the best.
Paryz aced the competition to            Canceled due to inclement
take first place with a score of         weather on its AMA sanctioned          Jim Roller swept the event,
1159 points.                             date of July 16th, the Ed Waters       winning both classes with 1204
                                         Memorial contest was ultimately        points in "standard" and 1298
On a personal note, this event                                                  points in "open". Bill Wegman

                           2000 Hand Launch Contest Results
                                               Hand Launch Class

  Pilot                    Place    Round 1          Round 2          Round 3       Round 4           Total
  Lyn Perry                1        61               194*             341*          399*              995
  Uwe Zeigelmuller         2        69               238              296           103               706
  Fran Miller              3        137              228              170*          92                627
  Marty Timm               4        45               41               30            53                169
  Ben Bowman               5        163              0                0             0                 163
 * Indicates a 50 point landing bonus is included

                                                    Open Class

  Pilot                    Place    Round 1          Round 2          Round 3       Round 4           Total
  Roman Paryz              1        226*             255*             338*          340               1159
  Larry Literovich         2        85               291*             341*          355               1072
  Jim Sonnenmeier          3        214*             280*             298           263*              1055
  Jim Roller               4        179              235*             339*          235               988
  Don Chudyk               5        152              137*             240           345               874
  Lyn Perry                6        173              204              287           206*              870
  Mike Kucera              7        0                238              332*          164               734
 * Indicates a 50 point landing bonus is included

                                                      Pg. 7
Clarence Sailplane Society

                                                           Lyn Perry preparing to launch his Sailaire

   Don Chudyk advising a friend

          2000 Ed Waters
          Memorial Contest                                 Marty Timm's Bird of Time and Lyn Perry's

followed suit with 2nd place         the event to run only one class.
finishes in both classes.            Pilots selected their equipment             Lift was once again spotty, with
                                     and the event commenced.                    few pilots coming close to their
This turned out to be another                                                    round maximums. The best
fine event from CD Lyn Perry.        This event has a unique aspect              strategy seemed to be working
Photos and results can be found      in that each round has a                    ridge lift over the trees at the
elsewhere in this newsletter.        maximum time of 7 minutes, but              South end of the flying field
                                     the event is scored on the pilots'          unless the pilot was lucky (or
                                     ability to come as close as                 good) enough to latch onto one
                                     possible to a target time of 20             of the rare thermals that passed
2000 Fall Finale Contest             minutes for the sum of their 4              through that day.
Report                               flights. Thus, if a pilot flew 5
                   - Marty Timm      minutes on each round, they                 When the flying was done, Jim
                                     would receive a perfect score.              Roller won handily with a near-
Jim Roller's Fall Finale has         (5+5+5+5=20). Penalties were                perfect score of 1318 (out of a
always been an interesting and       stiff (-5 points) for exceeding             possible 1320) hitting all four of
challenging event, but with 7        target or maximum times, but                his landings. Great job Jim!
pilots showing up, Jim made an       pilots landing in one of the
executive decision at the start of   landing circles were rewarded               Contest results appear elsewhere
                                     with a 30 point bonus per round.            in this newsletter.

                                                   Pg. 8
Clarence Sailplane Society

                       Ed Waters Memorial Contest Results
                                                  Standard Class

  Pilot                        Place      Round 1           Round 2              Round 3          Total
  Jim Roller                   1          396*              389*                 419*             1204
  Bill Wegman                  2          363*              373*                 364*             1100
  Pete Fiorentino              3          359*              302*                 310*             971
  Roman Paryz                  4          314*              318*                 297*             929
  Tom Koszuta                  5          204               256*                 252              712
  Kurt Mandel                  6          218*              219                  194              631
  Marty Timm                   7          148*              194*                 246*             588
 * Indicates that the score includes a 30 point landing bonus

                                                     Open Class
    Pilot                       Place      Round 1            Round 2            Round 3          Total
    Jim Roller                  1          523*               367*               408*             1298
    Bill Wegman                 2          396                360*               373*             1129
    Tom Koszuta                 3          350*               320                289*             959
    Pete Fiorentino             4          359*               307*               258*             924
    Lyn Perry                   5          289                293*               291*             873
    Marty Timm                  6          285*               287                289              861
    Roman Paryz                 7          279*               236*               249*             764
    Kurt Mandel                 8          248                195                206              649
    Don Chudyk                  9          379                0                  0                379
  * Indicates that the score includes a 30 point landing bonus
                                            plane needed a bunch of uptrim          problem I have is figuring out
                                            and I couldn't keep it off the          what to do with the ear-to-ear
                                            deck. Second attempt was                grin and the excess adrenaline
Kyosho F16 Followup                         successful. The plane kept trying       that I have after every flight!
                     - Marty Timm           to nose down until I got the
                                            trims set properly. After that, it
Our last newsletter featured an             was smooth, stable, and FAST!
                                                                                    It's Saturday... And It's
article about the construction of
Kyosho's F16 Electric Ducted                I did nothing but lazy circles for      Raining
Fan jet. At the time, the plane             the first flight while I got the               - AMA National Newsletter
was not flight-ready, so I                  feel of it. After about 3.5
couldn't discuss its flight                 minutes I lined up for a landing        Doesn’t it always seem that it
characteristics. But time has               approach pass, but the line up          rains on Saturday and is nice
passed and I've had a chance to             was good enough that I took the         during the week? Well, you’re
fly it a couple of times and I can          opportunity and landed safely.          not dreaming. According to a
now inform you that this little                                                     study done by Arizona State
screamer flies GREAT!!!                     The plane has been flown since          University, the east coast of the
                                            then, quite successfully. Power-        United States, during 1979
The F16 got it's first flight on            on loops are smooth and clean,          through 1995, had 22% more
August 5th. Lyn, Harold, John               and it snap roles in the blink of       rain on Saturday than on any
W., Ernie, Warren and Frank                 an eye. It has been dubbed "The         other day of the week. Monday
witnessed. Lyn did the honors               Flying Dustbuster" due to the           was the day it rained the least.
giving the plane it's first toss            whine that the EDF makes, but
while I manned the sticks. The              all things considered, I'm pretty       from Tiger Tales
first attempt was less than                 surprised and impressed with            Keith Spaulding, editor
successful. It turns out that the           this little plane.     The only

                                                          Pg. 9
Clarence Sailplane Society

                                         Fall Finale Results
     Pilot                 Place      Round 1         Round 2       Round 3   Round 4          Total
     Jim Roller            1          223*            449*          274*      372*             1318
     Jim Sonnenmeier       2          386*            265*          244       325              1220
     Roman Paryz II        3          237*            415           228       323              1203
     Lyn Perry             4          268*            179           229       449*             1125
     Roman Paryz III       5          163*            114           400       416              1093
     Marty Timm            6          142             171*          247       234*             764
     Kurt Mandel           7          255*            99            0         164              518
    * Indicates score includes a 30 point landing bonus

P.O. Box 99                               Look for it at a news stand near    difference between smoothing
Derry NH 03038-0099                       you.                                and polishing is only 1.27%, so
                                                                              don’t worry about polishing.
[So it's not just my imagination                                              Instead, let’s work on things that
after all! - ED]                                                              make a big change.
                                          It’s a Drag
                                                - AMA National Newsletter     Wings cause 48.39% of the total
                                                                              drag. The obvious things are
2001 Meeting Dates                        If you could get just the right     gaps from ailerons and flaps.
                                          amount of thrust and just the       These must be sealed without
At the September meeting, Dan             right amount of drag, nothing       causing more drag from the
Oehman listed the indoor                  would happen. Think of a            sealing method. Tape works
meeting dates at the Clarence             dandelion seed floating. It has     well, but must be tapered on the
Town Park building for 2001 as            no thrust and no drag. It is just   edges by scraping or sanding.
follows:                                  moving with the air and it is not   The edge of common Scotch
                                          descending.                         Brand cellophane tape is too
•     January 18th                                                            thick and will actually add drag.
•     February 15th                       Now think of a sailplane with no    Gap seals must be used to seal
•     March 15th                          drag. The launch would provide      the ends of ailerons and flaps.
                                          enough thrust to last for almost    My favorite is shaped felt
•     April 19th
                                          one hour of flight. This is with    wipers.
•     September 20th
                                          absolutely no thermal activity.
•     October 18th                                                            Iron-on covering also increases
                                          How is it done? Sorry, but it
•     November 15th                       can’t be done. However, drag        drag. That nice design with
•     December 20th                       can be reduced by 90% or more.      several colors is a huge drag
                                          This translates into a 54-minute    inducer. Any joint of an iron-on
Please mark your calendars!               flight. That’s not enough for a     covering should be tapered and
                                          level four LSF flight, but is       thinned at the edges.
                                          certainly longer than any contest
                                          task that we do.                    Another point is to make sure
Clarence Bee Features                                                         linkage for the controls are
CSS                                       The easiest way to reduce drag      obscured by covers inset into the
                                          is by using your fingers. I have    wing so there is no edge
In September, the Clarence Bee            heard stories of safe crackers      exposed.
featured Clarence Sailplane               using sandpaper to make their
Society in one of its articles. A         fingertips more sensitive-that’s    Leading edges, tips, and any
photo of Jim Roller launching             what we should be doing. Use        joints on the wing must be
his plane at a contest                    those sensitive fingers on every    smoothed as well.
accompanied the article. Other            square inch of every surface on
members       of      the      Bee        the airplane. Any irregularities,   The next critical area is the joint
Publications Group are expected           ridges, rough places or bumps       with the fuselage. A 1/32 inch
to be carrying the article as well.       must     be    smoothed.     The    gap can cause up to 28.73% of

                                                       Pg. 10
Clarence Sailplane Society

the total drag. This joint must be       winch and make your first flight         on the airplane you can go to the
taped with thinned edge tape on          as soon as it is light enough to         field and repeat the above
the top and bottom. A fillet             see. The perfect conditions are          procedure. It will become quite
should also be made and                  dead air and no wind. Launch             apparent that improvements are
installed. This will reduce the          without zoom, just fly off the           being mode.
drag by 18.79%, good enough              top and go straight and fly until
for a few more minutes of flight.        the airplane is hard to see. Now,        My test airplane was found
                                         make a large gentle turn and fly         hanging from the ceiling of my
Use those fingers. If you can            back. Continue overhead and go           local hobby shop. The flight
feel anything, it is too much.           as far as possible without turns.        times averaged two minutes and
Smooth it out.                           About this time you will be              58 seconds. After using the
                                         coming back to land.                     techniques above, the flight
Proof that this works is easy to                                                  times are 38 minutes.
find. To get a base of your              Time each flight and record it.
airplane’s no-lift flight time,          Make a minimum of 10 flights             from Eastwind
plan on getting up early. Go to          and use the total time for your          Portland Area Sailplane Society
the field about 15 minutes               base flight time. Now, every             7624 SI Taylor Street
before daybreak. Set up the              time you make an improvement             Portland OR 97215

   "Clarence", the Flying Tiger, sitting by Marty           Tom Kozuta's Spirit 2M and an LSF landing
   Timm's Spirit Elite

   Bill Pike getting ready to fly                           Warren waiting for that "perfect" thermal to arrive

                             Photos from the July 8th Fun Fly

                                                      Pg. 11